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Newlifestyle, It's a nice idea to give away your stuff to someone who can't afford it. I noticed that good deeds make me feel happy and complete even without food. Wish your knee to get well soon.

maryblu, hope your sleep will get better.

Lexxiss, yay for exercising and saying no choice to food. Good question “does my family understand when they bring all those treats?” We talked about it, but their answer was that they can't stop getting treats for themselves. And I don't feel it's fair to ask of them this much.

CeeJay, I love your determination. Keep it going.

BillBlueEyes, I am not full time student, so I barely meet my study buddies and they are all very busy people, with full time jobs and businesses to run. But I have few other ideas, like:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Swimming pool (from next month)
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday – Gym
And I am looking for a regular job.
And it's nice to read that your old stuff found new home. It feels somehow inspiring

pamatga, wow I am impressed with your “no exceptions” attitude.

Beverlyjoy, happy you managed to stay away from peanuts and had a nice time.

onebyone, I noticed that feeling better about yourself makes you feel more complete even without food. So maybe it would work for you too, to find some time only for yourself, to relax, maybe to get some spa treatment or something else that feels really, really good.

eusebius, that's my parents and grandmother. I agree with you, that I have a right for my needs to be respected, but so have they. I am the youngest one, so for me it should be easier to change my habits.

Yesterday had an op eating day and today I weight 2 lb less than last Monday.
This morning went for 1 hour run. It's a real spring outside now, no more ice covering the pond and little blue flowers (hepatica is the only English name I found for them) growing all over the forest moss.
Today I called one company to ask about job and they told that there might be a possibility to work what I have worked few years ago. I don't expect much, because entertainment business is quite down in my country for the past two years. But I am very happy about the idea of getting that job, just thinking of it makes me fell complete. I am scared that I'll have a hard fall if I don't. But for the moment I just want to contemplate the idea a little bit more, just for the sake of knowing what happiness feels like.
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Hi Coaches!
Yesterday was a good Beck day. I used restraint at our usual Sunday brunch and adjusted my evening calories accordingly (especially since I only got 15 min of exercise). I resisted unplanned eating, saying NO CHOICE, and logged my food. I was actually short on calories and went to bed hungry, reminded by Shepherdess and my Beck books, that the hunger would pass and it did.

We're getting ready for blast off tomorrow! We'll be at our "swim shack" for 2-1/2 weeks. Of course, we sat in the dining room outlining our plan and when we went to turn off the chandelier, the toggle switch has broken. I've been on a ladder in my jammies already. I'm going to watch for our retired electrician next
Solution: A list
1. forget about light and turn off breaker at the box
2. get mandatory paperwork done
3. make salad for dinner tonight in Denver with Kirks DD, Neice and Nephew
4. email the kids and politely request a piece of halibut to cook stovetop instead of deep fried.
5. get moms flower area rototilled.
6. clean and pack.
7. cover bike with plastic for snow on the passes.
8. leave early and get to water aerobics by 9am Tuesday.
9. have all food for tomorrow planned and written downsince I have previously identified that travel days and unplanned eating seem to occur regularly.

I'd hope to get back for some personals....really taking time to read what you all have to say helps me so much. I think I need to cross item #2 off my list first, since it requires internet which seems to disappear here at any time *poof*

Enjoy your day, friends....plan plan plan!

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Simply Filling Technique
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April 1 276.2 lb
2 274.2 lb
3 274.2 lb
4 271.8 lb
5 271.6 lb [269.4-at 8 pm]
6 271.2 lb
7 271.0 lb [269.4 lb-2 am]
Weekly Weight Lose: 5.2 lbs.

April 8 269.8 lb
9 268.4 lb
10 271.0 lb [ate at Applebee's for supper @ 6:30 pm]
11 267.2 lb [very heavy period overnight]

I haven't visited this weight since 2003 but what a way to do it! Sorry BBE I know you are the only guy here but this is something we female folk have to deal with. It just plain sucks! I fell into bed at 8 am exhausted after an all nighter changing clothes, doing loads of laundry and cleaning up. If I had had my thinking cap on I would have put my pedometer on, I am sure that I really logged the steps overnight.

