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Default Back to Basics

Hi Coaches!

It's been a rough couple of days. DH and I are both grumpy and I think we're feeling a bit down. It's so Springy here and I am feeling sad about our reality of not spending much time here this Summer. My food has had good and bad moments. I am noticing positive progress, though, in that my old "thoughts" just don't seem like reasonable options anymore. (Donuts sound yuk) I had my OP pizza last night but didn't have the mental energy to prepare my salad that I usually love so much.
So: Back to Basics
~Meals are Planned-I will stick to my plan
~I will make my green smoothie BEFORE going out today AND will take my vitamins
~I will get my work done and eliminate the procrastination factor which I've determined sets me up to go astray with my food choices.

I'm getting my paperwork done right now instead of staring at the TV while I'm working through my insomnia.

Thanks for being here everyone! Today will be a better day!
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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate an unplanned, large, oatmeal raisin cookie, Ouch, for no apparent reason other than that it was there. I did, however, skip a bunch of other sweets that began to call my name; CREDIT moi for a blip instead of sliding down the slope.

Gym, CREDIT moi, was a triumph! I actually was able to do three chest presses with the higher weight dumbbells - the ones that I thought would elude me for life. I was ecstatic. Apparently, I don't have the image that I will be able to slowly get stronger, so each minor increment seems like a mountain climbed. On the de-cluttering quest, two bicycles and a ping pong table have left the premises - Yay for continuing to let things go. The bikes and I go back nearly 40 years. We've been places together. It's like losing a friend. I wish there was a magic dust that would help me separate my joyous memories from a physical object that was there.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Ouch, Ouch, Ouch for the return of the migraines as well as the inflammations - that's tough on an active athlete. Sending supportive thoughts in your battles.

CeeJay - That's a long list of urges to have to fight in one day; Kudos.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for "overflowing in boxes" - it's a big disadvantage of the information age that there's no easy way to slip back into the data stream after a small diversion. I remember going away and returning and having folks not even know that I was gone.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for more foot/ankle pain. I'm glad that you know that your body didn't put on five pounds of fat overnight.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for noting that it's 'Springy' when you so recently were shoveling snow. Kudos for fighting procrastination.

Woodland - I join you in the wish for some sunshine.

ChefJoona - Full Kudos for handling the Skittles - it's amazing that the lower brain can buy stuff without our permission, LOL.

Ruby (RubyJan) - Yay for blueberries for dessert instead of some sugary thing. To change the numbers under your avatar, click [User CP] then [Edit Profile].

pamatga - Kudos for "significantly removing all known sugars out of my food plan" - sounds like you know what to do for yourself.

Susan (wife2abadge) - Yep, thinking about that "partially hydrogenated oil" is a great counter to the desire to eat bad stuff.

Lauren (Bigknitter) - "climbed two flights of stairs" is good stuff; Kudos.

Readers -
chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 9
Build a Sense of Entitlement

Next we discussed which activities were truly essential, which she could eliminate for now, and which she could delegate to her family. Now, when Tina's schedule gets busy, she figures out what she needs to do for herself first before she schedules other activities. She feels entitled - that she has a right - to do what she needs to do.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 42.
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Quick check in...

On plan day yesterday (including dinner out at an Indian place for a friend's B-Day). Slipped up with a big cone at Ben and Jerry's... I managed to throw away a bit of it, but should have stopped before.

Thursday am weigh-in shows I'm hovering 2 lbs below my ticker.

Today we are having a mandatory "paperwork day" at my agency. We are transfering all of our client files to electronic health records over the next several months, so we need to have all of our service plans, service notes etc up to date. They are supporting us in doing that with a mandatory day of no appointments out of the office, buying us lunch, and allowing us to dress more casually (jeans day!). The lunch is pizza... I am bringing a spinach salad a long, to supplement a small portion of pizza.

pamatga Those flowers in your avatar picture a beautiful... are they from your garden?

Will try to do some personals within the next few days... Sending my support to everyone for a great Beck day!
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GM/GD Fellow Beckies!

I am happy to report that I have had two restful nights of sleep in a row. Minor miracle! I slept from 3:30 a.m.-9:30 a.m. I did awake often but I was able to stay put and fall back to sleep. What a difference it makes to not have pain awaken me.

