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Morning Coaches/Buddies!

Similar day to yesterday. It went well until the evening. I woke up this morning very frustrated, and actually prayed for help. I immediately got an answer in my head:
That is the 1 behaviour that is going to make the biggest difference for me. I have resisted it like crazy, but I just can't any more. My biggest mode of escape is surfing the internet and eating. I know this will not be easy, but if it were I wouldn't be learning so much from this experience.

OA suggests we make an action plan for ourselves and I have done that. It consists of actions we repeat every day to create a life in recovery. Mine includes eating at the table, not the computer; posting here every day and reading a little from the Beck book each day; reading my response cards; OA program work; meditation; and exercise. I think I need to post my success with my plan here each day for accountability.

I need to squarely face the issues that are causing the escapist behaviour and know I have help with them.

Thanks so much, all of you, for listening to me as I go through this process. It really means a lot to me to know you are here.

BillBE - great idea to get that trail mix out of view. Thanks for sharing your eating plan with us ... it clearly works for you and is the result of experience.
Val - great job on continuing to deal with your stressful situation with aplomb. You're right - I need to read my ARC before I eat, in general.
maryann - wow, I can relate to the perfection trap. Good job finding balance in your individual situation.
Beverlyjoy - you are doing so well! Great to hear that meditation is helping you.
onebyone - you know, I think the slow process of firing ceramics is a lot like the slow process of us figuring out our relationship to our bodies and food, and achieving balance in our lives. So many stages in the process and so much need for patience. (((Hugs)))
pamatga - in answer to your question to the group - I am really inclined to believe that we need to eat when we're hungry. I think for some people that might be 6 times a day, but it really isn't for me. If you don't feel good eating 6x/day I say don't do it! If your calorie level is working for you then I don't see a problem in eating 3 meals/1 snack or whatever feels right for you & your body. My $0.02 Great to see your photo BTW!
missyj - congrats on 3 days OP despite the struggles! It really does seem to take a while to find our stride. I know you will find yours.
Tazzy - wow, great exercise day for you! Big credit for "no choice" at the end of the day. I need to do that too.

Busy day ahead ... putting up posters for the meditation group, starting lessons with a new student, dinner with my mom who has gone out of her way to make me a healthy vegan meal (gotta love her). It will be challenging to work my action plan into a real day but it's possible. Here we go!
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Hi Coaches!

Like Erika(eusebius), my day went well until 4pm. I dove off the board into unplanned eating and had the semblance of sanity to stop. I identified tired so went to bed. At 6 pm. Period. No "dinner" no more unplanned eating. I slept 10 hours and still feel tired. I must take caution today and stick to planned meals, going to bed early, if need be. Part of what may have lead up to this:
1. I didn't add my protein powder to my morning smoothie. Why? I dunno.
2. I was working in the yard and didn't take time to "prepare" my usual lunch so when I threw it together it was lacking a lot of the raw veggies I am used to. My lunch was "scant" at best.
I'll take time today for my two most important meals because I believe they set me up for success in the evening. *credit* for willingness to keep trying and to learn from my mistakes.

Erika(eusebius), great that you have come up with a plan to address your evening issues.

BillBlueEyes, yay for another day staying OP.

Tazzy, I love heading out on my bike to accomplish an errand! *credit*

missyj, *credit* for day 3 OP and for rethinking your exercise schedule. I'm one that if it doesn't happen in the morning it seems to not happen.

frankie77, yay for ordering the book and checking in here even before you've begun reading!

Pam(atga), right now I am following advice of an Ayurvedic practitioner. Of course, this advice does not account for a person with Diabetes. He advocates 3 meals, emphasis on lunch with nothing inbetween. He suggests a step by step plan for weaning off the inbetween snacks and says that blood sugar ups and downs will stabilize. I was not having a morning snack prior, so I've cut out my afternoon snack and my evening snack. I understand that we're all different, and try switching things around from time to time to see if something new will work for me. About two months ago I quit any caffeine after my two cups of coffee in the morning for adrenal support. It seems to be helping so I continue. I have kept off the last 10 pounds pretty effortless. That's a good sign for me. I agree with you, why eat if you're not hungry. I have identified that I was not hungry at the time I ate those traditional snacks and I don't miss them now.

onebyone, *credit* for taking some time off from the work schedule, especially since you identified it was pulling you off your food plan.

