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BillBlueEyes 11-23-2012 06:21 AM

Friday - Black Friday
Diet Coaches/Buddies – So happy; I aced Thanksgiving, CREDIT moi. I had a plate of small turkey and one dressing, three veggie dishes, and NO ham, potatoes, or pasta dishes. And, facing a table of pies, I had fruit salad and the filling from a sliver of a chocolate pudding pie - CREDIT moi again for a good show. I did, however, miss the traditional post dinner walk-it-off. I can go some distance on my crutches, but have never tried to do that at a brisk clip.

We leave this morning for a four day trip for a family wedding. I'll be off-schedule and mostly off-web. My next post here will be on Wednesday, November 28. Have a good weekend, friends.

Joy (gardenerjoy) – I like the reminder, "my first, but still no reason to overeat." Yay for a bird back in the fridge in a timely manner. Beasties don't care that it's Thanksgiving.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – Kudos for Thanksgiving that was "was incredible...no overeating" - such a good setup for the remainder of the eating season.

HaleyJu - Ouch for not so good; Super Kudos for "back on program."

Readers -

chapter 1
The Key to Success

To choose appropriate foods and to use appropriate eating behaviors consistently and permanently, you will have to learn how to make permanent changes in your thinking. With the comprehensive, step-by-step program in this book, you'll be able to stay on your diet, lose weight, and maintain your weight loss for life.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Beck Diet Solution (Pink book), pg 19.

Lexxiss 11-23-2012 10:30 AM

Hi Coaches!

BBE, kudos for a stellar Thanksgiving (sounds like the best one yet!) Safe travels and we'll see you again on the 28th!

HaleyJu, kudos for remembering Every Bite Counts and moving forward with a plan for leftovers.

gardenerjoy, I love a holiday more focused on visiting with family! Kudos for helping a vegetarian to pack up the "bird".

Yesterday I was determined to "go with the flow" setting to goals:
1. not overeating
2. sticking with my vegetarian plan.
I accomplished both.credit.

We got invited to leftover lunch with mom and sis and I moved some potatoes and a veggie sausage over to dh's plate. We then travelled to Denver for his family meetup which was interesting; no one even noticed that we did not jump up and take dinner plates to stack with food....we just sat and watched. Later I did get a plate which I filled w/fresh veggies, a scoop of potatoes and a small helping of dressing (it was baked separate from the bird). We shared a piece of pie and went home. I weighed this morning, determined to keep up with my day to day skills even though the "holiday" mode in my head seems to suggest otherwise.

I'll invite mom and sis over here today to try and make good use of leftovers in our fridge then I'll reevaluate. ((Thinking))
My written plan for today:
~leftover family lunch
~analyze leftovers to provide
-dinner tonight for DH and I
-lunch tomorrow for DH while I work.
Then I will freeze everything else that is left and start with a clean refrigerator tomorrow morning.

That sounds good....although healthy, the leftovers are still different than what we usually eat.

Nature Girl 11-23-2012 03:37 PM

First things first: weighed for the first time in ten days (still keeping scale at "old" home) and stayed the same; I'm good with that right now.
Had a small bowl of cereal for breakfast and cooked all day, tasting only enough to correct seasoning or determine done-ness (is that a word?). Friends came and her strategy was to post a picture of her plate on facebook--not a bad idea!!! She ended up taking e shots - 2 with an extra small spoonful of one or two items. At least she was honest!
My strategy was to eat what I can't eat normally, and be reasonable in serving size. I also ate slowly, which is not my habit when I've been whirling around the kitchen cooking a big meal. Small tastes of dessert, and then the kitchen was closed.
Today for breakfast I had a measured portion of sweet potatoes (baked with tiny bit of butter), fruit salad without the whipped cream, and an extra hard boiled egg left over from the shrimp salad with a tiny bit of dressing. I'm trying to fit reasonable amounts of my favorite leftovers into my normal meal plan. As for the pecan pie, I sent the whole thing to work with DH; he is allowed to bring it home tonight, but the pie and I could not be alone in the same house without supervision!
Did some walking inbetween cooking and after eating, but plantar fasciaitis (sp?) is worse in my right foot so today I'm staying off it.
Lexxiss: Looks like you had plans for both Turkey day and the days after - that usually leads to success!
BBE: Good job with dinner; in our family the slowest person leads the hike, so they should have put you at the front and walked along :)
Gardenerjoy: I like your philosophy of focussing on family (or friends) and conversation rather than food--good plan!

HaleyJu 11-23-2012 08:45 PM

Sounds like everyone had some credits yesterday. This morning I was up .5 --- which is pretty much a victory. I hope to see it back down by tomorrow or the next day. I need to stop sampling the sweets! Thank goodness there aren't too many left. Today's tip would have been better if posted earlier in the day ---- but I did a little Black Friday shopping this morning, then went to the movie at mid day.


