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Good morning all,

I appreciate all the support given here. I have received so many great ideas through all of you. Thank you all.
Today I started by cleaning like a mad woman, once again, my all or nothing attitude so then I thought, why don't I go post and then return, the house work will wait, I am wondering if I will go back to it. In my mind I say of course I will. I find sitting here writing that I am very fortunate and I feel like I worry about the small stuff when I should redirect that energy to other things. I realize if I want change I have to start with myself. Once again baby steps. It is beautiful outside and I want to go running, so I think I will do that first and then housework. I will let you know how that works out.
Have a great day everyone.

Update, Erika, wow, timing is every thing...I needed these words right now- 'Also starting to understand that accepting something doesn't mean that you can't want to do something about it.'

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Green Tomatoes
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Plugging along. Credit for pushing myself to exercise when it got later than I intended.

Today I hope to do some gardening, but last night's rain may have washed that plan away.

Tomorrow, the book bloggers are doing a Read-a-Thon. Apparently, some people read for 24 hours straight. Like NaNoWriMo, there is some emphasis on snacking, but by-and-large, most of what I've seen mentioned is relatively healthy. I'm going to participate, but not at the cost of sleep, exercise, or good eating.

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +60* 330/1500 minutes for April, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Lexxiss: sorry that you're dealing with issues where "pretty bummed out" is the normal, natural reaction. Good job allowing that to be what it is. I'm so glad you got some feedback from a GP that helped -- sounds like excellent advice to me!

onebyone: glad you're feeling better about things. I am so happy that an awesome library is one of the things that you get to feel better about!

RunningFree: yay for a wonderful time at a gym. There's a whole science about what to eat right after a workout.

maryblu: hope you win your ice-out prediction! I don't have seeds in the ground yet (just in pots in my sunroom), but maybe tomorrow. We're going to cultivate in some of my homemade compost on the beds today if it's not too wet.

BillBlueEyes: your dinner sounds delicious! The rock climbing sounds fun even if it's a temporary diversion from the normal exercise plan.

pamatga: yay for gardening! I'm not sure that I was really destined to love gardening for it's own sake but it has propelled my interest in a way of eating that works well for me.

ChefJoona: yay for lots of walking! Your salad sounds wonderful!

Beverlyjoy: I've pretty much come to the conclusion that, in this environment of overprocessed foods and marketing that makes huge servings seem normal, I can't have a sane relationship with food. I have to accept constant strategizing and planning and reworking my environment to make it all easier. It helps me to shift much of the blame to the insane environment we live in, but it's still up to me to take the actions to make my eating sane in spite of that.

eusebius: yay for reaching Day 8 and realizing you are already doing what you need to do with your schedule! I'm so excited about your piano--that is very cool!
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newlifestyle: I missed your post on the new page. Let us know how running and then housework goes! It sounds like an excellent plan to me.
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This is for life!
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Beverlyjoy - Hang in there! I've been depressed about not losing enough and I know it makes me feel like a failure, then I binge. Then I feel even more like a failure. I was on another thread and very encouraged by a post by Saef:

Posted by Saef on how to keep binges at bay:

"Sit with yourself. Just sit there. Try to get behind the thought of the food & ask yourself some questions. Such as:

-What am I feeling?
- Is there something bothering me?
- Am I pretending something is NOT bothering me when actually, it is?
- What am I running from?
- And okay, so if I face it, and acknowledge it is bothering me, what can I do about resolving it? Will eating something actually resolve it?
- If I do eat something, how will I feel minutes later, after having eaten it? Will I still feel good about what I've done? Or will I feel guilty, disappointed in myself, depressed, a little sick to my stomach?

This process is a whole lot tougher than just distracting yourself & trying to make the time pass till the urge passes. A lot of people don't even want to attempt doing it. But for me, it can be incredibly worthwhile & it is really what keeps me from bingeing when the going gets rough."

Remember Bev: "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it." - Margaret Thatcher
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doing it
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Thanks for all of the suggestions on what to do about dinner during my evening class. No one was really eating during class so I don't think I could bring food and chomp away. The class is also pretty small (about 10 people) and we frequently have to answer questions/talk in class which could make eating in there a bit awkward. However, we have two 10 minute breaks during the 3 hours, which gives me enough time to eat a small snack, but probably not an entire meal. gardenerjoy, those bento boxes are really cute!

