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Default Question for those who have read the books...

Hello everybody,
I just heard about the Beck diet thing a couple days ago through a friend. I was rather disappointed to not be able to find the books in ebook form, so that means I'm going to have to order them in paper form, which doesn't thrill me because I much prefer ebooks these days. Hehehe

Anyway! I am really curious about these books and I'm wondering if perhaps one of you could answer a question for me.

I've recently discovered through tracking my normal food intake that my weight problem centers around my body being mostly in starvation mode. This is not by conscious choice, it just seems to be happening. I am by no means anorexic, but I do find it challenging to get all the calories in during a day that I should get. I do not usually enjoy food so I rarely over-eat, and as a result of this bizarre relationship I have with food, my weight does not fluctuate more than 3 lbs in either direction. I am trying to deal with the mental/emotional issues that have caused me to be stuck in this twisted situation with food.

So, what I'm wondering is, does the book offer weight loss advice with the presupposition that the problem is based on over-eating or any of the normal problems that are associated with being over weight? Or are the techniques universal regardless of the change you are trying to make?

I'd really appreciate a little better understanding of what the book has to offer before I decided whether or not to purchase it.

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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Welcome Quilly!

Is there any way you can take the books out of a library before you order them? It's always a good idea to have a look before you buy!

I'm just working through the pink book for the first time: The Beck Diet Solution, how to train your brain to think like a thin person."

I had hoped the book would address eating issues in general--but it takes a very specific and pointed approach (which, in the end still does deal with food issues...but specifically, not generally.)

For example, there is a chapter on dealing with cravings--but also one on eating sitting down and focusing on your food. There's lots about making a food plan (in the book I've got, Beck doesn't offer one: she want you to choose your own) and following it.

I think anyone, no matter what their eating issues, would benefit from this approach.
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Good to know! Thanks Alana!
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I'm waiting on my book from amazon, but I found this blog that might give you a better idea of the program: .
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I'd second the idea of checking both of the books out at the library before purchasing one or both.

The books are both centered around specific tasks, one of which is to choose 2 diet plans to follow, using one as a back up. The green book does have a specific food plan outlined with specific calorie levels. Dr. Beck gives her formula as to what level to start at and how to proceed. She also discusses why a food plan needs to be healthful and a dieter needs to consume a certain amount of calories.

Because there is great focus on making a daily food plan and sticking with it, I would say that BDS does address undereating. You would learn to make a plan which included the appropriate number of calories and one of your daily tasks would be to stick with it.

You said, "I am trying to deal with the mental/emotional issues that have caused me to be stuck in this twisted situation with food. " I would think that BDS would help you create a healthful plan and teach you tools to stick with it. It has certainly helped me in dealing with my mental/emotional issues.

Best wishes!
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