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Default Sunday Sunday

Good Morning Coaches

A short check in this morning.*credit I weighed in at +2.2 = 278.2 today. I overate yesterday by grazing the whole day. *credit I did my 2/4 exercises focusing on my "famine brain" last night but the whole thing did not come clear until this morning. *credit I realized that my eating was triggered (eg. I triggered my famine brain response) by a phone conversation discussing diets and dieting and what was working for me now and how great things are going. After the phone call I slowly ate stuff all day long, including some foods I don't/didn't really want (and told the person on the phone I specifically don't have anymore) and some drinks that I knew as I drank them were pure empty calories. I did not take the time to calm myself this time either cause it was a slow burn. Wow. I'm seeing things and behaviours I just haven't noticed before. I think this is all good. "You can't change what you don't acknowledge", as Dr. Phil says.

OH WELL. That was yesterday...

Today is a new day and I am off to make "birds in the hand" out of clay at the ceramic studio for a few hours. *update/credit: made one large bird and 5 small hand-sized birds. Have a great Sunday Becksters.

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Hi Beckies/coaches/friends - we had a wonderful time yesteday - SIL came down. Later our cousins and Aunt Mackie came over for dinner. Aunt Mackie didn't feel so good.... but, she came over because her neice (SIL) was here. It pushed her to do it. However, my mom didn't feel good enough to come over. (phooey)

She and DH went to the store for something and came back with my very favorite ice cream (it would be the dessert for my 'last meal' type ice cream). I did have some. I must admit that after eating the ice cream I also had some peanuts and some garlic bread. However, eating that unplanned ice cream etc. doesnt' mean I should go crazy for the next three days. There's another pint of the ice cream that may have to go into the trash. It's a shame because it's expensive. But, - better in the trash than me.

I did many of my daily goals throughout the day
ate seated only
lots of water
planned (even though it got changed... I did have a plan)

I have planned for a healthy day today.

Have a great day.
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Hello Everyone!

Back after my short getaway to visit my parents. I stayed OP pretty well since Friday, yesterday afternoon at a cousin's was more difficult when a tray of finger foods came out. I stuck with the raw veggies for as long as I could but the potato chips did eventually win but I only had about 5. Credit for that and mindful eating at the time. I also got some spontaneous exercise in by going swimming for 30 minutes which I really enjoyed.

I have about 4 days of my Beck book to catch up on. For now it's off to Zumba class, then the car wash (to remove a lot of dead bugs) then I'll sit outside this afternoon to work on those days. Our good weather weekend continues.

I'll check back in later for personals. Have a good Sunday
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Hi Coaches!

Lots of weekend check-ins! Let's give ourselves a round of "self" applause

Even after "planning" a day of leftovers, I was ready to Get Back On Track this morning. The good news was that it was an auto-response. I've been noticing lately, that many of my Beck skills don't have to be thought through quite so much. Interesting.
What happened? After getting dressed, I had not weighed, so I went for some spontaneous exercise and undressed and weighed. DH offered the pool and I let him go alone deciding instead to arrange my environment. Skin got pulled off of leftover chix, extra white rolls were pitched and I started my OP advance meal preps; a great pot of black beans, spaghetti squash frozen and a nice salad prepped. I decided while making my smoothie to get everything written down today and to get back to my tracking. *credit* It feels good! I want to be thinner and I have to work my program in order for that to happen.

BillBlueEyes, congratulations on tackling Ikea!It's certainly a monumental process. It's been awhile...Nice to know they have a small frozen yogurt as an acceptable substitute for chocolate and *credit* that you chose it.

Tazzy, great check in; 5 chips, spontaneous exercise, Zumba and catching up with your Beck reading. Yay!

Beverlyjoy, it's great when you realize that unplanned eating doesn't have to go on for days-even if that ice cream gets pitched. *credit*

onebyone, your birds sound like lots of fun! Your taking time to analyze some of your feelings/triggers are valuable. You penned one of my favorite sayings...Dr Phil.

Lovely, welcome! I like "pretty" lists (and stickers). Great job eating at the table 3 of 4 times and working on all kinds of new skills. I, too, combined some days in the book, since I had been dieting for awhile before I got here.

gardenerjoy, thx for the link to your review! You said, "I just don’t eat as slowly and mindfully as the book says I should and I think that having one little rebellion to the rules is also a key to my success." I had just been thinking the same thing!

Pam(atga), such an interesting observation, "that when I make steps in one area, the other areas improve quite a bit." Since starting Beck Diet Solution, I try very hard to keep my environment sane...knowing it helps with my food sanity. I love that your closet contains clothes that fit AND make you look good!
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Default Balanced mind.

Hello, friends,

Last year -- my fellowship year -- I gave most of my mind to exercise and eating right. Although I accomplished much in the dissertation department, I can see now that my energies weren't fully in that sphere of my life. I'm okay with that, because I could not have made these changes while teaching.

