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onebyone 12-01-2012 12:09 AM

tracked being off track so does that mean I'm on track?well with the tracking I gues

A day of surprises for me.
Surprise!:woo: weight up 1.8lb to 255.4! *credit for weighing
Surprise!:woo: tried to do a slide show to shamelessly promote my new Tea for Two calendar this morning and I ended up making a short film because that was easier(?!) (if you want to see it PM me and I'll link you up)
Surprise!:woo: felt fine then felt crummy again in the late morning and most of the day
Surprise!:woo: got a letter from the historical society where I had a giant woodblock print on display all season. Was reminded I was supposed to pick it up at the end of October. Was afraid to open the letter just knowing I was being told to come get it already and instead saw a rather substantive cheque in there for the sale of my print! Apparently the sale was made weeks after I was supposed to retrieve it so YAY for my slothfulness in this case!

Foodwise ate leftovers that DH brought home for me one container for breakfast, one for lunch. Mostly veg and meat so ok. Tracked everything all day *credit* I got swayed by fast food tonight though. Still had only one part of the usual fast food trio. Tracked it. It's ok tracking wise but not good eating/planning/food choice wise. Very unusual for me to do this kind of thing now. I am always amazed how our grocery order is really vegetables and protien and fruit. A real turn around in under half a year. DH has done another round of shrinking. He is swimming in his jeans. I never ever believed that would happen tuth be told. He may get to be the thin tall man I met once more. Wow. Long term relationships are really mind blowing.

So all in a all a good day with a blip at the end. Tommorow I am on duty at our pottery guild's fall sale. I get to wrap purchases which is always nice as you get to chat about the things people are buying and how excited they are to buy them, but you don't have to worry about the actual sale or the money part. I have few items in there, my favorite being a "Here Lies My Garden" tombstone for the, yes, garden. Wonder if anyone will buy it? I'll let you know...

Have a great night and a good start to your weekend.

Chickbury 12-01-2012 12:21 AM

Hi Team Beck,

Sorry I'm not the most frequent poster...but I'm here and reading and you all inspire me so much!

I had a busy week, and mostly OP. I've been ratcheting up my workouts in frequency and in terms of what I'm doing and hit some new milestones this week (the bike has a level 12? Gee I only thought it went up to 10 LOL...and hike with my sons). I've logged my food/calories daily, weighed most days. Credit, credit, credit. Done my advantages cards etc. Credit. And the needle moves almost imperceptibly...I am down this week but it's the same few lbs I've been dancing with for a couple of months. Gotta do something different. I made a considered choice but it might also be called a 'cave' to a large, 280 calorie professionally baked and decorated cookies. Office mgr came in with a bunch of 'samples' so I could choose one to give to our employees at the holiday party...but this was 5 pm on a busy, bullet-dodging day and alas that iced Santa began calling my name. I ate a lighter dinner, and am able at least to draw that line between my stressful day and the unplanned treat. I'll credit myself that.

Haleyju: you remarked on calories - below 1200. You weigh less than me but I'm a calorie tracker too and I'm working to adjust my calorie goal. I see a nutritionist and they put me at 1450 and I think I probably need to be where you are. But how? I find it do-able where I am, but shudder at lopping off 250 cal a day or even 100. Tips?

BBE Welcome back. Good on you for your mental tare (do you have to have worked in a grocery store to know what that means LOL) and keeping yourself weighed regularly. And LOL at the door incident and the sheeting.

Onebyone Staring down the WW weigh-in demons! I say: you rock just for that. BTDT and that is sooo not easy. But: any start is a start and you did it. Yay.

Weekend plan: 2 workouts. Limit alcohol to one. No grazing. Do my cards. Log my food. Proud scale on Monday.


BillBlueEyes 12-01-2012 05:55 AM

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