I was exhausted last night and too tired to get on the computer and even make myself a reasonable dinner. I ended up having soup and did some slight overeating, but did not eat anything off-plan and I didn't binge. I tried to wear a pair of jeans that had fit me only 5 months ago and are now way too tight and uncomfortable to wear. It really put the weight I've gained recently into perspective. I was miserable the entire day wearing them because it was not flattering or comfortable. I'm trying to be more positive though because what's the alternative? Keep drowning my sorrows in food? That certainly won't help.

I'm feeling better today having gotten in my planned workout and some nice social time at coffee with friends this morning. I'm slightly anxious about going into the weekend, considering I fell apart last weekend, but am reminding myself what happened last weekend and trying to plan what I will do/eat this weekend in an effort to make the weekend more routine like the weekdays.

ChefJoona - interesting observations about upping the protein in your breakfast. The quinoa/pumpkin/PB bars sound yummy. BTW are you really a chef?

BillBlueEyes - nice job distracting yourself and finding something else to do besides scarf down trail mix.

AnneWonders - I have my ARC on my iphone as a Google doc. I set reminders in the calendar at the designated times to read it.

Newlifestyle - I find "faking it until I make it" helps me too. Hope your run went well.

Lexxiss - Credit for watching a movie without food.

RunningFree - I have had the same "just this once..." type of attitude and then promising to start again tomorrow attitude and also the experience of wanting to eat food I don't even like just for the sake of eating. I find cleaning up the kitchen and immediately brushing my teeth seems to help.

pamatga - very cool about the organic gardening seminar. I've lived in a condo for a while and have tried to garden on my balcony but have only had limited success.

eusebius - what a good feeling to realize you are already making time and energy for this. Credit for sticking to your plan also. And very exciting news about the piano!!

Gwen - thanks for the helpful suggestions on bingeing.

Happy Friday!
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Hi Coaches!

Problems are still hanging out and I'm continuing to reach into the Beck tool box for successful techniques to get through. I squashed sabotaging thoughts of new restaurants in Denver, instead heading to Whole Foods for lunch, explaining to my mom, "I can get something healthy there." It's nice, many of their lunch options are already entered into my calorie counting program. I did notice the olive oil/balsamic vinegar tasting station….self serve. I had a small, legitimate taste and bought some vinegar. Exercise was 3 times around an urban lake for a total of 5 miles. My tuned up bike is working great and I'm grateful to be able to ride, a feat not so easily accomplished 4 years ago. *credit* today for vigilance.

BillBlueEyes, yay for eating foods you really like! DW's squash sounds just wonderful. You may motivate me to try a rock climbing class one of these days.

Beverlyjoy, I'm sorry you're struggling so. Please don't think your onederland plans are washed away. Probably half of that is quick release when you knuckle down and I KNOW you have it in you to do that. *credit* yourself for those moments of food sanity. I have a general rule, which is not allowing two bad days in a row. I don't know if that might help?? I know you know what works.

maryblu, I think it's always great to reconnect with Beckmates! *credit* for doin' the footwork.

pamtanga, your organic gardening seminar sounded really great! I hope you get one of the spaces so you can eat great food and tell us about it AND give us gardening tips.*credit* for revisiting a healthy activity which you previously enjoyed. BTW-as current South Beach gal, I'd remind you it's a good carb plan, not low carb, and if you check us out at 3FC you'll find quite a few gals who would attest that it's a great weight loss plan, many of us counting calories as we learn portion control. Dr. A does suggest portion control, I think similar to BDS, "As far as portion control, you should not leave a meal hungry or feel restricted, but you should not finish a plate of food just because it is there. I would suggest smaller portions and then taking seconds if you are still hungry. Also, eating slowly is important so that your brain has adequate time to get the "full" signal from your stomach." (Dr. A from Prevention Magazine). I must say, Beck Diet Solution really helps me to follow SBD, in that the suggestions in Dr. Beck's books are very task-specific.

ChefJoona, yay for lots of walking and for weather which makes it possible. You should post your soba noodle recipe on the Beck recipe thread...I'd love to try it!