Beverlyjoy, yay for another healthy day! I think it's a fantastic insight that your meditation helps. I understand the feeling of unwillingness sometimes, too.

maryann, I relate to the perfectionism. I, too, get the most from the Beck program when I respond to others...yet at times just need to take care of a deadline, too. *credit* for coming here and posting anyway.

va1erie, major kudos for eating slowly and mindfully AND contacting your diet buddy after your accident.
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Report: didn't read my cards, weighed (no change), ate slowly and mindfully and left a bite right up to the end of the day when I had a couple glasses of wine which turned into graham crackers with peanut butter. This is my major issue -- wine-induced snackfests. Got no exercise, but I should get lots today. If it would stop raining, I'd get more as I've got several local errands I could run on foot if it weren't raining. I should buy a hooded rain poncho. It's not raining that hard, but I don't like dealing with an umbrella when I'm walking several miles.

maryann - I like to respond to everyone, too, but I think we should give each other and ourselves permission to NOT make checking in every day a huge burden! It's great when we have time to give a callout to everyone, but checking in shouldn't =require= so much time that it provides an excuse not to show up here every day. The important part is checking in with a daily report.

beverlyjoy - I have a really hard time with SLOWLY. I can eat very mindfully and still end up eating too fast. Setting down my fork doesn't seem to help very much (and besides I hate setting down my fork between bites for some reason, especially when I'm alone.)

onebyone - is reading enough of a reward for you?

pamatga - I buy almost all my meat from a local farmer at my farmers' market so can't comment on the Jennie-O, but I totally agree that ground turkey is really flexible! I've also used half ground turkey or chicken, half Boca crumbles and a lot of folks won't notice the chili or spaghetti sauce or whatever isn't made with ground beef.

Re: Beck's philosophy about tolerating hunger vs. never letting yourself get hungry: I agree, a lot of what she recommends seems to be the exact opposite of many diet experts recommend. But I totally buy into the idea that if we learn to tolerate hunger, we never have to freak out because we got delayed and don't have a snack in our purse. We never have the excuse, "I had to eat the cookie because I forgot my snack and that was the only thing available; I didn't want to let myself get too hungry." It just makes sense to me. Most of us aren't ALWAYS going to remember to keep some low-cal snack on us at all times and ALWAYS be able to eat exactly what we planned to eat exactly when we planned to eat it. Eventually we're going to have to deal with hunger. We might as well recognize it for what it is: uncomfortable but for most of us not a reason to eat off plan.

frankie You can actually do one thing before the book gets here to prepare: You can get your supplies together. You'll need some index cards, some business-size cards, a notebook you can carry with you (I got a steno pad that had an attached rubber band so I could fit it into a purse and not have it flopping open), some post-it notes, and a scale (she recommends a digital one that weighs to the half pound, but if you have any good accurate scale I think you're fine) to start out with. If you're using the green book, within a few days you'll also need some graph paper and two boxes (one recipe-file sized, the other big enough to hold your 'distractions' -- mine is a trunk, as many of my best distractions are bulky craft items.) And if you're going to follow her eating plan you'll also need measuring spoons and cups (she wants you to have several so you always have some clean) and a digital food scale. She also recommends using smaller-than-typical bowls and plates -- 1 cup bowls, 1/2-cup bowls, and luncheon-sized plates -- but those are optional. I really do actually find my smaller plates and bowls very helpful, though.

missyj - Missy, I find it so interesting that when you're not OP, you eat only three meals! I'm the exact opposite! I think one of my biggest issues has always been my tendency to graze during the late afternoon instead of waiting for dinner!

