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Hi Coaches!

I thought things through before heading to VBS….reminded that last year there were multiple varieties of cookies. I took a yogurt and a piece of my healthy bread. Although tempted, I resisted every single sweet. *credit* Enjoyed my bike ride home, attended a boring meeting and found myself with the choc covered almonds late in the afternoon. Instead of continuing that path I got up and headed to the farmers market. Got some tomatoes and ran into a chiropractor friend who whisked me into her office for an extended session. It really helped and I felt Rudi smiling knowing that my poor back was getting some relief from the months of care-fully carrying him in and out. VBS again today....I have a plan.

BillBlueEyes, kudos for hopping on your bike. It's so easy to neglect exercise when one is immersed in a daunting project.

SuperChick, double credit for avoiding gifted chocolate. Kudos for your new saying, "no thanks".

onebyone, *credit* for staying OP UNTIL the scale moved. Great that you were able to spend some time at the community garden without going overboard.

Beverlyjoy, credit for a healthful day while anticipating and planning for another.

gardenerjoy, *credit* for posting and acknowledging it helps you stay on track.

Erika(eusebius), thanks for the podcast info. I just recently got an ipod and haven't figured all the possibilities yet. Glad to hear it feels great to be back in a healthy mode.

maryann, safe travels and best wishes on your new adventure. I appreciate your sharing your advantage card with me. Your words said it quite well., "Why taint the moment with negative overeating?"
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Finding what works for me
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Morning Coaches, another rainy day here in Scotland - it's supposed to be summer! Although today nothing can dampen my spirits as I discovered i have finally paid off my student loan! That is a massive relief for me and one less thing to worry about (and a bit of extra money in my back pocket every month - i can start treating myself now ).

So yesterday was another mainly on plan day - managed to bike to/from work(planned exercise) and then squeeze in a couple of sets of sit ups and push ups when i got in from work (unplanned) so credit for that. My eating was good through the day and in the evening we had friends over - i managed to watch my portion sizes although had a glass of wine and small dessert so am going to be extra careful today so that i stay on track - 'flexible restraint' as my plan calls it. So far so good. I'm only going to try to weigh in once a week as i have a history of getting obsessed with the scales, but i'm so tempted to have a mid-week weigh in tomorrow to see how i'm doing.

Maryann - I totally hear you about staying OP when your family is not around - it sounds so bad but it's almost like you can't be selfish / focus on yourself as much when there are other members of your family at home - as much as i love him i relish those moments of solitude when my partner goes away with work or has a night in the pub with friends... and i agree, a big woop for the success / positivity everyone is feeling.
Eusebius - I am so in awe of your piano playing - it must be so relaxing and inspiring to create music in your home.
OnebyOne - no turnip recipes i'm afraid, although i do love them boiled with carrots and then mashed together - you get a crazy orange and yellow mash and it is yummy! that may just be a british thing though...
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Finding what works for me
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Lexxiss - credit for turning down the sweets and not continuing on the choc covered almonds path - it takes real strength to stop, put them to the side and continue your day OP. CREDIT!
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Green Tomatoes
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Struggling a bit with overwhelm. Which leads to a desire to eat. Not so much an emotional eating response as just wanting a break. I think it might help today to putter in my garden a few minutes when I feel like that.

WI: +0.45kgs, Exercise: +70 820/1300 minutes for June, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

eusebius: yay for a lovely relaxed day, especially after the last few weeks you've had! I've been doing some qi gong, too. I like how it seems to help with flexibility without increasing stiffness like yoga does to me sometimes.

maryann: that all sounds truly wonderful! Glad you got the infection diagnosed and treated before your trip.

BillBlueEyes: our cordless phone is a Panasonic DECT 6.0 with two extensions. We've had it about 4 years since we moved into the new house--it meant not having to run cables to get land lines where we wanted them. There's an answering machine and talking caller id built in. We've had no trouble with it.

Lexxiss: thanks for modeling the excellent Beck behavior of thinking through what happened last time and planning ahead.

SuperChick: great job paying off your student loan!
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Fighting Piano Butt!
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Hi Coaches/Buddies!

Wow, another day with no appointments ... yee haw! Yesterday was OP and I did a 40-minute qi gong session. Today: rainy outside, so a good day for beginning to organize the new shelves in my studio.

