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Hello - may I join in? I'm working on eating slowly and mindfully. (I'd rather mindlessly munch in front of the t.v. and computer!).

Its been a bit of a slow climb the last week, getting back on plan after Christmas. But I've logged every bite, every day, so that's something. And yesterday was a really good day. Let's hope today is good too! I've got the day planned out, up until dinner. I'm not sure what to do for dinner, as I'm getting a bit tired of salads.

I've found that I do a lot better if I start the day with a plan, and enter it in my food log before I eat.

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Okay, back to Beck and eating right. I just batch cooked a few things and am planing to get more foods tomorrow morning. I noticed over the holidays how much junk I stuff in my mouth standing. That is such a hard thing! Just wanted to pop in here to tell you guys I'm not dead.

I'm also in a contest on facebook to win a chance to go to the Biggest Loser Resort. If you don't mind, feel free to vote for me. ^_^
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Good Morning everyone!

Woke up thinking more about what I need to do to get back on track. Yesterday I calorie counted and only ended up at just over 1000 for the day. Expected a loss on the scale this morning but am up 1 and am sure it's partly due to the sourdough bread and popcorn that I had. Plus I do feel a little foggy as well so maybe having those type of carbs is not so good for me. So today is back to the first part of PINK to try and detox again. It's going to be one day at a time and I'm also going to start working out again. Today may only be a walk outside, our weather has been fabulous and mostly over 1C (32F), which for us is not typical at all. All the sidewalks and pathways are clear of snow and ice so no excuses. I also pulled out my ARC cards this morning and am going to start reading them again daily. There are lots of things that automatically come to mind as I do them, like sit down to eat and put it on a plate, but many more reminders that I need to be more aware of.

I'm flying to see my parents in Phoenix on Jan 12 and part of the plan for the trip is to find some clothes to wear on the cruise in Feb. Not many summer things on the racks in Canada at this time of year! Also another reason to get back on track.

to seaside sparkle (love that name) and I am worth it. This is a very informative group and have been very helpful to me on my journey.

onebyone I can feel exactly what you are going through. I often wonder if I sabotage myself when I get to a lower number because I don't think I deserve to be there. I have really had to learn that I cannot let the number on the scale dictate how I'm going to live my life or what my mood will be for that day. I have to look at other factors like how my clothes fit, how my endurance level is, what can I do more easily now? I think you deserve huge credit for getting back on track immediately and deciding it was NO CHOICE and the kitchen was closed. I'm fortunate that on days when I need to be away from the kitchen I can go to the second floor of our house and not be tempted.

I was listening to a radio talk show last week and the topic was New Year's resolutions. I, personally, have never really been one to make these and found the conversation interesting. The host was asking why people decide to only take charge of things, like weight loss or quitting smoking, on Jan 01. If you really want to do this why wait X number of days to start was the main question, what in your life is going to change on Jan 01? It reminded me of the Beck principle of getting back on track right away, don't give up on the rest of the day because of one slip up. Food for thought (no pun intended).

to all other Beckster's. I'm going to change and go for that walk now.
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Hi coaches/friends/beckies... Yesterday was a healthy day - I am always grateful for that. I accomplished some of my goals yesterday: planned/measured/logged food, lots of water, read my Beck 'stuff', concentrated on taste, & always left a bite.

Yesterday - it started again, that dull ache on the right side of where my tummy is. It's in the space where my gallbladder is. Today it is back that constant dull ache, also .I stayed with my plan yesterday (which is lower fat already - which is helpful if it is my gallbladder). I guess I need to have it checked. It's been 'going on' (on and off) for over three weeks. Phooey. I am keeping my food very light today - in case it is my gallbladder - I'll give it a 'rest'. I hope it's nothing, of course.

I have too much to do to have gallbladder trouble. My need to go with my stepmom next week when speaks to the surgeon about shoulder surgery. She is convinced that shoulder replacement surgery is no big deal. It's a whole senerio, believe me. I need to be there. Also - I want to go see my sister and spend some time with her as she recovers from her back surgery. We will see what happens.

Last night I wanted to eat some candy cane because of my dull ache. I actively used my resistance techniques and also said NO Choice! Credit!

