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Smile Happy Canada Day

Not sure if i should post here or wait for the new july thread...

Morning Coaches, Happy Canada Day everyone! I can’t believe that it’s the 1st July already…

So, last night I went out for food with the boyf and I managed to leave a good half of my main course! I was genuinely full, although we did have some edamame beans to share and I ordered a green salad to go with the main, which I made sure I ate the majority of first (focus on the veggies gardener joy!) and whilst my food choice could have been a bit better it was by no means an ‘unhealthy’ choice. I also wanted to really try to test myself by having something I knew I wouldn’t want to leave. But I did! Credit
BBE: I did indeed ask to have the rest to take home! The whole ‘doggy bag’ thing is not as popular over here (I think we brits are probably afraid of looking rude. Or not finishing what’s on our plates! Crazy) but a lot of places will happily oblige. If it had not been something easily transferable though I was fully prepared to have left it. I was also brought up to finish everything on my plate, but I do not think that this is a healthy way to live so I am now trying to live by the mantra ‘I am not a dustbin!’ I hate waste but if I am full it makes no difference if I throw it in the bin or throw it in my mouth – it’s still being wasted. When I know I’m full but there’s still food left, if I’m tempted to keep eating I try to imagine the bin lid opening and an overflowing bin… that’s my stomach! It’s pretty off putting, LOL! Most of the time though I’ll try to pop it in a Tupperware for tomorrow.

Anyway, I have a new challenge – I am going away mountain biking for the weekend so it is going to be much harder to plan my meals as I may be eating out a lot, so as contingency (thanks for the idea, silverbirch!) I have copied my ARC and anti-craving techniques onto my blackberry and I’ll have my journal and book with me. I plan to try to stick to the following:
1. Focus on the veggies at meals out
2. Limit alcohol
3. Try to make smart meal choices – high in clean protein / medium in non-white carbs
4. Try to stick to bananas / nuts for energy food – no chocolate!
5. Do not over reward myself for the large amounts of exercise I’ll be doing. I will need more fuel in my body, but probably not as much as I think (I usually use it as an excuse to eat cake )
I’m also going to take my scales (we’re camping) so where possible I can keep good portion control. We are going on holiday at the end of next week where’ll I’ll have a similar lack of control so I’m going to use this as a trial run. There’s always something to be learned!

Thanks for the support everyone, Pamatga – I usually have to fight my boyf off my food, so there’s no worries there – he’s like a vulture!
Onebyone – credit for the good attitude to the scales – there are so many variations day to day that it’s hard to rely on the figure it shouts back at you – stay OP and it’ll be down by the end of the week.
Debbie – credit for doing something nice for someone else – and staying OP whilst you did it!

After that mammoth post, I’m off!
I will see you guys the other side of the weekend. Stay strong and positive.

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