So it has been a challenging month in terms of building teaching back into this new way of living, and putting my dissertation first. During the month of August I worked out less than I ever have since beginning this journey. Last Saturday -- one of the days devoted to dissertation writing -- I FORGOT to work out. More precisely, I forgot to think about whether or not to work out, I forgot to make the choice NOT to work out.

That freaked me out a bit, which is part of the reason I am touching back in with the basic Beck skills, such as checking in here. I do NOT want to forget about the skills even as I shift the priority to my dissertation and job search.

Today I work on my dissertation, as I did yesterday. Yesterday, I chose not to work out because I took a bad fall on Thursday and mildly sprained my ankle. Still, I thought about it and made the choice. Credit moi!

Hugs and positive energy to all of you, in all parts of the world!
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Green Tomatoes
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Hope everyone who is having a 3-day weekend is doing well. Our family meal didn't go as well as it does sometimes, but it's over now. Tomorrow, I'm in charge of our eating and it will go better.
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Hey everyone!

Today is day 8 on Beck for me, and I have to say I really did need today's lesson in a big way! I always do things last minute or down to the wire because I hate wasting time, but sometimes that makes me so stressed out that I don't give enough time for myself to do it all. Classic example today; I slept in until noon (though didn't intend to) and then spent far too much time futzing around on the internet and watching TV. Had to be at work for 4:15 meaning I leave here at the LATEST 3:50 pm. I realized that it was almost 3 pm and I hadn't even started reading today's chapter yet (though I DID get my ARCs in while my computer was turning on!), still needed to eat AND shower. Pre-Beck I would have been able to scarf down some frozen thing while reading but instead I finished my chapter, prepared a quick meal, and sat down to eat. I tried to stretch eating into 15 minutes but it was a challenge. I managed to be in the car by 3:48 and somehow I almost got to work 10 minutes early!

After today's chapter, I realized I have to plan at least an extra half hour into my day for properly reading the day's pages and doing the exercises. I also want to have some sort of credit tracking system - be it stickers in a notebook or putting smiley faces on a calendar for each day that I did well. I like having a visual reminder of my success around.

Tomorrow is a Labor Day cook out at work and I've already seen what they'll be serving - hot dogs, burgers, macaroni salad, potato salad, and I assume chips and cookies will make an appearance as well. I banked some calories today so that I can have something tomorrow from the cookout, and I plan to get either a cheeseburger or a hot dog and just a few tastes of the sides. I actually don't like potato salad and most macaroni salads are too mayonnaise-y for my tastes so I'll be ok there. I will just have to be vigilant on dessert and main course.

I'm hoping to give you guys a positive report tomorrow night, and I'll have to keep my ARC close tomorrow just in case my will power is a bit low.
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Simply Filling Technique
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Sorry, I was MIA for a couple of days but this was one of those rare opportunities where my DH, Paul, didn't have any other committments (his personal calendar fills up very fast) so I got out my own "Honey Do" list and we hit the ground running on Saturday a.m. and now it is nearly 2 a.m. Monday and I am just getting to post here.

Onebyone I completely understand the contradictions in your behavior. I have such moments all the time.

Lexxiss, tazzy, michi702 and beverlyjoy-my twist on this holiday meals is that I "thought" that if I ate one less pre-planned meal earlier in the day when it came time to put my feet up and watch some rented dvds with DH in the evening, I could have a small drink, some popcorn and 3 pieces of Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Intense Toffee Interlude. For Sunday dinner, I made the best darn meal [tender, but salty ham, mashed potatoes with peppered milk gravy, sweet potato(from our garden) casserole, sauteed garlicy whole green beans and ripe tomatoes from our garden] but even though I kept the portions to single servings, I still "went over" my recommended calorie range. Then, to top it off, my knees have really been bothering me so I was taking more anti-inflammatory meds and icing while watching the movies we rented. What can I say???
"The best laid plans of mice and Pam....."

Stats for 9/3 (Saturday):
**2048 calories (200+) 34 g fiber 2909 mg sodium
**2-10 minutes sessions on the treadmill
**walked 1.75 miles painfully (more of a hobble than walk!)
**having some real acute pain in my left knee.
**F/V:sweet potato, okra, corn on the cob, broccoli, cauliflower---no fruit!
**sugar-yes-Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate Intense Toffee Interlude-3 pieces.
**sleep-7 hours
**post (now)
***plan --usual
**h2O-not sure, chew a lot of glasses of ice

Stats for 9/4 (Sunday):
**2421 calories (400+) 31 g fiber 3225 mg sodium (225+)
**raisins, sweet potato, green beans, tomatoes , NS o.j.
**sugar-yes-Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate Intense Toffee Interlude-3 pieces.
**walked 1.25 miles very slowly--knees are killing me
**scratched other exercise--self-treated knees with anti-inflammatory and icing them.
**sleep-7 hours
***plan --usual--it stays in my head until I log it on my food log on BLC
**h2O--not drinking per se but chew a lot of ice!!