Tazzy - that dessert sounds fantastic! That makes me want to go get some peaches!

BBE - Good for you for really putting thought into making sure you enjoy the snacks. I've been working on that with my breakfasts and lunches. I tend to tolerate eating the same thing often for breakfast and lunch, so I've been working on finding low-cal options that I find just as tempting as a higher-cal choice. It's been pretty easy for breakfast. For lunch I have a hard time finding something I'd choose instead of a burger!

Erika - big credit for recognizing eating at the computer is an issue for you and being willing to make the necessary change! Re: reading your ARC before eating -- wish I could remember to do that after I've had a glass of wine! I should rubber band my cards to the wine bottle.

Lexxiss - CREDIT for STOPPING the unplanned eating instead of continuing it!


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Morning everyone!

Yesterday was kind of a "meh" day for me, so I need to be accountable to that.

Still. I wanted to give myself mucho credit for sticking to certain things. I didn't go over my Points (I'm a WW member). For the first time in a looooong time I was considering not doing my daily exercise. I was trying to justify not doing it, but truthfully the reason was that I was feeling like not doing it. I told myself to do the minimum (10 minutes). I walked for 10 minutes, and still didn't feel like doing I walked for 5 more minutes before allowing myself to get off the treadmill. I do want to give myself credit not only for doing the minimum yesterday when I really didn't want to do anything, but also for doing 5 minutes over the minimum!

Day 13 (Overcome Cravings) was pretty good. The techniques all make sense to me. I didn't have any specific cravings or urges yesterday, so I'm just going to have to keep mindful of if/when I do have any cravings so I can fill in the chart and follow the Anti-Cravings techniques.

Today is Day 14 (Plan for Tomorrow), and I think I'm going to need to have a "pause and plan" for a couple of days or so around this topic. My automatic aversion towards planning the details of my food is nearly as strong as Day 5 (Eating at my dining room table and paying attention)... if not stronger!

I need to tell myself that this is happening whether or not I like it.

The good news is that I already do semi-plan my breakfasts & dinners for the week. Planning breakfast will be easy. Planning dinner won't be too difficult. It's lunches and/or any snacks that my mind goes blank about. In truth, this has been a problem for a while. Might as well bite the bullet now while it's the next step in the book.

Originally Posted by pamatga View Post
****Here is my question to the group though?? Dr. Beck's philosophy seems to fly in the face of some diets that expect you to eat every 2-3 hours so you end up "grazing" 6x a day. These diet experts cite trying to keep blood sugar even as their rationale for eating so frequently. I have tried that since that is what BLC recommends but I just don't like all that eating. After following OA's recommendation of "3 meals with life in between", switching over to all those mini-meals doesn't make any sense to me---once again---if you aren't hungry, why eat??? To me, not eating when you aren't hungry is supporting Dr. Beck's philosophy. What is your opinion, everyone, on this "twist of tales" among the "advice" out there???****
Thought-provoking question! For me this falls under my "up to the individual" category.

I can fully understand the philosophy behind it. Eating very light meals every couple hours can help keep hunger feelings level and prevent people from gorging on a big meal. They won't "panic" and eat too much at a meal, because they're aware that their next meal isn't that far off.

I have never attempted to eat every couple hours on purpose. However, for me, even imagining eating that often makes me feel as though I'd be thinking about food too much, or that food would be too much a part of my day.

I guess it's like those who advise "Don't eat after 7pm". For them, their problem is snacking at night. That's not a problem for me, so I would never subscribe to that philosophy.

Different strokes for different folks!

Check List (9/8):
*Read A&RCs:
*Ate in dining room:
*Credits/Stickers: Yup!
*Exercise/Movement: Yes! And credit for getting in more than the minimum when I really didn't want to do anything.
*Planned how to tolerate cravings: Yes!
*Tolerated a craving:... haven't had to deal with this, yet. But, I've got it planned.
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OP yesterday and mailed my packet at 4:20. Yeh! I don't feel terrifc this morning. I feel a little compulsive, like I am holding some secret anxiety somewhere - could be school, could be grad program. Execercise time has suffered this week because of everything else. My plan is to catch up this weekend since I will be staying home. I have lost all but a pound of camping weight.