An exciting development for me: our meditation group has found a more permanent space to meet each week, in a yoga studio walking distance from our house. Not only is this incredibly convenient - it's also a great location for attracting new people to our group. And I already knew the yoga studio owner and her husband - I took classes from her for years, and she is lovely. So it's a great development for our sangha.

Maryann - How wonderful that you are feeling some peace - I am really happy for you.

BillBE - We have a Panasonic cordless that seems to do the job for us. I have even used it outside sometimes. Very wise that you avoided the parade craziness.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - WTG resisting all those VBS treats! Glad to hear the chiropractor session was helpful. You will love having an ipod ... I have an iphone and can't imagine how I ever lived without it

SuperChick - where are you in Scotland? I visited in 2002 and am hoping to go back one day. Our choir sang in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Oban, and Iona Abbey. My mom is a Chisholm and I loved seeing where some of my ancestors lived.

gardenerjoy - I can so relate to the overwhelmed feeling. I remember a Buddhist teacher saying something like "Our situation is dire - so we need to proceed even more slowly!" I think garden puttering sounds just perfect. Do you go to classes for qi gong or do you use a book or video? I'm a newbie and would love to hear.

Back to shelving! (This takes me back to my high school days when I worked in the public library part time ...)

Have a great day all!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: no
Qi Gong: Yes
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Lightbulb Rainy Wednesday

Hi Coaches

I woke up in the middle of the night from my aching shoulder. I came out to the living room, pulled out the futon, set up the heating pad and fell asleep. But not without having a boiled egg that was in the fridge. I had missed dinner as I came home late from the garden, and I left before dinner, and then didn't eat after. I had to check this was *me* I was talking about. Missing a meal? hello? It was so not an emergency to miss my meal, just like Beck says. I was ravenous though when I woke up, so I chose to have the egg. I'm ok with that. My arm/shoulder feels fine now too so good news all around.

*credit for weighing in: -1.8lbs = 281.1 I'm on the cusp of the 280's now. I met my wii fit goal, which had to do with reaching a certain BMI number. Now I changed my goal to a weight goal. I should reach it quickly. I'm opting to see myself reach my very small goals instead of waiting eons for the Big One.

I'm enjoying my foodplan and getting plenty of veggies in me. Yay <--- especially that guy. Yum.

I have 3 art projects on the go and am reading up on making pdf files. I think I am going to really try to make some instructional dowloadable pdf files and/or a kindle e-book. I have a particular specialized knowledge that I use to make money with by making things and selling them. I am thinking I should just sell the knowledge, the how-to, the kit. I am ready to let that out into the world. It's a big project, but I can break it down into small steps. If anyone has any wisdom for me about this please drop me a line. I'm all ears.

Ok off to get to work Coaches.

Bye for now.
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Morning coaches. Exercised (step class), OP, down a pound of family trauma camping weight ( I like to call it FTC.) Excited about Vermont tonite. I am bringing my scale for accountability. Like Lexxiss and I discussed yesterday, I don't want this experience to be lessoned by compulsion to food. That has been my whole life history and I am writing a NEW CHAPTER.
Eusebius: That is great to have yoga so close and easy. I am five minutes away from my club and as a result I have been steadily exercising for 20 years.
Superchick: Credit on the healthy behaviors. I have learned to appreciate the easier days. Not everything is a struggle. Sometime it is easier to do the right thing. Then, on the days I trudge, I try to remember it will not always be hard.
gardenerjoy: overwhlem is tough. A little physical activity like gardening always helps me.
BBE: I am phone cursed. I will not provide input.

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Default Need to find emotional blinders.

Argh is all I have to say about today. I haven't recorded food or seriously counted calories for several days. I fell off the wagon a bit with my hormonal cycle, which coincided with a major heat and humidity wave out here, and of course the air conditioning is not working. I gave myself Monday to lay around, sweat, and eat whatever I wanted, on the condition that I got back on track Tuesday.

Got back to exercise yesterday after a four day break. Got mainly back on track with eating, though not recording. Today I will solidify the on-track-ness. A weary Credit.

In about ten days, I head out of town again for another three week jaunt with the Mom. I'm excited about this -- my brother and I are throwing her a surprise 60th bday party before we all head to Florida for some beach time -- BUT my mind is already thinking ahead. I'm fighting to keep the blinders on, but life keeps getting in the way. It is clear to me yet again that I need to leave the house if I'm going to sustain some serious writing.

