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Thumbs up Wednesday

Hi Coaches

I made a recipe this morning in my avoidance of de-cluttering. Yep. I posted the recipe in our recipe thread: Curry Roasted Cauliflower. Yum. Never made it before but as I was looking through the fridge this morning to plan my food for the day I saw the cauliflower in there I bought for this recipe and it was starting to go bad. Not good. I ate the whole thing but that was ok. I knew I would and needed the veggie goodness.

So I have the new pantry in the kitchen now. *credit* I emptied the yukky shelves, that are now behind the pantry, but I just put that stuff straight into the pantry without culling it or sorting it. I sort of defeated the purpose of the pantry. Anyway, no real harm done, I just have to keep going. I am planning on putting up one of the shelf units we bought in the dining room today. I need them for my art stuff. I promised DH he would have 3/4 of the spare room, the space taken up with my boxes from moving in April. It's been 9 months. Time to deal with these things.

*credit* for weighing in; no change from yesterday = 271.6. Good.

I have my 30 min mini tramp workput planned for Bold and the Beautiful in a half hour. *credit*DONE I am finding it really easy to do the exercise when I couple it with a tv reward. Amazing. I find myself doing intervals during the commercials where I work myself up to my limit then go back down in intensity for the duration of the show. I think this is a sound strategy. *credit* for planning exercise into my day in a way that works for me.

Lexxiss I sure relate to what you are saying about living in an environment without any clutter. I am proceeding forward with this all the while stirring up great discomfort inside of me. In my "family of origin" clean houses/cleaning houses/clear spaces often preceeded arguments, tension, fights, fear, anxiety and discomfort really. It makes me feel like the other shoe is going to drop when things are "too clean/clear/empty". I have much work to do in this area, emotionally and in my physical environment. You show me in this, as in other things, that it can be done and is worth doing. Thank you and enjoy your accomplishment! As for Key West, I am gone for a full month, strictly to work on my art, with no visitors, friends, or family allowed to stay where I am. I'm extra lucky as this is a leap year, so I get an extra day!

fyreflie24 Wow great job doing a 50K! *credit* I have a friend who did his first 50K on Whidbey Island in September. I know what it takes to do that. Awesome. I was looking at your stats and you have lost a lot of weight. Kudos for that as well. I am planning on using the bicycle supplied to me in Key West to get around the island. It's only 4miles x 2miles in size. Think how many times you (virtually) circled it during your 50K!

BillBlueEyes *Credit* for saving those figs instead of just popping them in your mouth. That's clearly thinking like a thin person. As an aside, I am waiting to hear your report of your next session at the gym where you do those lunges. How are doing with them? And is your house back in order or do you have boxes hanging about as I do? Are you happy with your reno results?

to everyone ... gotta run 'n' get things done.

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Hi Coaches/friends… Yesterday was a great Beck day. I made my plan and stayed right with it. Credit!

I took my mom to get measured for shoe-orthotics and diabetic shoes. We ended up not getting home until almost 2pm. Here again… the hunger experiment is useful. I was OK with the waiting. More important Mom’s blood sugar was OK - even by then. Grateful.

I got on the scale today and I have officially changed my ticker - down two pounds. I am always grateful for that.

Other credits - planned/measured/logged food, lots of water, no seconds, left a bite, ate seated mostly, slowed down a lot, tasted the food (tried to enjoy each bite), said No Choice several times, and took note of some credits during the day.

I spoke briefly to my Doctor. My gallbladder nuclear scan showed that my GB has 22% function. A person need between 44 and 80 - got it to function properly. I need to have a consult about what’s next - I wonder if it can ‘heal’. Lots of questions.

- your curried cauliflower sounds deelish. Credit for all your de-cluttering. Credit for weighing - no change is fine!

Lexxiss/Debbie - credit for using those resistance techniques!! Seems like lots of folks are de-cluttering. I did that in December, in my office, - it’s still clean. A miracle!!!

Fyreflie - I am doing a 5k happy dance for you. Awesome… credit!!! I use an exchange program too… it’s actually like the Weight Watcher program of the 1980’s. It’s based on the American Dietetic Association. (Richard Simmons old plan) I like using exchange.

Billbe - awesome resisting the figs! Another good walk, too. I would want to see the owl too!!

Gardener/joy - good for you aiming to think of a way to be near the kitchen without unplanned eating.

Erika - it’s nice to have some quiet time at home. Credit for your patience in waiting for the next move down on your scale.