Eusebius: Congrats on facing a huge obstacle. You are showing lots of courage.
Beverleyjoy: meditation has been huge for me. This month I am focusing on forgiveness. If I can truly forgive myself and others than I know my anxiety will lessen.
Tazzy: credit for spontaneous exercise.
PAmatga: I eat five times a day. Each minimeal has a protein. The snacks have no more than 200 calories.
Michi and Missy: I think it is helpful to read some everyday but I don't think you necessarily finish a skill a day.
BBE: You and I are similar in that we eat the same foods over and over again. It is comforting because I know I will like it and I know the calorie count.
Lexxiss: credit for mindfulness . Isn't it funny how sometimes we do sill things like not adding a protein powder?
valerie: I don't mind walking either. I am grateful I am not the kind of gal who worries if her make up is on right or her hair is done. I would never exercise if that was the case.

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Hi all! Thanks for reassuring me about slowing down and having a week to re-inventory all the Beck skills I have thus far. It's been touch and go the past 2 days for me because it can get overwhelming to put SO much thought into every bite - what's my hunger rating? what time did I start eating? how long should I be stretching this meal/snack? I do understand the benefit of thinking about food because mindless eating has been a big factor into my weight gain but sometimes it's a bit exhausting!

Yesterday I was a bit blue because I had been 'stuck' at 245.4 for almost a whole week straight - not even a .1 loss OR gain! I thought my scale was broken until this morning I stepped on and came in at 243.6 I had set my 5 lb goal as Beck suggests a few days ago when I was at 245, so just 3 pounds to go! Even better, once I hit 242 I'll be where I was when I 'left off' this Spring with my diet change

va1erie - I have been tested multiple times over the years, and I haven't even been diagnosed as pre-diabetic. Usually I'm fine even if I miss a meal, but once in a while it really messes with me. It could have been the combo of working and being hungry but I can't buy into the mentality that every time I skip a meal it'll be that bad.

Today I'm going with my boyfriend to Trader Joe's to stock up a bit. We'll likely go out to eat so I'm researching options now It should be a good time!
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Lightbulb More reflection.

(Is every one able to see my posts? I seem to be having some issues with the Forum...)

The shift of focus for this academic year -- on job market and dissertation -- is difficult for me to accept. For me, it was so much easier, and more pleasant, to spend most of my time on my Beck skills, food plans, exercise than tackle this daunting writing project with such focus and attention. Writing is painful. It's funny, and worrisome, to think that maybe I only got healthy to procrastinate on the full immersion it will take to get this done.

But that's the negative perspective. Yes, it's always going to be easier to work out and write here, rather than attending to my writing. (Which is what I'm doing right now, btw.) Still, over and over I make the choice to exercise and eat right, and I shouldn't undermine that power.

Now that my weight loss and eating are very much on track (slow and steady), I have no excuse to NOT focus on the dissertation and job market. So I feel this reckless impulse inside me to sabotage the eating and exercise. When, really, I just need to accept it and move forward. Why is this so hard? I think I have this impulse to make things dramatic and exciting, therefore the steady pace of exercise and weight loss, and the steady pace of writing, bores me.

But I will NOT sabotage my health, my balance, my profession. I will continue to focus and work hard. I will accept my blessings, acknowledge my successes, and move forward, forward, forward.

Thanks for listening, friends.
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First of all, thanks everyone for your valuable input on the question I asked. I have C/P them so I can reflect on them from time to time. I think what resonated with me the most was the fact that Dr. Beck does seem to swim upstream like a salmon(and we all know how good salmon is for us) but try telling the salmon he/she is going the wrong way? They are going the way that works for them! That is until a big black bear nails them. (sigh) Such is life. Eat or be eaten.