I am glad that the food fest between Thanksgiving and New Years is over. No matter how we approached food during that time... the thing is it's in the past. (build on any successes and learn from any struggles, I guess,)Time to carry on with what we know works... and the Beck techniques work!

seasidesparkle - WELCOME! Glad you posted. Folks here are friendly, supportive and wise.

I hope you are all having a GREAT day.

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Evening coaches,
I made my first 5-lb goal! Time to change the ticker. I ordered my reward yarn ... Enough for 3 pairs of socks. Yay!
Otherwise a good day - made a chicken stir fry with edamame for dinner. Yum! Took my daughter to the movies and said NO CHOICE to all the snacks. But I did not sleep well last night - a bit panicked about all the music I have to learn in a short time, I think - and so now I am thoroughly beat. Will have to come back for personals tomorrow after a nice long sleep.
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Thumbs up January 2nd hello

Hey Coaches

I'm just taking a short break from watching movies with DH to say hello.

I weighed this morning *credit and saw 278. -3lbs from yesterday's midday weigh-in. *relief* flooded through me to see a number below 280.

Today I tracked and pre-planned and stuck to my plan and even got spontaneous exercise in *credit.

I need to be vigilant this month. I am getting closer to my big trip but I have much to get done here, including sticking to my plan from day to day. I need to live in the moment.

My WW weigh-in goal this week is to be te same as last week. Hopefully I am carrying another 2lbs pf water somewhere. I'll know soon enough.

Have a good night.
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On the IPhone again so this will be short. Good day today. Back to work tomorrow so this will present some time challenges. Purchased my weightless charm bracelet today. Can't wait to add that first 5 lb charm!
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Hi, Coaches and Buddies.
After this I am going to read day 27 about the 7 Questions. I weighed today (no change), planned all of my food, logged all of my food, and planned tomorrow's food. I did the mini-walk I planned as well with pupstar and DH. Did not get in spontaneous activity. Said NO CHOICE to DH's offer to go out to lunch in order to stay on plan! YIPPEE!!!

BeverleyJoy, great job for being so on plan today, especially while in pain.

BillBlueEyes, so glad your New Year's was so wonderful! That is great!

Daimere, good job for checking in and credit for your realization about mindless eating!

Eusebius, bummer about the lack of sleep!

GardenerJoy, good job reading your cards!

I am worth it!, welcome to the Beck forum!

Lexxiss, good job for ending your tough day. Bummer about losing control of your environment with the chair.

Maplover, congratulations on that first 5 pound charm!

OneByOne, great job for getting on plan!

SarahBennett21, good to see you post today! Good job geting youself in such a positive frame of mind.

SeaSideSparkle, welcome to this group! Eating in front of the TV is a bad habit when I am eating with DH.

Tazzy, great job for getting back on track. Bummer about the unexpected gain.
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Today defied planning. Credit for recognizing an opportunity to go back to Plan A and grabbing it even though it meant more work and less of a treat. Not so much credit for using that as an excuse to eat more than I needed.

WI: -0.45kgs, Exercise:+50 50/1300 minutes for January, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, i_am_worth_it!

Welcome back, sarahbennett21! I love that Arabic saying: "Dress for Others, Eat for Yourself" Both halves, in fact, since I want to be less sloppy as part of my acknowledgment that I really have lost this weight.
I integrated my Advantages and Responses into my life so that it's hard not to read them. They are on a sheet in the Excel document where I record my daily weight. I always read the advantages, and generally skim the responses. I also have my advantages hand-written on a pink 5x7 card that is in my Tickler file and migrates from day to day. It's rare that I skip both my daily weigh-in and going through my Tickler, so one or the other gets me to read them.
Also, I still come up with new responses because I still need new ones! My latest, inspired by the holiday season: It's easier to stay on plan than it is to get back on plan.
I read somewhere that among all the addictions that smoking is the most "curable"--that something like 90% of the people who stop eventually reach a point where they know that they will never smoke again. For alcoholism, the number is much lower, and for overeating it's even lower than that. For those addictions, the best most people reach is a maintenance which is still a long term commitment requiring lifelong vigilance. I suspect that if you've never been more than 10kgs overweight, you might be more likely to be one of those lucky few where it is more like smoking.
I'm still in a losing weight mindset. I want to see how low my maintenance plan will take me, but I haven't been on plan enough to be sure I've found that weight yet. And I know it's lower than what I weigh right now because I saw a lower weight in mid-November.
I'm glad you're enjoying my blog! I think I'm going to write a New Year's Resolution post on Saturday about my top 5 weight loss books.

