Day 16 - Make your own 'golden' rules

  • Hello everyone, i'm looking at chapter 16 right now, prevent unplanned eating. Dr. Beck mentions her own 'rules' which she always adheres to; no junk after dinner, only raw veg while prepping dinner etc. I wondered what other peoples 'golden rules' were?
  • Lately mine has been saying "I'm on plan everyday, even if I don't to every aspect perfectly". This seems to be helping me to stop making excuses or throwing in the towel over not doing the skills perfectly.
  • Great thread- helping me think about how many changes I have made.

    For me:

    Eat a salad every day.
    Eat plain yogurt and fruit every day.
    Always eat breakfast.
    Start the day with one cup of green tea and one cup of earl gray.
    Whole wheat not white.
    Decaf coffee only.
    No juice and no soft drinks with sugar.

    I love that even when I am not doing well these things are now part of my daily life. Old dog, new tricks.
  • No eating in the car.
    No eating anything purchased from a drug store or grocery store.
    At events where planning is difficult, focus on the veggies.
  • Bring lunch to work.
    Eat no more at dinner than my DW.
    Avoid desserts other than fruit.
  • Ceejay, i really like 'wholewheat not white' - great rule! I also like the 'focus on the veggies' at tough events and not eating in the car, gardenerjoy - i find the car thing can be difficult on long journeys, but definitely a good one. Strange how those calories in the car seem to drift away...

    I don't have any solid rules as now but at the moment i'm trying to:
    - drink a glass of warm water with lemon first thing (i.e. before any tea or coffee)
    - drink a cup of green tea at some point during my day
    - drink at least a litre of water a day (i have a bottle at work that i try to get through every day, any more outside of this is a bonus)

    i'm still working on formulating some more but yours have definitely given me food for thought! (excuse the term)