Map lover - so sorry you lost your post. I try to do my post on my word processor.. So I can’t lose it. I have lost mine many times when I post directly on the thread. CREDIT for an awesome day of staying directly on plan.

- Credit for not eating over your colleagues rant. I really think it is major. Yoga is so good too. Glad to see the scale is down. Many other good credits too.

Pam - your online losing challenge group - I find it interesting all the things that folks are working. (yes, good to throw in some Beckisms) I am glad you are sharing them. Glad you are back on track - I too, have to constantly remind myself about slow eating.

You folks always remind me to say my Not Fair - Oh Well. It goes a long way when used I think.

Hope you are having a good day.

As always in grateful for your wisdom, kindness and friendship.
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I wanted to make sure that I got on again today. Things are going quite well on this end. My DH, Paul, was telling me how tired he was the past couple of weeks. Since he works so hard for our Christmas Eve Midnight Mass, I suspected that he was having a mild "let down" after the holidays. Yup, that was it. Also, he hasn't been as busy the past couple of days so he has been "around the house", so to speak. He told me this morning that he feels angry that he "has to" make his own structure on days like this. I have a "honey do" list I bring out for times like this but I did encourage him to get in touch with his anger and talk about it if he wanted to.

As for me, I have never been this busy so early into the New Year. I want to thank everyone here for allowing me to share some of the dynamics of the group I am hosting. I am definitely in my element, enjoying it a ton, and getting great feedback within the group as well. Again, I am also benefiting from all of this because it is reinforcing what I need to do for myself to keep moving in the right direction regarding my own personal weight loss goals.

Credit: After flip flopping the first couple of weeks this month I am now where I have gained and now finally lost the same 6.2 lbs which I went back and forth during the last two weeks of December and now can settle into getting to my first mini-goal of 247 lbs by February 1st. I did this in spite of eating many meals prepared by someone else besides me.

Credit: Doing a personal inventory on how well I am "walking the walking". Doing a mental check point of the Basic Beck Building Blocks; ie, sitting down while eating (and trying to not be distracted as well), eating mindfully and slowly, no seconds, weighing every morning first thing then recording it, eating a balanced and healthy food plan, planning my meals out prior to eating them, to name a key few.

Credit: With working diligently to achieve BALANCE in my daily life --on all levels. Hitting each base: personal, emotional, spiritual, physical and mental.; doing a check off on each area. When there is BALANCE in my life, there is HARMONY. When there is HARMONY in my life, there is PEACE. When there is PEACE in my life, there is FREEDOM. When there is FREEDOM in my life, there is REASON TO REJOICE. I am REJOICING!

Love Pam

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I made a plan, I read my cards both advantage and response. Credit me I fought off a strong desire to eat extra pistachios. This could be the first time ever that a bag of pistachios has lasted a week (and why did i buy them? well studies have shown that people eat fewer pistachios than other nuts, maybe because of the shell--I would rather have almonds but I tend to just eat them by the handful). While we're on the topic, I had the jar out making my lunch for tomorrow and I deliberately sniffed them but did not take one. This is kind of what Beck suggests re tempting yourself and then telling yourself you have no choice. So all in all, a good day.

Credit me also for going to the gym and choosing to do a hard workout when I could have wimped out and done something easier.

Lexxiss: Kudos for following your plan!

fyreflie24: You are an inspiration with the biking and the continued weight loss!

BBE: Credit spurning those figs. it is just so easy to pop them in your mouth!

gardnerjoy: glad to hear i'm not the only one who struggles from time to time with being near the kitchen. I really think distraction is the key.

Erika: hope you had a good day today.
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Hi, Coaches and Buddies.

My cat passed away tonight. He was so stoic these last several weeks. I keep thinking I see him out of the corner of my eye.

No change in weight today. I read my cards once. I sat while eating, but ate breakfast while driving and lunch while working... and dinner in front of the TV and my snack while driving. That's no good, now that I write that. I overslept this morning and missed my workout. I had my bag packed and everything. I couldn't fit it in during the rest of the day. I used my resistance muscle making myself cook dinner. I really didn't want to cook. I didn't have time to make the meal I initially planned, but we did eat at home and all of my calories were within range today.

BeverlyJoy, that is too bad regarding your gallbladder. How are you feeling about the situation?

BillBlueEyes, that is great that you stopped the fig attack. May you especially enjoy your breakfast today!