Erika(eusebius), it's always encouraging to hear that a meditation practice is really helping….I tend use meditation more when I'm at my outdoor pool and could probably use it more when I'm where I am now….thx for the reminder. Exciting news about the grand!

Ann(Newlifestyle), *credit* for running before housework!

gardenerjoy,*credit* for deciding to participate in the read-a-thon, but not at the cost of sleep, exercise, or good eating!

Gwen, thanks for the post by Saef! I've put it in my journal. You're right, it is much tougher than simple distraction.

tarte, glad you got a snack in last night. *credit* for getting your planned workout in. Maybe you can get some Beck reading in and plan your weekend out in advance. BTW- I put a pair of too tight jeans on last week and decided I would put them back in the drawer until they fit comfortably. Too tight really affects my self esteem.

Enjoy your Friday night, friends.
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I am at my highest weight ever, I feel big, clumsy, slow.

I was binging, so those horrible oatmeal cookies didn't survive, like much of the other food I hardly like. Then I managed to find a distraction and stopped or just eventually stopped and then found a distraction. Not sure which way it was.
Cabbage didn't even came up to my mind. How come? I really enjoyed it, when I wasn't binging. I like healthy food, enjoy its simple mild tastes, nice soft texture of cooked vegetables, juicy fruits, soft cooked meat.
It would be much easier if I could binge on cooked vegetables.
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Post friday now & 1 week since I moved

Hi coaches

My energy level feels low today, but the reality is I have done laundry, unpacked and put away 3 boxes of kitchen stuff. I also met my upstaris neighbour and arranged to pass my empty boxes and packing paper to my upstairs neighbour, (thereby saving me some of the garbage dilemma ) who is moving at the end of this month--btw, I saw NO PACKING going on there yet as we chatted at her doorway! Yikesamama to her/them...

I have to say that as I was unpacking the dishes I was encompassed by waves of sweat and anxiety. Oh boy. All I could think about was packing all of that up again in a year. Scary. makes me want to not unpack at all. But in those boxes I have already found treasures and things to give away. This process is going to go on all year long. My goal is to tackle 3 boxes every day. Just three. but really deal with the three. I am very pleased to have started.

I also cooked from scratch and made a stew for dinner. I am pleased about this. I LOVE this stove.

DH just came home and pointed out the ants! ugh. Ants! ok. I took so long to post this that we just got back from the store. Two ant traps are installed hopefully doing their job. I knew something was up cause the previous tenant left about 8 storage jars with heavy duty lids here. It's like when I moved into one of my 1st apt and someone left a can of roach spray. You just know it's not an accident. *sigh* It's always something eh Becksters?
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Green Tomatoes
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I'm posting tonight instead of tomorrow morning so that I can spend more time reading during the read-a-thon tomorrow.

We did manage to get the garden beds topped with compost and cultivated. For my part, that meant a lot of shoveling and hauling. I injured my lower back last year about this time doing that sort of work, so this year I was very careful. I shoveled using a good strong form while squatting to be sure that I lifted with my legs and choked up on the handle of the pitchfork and shovel so that I didn't have the weight of the lift so far away from my body. It worked! I feel fine.

I had four cartloads of homemade compost. That, believe it or not is related to my healthy eating. I love making compost. The more I eat nutritious plants, the more kitchen scraps I have to use to make great compost. It's a little embarrassing how motivating that is!

WI: NAkgs, Exercise: +60* 390/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Thumbs up Saturday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eating was on plan, CREDIT moi, despite dinner at an upscale pizza place where my plan was to have a generous equivalent of half of a 10" pizza which I took from a pair whose toppings included roasted butternut squash, smoked goat's cheese, tiny bits of fancy bacon, and portobello mushrooms. Don't have pizza often, so I was glad to do it having unusual ones.

Exercise was gym and later walking up some 203 stairs instead of taking the elevator, CREDIT moi. It still cracks me up knowing that it takes 9 steps to burn a single calorie, despite my legs feeling the burn.

onebyone - Good use of that new stove to make a stew for dinner - I like the notion of how the whole house smells when a stew is simmering. We always had ants when I was a kid; they don't take up a lot of room.

Erika (eusebius) - WOW, a real Steinway Grand in your own home. That's always been my prejudice for the real thing. LOL at "reality only wins 100% of the time."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Not sure that I get the Read-a-Thon - do you all go to the same Starbucks and each read silently at the same time? I could do a day of reading. Sounds like a perfect summer vacation to me.