I'll write more tomorrow. I am just trying to get back to feeling "normal". I was feeling more weak when I finally got my sleep in.
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Well, I need to stop lurking and just post. It's just an issue of time and energy. I've just been busy, but I need to make the time to check in here. Things went from busy to crazy last week. We started lambing and we're in full swing now. DH has extra help this year, but I just can't keep myself away. I'd hate to miss my favorite time of year. Also, It's an issue of control: I don't trust that things are getting done right if I'm not there.
Yes, I have issues!

So I'm trying to figure out how to balance everything and not being successful yet. Sleep has fallen by the wayside. But I did promise DH and my doctor that I would get some sleep, even if it's broken up throughout the day. I'm now keeping a sleep log.

I was doing well with food until the weekend, when things started to fall apart. I was trying to snack to fix tired. It doesn't work. I didn't have a plan for the weekend, so now I have a plan and am committed to making a plan to stay healthy.

On a positive note, exercise has been good. My formal exercise has slowed down a bit, but my incidental exercise has picked up since we started lambing. So I'm staying active and keeping moving.

Thanks to everyone for all your support!

BillBE, thanks for telling me about your DW who continued jogging throughout her pregnancies, even with the concern of others. I can hardly pick up a hammer around here without one of the ranch hands stepping in to help me out. It's very sweet and well-meant, but I'm not an invalid!
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It is good to be back, everyone. I was with DS in Tahoe. We had a wonderful time together - met with old friends, went sledding, read and teased each other. I know these moments are precious because 8yo grow in the blink in the eye. I am grateful that I know to appreciate these times and that I was not obessed with food in any way. I was fully present in the moment.
OP today. Small gain (+1) I think is water from restaurant food. We'll see tomorrow.
Gardenerjoy: Interesting discussion on maintence weight. I have five pounds to go now for months. I am pleased how I currently look and feel and I am below standards for overweight so I think I am also going to follow BBE's advice and keep doing what I am doing and see what happens. I have a whole new wardrobe and don't care about going down another size. I have decided to revisit weight after 1 yr of my current program. The most important thing for me is to practice my new great eating habits and not rebound with a weight gain. I know it takes about two years of healthy eating to really get out of the danger zone of yoyoing.
BBE: I'll match your light windbreaker and raise you open- toed sandals. Yeah California.
Eusebius: You have a good attitude toward your small gain. Weight loss is a LONG RACE.
Runningfree: good luck with the job.
Lexxiss: My goal this week is to meet your "going to be one nite hungry" achievement
Pagmata: The weight pattern is good. Sorry for the the circumsatcnes.
Shepardess: Good to hear from you. You definitely are in the zone of "accept the things you cannot change (pregnancy/ physical restrictions), courage to change the things you can (snacking) and the wisdom to know the difference

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Sit yourself down for this. I went to my appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon today to once again schedule my foot/ankle surgery. It had been November since I had seen him. He took xrays and had me walking around, up and down on my tiptoes, and more. Asked me how it was feeling. I said some improved, because basically I have not done much for the past year. He said that this tendon had become more stable. (apparently this tendon could heal very slowly - but, not totally). He said that he didn't think he wanted to do the surgery at this time. (I nearly fainted) That there is a different kind of brace I can try on my foot/ankle that could very well work for me - and be all I need. That my foot has improved/stablized enough and he wants to try the brace before doing this big surgery with the long recovery time. Surgery is the very last resort. I was dumbfounded and speechless. (an usual thing for me) He thinks it will work. If it doesn't then he will do the surgery later. He repeated, surgery is the last resort.

So go figure. I am happy, in shock and really don't know what to think. Maybe, just maybe, all the wierd delays was 'the reason' it all happened the way it did. Time will tell.