Beverlyjoy I hear you loud and clear. I ordered a book from on Self-treating your Knees. I read the reviews and decided to get it after someone who also had similar knee injuries and subsequent surgery, as moi, and did these exercises. I look forward to getting that book.
Anne I am so sorry to hear about your migraines. If it is any consolation they do go away on their own often as we move through our hormonal changes. I recall those days....horrible. My heart goes out to you.
BBE Are you going to have anything left in that 3 story house of yours when you have removed everything? One of my "beefs" is how quickly electronics become obsolete and when I mention "So, what should I do with this?" all I get is "I dunno". I just wish this area of manufacturing would get behind the "green movement" and learn how to refurbish/recycle/reuse some or all of these components. I saw a 60 minutes report that all of the U.S.'s computers et al are going to landfills in Africa and children are taking them apart and selling them for the metals contained including, yes, our old hard drives with all of our personal information on it! OY!
Chefjoona No these flowers aren't mine. Just a photo of some I liked but are abundant around here. Someday, when I get a full yard again, I will resume my gardening in that area full force. I miss it terribly.

I reviewed some of the past Days in the pink book because I felt I may not have given them their "due"; since I don't think I shared much on Planning on Eating Out. As everyone knows here, I love to eat out. I do feel very fortunate that I can eat as healthy as I want or as decadently as I want depending on which street I turn down here in Atlanta. Within a three miles radius either way I can have vegetarian, organic, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Irish/English, Mexican, Brazilian, Italian, to name just a few. I have a lot of practice in this area. I will share some of the practices I use ( a couple I noticed Dr. Beck also subscribes to):

* Get to know my "favorite" restaurants' menus including going online if possible for nutritional information or even asking for a copy of their take out menu
*Create shortcuts on my computer for easy acces of online menus/nutritional breakdowns
*Consult those menus prior to eating at restaurant if possible or if frequent a lot know what I can/can't eat there
*Pre-plan what I will/won't eat
*Choose a seat as far away from wafting kitchen smells as possible.
*Always ask for a window seat so you have the activity of outdoors as a pleasant non-food distraction
*Engage in conversation (eating out is more about the experience than just the food)
*Eat slowly. Drink non-caloric beverages or a special glass of wine slowly. Savor the whole experience.
*Even when tempted to go through drive through, make the extra effort to go indoors to order or eat and/or eat outside in fresh air whenever possible.I have been a big stickler on this with my DH because I hate to eat on the run.
*Eat sitting down. A lot of restaurants have small tables outside. Yes, including McDonalds! Again, "take in the whole experience".

I was on Emotional Eating yesterday but I was busy catching up with some other things, including sleep, so I decided to wait until today to work on that. Since this is a big area of my life that I have been working on for years, I want to give this day its due.

I do want to add that if I inadvertently offended anyone who does have to deal with "Food Pushers", I am truly sorry. I know that I am very fortunate that I do not have anyone who pushes food at me except myself. However, I do realize that for some of you this is an ongoing issue. My sympathy goes your way. It's hard enough when we struggle to say "No Way" and someone else is trying to break down our (sometimes fragile) resistance. My apologies again.

P.S. Yes, you noticed right. I decided that I would lower my goal weight by 5 lbs. Although 140 is ideal BMI for me, I have been 135 lb before and it is a good weight for me. I would like 140 to be the weight that I don't allow myself to go over when I am on maintenance. Less is best.

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Green Tomatoes
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Day 34: Solve Problems
So, my biggest problem right now is that I just got home from one trip and I'm not prepared for the next trip. I am overwhelmed.
Once I fully identified the problem, it didn't take seven questions for the solution to appear. I knew this would happen when I planned the second trip and I took that into account. This trip is all about getting comfortable with a new experience among new people. It is not about getting the most from the experience this year. Next year will be soon enough for that. So just relax, whatever I get done in preparation for this trip will be a bonus.

wife2abadge: good job eating fruit while resisting other goodies

Bigknitter: I put your blog in my Google Reader so I can follow along with your cookbook adventure. I liked Super Natural Cooking, too.

Woodland: yay for all of those credits!

Ceejay: So glad that you feel great after doing what you meant to do with the hotel stay

AnneWonders: so sorry for your health problems and hope you find a solution soon

RubyJan: yay for blueberries! I bought the first of the local strawberries at the farmers market last night -- yum!

Lexxiss: good list for getting back to basics!

BillBlueEyes: yay for the higher weights! Sorry for your loss of the friendly bikes, but yay for recognizing that it was time to let them go.