I too am more of a late night person. I like how quiet it is. It is very conducive to meditative time for me. Of course, that also changes when meal times are as well. Lately, I have been more intuitive about how I approach eating. My rules are 1) if it is eaten, it is recorded. 2) ideally, it has to be food that will provide sustenance for my physical body and not empty calories 3) stay within my recommended calorie range -1400-1800 (which is the hardest of the 3)

BBE I have added your "recipe" to my growing recipe collection. TY!!

BBE: I quoted you yesterday from something you said earlier this week. I told DH (regarding our upcoming spiritual fasting)that "Bill commented that I don't do well with dietary rules." I said it very matter of fact. My sweet and dear Paul said, "Well, just eat less than." End of conversation.

However, I have decided that instead of a mid-morning and afternoon snack of PERISHABLE FOOD, I am going to take 5-10 minutes of that time period and I am going to sit so I can view my "beloved" woods, read either a prayer or short meditation and then "reflect". EVERLASTING FOOD FOR THE SOUL!! Those are my "dietary rules".

Well, folks, I need to go and cut up a lot of fresh fruit for my first potluck since beginning the Beck Way so I will save any comments for tomorrow "after the fact". Paul doesn't like hot dishes, etc so when we had our grilled chicken breasts last night I bagged up two smaller ones and I told him he can take that with. I also warned him that if he ate it as a late night snack, he was on his own.

I bought a fresh pineapple that I haven't a clue how to carve. I just hope it doesn't involve super sharp knives or corers. I took a chunk out of my thumb about a month ago when coring a hard apple. So, wish me luck.

Stats for Day 31(9/8) BLC Buddy Challenge:
**2307 calories 27 fiber 2924 mg sodium
***banana, raisins, cooked spinach, cooked whole green beans
**midnight nosh again but CREDIT counting it on today's calories like I did the one from the night before. My cardinal rule is if it is eaten between 12:01 a.m. and 11:59 p.m., it gets counted on that day. It reminds me that every bite counts.
**finishing up with fall housecleaning. Everything sparkles!!
**3 BMs later (thanks to red grapes and raisins) lost the 2 lbs from the other day. Well, GIGO!!

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Thumbs up when I wasn't even looking


We here in my part of the northern hemisphere are enjoying a fabulous day climate-wise. Not too cold, not too hot, sun-shiny beautiful.

I went to the ceramic studio this morning and completed my to do list for the week: 5 plates to accompany the first one made yesterday; the six small plates to, perhaps, go with the six mugs/cups made yesterday. I did try to do a small bird-shaped jar/box but couldn't get it going. I'm done like dinner with the ceramic. Time to re-charge. My next three projects are wall sculptures, little scenes with mixed media worked into them. They are all about windows with birds peeking in from the outside. A ceramic making challenge. I'm up for it. So far, so good. *credit for showing up and doing the work this week*

Yesterday I also just jumped back into my 4 Day Win book exercises and picked up where I left off (*credit): day 1 of 4: take time out to relax for 10 minutes/learn to relax on cue basically. I did it last night and took the time afterwards to read from my Buzz Aldrin bio and another bio I got out of the library called Hetty I am VERY interested in the robber barons and the great tycoons. Hetty is new to me. I also read further into the 4 Day Win book itself. She takes over 20 chapters before she says "now you are ready to follow a foodplan" It's all about the prep work--and we know that is so very true. I just completed Day 2 of 4 right now so (*credit) and once I press send here I am settling into reading my books for pleasure. *credit for making sure I get my small rewards instead of skipping them or witholding them from myself.

*credit for weighing in-2.6 = 278.2 I am safely out of the 280s, always returning now to 276-278. This is good. My goal for Oct 8th which i chose yesterday was to see my BMI go to 45. According to the wii fit it is 46.something. If I can get it 45 I will be around 270 I think. At 40bmi the wii fit will actually chart it on the screen. Right now, it's too high and it won't show me. So I guess that's the first goal for the wii fit itself: to lsoe enough to see the graph on the tv set!