I don't know if this is going to be the magic cure. But, I am ready to try.

I am in absolute shock.

Also...yesterday was a healthy grateful. Many credits: planned/measured/logged, lots of water, wieghed, stretches/strengthening/recupbent bike, no seconds, left a bite.........and.........ate seated only. I stopped myself from any licks, nibbles, tastes, etc. I am really proud of that.

Well - I need to digest all this news.

Have a great day.

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Hi everyone, thanks again for the many great posts. Congratulations and hugs all around.
My knee is tender, I went for a massage and it feels much better than it did. I also went for a walk as running seems to bother my knee. I hope this inconvenience is short lived. I have been eating very well but I do notice that when I am feeling overwhelmed I want to eat. It is comfort food I am searching for in my mind. I find with planning it is much easier through out the day. I have one snack left for the day so I am saving it for later. Wish me luck. I do hope everyone has a wonderful evening.
Take Care
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Hi Coaches!

I accomplished most of my list and the rest will happen tomorrow before we leave. *credit* for OP food and remembering to put my Beck tools to good use.

BillBlueEyes,a well deserved Kudos on staying the course for yet another month. It is an achievement not to be taken lightly….self will run amook can certainly change things quite substantially in a very short time. I love your line, "May you find a new home, my dear treasures." It is a way to let go with grace, I think.

Wow! Beverlyjoy! This is really unexpected news! I think we may all need time to digest this! When you said, "Sit yourself down for this." I really sat myself down before I read further. *credit* yourself for all your healthy Beck tasks, too!

maryann, good to hear from you! I have been practicing not eating over the "things I cannot change" while you have been gone, reminding myself I will have two problems if I do. BTW, I recall that Dr. Beck discusses the settling into maintenance weight in detail, too. Super deluxe that you were not "obsessed with food in any way" while in Tahoe. Comes to show practicing Beck skills over and over really does work.

Shepherdess, glad that you were able to check in. Busy to crazy is probably the good time to check I'm keeping a sleep log, too! Right on! I think it's the "incidental exercise" time of year.

pamatga, wow! 8 years since you have visited your current weight! Spectacular news! Since your post yesterday I am remembering two things you said, "No one else can do this for me except me, so what am I waiting for?" and "Was any of that extra food really worth it?" Thx for sharing.

RunningFree, I know I can't keep my husbands treats out of the house, but he now understands that it's OK not to offer it to me constantly, out of politeness. *credit* for coming up with a list of daily activities to take you through the week.

), great that you remained calm after weighing in. In addition to your cycle, as noted, stress seems to commonly cause some water retention...perhaps all the commotion regarding piano choices.

onebyone, I am hoping I can encourage you a bit by sharing my personal experience. I, too, used to make sure I gave myself a "generous" portion when serving for both DH and myself. You shared "scared" about the right portion size. Before reading your post last night I had noticed a new behavior about myself-I am not giving DH the bigger portion. It was OK. Perhaps following a plan does, in fact, help create new habits. I do think BBE hit the nail on the head...a written plan and follow it. The success of that behavior, I believe, helps create a positive feeling from inside which catches on. *credit* that you trust your coaches enough to put your feelings out on the table.

CeeJay, *credit* for going to bed after posting your "better day". You're absolutely right, "move on".

gardenerjoy, 6 hours! 400 pages! Yay!

Ann(Newlifestyle), good that you are taking care of your knee! I hope it is on the mend soon. A good idea saving your last snack for later. In addition to good luck I'll quote Dr. Beck, "hunger is not an emergency."

I'll sign off for now....thanks for being here, everyone!
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Post Monday

Hello Coaches

Ate large portions again today and again had no plan. I am working on finding the willingness to make and follow a plan.