Lexxiss: Ouch for taking on a project that's not yours. Good for you for identifying the problem and finding your way quickly back to healthy behaviors.

BillBlueEyes: how wonderful to be at a table full of sanely eating people. I'm really convinced that we help normalize sane eating for every one each time we make good choices in restaurants. And each time we choose restaurants that make good choices easier. And each time we talk about cooking or eating at home.

Welcome, SeaSideSparkle!

Daimere: loved your video on Facebook (and I voted for you)! You are stunningly graceful.

Beverlyjoy: that's a lot going on! Take care of yourself. Good for you with pulling No Choice on that candy cane -- it's no match for you!

eusebius: yay for 5 pounds gone!

Hello to Tazzy, onebyone, maplover, FutureFitChick, and everyone else stopping by!
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Hey Coaches and Buddies:-

Good morning!! Yesterday I did not eat off plan, but did eat until I was a bit too full and did not leave a bite on my plate. I am interested to hear to what extent you all find this helps and how you feel about it. I think it helps!

Debbie(Lexxiss): Credit for not letting off plan eating go as far as it might have done and for being mindful enough to figure another way of dealing with your frustration the very next morning. I do decluttering the biggest stress buster ever.

BBE: Great you bought home half your Thai dinner. Walking can be great fun!

Katie(SeaSideSparkle): Interesting about the plan, good tip. I find the same thing works well for me too. And of course - Welcome!

Daimere: Good job for getting back on track... I totally relate. I noticed the eating when standing thing too.

Tazzy: Does the scale relate to the actual day before or two days before? I've noticed I am often up after a perfect day's eating with a less than perfect day before. Anyone? Feel free to chime in! I am back on the PINK too (first part!)

Beverlyjoy: Sorry to hear you've been having trouble - sympathy and kudos by not succumbing to the cane. I was inspired by your post and I feel the same way, whatever's in the past is in the past...

Erika: Yay for the 5lb weight loss! Do you find it helpful to break it up into 5lb chunks? I'm guessing you must do! What diet are you following out of interest? (sounds yum!)

OnebyOne: Sounds to me like you're back on track and do not need to worry so long as you keep doing the right things, and kudos to you for doing them!!!

Maplover: I do like the idea of a charm bracelet! What fun! Let me know how it goes...

FFC: Yay for turning down lunch date! And thanks, feels good to be back. :-)

GardenerJoy: Thanks for your post, I think I might incorporate some of your tips for integrating the response cards into your routines. It also feels more natural that way. Love "It's easier to stay on plan than it is to get back on plan." Too true. A long term commitment requiring lifelong vigilance is certainly better than the alternative and falling off the wagon so to speak. I also wonder if my perfectionism and desire for an ultimate cure doesn't sometimes give me an excuse for abandonment because that makes me feel more normal... shrug... I'm really looking forward to your weight loss book reviews.
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Hi Everyone,

Today went well. I did experiment 1 where you wait until you're actually hungry to eat lunch. I got hungry about 1:00 but wasn't able to eat until 3:30. That kind of messed up eating the rest of the day. If I had known that experiment 2 was to only eat breakfast and dinner, I would have switched since I was already almost there. What I did find interesting was how much I was craving something sweet throughout the day. I was able to resist and really enjoyed the cherries and plain yogurt I had for "dessert." I did eat while standing up - once when I had no choice because of my late lunch - I had to get some other things done and the other time I just forgot and ate a carrot while I was making a salad.