BillBlueEyes I don't throw on the wheel I handbuild. So mugs/cups take handbuilder much longer tha throwers, well much longer than skilled throwers. handbuilt cups are also much wonkier--I am taking great pride inthe fact that none of my cups and saucers "look right". I've decided to make all of our dinnerware btw. DH is thrilled as it is microwave safe, a step above the set we are using now--my grandmothers ware from my childhood.
I'm ready to move of from it but I will use it as my models/forms for the new stuff.

MaryContrary Writing is painful I agree. I have been contemplating writing again but it feels so very lonely to me. Always has. My sister just published her first collection of short stories. It's on Amazon for the kindle. I cannot tell you how long that took; 10 years? Her novel is on the heels of it as is her first novel which pre-dates everything. Writing is hard but if you are a writer, you just have to write. Nothing else satisfies.

Michi702 Good job onthe weightloss and the willingness to slow down and take in the Beck information. The first two weeks are critical to you long term success. It also shows that youa re starting to listen to your inner voice--making yourself your own authority. this is definitely a trait well worth honing. CREDIT.

Lovely Planning for tomorrow is really important and a real help if you can get yourself to do it. Over time I have heard some Becksters mention that if they are not sure what they want exactly, they maybe plan out a few alternatives, knowing that if they choose something from that pre-planned list, it will be okay. Maybe it would be helpful to do this for you? Get a few idea written down and give yourself permission to choose from them for your snacks/lunch?

va1erie I think a hooded poncho is great solution to walking in the rain! Maybe some snazzy rainboots would make it even more fun?
And you wondered if reading was enough of a reward for me and it really is. There are so many things out there I want to read about. It's a real priviledge to just get into someone else's head for a while and out of mine!

Lexxiss CREDIT for listening to yourself and just going to bed when tired. Imagine. There are so many tmes I've gone past tired and not gone to bed so I empathize. Good job identifying what happened to create those circumstances. CREDITx2.

eusebius I hope your action plan saw action today! Plans are really the key. Sorry about the offplan eating the other evening. You got a real message not to eat at the computer--this is a great strong sign that your body and mind do know what they need and the answers are all there for you, if you (or if I for that matter), just listen... and ask for help when we need it. Thanks for the reminder.

Off to read. Poor Buzz Aldrin. He's so DEPRESSED after coming back from the moon and the whirlwind world tours. Imagine: 39, achieved what he did and he is left with the question we all face "Now what?" Great book. I may have to write him a fan letter though! yikes!
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/va1erieThanks for the hints and heads up !!! Can't wait for my book to arrive!!!
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Hi friends/coaches//becksters - yesterday and today were healthy... I am always grateful for that.

Both days involved taking my mom to a couple of doctor appointments and one for myself. Every doctor's office we went into had a bowl of candy. I didn't eat the candy... Credit! What's the deal with that... one place had 'sugar free' candy. LOL

I took that time in the waiting room to work on my journalling of daily beck tasks & thoughts,reading the beck book, and working on & reading my response cards. It was a good chunk of time to do it twice. I always learn or reinforce something I once knew well from a time in the past.

I've done my meditations everyday this week. I am grateful for the willingness to set aside some time to do so.

I am still facing the issue of not planning enough to eat and then eating at bedtime to make it up. I'll keep trying to work it out.

I appreciate everyone's thoughts and ideas and support. Thank you. I am so ready to go to sleep.

Tomorrow.. friends.
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Greetings All! Today seemed to line up exactly with the Beck Book. I have been reading in the evening and putting the Day's lesson into play the next morning. But I had a late charity dinner with friends at a bar tonight, so I read my lesson for tomorrow before I left. Today and tomorrow have been the lessons on purposely putting too much food on the plate and leaving some, as well as learning to recognize when full. The cosmos must have aligned because I got to the event, and the charity got more money if we ordered a pizza special! Seriously! No special on salads or salmon or chicken - just pizza!