Eusebius, it is wonderful that you were able to take some time out for yourself last night. You needed and deserved it!

Fyreflie24, congratulations on your monumental cycling accomplishment! That is terrific news!

GardenerJoy, that is too bad that Tuesdays are rough for you at home. What strategies did you come up with for dealing with it next week?

Lexxiss, wow! A week without silence sounds like nirvana. Just, wow! Also, great job on using your resistance techniques.

Maplover, that is great news that you had a terrific on plan day and could manage the cravings better! Also, you are fantastic for doing a tough workout.

OnebyOne, that is good that you ate lots of vegetables. Best of luck with your weigh-in tomorrow.

PamatGA, you are doing a terrific job with those Beck skills - way to go!
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Back on plan! At least I have that working well for me.

WI: +0.15kgs, Exercise:+65 785/1300 minutes for January, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: way to go with the Great Fig Encounter!

fyreflie24: I'm so impressed with your winter half-metric-century.

Lexxiss: experimenting with less clutter sounds like a very good bit of self-knowledge to have

onebyone: exercising to TV works for me, too!

Beverlyjoy: yay for succeeding at an impromptu hunger experiment and many other credits! Sending healing thoughts your way in case 22% functioning gallbladders respond to those.

pamatga: yay that things are going so well with your group and that effort is reflected in positive ways in your journey

maplover: my firm rule with nuts is they go in a measuring cup before they go in me

FutureFitChick: so sorry for the loss of your cat.
Still working on Tuesday strategies. One thing I realized is that my gum is upstairs in my desk, so I put a pack in the pantry so that's as easy of a choice as anything else in the kitchen. I'm also really working with what maplover and I both came up with -- something distracting that utilizes hands and brain. I'm currently reading "YOU on a Diet" by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz (Dr. Oz). They actually say that video games can be good for weight loss because you can't really eat when your hands are on the controls. So, maybe I'll play Angry Birds when I don't have other distracting projects at hand.
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Thumbs up Thor's Day

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating on plan included leaving some of the pesto with dinner, CREDIT moi. It feels odd to eat less at dinner than my DW. Trip to the gym, CREDIT moi, included 120 of the dreaded lunges which have become a tad wobbly during my hiatus. I felt in the mood to sort a half dozen dumbbells stuck in the wrong slots. It's my game to think of the minimum number of moves to get them all back in the right slots - takes my mind away from the thought that I could just quit my lifting exercise since I'm tired, LOL.

onebyone – Thanks for the Curry Roasted Cauliflower recipe. We have an un-designated cauliflower in the fridge that could work with that. Kudos for the TV/exercise set up that works for you. [I've still got boxes from the rehab - it's slow going. But yes, we like the new walls and DW adores her new kitchen.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Duplicating that pack of gum is such a great Beck-like solution - Kudos.

Debbie (Lexxiss) – I need to be reminded of this, "my physical environment directly affects my food choices." Kudos for each step in decluttering.

Beverlyjoy – Congrats for using your hunger experiment as support for going for a spell without food. Sending supportive thoughts to your gallbladder for its healing process.

FutureFitChick – Sending supportive thoughts at the loss of your cat. It's a tough loss; I hope you find some way to be kind to yourself as you process it.

Pam (pamaga) – Just love, "I am REJOICING!"

Donamari (fyreflie24) – 50K Kudos for your Polar Bear ride last weekend - sounds both fun and cold. Neat that you're listening to a real live nutritionist.

maplover – Terrific use of "NO CHOICE" with the almonds and standing down the pistachios. I've tried almonds in the shell to slow myself down; it helped a little, but I just got good at cracking them. I've never gotten good at cracking Brazil Nuts - they should slow you down.

Readers -
chapter 4 Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan
Success Skill 8 Follow Your Plan, No Matter What
resistance technique 5
Read all of your Response Cards - including these additional cards.
If I'm not supposed to eat something, I will remind
myself, Just because I feel like eating doesn't mean I
should ... There's no emergency ... I'll be so glad in a few
minutes if I don't give in.
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 99.
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Good Morning, Everyone.

Weird morning. DS has stomach cramps and dry heaves. We are off to the Doctor in a few minutes. In addition I just got a call that our school's custodian died suddenly last nite. I was passing by him yesterday afternoon and he was on our roof trimming the trees. I thought, "Geez, Mark, be careful." Life is very ironic. It is also precious and I forget it sometimes.
Going to check out Weight Watcher's meeting tonite in hopes I will lose my last eight pounds.
best to all.