For example, today the landlord's repair guy showed up unexpectedly. We need these repairs done, including the air, and I'm glad they respond so quickly, but sheesh. I had just managed to get a good flow with the writing and there he is at the door! The kitchen's been bombed with dirty dishes. Thank goodness my "manageable chunk chore" of yesterday included cleaning the bathroom sink area where he'll be working. Doesn't anyone else prefer to have things planned? Grrrr.

SO, the solution is clear. I just need to do it, just leave the house, even if I only do it for seven days before I'm juggling the travel. That's seven more days of writing than I have right now. I feel able to do this, because my kitten duty has considerably lessened, and I can NOT take care of everything in the house. Gotta let some stuff go.

This is just me whining about the things I can't control, which I'm working through while I wait for the guy to finish the repairs. Thanks for listening.

Goals for today:

* PUT MYSELF FIRST (in a positive way)
* Journal about accepting the summer plans
* With this acceptance, set some REALISTIC objectives to be accomplished. Make a Loose Plan.
* Exercise
* Record intake and calories
* Get out of the house this afternoon/evening and do some writing (depending on air conditioning dude)
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Hi folks… I am making and taking ‘baby steps’ back into my Beck techniques - I have been writing down my food, keeping my exchanges, & drinking lots of water. My next step is start journaling. Yesterday and the day before I did some meditation. So, I have a few credits going… I am grateful. I am having struggles with after dinner eating.

gardener joy - Hi back!

Erika - my sister does qi gong too and loves it. I am glad your meditation group has found a space. I do my meditations at home. A group would be nice.

Maryann - glad you are getting back into the swing and even lost a couple of camping pounds. I agree - that scale can be key sometimes to direct our path.

Billbe - credit for bike riding!

Lexxiss/Debbie - thanks for peeking over to the gratitude thread to see that I was still here. It’s an anchor - I won’t abandon my gratitudes. I am so, so sorry about your doggie. Our fur kids are part of our hearts. I am doing a happy dance for you staying away from chocolate covered almonds.

Superrchic - Hi! So glad to see you had many credits yesterday. YAY

Onebyone - I am so glad you are loving veggies!!!! Hope your shoulder heals quickly.

Mary contrary - glad you got your exericse in. Planning to put yourself first in a positive way is a wonderful goal.

Thanks to all.
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Simply Filling Technique
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Sorry, I'm late today but a band of t-storms moved through and knocked out our electrical power. I spent the past hour reading the past couple of days' posts here from everyone.

Beverlyjoy I can sense you being upset and feeling like your inner gyro is off kilter. I am sure that in a few days, you will feel like things have righted themselves. I have one cardinal rule with myself regarding my eating which I have adhered to for a year: no matter what I've eaten, it gets logged on my BLC food log on my computer. Off plan, on plan and everything in between. For me, this is the equivalent of centering myself.

gardener joy Does this mean all the business traveling is done for awhile? Did you finish the pink book? I am saving the last two chapters, although I briefly read through them when I am closer to my goal weight.

speaking of which, onebyone, I don't know which book you are following but on the end of Day 41 and into Day 42, Dr. Beck talks about some of the issues you (and some of the rest of us) struggle with and work through. I feel it is sort of the whole plan in a nutshell.

Maryann-One thing that I have finally learned to accept is that my weight lose will be erratic but steady and that it will not probably a follow a straight linear line downwards. I weigh every a.m. I record it on my computer and then at the end of the month, I delete it. Now, that seems dumb but detaching allows me the perspective of figuring out why I had one good week and maybe a not so good week.

For ex: I have moved to the Advance level of my strength training exercises I do every other day with free weights. My thigh muscles (and knees) were visibly swollen the other day (even DH noticed!) and, of course, I had a bad night's sleep but more importantly, I gained (for 24 hrs) 2 lbs. Now, had I not been making small notes of what was going on the day before, I would have freaked out and maybe overeaten (as I used to in the "old days") but this time I recorded it and "let it go". Sure enough the next day(day off from doing those exercises) I lost those same 2 lbs.

P.S. I never thought about bringing my scale along with but should I leave home for any length of time, I just might. I know I would make sure I logged my food daily. That I do know.

Eusebius(erika)-glad to hear you are home again. It seems so many people are reaching out for a "kinder, gentler" way to move our bodies.