November 23, 2012 - Friday Weekend Warm-up
Remember – eating extra one day won’t necessarily make you gain weight, but continuing to eat extra definitely will. If you ate extra on Thanksgiving, make sure to return to normal eating today and this weekend to ensure you stay on track and feel great.
Doing my best to follow this advise!

Lexxiss 11-24-2012 09:22 AM

Hi Coaches!

I weighed this morning and have my work lunch packed. Our leftover dinner didn't agree w/DH's tummy and he left most of his plate downstairs untouched, except for salad. It went in the compost and strengthened my resolve to get rid of the rest. Thankfully, I don't have a turkey to deal with and the rest of the "vegetarian roast" will be pitched.
I had Beck success yesterday as I had some emotional moments which are pretty high on my trigger list. My mind definitely kicked around the notion that "food would fix" it. I know it doesn't and resisted-opting for a nap instead. It felt good to be in control. credit.

HaleyJu, I liked the quote about getting back to normal eating. That's exactly what we're doing here. I hope the rest of your sweets disappear very soon.

NatureGirl, I always like "first things first." Yay for maintaining and being ok with that.

HaleyJu 11-24-2012 11:28 AM

Since BBEis out of town, I went back and pulled and old tip to add in for today. I like having a daily dose of Beck in one way or another. This is from the Monday after Thanksgiving last year. I don't think there is anything at all wrong with getting some motivation going before Monday!!

November 28, 2011 - Monday Motivation
Sometimes when dieters have been eating off track, they actually forget how GREAT it feels to be in control of their eating. We remind them of the multitude of positive experiences and feelings they have had as a result of maintaining control and this helps them to immediately get back on track.
Things are starting to slow down at my house. I think it's time for a leaner eating day. We are tired of leftovers, anyway.

gardenerjoy 11-24-2012 01:57 PM

Thanks, HaleyJu! It does feel GREAT to be in control of my eating and it's something I do tend to forget.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend. My challenge today is yet another family gathering. But I'm making the turkey soup from Thursday's leftovers and it's going to be healthy and wonderful!

Chickbury 11-24-2012 07:17 PM

Beck friends,

No I haven't quit you already! Busy week with that little major eating holiday in there!
I survived...no, I guess I would say triumphed on Thanksgiving. I planned to eat more and stuff I am not often having. But limited portions, told myself I didn't want to be as stuffed as the bird ha ha. I cooked 3 dishes to bring and this often includes heavy sampling on my part, even if it's just one slice of apple for the pie, one for me...and I just did not do that. Didn't really want to, big credit. There were several pies and I had a small piece of mine (I have to critique it!) and a sliver of a really worth-it pumpkin pie slice.
Day after - a bit less successful, but not horrible. Too lazy to plan and so what happens is pick, pick pick. But I tracked it all, added it up, not the worst day but importantly...over, and completely OP for today.

I also weighed myself this morning (up a lb...okay, I'll take it), and managed a quick workout on Thurs, and hiked for 1.5 hrs today with my boys something I am over the moon about (see below injury reference: hiking has not been in my repertoire for a LONG time! Hurrah for hip arthroscopy and for my hard work at the gym these past few months!). It was decent hills and I rocked it!

Bill - I don't know what your injury was, sounds like broken leg, but glad you are doing well. I had a hip surgery in July and was injured and had difficulty doing a lot of things on/off over 18 mos, so I can relate to all you are saying. Little things become huge. How wonderful food has not been your 'crutch' too, during all this.

HaleyJu - Yesss! I'm trying to focus on this lately. It's one of my advantages on my card: "having self control around food makes me feel strong and powerful and REALLY GOOD."

Lexxis - yes, the holidays can be full of emotional landmines! Good for you for recognizing that, and further recognizing that you were drawn to food but opting for the nap (prob what your body needed more) instead. That's huge!

Buckling down, hoping to land on the other side of the holiday hill LIGHTER.

TeachMe 11-25-2012 06:46 AM

Have not been asleep but have been oddly reluctant to check in. Weight is down 1.5 in last 2 weeks , so I should be pleased. And yet.
No Thanksgiving here in the UK, though I usually make a pumpkin pie. Have not done so this year. At Christmas we have the pie and cornbread stuffing etc, so I'll get it eventually.

I so much needed to read all your suggestions because I am struggling. I hate feeling sorry for myself but that's what I'm doing. I have mentioned about DH's upcoming heart surgery and have been after him to discuss with DSD, who lives 500+ miles away. He is reluctant because she will worry. Now it happens that the 2 years of neck pain she has had (without seeing a doctor) may be something more and the doctor is referring her immediately to a neurologist. This has not helped DH's blood pressure. Neither one of them are keen on sympathy, which is something I am inclined to overdo at times. I am worried, obviously, for them both but don't know how to help and really don't know how to look after myself under stress. I am overheating junk at night but cutting back on sensible eating in the day to compensate, so my calories are not overplan, but this is not good. Found myself being stray with the 13 year old son because I think I can control him if nothing else. Wrong again!