Between the sodium and the constipation, I am stuck regarding weight lose. Try more raisins, maybe some prunes and lots of water. I want to "uncork" it!

Otherwise, a very lovely weekend overall. Since we will get the backwater from the tropical storm that is scheduled to hit New Orleans, we will be deluged with lots of rain and high winds. Have a safe Labor Day!

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Finding what works for me
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Default Monday - zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Morning coaches! Still alive after riding 110 miles (partly) along loch ness at the weekend, but I didn’t get home until midnight so I’m pretty tired today, and trying to function at work is pretty hard! Still waiting for the coffee to kick in

So, in my sleepy daze this morning, I forgot to weigh in. I’ve a pretty busy few days ahead before we go on holiday on Wednesday, so I’m going to have lists coming out of my ears!

BBE – no sighting of Nessie, unfortunately. Some canoers who could have been mistaken for her if I’d squinted, lol. IKEA is dangerous. Always take a list. I have been known to have a semi-meltdown in IKEA before, and now BF and I do not go to IKEA together. Ever.

Onebyone - massive credit for not eating in the face stress, well done

Hello to lovely, pam, gardnerjoy, maryann, Debbie, beverlyjoy, michi and everyone whos lurking

Have a good Monday, I’m going to go and resist crawling under my desk for a nap!
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Thumbs up Monday - Labor Day in the U.S.

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Learned something about these marvelous little spot lights made for track lighting type of situations - they're blinding if you arrange them so that the eye can see them directly, LOL. Good thing I learned this by temporarily placing one in a hallway using a pole to press it hold it to the ceiling for a test. One light did a superb job of lighting a bookcase that's hard to view. But the other pointed toward the rest of the hallway proved blinding. Yay for testing first and wiring second.

Eating was on plan with a little effort when the old notion arose that a snack would fix that I didn't want to do the next thing to be done - CREDIT moi for standing that down and continuing with my day.

onebyone - Kudos for moving forward to "birds in the hand."

Joy (gardenerjoy) – Sometimes just surviving family situations deserves a Kudos.

Beverlyjoy – It's certainly planning ahead to know the menu of your "last meal," LOL.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay that you've got some Beck skills on "auto-response."

maryann - Yep, Kudos for making thoughtful choices.

Pam (pamatga) – Hope you survive that tropical storm coming your way. Your meal does sound good.

SuperChick - Kudos for such a long ride and still making it to work at all. [Thanks for the support, "IKEA is dangerous." I saw folks leaving with GIANT mounds of stuff. We both felt the constant urge to just grab things out of the big stacks of them.]

Tazzy - Yep, those trays of finger foods are a deadly temptation to just nibble continuously. BTDT.

Michi702 - Interesting to observe that your eating plan doesn't do well when squeezed in time - Kudos for planning to deal with that. Your idea for stickers seems great. Do be careful not to make your 'credits' only span a whole day being aware that you could get stingy with whole day credits for small diversions and create a discouragement instead of support.

Lovely - So much good stuff! Kudos for designing and making your own diet workbook that will be a pleasure to haul around and update. Neat to incorporate your mom as a Diet Coach/Buddy. My take is that you can't have too many supportive ones.

Readers -
chapter 4
Stage 1 The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 4 Give Yourself Credit
what to do . . .

Even at this point, before you have finished Stage 1, you deserve credit every time you:
  • Read (or reread) this book.
  • Read a Response Card.
  • Weigh yourself.
  • Read your Advantages Deck.
  • Arrange your schedule to make time to practice your skills.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D., The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 68.
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Hi! ...yesterday was a healthy day. I am so grateful. I am glad I had the willlingness to put aside my unplanned food of the day before. DH finished off the ice cream that I love. Good thing... it would have gone in the trash and I told him so. LOL

I was able to check off many of my goals yesterday:

planned/measured/logged/food tracker my food - yes
eat seated only - yes - caught myself with food in my mouth standing, but sat to swallow itl LOL
Response cards - read them
Beck book - no
fork down between bites - some of the time
taste the food - alot of the time
lots of water - yes
exericse - no
journal - yes
meditation - yes
slow mindful eating - working on this
feel fullness - not much
sodium - under 2000 mg

Today we will have seventeen people over for a picnic fairwell gathering for some neighbors that are moving. I've worked it out to have foods that I can eat. Last night DH reported that our little neighborhood cutie pies asked for a fire and smores. Of course he said yes. This is hard for me. However, I figured that one smore has under two hundred calories. I will work it in and let people take home any leftover smore ingredients home or in the trash. At first I was 'angry' that DH ruined my 'perfect little plan of healthy food'. Only until I figured it all out. Life will always throw monkey wrenches of food into a plan. I need to learn to roll with it. Still working on it.