BBE - All I can say is "Oh Boy! Do I remember some of my renovation "stories"." By the end of our home being renovated, my former husband and I were separated. A week before the final sale of our home, he called me from his vacation with his GF to tell me that the main chimney broke and there were an avalanche of 100 yr old stored up coal dust throughout our basement. He said he had called someone to come and replace it ($800 back in 1996) but nothing else was said. When I arrived to the house, to stay one last night on a sleeping bag in our old bedroom, I found dark footprints all over the kitchen floor leading down into the basement and out the back door and food garbage thrown into the once sparkling sink from the worker who came to fix it. So, the last night in my beloved house was spent cleaning it up before the new owners were to take possession. "Oh well". P.S. all older houses have to have a new box. Ours was $600 back in mid-90s. I hope the price hasn't gone up too much for you.

Marycontrary - I often wonder how much better I would do if I didn't have all the "distractions" of meeting every one else's needs but then I also wouldn't have all the love coming back at me either. It's a yin and yang kind of thing. GJ on making #1 number one.

Lexxiss-I am so sorry to hear of your recent lose with your beloved dog. Chocolate covered almonds were my favorite last winter. I haven't had any in several months. I just can't go there. for you as well.

- Great job for all of your steps in following the Beck way.


Banana peels performed miracles on what I thought were devastated tomato plants. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I don't think I would have believed it. Who knew?

We have cute little sugar snap peas. So cute! T-storms are watering the plants this past week. I'm keeping my hands behind my back as I gaze on my garden. I think I am in love.

moving to Advance level for strength building (read: awakening sleepy muscles). Missed two days in past 2 1/2 weeks of core strengthening exercises. Do everything first thing upon rising each day.
Credit: "Letting go" of what I can't control/do anything about/ or, if I did try, might muck it up.
Credit: Not allowing weird sleep patterns (yes, again) to unsettle me. I do what I can when I can.
Credit: Finding healthier versions of former favorites and actually truly enjoying them. No bull. For ex: cold broccoli salad w raisins and raspberry walnut vinaigrette, "from scratch" whole wheat vegetable pizza (w rf shredded cheese kneaded into it) and LOTS of ice to chew on (eat 3 glasses and I start to shiver--really reduces body temps! Try it!)

Peace and love, my friends.

P.S.-That is my niece, Carly, one of twin sisters, who lives in Colorado.

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Coaches/Buddies MRI on the knee today; results will be available in a couple days. Don't know what I'm hoping for.

Still on plan. Lots of good energy on the forum.

Lexxiss/Debbie Sorry to hear of your loss. Glad you are finding the positives in it.

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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Thanks for the several cordless phone recommendations. I'm leaning toward the Panosonic. Consumed a can of sardines with lunch to stay on plan for the day, CREDIT moi, until I ran into some cookies after dinner and scarfed a few without an obvious reason - OUCH. Even though my renovation is going well, within the limited definition of "well" for an old house, I'm carrying a constant tension as we wrestle each new difficult problem. I need to be more conscious of this since it might be leaking out as grabbing a cookie.

Did gym, CREDIT moi, happy to walk there and back under an umbrella since our garden needed yesterday's rain.

Anne (WonderAnne) - Keeping my fingers crossed for your MRI results.

onebyone - I'm impressed that you missed a meal and so easily see it as "not an emergency" - you're doing something right.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yep, overwhelm does seem to court desires to eat. Kudos for seeing that so you can take evasive actions.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for working your way back into your Beck strategies.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for a farmers market and chiropractor session rather than chocolate covered almonds. Enjoying the thought of Rudi being pleased that your back is getting some respite after all that carrying him.

Erika (eusebius) - Yay that your sangha has a new home within walking distance. The thought of clean, new shelves is appealing.

maryann - Waving toward Vermont as the sun is coming up and your red eye flight must be landing. LOL at "phone cursed."

MaryContrary - Ouch for trying to work while someone is working on your house - I do know about that. Kudos for remaining clear about what you have to do to feel free to take off in ten days for a neat mom visit.

pamatga - Oh yes, the South does know how to put on a thunder storm. Your salad description has me drooling here, "cold broccoli salad w raisins and raspberry walnut vinaigrette."

SuperChick - Congrats for paying off your student loans - a grand milestone - although you'll have to be wary that the notion of extra treats doesn't drift into Sabotaging Thoughts about deserving extra snacks. Love the thought, 'flexible restraint.'