ChefJoona: great plan to have a small portion of pizza and your own salad.

pamatga: great practices for eating out!
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Good Morning, I have the morning off today before I work the Track Meet's Snack bar with DS. I am grateful for the time. The stomach flu got worse before it got better but I am proud of myself for still accomplishing all I needed to do at school. This morning I will really rest, go back to bed after posting, juice my beautiful apricots I just bought at the local stand, putter. Never underestimate the power of the putter to relieve anxiety and/ low energy.
Changing my goal to 150 for right now. It is a healthy BMI. It is relatively easy to maintain. It is a perfect size 8 for me. It allows for fluctuations a little above and below with the concrete ceiling of 155 (officially overweight for me) being reasonably easy to stay away from. Until I get conclusive evidence in the form of divine revelation, I'm sticking with that.
I bought lots of make up last nite. I am not a make up wearer but recently I have thought I need a little more color. Why not? Another step to girlie-ness. Right on time for 47yo.

Pamatga: I recently looked online for a restaurant and planned my menu - Red Robin's. It felt good but it was also eye opening to see how many calories are in all the meals.
Lexxiss: what do you put in your green smoothie?
BBE: Go man, Go with the weights. You house must be beginning to look like an ascetic's.
Chef Joona: GO casual and congrats for hovering two pounds down from ticker.
Gardenerjoy: Enjoy your new things/new encounters. I am trying to do the same things in my life.

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Angry this is not an emergency either.

Hi Coaches

I'm feeling very blue today.

We're in a temporary money crunch and I feel like I should get myself together and get out there to a farmers' market and sell some stuff and make some money for the household and for me. I have everything to do this except I can't find my paints (I recall they are all in one box) I can't find my modelling plastic that I make my jewelry and mirrors from, and I threw away most of my stock before I moved. Same with canvases. Destroyed many of them. Threw many away. Small ones are packed in a box. My Ottawa friend has the box of plastic I was working with. He showed it to me on Skype. I had no space to bring it all back on that last night so a bunch of stuff went to his house. Then I hurt myself and haven't been able to get back to Ottawa to pick up my stuff. Now I am better but we have no $ to pay for the gas to get me to Ottawa to pick up my stuff. Then, yesterday I thought "I can't go as I have no $ to pay a daily fee at a market anyway" and I came home to a cheque from Ottawa Hydro as they owed me money when we cut off our hydro there. I never expected that would happen. So I thought "is this a sign for me to go to the market since I now have $ to pay for a stand?" Well I guess not, as I can't make stock for the market. So, instead, I found myself at the fridge nibbling from a pot of rice and chickpea curry leftovers. I decided it's lunch time so I sat down and ate a lunch-size portion. I submitted my food to my buddy and now have a stretch of time to do something productive. I am going to take a real stab at doing my residency application. I've been avoiding it bigtime. And time is flying by so that would be a good healthy thing for me to do to support myself. Maybe I am asking too much of myself to get to the market just yet.

While we have little $ our bills are paid, we still have gas in the car, I did get a bit of money in the mail, there is enough food in the fridge to eat well for another week if we have to, and it's only another week until I can get to Ottawa to see my mother (I miss seeing her every week )

This is not an emergency. I am just tired of feeling like I am not contributing financially. I just HATE it.

Off to do something productive. Will be back for personals today for sure.

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Good Afternoon Everyone,
Slept late another day. Seems to be a habit this week. Not sure what is up with that but sure cuts into my day. But it has rained every day for most of the day since last Saturday so maybe that has me feeling sleepy, tired. It has warmed up though and a bit humid so maybe soon the rain will go away for at least a few days.

Well I keep saying I will plan my meals the day ahead but other than one day where I did half of a days menus, it just doesn't happen. I can say that I have:

done the 30 Day shred with Jillian Michaels 3 days straight. It is a killer and I am altering where needed but am determined to complete the challenge I have taken on.
I built in a sugar free chocolate reward into my day today. Hopefully, that is a good thing so I won't be spontaneously getting into trouble. Will let you know if it works.
Started looking through my many cookbooks for healthy new recipes.

I did read my book some last night but need to work on sharing things that need to be done in the house. I tend to fly around and take everything on. I grumble but that is my way. One thing I have noticed is I am feeling over obssessed all of a sudden about what is healthy, what should I plan to eat, what should I buy in the grocery store. Sort of maddening. Maybe I am being too intense. I am going to check ahead in the book and see if I can find a page relating to this. Someday I hope that food and I can have a peaceful coexistance.

Hope everyone has a good day. I am experiencing internet/phone difficulties this morning so am going to post asp just in case my service goes down again.