I met with the person in charge of membership at my local potter's guild, housed in an original building of this town, populated by the weaver's guild upstairs, with the potter's down below. Nice space, cheap membership fee, plenty of freedom to make things, ample opportunity to learn things and the necessity to be part of a guild, which is in essence a cooperative which means I'll have duties to fulfill and a myriad of personalities to negotiate. On top of this, my background experience will propel me directly onto the exectutive for Pete's sake. I said I'd be willing to serve if they needed me to. And then later I freaked out that I was overcommitting myself and then I calmed down and said "wait and see before you freak out".

So, one soial committment down for the week: three to go.

Wednesday night it's the community garden folks, more accurately the co-operative farm. Thursday it's an information session for the studio tour here in the fall that I was accepted to. And on Saturday, in celebration of National Poetry Month, I am going to a Poetry Gala at the fantastic local library from 1:30-4:30 in the afternoon. Poets reading their poems. Secretly I wish that was me. perhaps I can find some time to work on that dream too.

Anyway, I do so much, try so hard, do stuff even if I am afraid to do it, but I can't get a solid handle on the food. The majority of my life it's been this way. I do take hope from the folks here in this group who have managed to deal with the same issues I am dealing with. It's not magic it's willingness. I have to want it THAT BAD. Or even to just NOT WANT THIS that bad. That would work too. Beck Beck Beck. Lots of help there if I let it in.

Thanks for reading.
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Hello everyone:

One of these days I will get back to personals but just can't right now.

However I did want to tell Beverlyjoy that I am so thrilled about your news about the surgery. I am really hoping that you will just continue to improve and never need to have it at all. And also to gardenerjoy for getting off the blood pressure meds. Fantastic achievement and I don't think that happens too often. The commitment both of you have made to your health is paying off!!! Without losing weight would either of these things have happened? You gals ROCK!!!!!!

For me I was on plan with my eating today, plus did weights. Going to read my cards now and a bit of the pink book.

So grateful to have 2 days of sane eating. Off to the hotels for 2 nights now and I have a plan for everything I am going to eat.

Check back in on Thursday.

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One more thing:

onebyone- who is the frowning dude in your avatar?
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Default Howdy, friends.

Well, I'm back, again -- just returning from another conference, which was a bit more exhausting because I traveled to Houston, and both phases of the trip were delayed. I'm tired and grouchy, glad to be back, here in particular.

Actually, it's been really hard to come back. The house is a mess. The laundry is piled to the ceiling, it seems. I got into an argument with the DP. And I'm tired and grouchy, really. Have I mentioned that?

I'd love to exercise and throw myself back into my dissertation, but of course getting back to real life is more difficult than I'd wish. I think I'll just settle for making a food plan and getting back to the exercising tomorrow. Tonight I'm helping the DGS with a school project.

Credit to me for coming back here.
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doing it
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Hi Coaches,

I did better than last weekend, but still not ideal. I again had a couple of off-plan meals. I initially did make plans, but didn't deal with them well when the plan changed. I should have been better about reading my NO CHOICE card and making sure I did what I should have been doing.

I am also going to be entering a somewhat stressful phase... I am in the process of buying a home with my significant other and will be moving into it sometime in the new few weeks. Not only is moving going to be stressful, but I anticipate some additional stress with moving in with my significant other having never lived with one before. I am nervous about this, especially that he will find out what an overeater I am.

Lexxiss - Credit for goign to WF and having a healthy lunch instead of something else. Looks like you did well over the weekend using your Beck tools. Good job!

RunningFree - WTG on your run and taking steps to find a job. I agree that being isolated can sometimes be hard. For me, sometimes being bored and alone leads me to eat.

onebyone - you have done remarkably well with your move. I hope I can not let the stress of moving get to me.

gardenerjoy - I am very impressed by your read-a-thon! It sounds like it was a fun event. I am also jealous of your homemade compost. I would love to do that too someday.

ChefJoona - hope your road trip was fun. Cute way to pick your name.

Beverlyjoy - glad you had a healthy day! Credit for picking up more fruit and vegetables. Excellent news about not going the surgery route for now.

pamatga - you are doing great!! I'm glad the scale is creeping down. I loved this: "No one else can do this for me except me, so what am I waiting for?" Very wise.

eusebius - good for you for reading ahead and not panicking about the 1 lb gain.