I first learned about Beck a couple years ago, in a fitness magazine. I figured this was what would make the difference. I already knew what I was supposed to do to be healthy, I just didn't know how to get myself to do it. I read most of the Pink book and applied some of the principles to lose 15 lbs in a year and a half, but put it all back on last year. I've had trouble finding a diet I thought I would stick to so this time I wanted to use the green book. I haven't looked ahead like I did with the Pink book, and I'm following all the steps.
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Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

A quick check-in, as I'm getting ready for work. Yesterday presented some food challenges. I perused the SF candy at work....looked very hard....put the lid on the box and put it on the top shelf. *credit* I had some unplanned bites at work,too, but I thought about it first. I had an opportunity to taste something I serve to folks every day. I took a smaller portion than was offered and ate two bites then pitched the rest. *credit* Very tasty, but not on my food plan. I worked on the chair after I got home and found a logical stopping place recognizing I needed some relaxation time, too. Off to weigh in and dress for work.

I am Worth It and SeaSideSparkle!
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Thumbs up Welcome Katie (SeaSideSparkle)

Katie (SeaSideSparkle)

And even though you've been on 3FC for more than 3 years,

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this Beck forum on 3FatChicks?
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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - CREDIT moi for completing two chores that were bugging me because they were blocking other things getting done. I ordered the inlet valve for the dishwasher after finally admitting that the occasional puddle on the floor could only have one cause and I had to just bite the bullet and replace it. It'll only take 30 minutes after the part gets here. And I hung a basement light where the old one had been removed because it was of the obsolete mechanical ballast type. Cheers for the improvement in the efficiency of fluorescent lights.

Eating was still a little over plan; I'm giving up the habits of EATING SEASON a bit slowly. I did leave a bunch of rice on my plate at dinner, CREDIT moi. Today's going to be an absolutely on plan day to start rehab for my resistance muscle.

onebyone Congrats on staying under 280. Kudos for planning and executing.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Kudos for your agile foot work with plans - whatever it takes. [Love your thought that "we help normalize sane eating for every one each time we make good choices in restaurants" - helps me see that my daily choices are part of the cosmos.]

Erika (eusebius) Congrats on your five pound yarn. Kudos for "NO CHOICE" at the movies - setting the stage that going out with your DD doesn't have to include munching.

Debbie (Lexxiss) That's so amazing to take two bites and ditch the rest - Kudos.

Beverlyjoy Kudos for the little steps, like concentrating on taste - makes a difference.

FutureFitChick "YIPPEE!!!" indeed for turning down your DH's lunch invitation to stay your plan.

Tazzy - Kudos for a serious effort to get back on your horse - be it PINK or a horse of a different color. A February cruise is such a good motivation. (You won't find any warm weather clothes around here, either, LOL.)

maplover Congrats on your weight-loss bracelet.

sarahbennett21 My take is that both strategies - stopping before full and leaving a bite - contribute to my sense of being responsible for my food intake. I do well with repeated reminders.

Daimere I also love watching your hooping videos - they make me think you've probably had dancing training. Kudos for cooking up some good food for some serious sticking to your plan.

I am worth it You raise the problem that I have with notions to wait until I'm hungry to eat - my window to eat opens and shuts. I'm a fan of Beck's planned meals and snacks. It also helps me to remove all options about eating; I've made my plan, that's it.

Congrats for having processed Beck's Pink Book already as you charge forth in her Green Book.

Katie (SeaSideSparkle) Are you ever onto the secret, "I've found that I do a lot better if I start the day with a plan" - that does seem to work wonders. Kudos for meticulous record keeping. You are most welcome here; glad you've joined us.

Readers -
chapter 4 Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan
Success Skill 8 Follow Your Plan, No Matter What
When Lisa first started planning her meals and snacks, she knew it would be difficult to limit herself to just one evening snack, since she was accustomed to "grazing" until she went to bed. So she made plans to go out every night for a week: She went to the library and read magazines, met her best friend for coffee window-shopped at the mall, visited her sister, volunteered in the community, and saw movies. At home, she practiced the Resistance Techniques described on the following pages. After a week, Lisa no longer had to routinely leave the house. For the next few weeks, she occasionally left when her control was shaky, but the more she practiced her Resistance Techniques, the more she found she just didn't need to go out.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 95.
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Just dropping in to give everyone a quick link about a study of how mindfulness can reduce binge eating:

link to study
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