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Hi coaches/friends - yesterday was a healthy day... always grateful for that.

I reached many of my daily goals. I did alot of journalling - even more the usual. I had to change my plan as my stomach felt bad. However, I stayed right within it's parameters.

I have a goal of redoing my response cards. Each one is a large note card front and sometimes the back too. I also have the Beck Solution second book where the cards are in the back of the book. That would be pretty simple. However, it will be something different... that can be helpful, too.

Thanks to you all for your kind words concerning my sad gallbladder. I appreciate it.

Futurefitchick - I am so so sorry about the passing on of your kitty. Those fur kids certainly have a part of our hearts. You said: that is too bad regarding your gallbladder. How are you feeling about the situation? That's a good question. I know I've stomach aches alot the past couple of years. So - I need to find out about my options. I do know.. it's not going to heal my doctor said. Life is always a journey!

I hope everyone is being kind to themselves. Treat yourself as well as a good friend.
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50 and Fabulous :)
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OnebyOne: My nutritionist does pantry makeovers, she says it really helps! We keep some ice cream etc in the house but we keep it in the basement fridge so kinda out of sight, out of mind. Great finding a way to do the exercise! That’s how you’ll stay with it. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been in a several pound range since Christmas so I’m trying to break out of that; finally on the right road I think!

BeverlyJoy: Congrats for all your great accomplishments!! You’re doing great and just about to Wonderland! That was such a huge line to cross, and you are SO CLOSE!

Pamatga: Great job my dear!!! You’re doing so very well. Exciting

Maplover: Aww thank you so much. You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me. I’m actually allowed 12 pistachios for my morning snack, with 5 reduced fat triscuts. But I totally get it, moderation with your favorite foods can be really rough! I’m not making my favorite pork chops for the kids b/c I just can’t be sure I won’t eat them all! Having people expect me to do well really helps hold me accountable so thank you

FutureFitChick: I’m so sorry about your kitty! Our furry friends are such a part of our lives! Every accomplishment is one step closer so keep it up, one step at a time, no matter the size of the step.

GardnerJoy: great job Distractions are so important!

Bill: You’re always such an inspiration and great cheerleader! I have such a hard time being disciplined about weight training!

Maryann: YOU ARE SO CLOSE!! How exciting! Go girl!

Eating isn't my issue right now, committing to weight training is! DH and I are working with the nutritionist together, and I am NO SYMPATHY toward him! He's only got about 20 lbs to lose, which will take him about 10 week. Now in all honestly, he didn't abuse his body like I did but his bloodpressure isn't always wonderful and this weight really is important. I've lost over 50 lbs time for my boy to get serious for few weeks and get himself in gear (haha, cycling reference LOL!). Being a good role model for him is helping me stay the course. I'm a little bit fatigued with the whole process but I'm trying to focus on the cycling (both my short and long term goals), our beach trip and the goals I want to reach by then. My 25 year HS reunion is also in early May so I'm trying to keep that in mind as well.

I just put clipless pedals (the kind you actually DO clip into, weird name right?) on my bike so I spent yesterday falling over and even broke the cleat on my shoes. I'd love to get a ride in but I need to get used to the system before taking it on the road; hopefully by Sat I can get some kind of ride in.

Deep breaths! Charge forward.

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Talking well well well

Heloooooo Coaches!

A great day for me inspite of the surprise snow squalls. I went to my WW meeting and saw 271.2!! I met my goal of reaching 271 this weigh-in. *credit moi*I am now pretty confident I can reach 269.9, or less, by next week's weigh-in which is my last one before I go to Florida. The weigh-in after that will be in Key West. I may be in shorts, tshirt and flipflops for that one! But again, I need to dial it back... I have 12 days yet. I am focusing on a day at a time and for today, I knew I needed some kind of a reward, non food, so I piped up at the meeting about my weekly weightloss number and I got a star from our Dear Leader with the word Bravo on it. I stuck it into my weight tracker beside today's weigh-in. And then I bought a magazine for my non-food treat. *CREDIT for giving myself a non-food reward* I still went shopping but I had a list and a plan for the food I bought (a low-fat Manhattan Clam Chowder).