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Hi Coaches,

AnneWonders - Glad to hear you are giving yourself credits for positives. That's a healthy technique, especially when the going gets tough.

RubyJan - Yeah for your success ! I love it that we are an international team. Thanks for posting.

Lexxiss - It's been cloudy and rainy for me on the eastern slope. It can lead to grumpiness, I know ! Sounds like the sun will be back by the middle of the weekend. Hang in there ! I am so impressed with your ability to drink a green smoothie.

BillBlueEyes - Congrats on the weight lifting success ! You set your mind on it and did it ! Yes !!!!!

ChefJoona - Excellent news about your weigh-in !

pamatga - Nice eating out tips. I like the window seat idea.

gardenerjoy - The solving problems day is one I return to often. Thanks for sharing your example.

maryann - I'm with you on deciding on a size that works in your lifestyle. Glad you found that space for yourself.

onebyone - I hope your $$ crunch lets up soon. That's something that can bring up lots of emotions. I struggle with 'worry' more than I like, but try to remind myself to take it one day at a time.

GardeningDeb - You hit the nail on the head - namely that we are trying to better manage food, but food is a daily necessity ! It's not like we can completely avoid it. Seems to me you should actually give yourself credit for efforts to organize your food, because Beck promotes awareness of our food in order to better hear any sabotaging thoughts before they get too strong. I think you are doing fine.

My day was good and I stayed within my calorie allotments again. I felt hungry sometimes but found distractions to keep me busy until the next planned food.

Credits today:
~ Measured all foods carefully
~ Exercised (stretch & strength) Used ankle weights
~ Resisted any tempting food during a trip to town
~ Visited with coaches here

Thanks for being here everyone !
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Had another good day today! I'm so glad. I feel like I should buckle down and be reading the book more, but I'm distracted by other books. My big credits for the day, doing yoga when I really didn't feel like it, and resisting Costco samples. But that one was easy, there weren't any, though if there had been it would have been hard to resist since I was hungry.

GardeningDeb, way to go on the 30 day shred!

onebyone, sorry about your money crunch, I hope things ease up for you soon.

gardenerjoy, thanks for adding me to your reader! I have so few lol

pamatga, I'm jealous over your abundance of restaurants, we don't have that many here, that I know of anyway.

Billblueeyes, way to go with the weights!

CeeJay, "Today I am NOT doing this", love that.

Tomorrow I am letting myself have a higher calorie day, not by a ton, just 400 calories. I was thinking since I usually only go a few days and then go off plan too far, maybe just allowing myself a little more every few days will solve that problem. Trouble is I can't decide what extra to have! At any rate I am feeling that it may be a little difficult to not go crazy. So I am going to really try and focus on reading my cards and using my resistance muscle
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GM/GD fellow Beck coaches:

What's up? Me, that's what's up at 5:00 a.m.

I did Day 34 Solve Problems as well, gardenerjoy. I have found that the past week going through these days have been very moving emotionally. It brings back so many memories of me and my relationship with food. I have found myself very emotional, crying on and off, remembering things in my past that don't even seem that they could hardly be related to my weight problem. Obviously, they are.

However, having said that, I am emerging feeling very strong right now regarding moving forward on this weight lose effort. I feel like Dr. Beck has "pumped me up" (as Hans und Franz used to say on SNL long ago) to really get the job done. I feel like my mind is clear about my objectives, I'm not waffling about what I should or shouldn't do, and I am doing it without a whole lot of fanfare or fuss.

Credit myself:

*Writing nearly 3 dozen recipe cards from Beck's pink book (still waiting on the green one) full of affirmations, "mission statements" and skills to "use to lose". I've always been a good student and have done my homework in the past. This was no exception. (even DH commented on that)

*Being flexible enough to realize as I moved through the book that the distraction eating I was doing in the middle of the night not that long ago is actually emotional eating (in fact, she calls that distraction eating and no I didn't peek ahead)so by me working on eliminating doing that during the night (chewing a lot of ice cubes in the process) for the past 5 nights and drawing a line that any food eaten after 4:30 a.m. constitutes breakfast, I have dug into changing this before this became too much of an ingrained habit.

*Embracing the sentence in the book "Yes, you deserve comfort but you also deserve to be thinner." If you eat over your discomfort, you end up with two problems: gaining weight from food you ate because you were upset and the original problem, yet unresolved.