Went to hear some great Celtic music last night with DH and found tears running down my face as we sat in the dark. First time I had allowed myself to just sit quietly and the feelings wouldn't stay down. DH was kind, but I stayed up and ate 100 calories snack after snack.

Now I would like to make a joke at my own expense and say I'll be fine. Actually, I have already been through plenty of dark days and I do guess i'll be fine, but not looking forward to what might be a difficult year for all concerned.

Beverlyjoy 11-25-2012 07:37 AM

Hi Friends/coaches - had a wonderful visit with family. Did not eat as mindfully as I had planned. - however, better than in the past. I am back on plan today.

Be back later.

Lexxiss 11-25-2012 11:33 AM

Hi Coaches!

I don't know if my old idea of holidays make me resistant to weighing in during this time of year but I felt that way again today. Weighed anyway. credit. I don't know what is planned for today. As soon as I find out (mom/sis) I will make a food plan.

gardenerjoy 11-25-2012 12:14 PM

Food after yesterday's family business meeting was reasonable if not stellar. Today wants to be a recovery day so I'm going to let that happen and not try to shove too many activities in even though I'm feeling overwhelmed by my list.

Lexxiss: good job weighing in, even when you didn't want to. (I should do that--I'm justifying not weighing because of higher than normal salt consumption, but that's still no excuse not to see the high number and then watch it wash away in a couple of days).

Beverlyjoy: better than in the past is a great step!

TeachMe: That's a lot of troubles to deal with. Good job checking in with us. It seems like this is a place that you can be honest with yourself and a bunch of strangers -- it's amazing how helpful that can be sometimes. I discover helpful truths as I'm writing here that I didn't see before I sat down.
It seems like this may be a good time for you to work on this: "really don't know how to look after myself under stress." Have you tried Beck's distraction list? For me, that turned into a list of things to do for myself to take care of myself.

Chickbury: great to see you back here! Woohoo for the triumphant Thanksgiving! The day after is always a bit of a shock to me -- I get so focused on the holiday that I sometimes forget that there's a next day that has its own challenges. I'm so happy that you were able to do the hike with your boys. That's really what this is all about -- being able to do the things that make life rewarding.

Chickbury 11-25-2012 06:01 PM

Fellow Becksters,

Only other dieters can appreciate how gleeful I am at this moment - I track my calories daily, have a number I need to try and be under. So I do love it when, at 4:45 pm I have written all I've eaten, plus what is planned for dinner...and I'm in a good place. And...credit...I hit the gym for a 1.25 hr workout, about 45 min of which were dedicated to cardio. I am pretty sure I can't make much exercise happen tomorrow, so good for me for squeezing it on on a Sunday. Call it Turkey Day penance, the gym was crowded!

Teach Me, I'm new and don't know much of your story but that does sound like a lot to deal with. One thing I've been working on via Beck recently is dealing with emotions. I like where she says something like: you're entitled to feel (insert emotion or feeling). What you're not entitled to is to make it worse by stuffing yourself with food. And then, how to imagine the momentary wash of comfort and almost before it's over, the deep regret and how none of your troubles have disappeared, they are only compounded by the fact that you are foiling your plan, and feel bad about yourself for having eaten too much or unhealthy/unplanned. Oh it sounds so easy when it flies off my keyboard but it is hard work, to separate our many emotional states from our eating. They really should have no connection. The book also mentions and I think it's true, I know people like this: they are upset and the last thing they would think of would be food. Humm, that is not me but trying to drive a wedge in there and get those things a little less connected.

I do hope for the best for your husband and your DSD, that their medical challenges be easier than all think.


HaleyJu 11-25-2012 09:44 PM

What a wonderful supportive group this is. We have much to be thankful for-- and most especially the empathy shown by all to those in need of a boost.

Here are a couple of old tips to get us through another day until BBE gets back from his trip. I looked for something that might be both timely to the season and to the needs of the group.

December 6, 2011 - Tuesday Reality Check

When dieters say, “I just can’t stick to a diet, I have no discipline,” we remind them that they actually DO have a lot of discipline because they are able to get up with their kids, get to work on time, pay bills, etc. While they may lack consistent dieting discipline, they are clearly capable of great feats of discipline in other areas, so this is not a valid reason to not try.

December 5, 2011 - Monday Motivation

Over and over again we hear from dieters how gaining control of their eating has positively impacted their lives in so many ways beyond weight loss and how, as they go, they discover so many new advantages that they hadn’t foreseen at the beginning.

Lexxiss 11-26-2012 07:56 AM

Hi Coaches!

I weighed and have a plan for today....slept in a little though, so I've got lots to do before work. credit for a quick check in.

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