CeeJay - Those are tough questions. I ask myself similar ones a lot. I don't think it's beyond us though. We certainly weren't born like this and we can heal ourselves if we put in the time and effort. That's my belief anyway. Credit for coming here and posting.

newlifestyle - that's great about being able to part with your items and giving them to someone in need. Hope your knee is healing well.

maryblu - I love what you said about it being "not that hard" and choosing not to do what we know we should be doing. I am going to remind myself of that frequently.

BillBlueEyes - credit for getting right back on plan after the almonds. I don't understand the cupcake craze either.

maryann - great that you were able to appreciate your family time in Tahoe.

MaryContrary - glad you came back and posted. Hope you get some rest soon.
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Today my task is to set strategy for eating in restaurants. But I have no trouble eating out. I am very picky when ordering, always try to order smaller portions and never eat everything whats on my plate. When eating out, I eat about half portion of protein, few bites of carbs and few bites of salad (usually I just pick fork with carbs and put it down, so that it would seem that I am eating carbs). Sometimes I eat a dessert if I really want, but only few bites. I am not a big drinker, so if I drink alcohol, its no more than one glass of wine.
I can't eat much when I am being watched. I hide that I overeat.
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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Nothing special about eating, CREDIT moi. There are three boxes of stuff ready to be picked up by a local charity. I have the feeling that so much is leaving that our house could rise up a few inches, LOL.

Gym was gym; CREDIT moi. I was startled when I was concentrating on my lunges and a friend said hello. He calls it my "funny walking." When leaving, I got to see three folks on the stationary bikes reading the National Geographic's that I had dropped off when I entered. We had put the whole box of them on the curb and had no takers, so I'm dropping off three each time I go to the gym, and savoring that they always disappear.

onebyone - Kudos for so actively inserting yourself into life in the new city. Feeling like you're in your place might help displace eating. And Kudos for focusing on how to get yourself back into "Beck Beck Beck."

Erika (eusebius) - Kudos for accepting scale fluctuation with equanimity.

CeeJay - Yay for 2 days of sane eating - a good foundation for 2 days on the road.

Shepherdess - LOL at the universal issue of a pregnant woman being treated as an invalid. Love reading that you can't let go of your midwifery with the lambs.

Beverlyjoy - Just wonderful news that your body may have healed itself without needing surgery. Will the new brace allow you to go back to your story telling gigs?

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Going to bed hungry is worthy of a Kudos - what power to know that you can do that. LOL at having to climb a ladder to turn off the dining room light.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Ouch for a tender knee. Interesting that Eating doesn't fix overwhelmed either. Good luck with your remaining snack.

MaryContrary - Ouch for the reality of travel (both ways), the reality of laundry, and the reality of relationships - all to be offset by the joy of a DGS who can concentrate of a school project with loving support.

maryann - Ah, precious indeed an 8 year old. Yay for savoring it. [LOL at "raise you open- toed sandals."]

pamatga - Congrats for continuing to see the weight moving down.

RunningFree - Love your description of blue flowers growing over the forest moss. For me, the joy of walking is the seeing the changes every day. Kudos for actively pursuing a job to add to your life. And swimming is such good exercise - you're lucky to have access to a pool. Neat strategy to pick at your carbs to avoid bringing attention to your eating.

tarte - Congrats for taking the giant leap of buying a home and moving in together. Yep, living with another human being is always a challenge, and an SO even more so. Love and humor seem to be the best weapons for survival.

Readers -
chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 3
Make Time for Dieting

To lose weight successfully, you will need time to:
  • Read this book.
  • Practice skills, such as planning and monitoring your food intake.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Shop for food and prepare meals.
  • Sit down for three meals and three snacks every day, eating all food slowly.
  • Get enough sleep. Lack of sleep can lower you motivation and lead to overeating.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 34.
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