I have spent half of my life as an emotional eater. I knew this Day would be one of the more difficult ones to work through. I could almost say that is all I have ever known, and I would be quite accurate in saying that, but what really was a Lifesaver was the following day Solving Problems! One of my strengths has always been my ability to solve problems. Reading that Day reminded me that most problems I can solve and the ones I can't "Oh, well."

It sounds like everyone here is doing great in the very spot they are in too. GJ, all, and I look forward to seeing how your day was as well.
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Height: 5'9"

Thumbs up Friday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - I arranged for a huge stack of boxes to be delivered to pack up the rest of our house for the repainting; CREDIT moi for moving forward. I feel like I'm living in a cave now that we've taken down every single picture from the walls of all rooms.

Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, except for my fruit creep after dinner - I had three oranges instead of my planned one; Ouch. I need to get my mojo back when I'm feeling the tension of all this de-cluttering and moving stuff. Exercise was walking to return a library book; CREDIT moi. I was boy-scout enough to bring an umbrella and needed it on the way home. I'm ready for all this rain to be done.

onebyone - LOL that your manna from heaven came in the form of a check from Ottawa Hydro! Good luck keeping to your path while you get through this financial crunch.

Erika (eusebius) - Waving. I returned The Rest is Noise - glad I read it, thanks for recommending it. Don't know yet if it will help me listen to modern music, but it certainly enlightened me about the composers.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Overwhelmed is one of the worst feelings ever. I hate that it tends to block me when I most need to focus on moving forward.

Woodland - Kudos for finding distractions when hunger loomed.

maryann - Drooling at the thought of your fresh apricots - they haven't reached here yet. Let us all know when you get "divine revelation" for your goal weight. I hope it doesn't overwhelm the Creator to calculate a goal weight for each of 6 billion humans on the planet, LOL.

ChefJoona - Yay for "jeans day!" - I love working in my play clothes. Kudos for throwing away so much as a single taste of your cone from Ben and Jerry's - don't think I've even tossed ice cream in my life.

pamatga - Yay for sleep - especially sleep without pain. Neat strategy to take an outdoor table at a restaurant to help distract from eating.

GardeningDeb - Yep, continuous rain does cut into ones get-up-and-go. So Kudos for doing "30 Day shred with Jillian Michaels 3 days straight" anyway.

Lauren (Bigknitter) - Kudos for juggling your eating plan to find a fit.

Readers -
chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 9
Build a Sense of Entitlement

Your mindset needs to be, If my life becomes busy, I still have to put my diet and exercise activities first ... If other people make demands of me, I'm entitled to do what I need to do for myself first ... It's the only way I'm going to lose weight.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 42.
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Height: 5 9



The power went out in our condo complex, so I slept later than usual... I seem to be pushing my morning routine right to the last minute lately... oops!

I did well taking the small portion of pizza and eating my packed salad. I slipped up when I joined a group to walk for soft serve ice cream (the rainy day turned into bright and warm sunshine). I ate the whole cone, but really didn't enjoy it. I had a light dinner to make up for it. Got a bit of exercise in with the walk to the ice cream stand (up hill on the way back), but it wasn't a whole lot.

Food is planned and packed for the day. I feel I learned an important lesson with the ice cream yesterday... it over all wasn't an enjoyable experience, and one I think I'll be able to easily avoid in the future.

TGIF!!!! (Just realized I already put that on the top, but I'm keeping both!)
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Hanging in there. Last couple of days have been better. Thanks for all the support.

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Yesterday Op - not one snack did I sneak from the snack bar. (Say that three times fast.) Taking DS to the zoo and fairytale land today because he finished his piano/violin sticker chart. He is a good boy and never complains about practicing.

Bignitter: When I let myself have an extra 300 calories for special occasions it really helps me. I am not always willing to plan ahead, though, which is maddening. It is like I will set myself up for failure.
GardeningDeb: I have more peace with food following this program than I ever had. That is the good news.
onebyone: good luck with the money crunch. This too shall pass.
Woodland: Distraction tricks has helped me so much. My latest is working on my wardrobe of new clothes - cleaning, pruning, putting together outfits for the week. Also, I am into planning new fruit and vegi recipes for meals.
Annewonders: glad you checked in.
ChefJoona: I am always amazed at how I am willing to go off plan for just a so-so food experience like your ice cream venture.
BBE: I am a California native thru and thru but I still appreciate our incredible produce. May is all about apricots and cherries. Both have been great this year.
pamatga: I remember reading "I deserve to be thinner." It hit me like a ton of bricks. I believe that to the bottom of my soul now.
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