I never finished the dishes and I had a setback with the shelving as where I wanted to put it revealed a floor heating grate, so it can't go there. Looks like it has to go, even temporarily, against the one big wall which is the whole reason I wanted to work in the dining room: because I had one big open wall to tack things onto. I may end up buy a few sheets of this corrugated plastic stuff called coroplast. You can hang things onto it, push pins into it, so I may buy that and attach it to the front of my shelves and then I'll get my "wall" back. My alternate plan is to work on one of the walls in the hallway, but that's not my first choice. But, if I have to, I have to. Oh well.

So I need to focus and get the kitchen/dining room together. I am so bad at organizing. Yikes!

Oh, and I have to say, this morning I pulled on a pair of pants I haven't been able to wear in over a year. Lord only knows why they were at hand; I actually thought they never made the move here, but lucky for me they did. And another pair of those jeans I got at the thrift store for 50% off (like $3.00) now fits me easily and the third pair, which were tight on my calves and thighs and everywhere else, can now be pulled up and on but not done up. And the the first pair, that I have been wearing, are becoming too big. It's the thighs/butt area that are getting too big. Amazing. I never thought this would ever be my exeperience again. I hoped, but was not holding my breath. YAY YAY YAY.

I'll check back in for personals later and to report on my decluttering and exercise (mini tramp 30 min) progress.

Have a great afternoon.
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GD everyone!

fyreflie I just wanted to echo what everyone else here has been saying. You are doing a fantastic job with both your cycling and working with a nutritionist. One of my long held beliefs is "out of sight, out of mind". I have a "clean" kitchen and for me it is a visual cue and aid that assists me in keeping on track with my food plan.

RE: controlling the parameters of overeating on all foods---I measure out everything then that is what I eat. I do not go back for seconds. Just recently I managed to work through a large can of raw almonds (no salt) by measuring out 1/4 cup (the serving size listed on the can). The can lasted close to two weeks by doing that. I kept them in the measuring cup and ate each one slowly and mindfully. It does get easier with practice. Believe me!

OnebyOne: I am so glad to hear that you will be taking your food plan and WW meetings "on the road". I know that will be a great reinforcement when you are in Florida. Great Job in meeting your personal weight loss goals! Thanks for sharing the roasted curry cauliflower recipe. I shared it with my BLC group yesterday. It fit in nicely with my additional challenge of getting more fruits and vegetables in.

BeverlyJoy: Yes, you are sooooo close to Onederland. You are doing a Great Job!

Maplover: Great Job on staring down those pistaschios, the only nuts that I don't think I like. Great Job on the harder workouts.

I’m so sorry about the lose of your beloved cat. I am a cat person and at one time I had six all under the same roof. The love and joy they give is immeasurable. My heart is with you.

GardnerJoy: Aww, you discovered one of my favorite distractions. I play a lot of online card games (sometimes even with robots). I was also thinking about resuming knitting or crocheting as well for the same reason.

BBE: WTG in getting back into the gym. Between that and your walking, you should be primed for a marathon or something this coming spring, right??

Maryann: I can "taste" the sweetness of victory for you myself. WTG!

Sitting with the unpleasant feelings regarding an emotionally charged decision I have to make soon WITHOUT EATING OVER IT!. I have given myself four days and I will make the final decision Sunday night although I am already leaning in one direction. Although my skin feels icky, I feel the tension in my neck and I wish I were anywhere but here right now, I am holding firm to pushing through the unpleasant feelings and "sitting with them".

Credit: Getting back on track after a venture back into one of my former favorites for breakfast yesterday. I didn't eat lunch (not after how many calories breakfast was! OY!) so I guess that was the hunger experiment thrown in there for good measure. However, I did have a light dinner and felt satisfied to catch up on some t.v. programming I had previously recorded.

Sticking to task on everything but especially my Beck skills and food plan in spite of how busy my life has gotten recently. I am re-energized about this whole process right now. Things are just plain darn good!


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Hi Coaches/Buddies/Friends!

First, Future Fit Chick. Losing a beloved pet is one of the hardest things. I don't have kids-they are my kids. When one of mine goes, I am just so grateful that they had such a good life. Many don't. Bless you.

Back to Becksics

Last night I took out my "Beck Diet For Life" and a highlighter and decided to start studying with regularity. Pam(atga), you got me thinking with your comment about returning to basics once in awhile.