I had saved a large part of my WW points for dinner knowing I was going to the bar for dinner. Of course my friends all want to order the pizza special. I was going to go off on another (safer) direction, but decided this was the perfect opportunity to practice Beck! I left the garlic toast and croutons on my dinner salad plate because I knew the pizza was coming. And then I only ate two and a half small thin slices. It took every ounce of willpower I had not to finish that third piece! Never mind a fourth! But credit me - I got through it with gritted teeth and the NO CHOICE mantra in my head...... I know it seems a small victory, but I LOVE pizza. And we did not eat until late so I was primed to go overboard. Quite happy on this end......

Thank you all for your encouragement for my restarting my OP journey, and especially for the exercise advice! Still not sure what I will ultimately end up with. First step is to make certain to get back at it since I took tonight off for the social event.

va1erie - I must clarify my statement that I only eat three meals when I am off plan. Rest assured, this is not as virtuous as it sounded! These are typical three over-sized meals with lots of unhealthy choices usually involving restaurants/fast food/processed food!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I will try to be better about checking in over the weekend. You all help keep me accountable!
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The big weight drop is courtesy of chatting for two hours in my brother's hot tub. Which was good for more than just eliminating water weight.

WI: -1.75kgs, Exercise: +60 340/1300 minutes for September, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

pamatga: I'm definitely of the opinion that whatever works for you is the way to go with snacks. It helped me a lot to incorporate snacks into my plan for much the same reasons that BillBlueEyes gives. It took a lot of experimentation to figure out what worked. For example, a morning snack was useless, but shifting it to have two afternoon snacks (we eat supper late) was very helpful. Now, I've whittled it down to one snack most days. OTOH, three meals with life in between makes a lot of sense to me, too. I think that's an excellent issue to practice figuring out what works for you and let the advice of other people (no matter how credentialed) to drift on by.

eusebius: kudos for your new rule: STOP EATING AT THE COMPUTER. The most effective change I ever made was to stop eating in the car because that was my escape. It took only a couple of weeks to get adjusted to the new scheme. I still miss it, sometimes, but not in a way that causes a problem in my life. Kind of like missing certain things about being a college student -- there's a nostalgia, but not much pain that goes with that.

onebyone: one of the things that I struggled with in 4 Day Win was the rewards. So, be patient with that aspect. One of the problems I had was the time. Rewards that were cheap took time and that's not always something I'm willing to spend. I really liked the 10-minute relaxation win, so I hope that you get a chance to try it. I'm better at rewarding myself, now (it took about three years to develop the skill!) but even now I set up rewards to be something I give myself at the end of the month. Daily rewards are much more difficult to fit in. I think the best ones I managed were when I added a little extra to something I would be doing anyway -- bath salts to my normal bath or a special plate for my normal lunch.

MaryContrary: I see you! I'm struggling with much the same. We'll make it! Just like the weight loss it's going to take experimentation, attentiveness, and patience. Maybe I should write that down so I can read it back to myself.

missyj: excellent job with your charity function. Way to go!
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Thumbs up Saturday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - On plan eating, CREDIT moi, that is until we walked (CREDIT moi) to a Greek church festival with abundant authentic food. Ouch! Kept it to a reasonable amount, but more than my plan even with my standard expansion room for eating away from home. The servings were HUGE. For three of us, we had the equivalent of four and a half entrees of which one and a half came home with us. So it was about three meals for three people, but portions were not normal. I did decline the rolls, rice, liquid calories, and baklava (honey pastry) for which I'll take a CREDIT moi.

Might have been the best stuffed grape leaves with egg lemon sauce that I've ever had - none of those made it home. In fact, we might go back and get some for dinner tonight.

onebyone - Kudos for back on track with your exercise.