Much to do... I;ll try to get to personals later.
Have a GREAT day.
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Question tough.

Hi Coaches

*credit weighed in and saw +2.2 = 280.2lbs
I really didn't want to weigh in today. I woke up feeling very puffy, went to bed last night feeling worse. I made chicken coated with mix stuff in the oven and I think it was super salty. I didn't drink water yesterday either. So the two have pushed my weight temporarily up and out of the 270's once more. I thought I was safe with that 4lb cushion. I know better.

I was feeling like my current exercise of noting my famine brain being triggered was a failure. I think I am wrong. My insights seem to come the day after though, certainly not in the moment when I need to recognize and shift my behaviour. Basically I am trying to notice when I form thoughts that trigger me to eat. The book says any command to lose weight, "I should lose weight" or "I have to lose weight" will create in my body an overwhelming desire for food as I am creating a subconscious, bodily panic over not getting food soon. I was skeptical but I think there is something to this. Yesterday I woke up and my first thoughts were of "having to lose weight because now it's September and I will be in Florida in February and that's not a lot of time to lose a lot of weight. I have to start losing now. I should eat a lot less." So what happened? Well I fought overeating all day and thoughts of food all day and then at dinner I ate until I was overful. It is the opposite of what I say I want to do. I didn't experience the thoughts though when my plate was emptied like the other day, only early in the day that I should lose weigt now. It's weird. I've already had the "I should lose weight now" thoughts this morning. I got them as soon as I recognized I was puffy. I really want to feel hungry in the mornings not full. I am actually consumed by thoughts of desserts right now. It's only 9:23am. Today would be a good day to do a WATP workout, focus on my water, go see how my ceramic birds are coming along in the studio. It's coolish here and overcast. Sadly, not very summery.
UPDATE: we went to see MIL for a belated birthday visit plus we dropped off the last of the $ we owed her *credit*. My famine brain aka the I want to eat everything now brain was triggered by thinking of going there and picturing myself there saying no to the food she always pushes at us/me. No surprise I sared o feel compulsive. But I saw it.*credit* I did have offplan licorice that felt very complusive in the way I grabbed it and shoved it down when she brought it to us in the living room while he had a conversation on the phone. And I could keep my mitts out of the cherry tomatoes on the kitchen counter that were set aside to come home with us. Other than that, the visit was fine. I'm glad this is the last day for this particular exercise. I'm not sure how helpful it was or how much of it I really "got". It feels very slippery this one...

Bye Coaches.

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Update: DH just got home from the market. He got 36 Hershey candy bars for our s'mores today. "They were on sale." he said. Is he trying to sabatoge me????? EEK! I guess I'll have to give them away. We don't save money if we have to get rid of them.(give away or throw away) LOL Rant over.

I kind of freeked out. Just talked to him about it. Of course, he's not trying to sabatoge. He thinks we will need that many. Kind of insulted that I said he got too many. LOL (17 people) We'll see.

************************************************** ********************************

Party was great. All the kids got to take home a chocolate bar. There's four left and I"ll give those to my mom. So we only had 12 extra candy bars. However, DH was 'loading up' those s'mores with LOTS of chocolate. LOL

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Originally Posted by Beverlyjoy View Post
Update: DH just got home from the market. He got 36 Hershey candy bars for our s'mores today. "They were on sale." he said. Is he trying to sabatoge me? I guess I'll have to give them away. We don't save money if we have to get rid of them.(give away or throw away) Rant over.
36?!?! I hate that!! My boyfriend did the same thing a month ago except with BOGO chips. I could have KILLED him - especially because 3/4 of the bags were flavors I really like We ended up keeping 1 bag up here and sent the other 3 downstairs to his parents for safekeeping/disposal. Is there somewhere your DH can hide the extra bars so that you won't find them?

Today I have to read Beck, eat, do some cleaning, and go to work in a few hours. Because I need to make more time for dieting, I'm getting off the computer in a few minutes instead of sitting here for another hour

I hope you all have a great day - weather's beautiful in my neck of the woods so I'm going to enjoy it a bit
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Default newbie here, not to Beck

Hi, all! I'm new here on 3FC, but I've been using the Beck books since February and have been maintaining since May. It's great to find a whole forum set up for Beck and a monthly thread for reporting in!

Report: Read my cards, weighed (up 1.6, but that's likely because Saturday I worked 5 hours in 95 degree heat at the farmers' market I help manage and my weight was down 1.2 Sunday morning, probably from dehydration), ate slowly and mindfully and left a bite of most things, got almost no exercise (I seldom do the day after the FM because I get SO much exercise there), and contacted my diet buddy, whom I'm hoping will also join this thread.

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