The quote I liked best is from the Introduction, "It is so worth the effort to master every skill. It is worth the improved self-esteem, the better health, and the enriched life you will enjoy. It's worth the renewed confidence and control. It's worth the rest of your life!" (p.9)

I got to page 29, where a chord struck as to where I am right now.
"You will continue to eat this way for a lifetime. You don't go on this diet and then go off of it You go on it, adapt it until it's comfortable and easy, and you stay on it....You won't stick exclusively to the limited options in Stage 2 for long. And in Stage 4, I'll teach you how to modify the plan....I'll also teach you how and when to make flexible rules for eating, so that you will continue to benefit from the diet forever, without regaining the weight you lose. In short, I'll provide you with the eating plan that you can stick with for life."That's exactly where I'm at: wanting to make flexible rules for eating and exercising which are tailored to my (ever so crazy) life.

So....I jumped to Chapter 7 "Stage 4 The Think Thin Lifetime Eating Plan". I read, and highlighted lots of info and exercises for me to conduct. I think I made it halfway through the chapter. This just makes total sense to me right now; to have more like a "weekly plan" for exercise and eating which works for me.
Example: this week I wrote 6 meal choices containing ingredients I have in house and are fairly easy to make. I hung the list on my fridge. Yesterday, a split pea soup worked into my schedule and we had it for both lunch and dinner. We had the leftovers again for lunch today. We were very happy. If I had planned a different choice for dinner every night I'd probably have frozen the rest of the soup-yet it was very satisfying, OP, and saved muchos time to have it for 3 meals.
Example: I had a tentative plan for tonight which will change. I cleaned out mom's fridge today and hauled a bunch of stuff home which NEEDS to be used. (fortunately it's all organic produce). I'll come up with something creative and OP and consider it a challenge.
I've proven I can follow my plan in any situation (I stayed 100% OP for 7 months before starting BDS)- now I need to provide the long term flexibility. I think it will help me to find success with a flexible plan VS feeling defeat with a Stage 2 restricted plan.

My readings last night seemed to help me onto the recumbent bike, too, before I went to work this morning.

Thanks for listening. I'll be back later for personals, but first I need to make a sweep of the house and pick up some stuff to get back to "clutter free". It should take 10 minutes. Actually, I believe some of my Beck inspiration yesterday was a result of having made such a big step in my physical environment.
*credit* for all.

BillBlueEyes,funny, DH and I were just discussing his portions VS my portions this morning. Our discussion centered around my accepting I will always have to eat this way. He is understanding now that all men aren't like he is. Wow! 120 lunges! You rock!

Beverlyjoy, kudos for stacking up good Beck days with a ticker to prove it!

onebyone, yay for meeting your WW weekly goal! Credit for pushing ahead with your organization at home even when it didn't work out quite right.

Pam(atga), sending supportive thoughts as you "sit through" an emotional decision instead of reaching for food. Credit. for sticking to task when life is so busy!

Donamarie(fyreflie24), nice step up in the biking world with clipless pedels! I don't use them but my sis does. Deep breaths! Charge forward.

MaryAnn, I hope you enjoy your WW meeting.

gardenerjoy, glad you are enjoying "You on a Diet. It is where I originally got my idea for "automating" my breakfasts and lunches, which has been such a successul strategy for me.

maplover, a celebration in my opinion, "This could be the first time ever that a bag of pistachios has lasted a week…" I just think that's fantastic! credit

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Fighting Piano Butt!
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S/C/G: 220/see ticker/130

Height: 5'4"


FFC - I am so sorry about your beloved cat.
My cat is very sick right now too. She stopped eating a couple of days ago and I am very worried. She is 17 years old and has terrible arthritis in her hips. We have medication for her but it isn't really kicking in yet ... I have been crying on and off all day. She is so special to me and has been a loving companion for so many years.
Concert day tomorrow - I hope I get through it with dry eyes.
Love to all - Erika
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A bizarre day, but I ate as I would if it had been possible to plan for a snack at 12:30, a late lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant around 3:00, and no supper to speak of. I focused on vegetables and it really helped. I ordered stir-fried vegetables in sate sauce at the Vietnamese restaurant and I made a big salad for the non-supper supper.

WI: -0.05kgs, Exercise:+0 785/1300 minutes for January, Food: NA%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

fyreflie24: I'm old enough to remember clips -- that's what they called it when you put your toe under a strap and clipped it tight. To get out of the thing, you had to reach down with your hand to release the clip -- quite a skill for an emergency stop. Clipless pedals are definitely an improvement!

eusebius: so sorry about your cat, too.
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