Joy (gardenerjoy) Yay for hot tubs for eliminating weight. Don't know how that works, LOL.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay for a mom who'll make you a healthy vegan meal instead of trying to force childhood stuff on you. Kudos for "STOP EATING AT THE COMPUTER" - a great way to avoid mindless eating.

Beverlyjoy I wish doctors wouldn't have bowls of candy.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for "semblance of sanity to stop" - I'm always encouraged when someone stops. My fear isn't overeating at times, it's losing the notion that I have a reason to place any limit on my food.

MaryContrary - This is what I need, "When, really, I just need to accept it and move forward." Wish it was easy enough to justify the word 'just,' LOL. I can see you. I've had to recreate my posts while typing several times during the last few days so no doubt I've lost some replies.

maryann - "secret anxiety" is the one that's hard for me - can't do anything about it when I don't know what it is.

Pam (pamatga) Love the notion of a spiritual snack instead of food.

missyj - That's a bummer - that the charity got more money if you ate pizza instead of food, LOL. Kudos for leaving garlic toast and croutons - croutons are hard for me to leave behind.

Michi702 - Yep, "sometimes it's a bit exhausting!" It does get easier with repetition. But being mindful when eating is my best guard against eating a whole stack of Oreo cookies - since they're not that interesting if I'm paying attention.

Lovely Thanks for, "I need to tell myself that this is happening whether or not I like it." I seem to be slow to acknowledge that reality doesn't wait for my permission.

Val (va1erie) - Yep, "wine-induced snackfests" can attack the best of plans. When wine is part of your plan, it might help to get the snacks out of sight before it's poured. Kudos for thinking of a hooded parker to make walking in the rain more palatable. [It helped me to put serious effort in choosing lunches that I'd look forward to, so I wouldn't be tempted by the hot pastrami sandwiches from the cafeteria.]

frankie77 - Waving back. I love getting books in the mail.

Readers -
chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 5 Get Moving

Exercise is important in losing weight and keeping it off for these reasons:
. . .
It helps you eat more healthfully. Regular exercise reduces stress and increases your overall sense of confidence - which can help you combat the desire to eat unplanned meals and snacks. In fact, one of the best things to do when you are craving unplanned food is to go for a walk.
. . .

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 69.
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Hi Coaches!

Yesterday was better, OP, due to my willingness to acknowledge tired and say NO CHOICE to the multitude of off plan snacks DH started dragging out at 3:30pm. I took time to observe just how early he starts and how much he consumes and to then give myself *credit* for "usually" doing as well as I do. I went to bed early, which helped.

BillBlueEyes, declining rolls, rice, liquid calories AND baklava are major credit worthy.

gardenerjoy, yay for hot tub weightloss with side benefits included!

missyj, *credit* for a successful dinner out, especially since pizza was the special.

Beverlyjoy, *credit* for avoiding the DR office candy, and not just once.

frankie, *credit* for checking in! I hope your book arrives soon!

onebyone, *credit* for just jumping back into your 4 Day Win book. It's OK to not do it "perfect" and glad to hear you were willing to accept that. *credit*, too, for making sure you get your small rewards!

Pam(atga), I like the quietness of the night, too, only I get up super early to find it. DH and I spend so much time together that I don't feel bad not sitting through his every evening snackfest. *credit* for thinking through and modifying your dietary rules. Hope you got your pineapple carved!

MaryContrary, I see you! *credit* for the courage to walk through some very tough emotions as you look to find balance between your dissertation, the job market AND your exercise/food/weightloss.

Michi702, yay for a downward moving scale! Great that you are putting so much thought into your Beck program!!

maryann, I totally relate to holding "secret anxiety". It's hard to let go of something that you can't quite identify. *credit* for OP AND mailing a packet!

Lovely, great *credit* pushing through with your exercise. Planning ahead is difficult for me, too. *credit* for willingness to slow dow and try.

va1erie, very true, "The important part is checking in with a daily report." *credit* for doing so.
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