Readers -
chapter 4
Stage 1
The Success Skills Plan

Success Skill 1
Motivate yourself daily
These successful maintainers consistently told researchers that their final weight-loss attempt was different because they had more powerful incentives to lose weight and never forgot what they were. The incentives varied from dieter to dieter, but most centered on a health problem ("I want to lose weight to avoid a heart attack") or a social problem ("I'm recently divorced and want to feel confident about dating again"). They never lost sight of these reasons, even after they had reached their goals.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 52.
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Finding what works for me
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Morning coaches! Another on plan day yesterday, and this morning I couldnt help myself I went to the chemists and used the scales (dont keep any in the house) and in my 3 days on plan Ive lost 2lbs! So, I am giving myself credit for listening to my self-hypnosis track on my mp3 player before bed last night and this morning, exercising (an hour of wii zumba loads of fun) and I am continuing with a positive attitude. I am trying to do day 11 today (pink book) where you monitor your hunger before / during and after meals. I am slightly weary of the following day where you have to miss lunch how did everyone else get on with this? (onebyone you seem to have got this dialled!)

Anne Good luck with the MRI, sending positive thoughts your way.

Pamatga another gardener! I have dug up and planted my garden for the first time this year and I too am slightly obsessed / in love! Ive so far got loads and loads of salad leaves which are featuring quite heavily in the food plan, and some radishes ready, but apart from that Im sitting on my hands waiting for everything else to grow! I am really enjoying it though and its giving me nice focus for my energy I always feel positive when I come out of the garden except when next doors cats been in there... grr!

BBE: thanks, and youre right I think Ill keep the treats mainly clothes based!

Beverly joy / mary-ann Im pretty sure its just newbie enthusiasm thats pushing me on through this week! Im actually enjoying crediting myself it comes easier than I first thought it would.

Erika I live in Aberdeen, the oil capital of the uk or the granite city as it is also known
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Green Tomatoes
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I'm going to have to be creative to get exercise in today. Starting right now with 15 minutes of Qi Gong.

WI: -0.2kgs, Exercise: +60 880/1300 minutes for June, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

eusebius: I'm a beginner, too. I bought a whole stack of Lee Holden DVDs over a year ago, but I had a hard time holding my arms up as long as he does (I should try again, though). So the one that I'm actually using is 7 Minutes of Magic AM&PM Routines. There are three separate routines, but two of them have 7 minute and ~15 minute options, so there are really five short routines to choose from.
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Fighting Piano Butt!
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Height: 5'4"


Hi Coaches/Buddies!

What a beautiful morning here in Southern Ontario. I am so grateful for my lovely back garden and comfortable chair - and for my laptop and router which allow me to sit in it and write to all of you!

We went out for dinner to an Italian chain restaurant - yay for nutritional info online! I stayed OP and even under my WW points for the day, even with a glass of Chianti. Woot!

onebyone - Ouch for your shoulder - but kudos for your new attitude to missim meals! You are on a great track right now. The idea of "instructable" pdf files sounds intriguing. Would love to hear more.

maryann - LOL at FTC!! I love Vermont - I hope you have a wonderful time.

MaryContrary - WTG getting back on the wagon. I can totally relate to needing to leave the house to write. I probably said this already, but in the final stages of writing my dissertation, I had a friend who gave me her home office to write in. I wrote two chapters there and did it on a 9 to 5 schedule. I will always be grateful to her for that. BTW have you read the book "Writing Your Dissertation in 15 Minutes A Day"? It really helped me!

Beverlyjoy - Credit credit credit! Gotta love those baby steps. I relate big time to the after dinner eating struggle.

pamatga - Kudos for advanced strength training and also for your healthier thought patterns re: temporary weight gain. You are doing this!

AnneWonders - Sending positive vibes for your MRI. Kudos for staying OP!

BillBE - Renovation seems like a massive stressor. I have never been through it myself, but everyone I know that has done major reno work on their house has been incredibly stressed. Virtual hugs to you ... take care of yourself!!

SuperChick - I will now be thinking of you every time we drive on Aberdeen Ave, a major thoroughfare here in Hamilton Congrats on the 2 lbs - you are doing everything right!!

gardenerjoy - I think Lee Holden is fantastic! I have been doing the "Discover Qi" 6-week program on his website. Would love to get the 7-minute DVD too. I love yoga but I have to say that qi gong is giving me many of the same benefits much more quickly and effectively - just my experience.

Wishing everyone a great OP day!


Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
Walking: no
Qi Gong: no (just meditation & breathing)
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