Beverlyjoy - A good omen that you're on track for your next surgical appointment, "My foot feels the best it has in years." Love reading your joy doing your thing at your DGS's school. And Yep, "I've done it before" - you'll do it again.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for using Whole Foods for some healthy lunch rather than fighting a new menu. Kudos for that bike riding.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Thanks for the reminder, "Once again baby steps." Hope you had a good run.

ChefJoona - Mega Kudos for "...and threw them right out before eating them!" That's a bold act.

pamatga - Dynamite idea to start growing and canning your own stuff in the summer. I love the notion of a basement full of jars, remembering fondly the sight of that from friends houses when I was a kid.

Gwen - Thanks for the Saef quote. I like being reminded that a lot of people don't want to put out the effort to fight the urges to over indulge.

RunningFree - Ouch for the wave of negative feelings. Kudos for continuing to post and make yourself accountable - you're making progress by the acts of working to stay your path, even when the scales aren't yet registering loses.

tarte - Kudos for planning your weekend. My take is that planning is the key to the Beck strategies; it's just easier to stay to the plan than it is to make the 100's of good choices that arise each day.

Readers -
chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 2
Set a Modest Weight-Loss Goal

Make your initial goal to lose just 5 pounds. University of Minnesota research shows that people with smaller short-term goals are more likely to achieve those goals and to maintain their weight loss long term. Once you reach your first 5-pound milestone, you can then set another goal to lose an additional 5 pounds ... and then another ... and then another.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.
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Smile starting to get organized

Good Morning Coaches

They are predicting a warm 14C here today (57F). Right now it's -2C (30F) so we have a ways to go. My day today will be filled with studio visits. I am searching for where I could go to do some ceramics. Since I was accepted onto the local studio tour for ceramic work I had better have some ceramic work. This means I need to find a place to do the work. So, it's a happy day of exploring for me.I'm hoping DH feels like getting out too but he may want to just lounge around the house. We'll see.

I've started reading The Carb Cycling Diet by Roman Malkov, MD. When I was at the library this week I made myself pick something from the many and varied diets on the bookshelves. I'm working my way into getting on plan again. I think most of the current diet books are all pretty much the same but I can tell how willing I am to wade back into smaller portions, planning and exercise by how receptive I am to the words in a diet book. I'm definitely heading in that direction.

Hopefully today we resolve the no phone issue. As a bonus I will get tv back. I haven't had real tv in over two years. I did pick up some fuzzy stations but it wasn't the same. I miss not having tv.

Guess that's it. DH wanted to go for a walk yesterday but I didn't want to. His walks are long walks and I sure didn't feel like it. I need to change my attitude as a walk would be good for me and would help me to start getting some pictures of the megahouses around here. So many faux turrets! Everyone's home is their castle...

Have a great day.
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Good morning all!

On plan eating day until after dinner... always the problem. I had a cup of yogurt with some walnuts and chocolate chips in it- not planned.

CREDIT for starting the 30 Day Shred... boy is it hard! Even Level 1 with the modifications! I'm not as sore as I thought I would be though. I'm going to try it again this morning.

I'm taking a little road trip with a friend the next two days. I'm worried about eating, as I know we'll be buying all our food out. I'll make the healthiest choices possible. I'm happy for the chance to get away. I need a change of scenery.

onebyone credit for taking steps to get back on plan as you settle in to your new home! Can you and DH compromise on the length of a walk?
BilleBE That pizza sounds lovely... butternut makes everything delicious. Credit for being aware of your portion.
gardenerjoy Enjoy the read-a-thon... it sounds like a great event!
Runningfree I'm sending encouragement your way as you continue to work to find the most helpful skills and tools to use to combat your binges.
Lexxiss Credit for countering the sabotaging thoughts and choosing a healthy alternative!
tarte Hope the weekend goes well for you! No, I'm not really a chef, but I love to cook so combined that with my cat's name (Joona) to get my name.
Gwen Thank you for sharing that Margaret Thatcher quote- helps to keep persistence in mind!
NewLifeStyle Sounds like you had a very active day yesterday- I think housework should definitely be considered a form of exercise.
eusebius Moving from resistence to acceptance is so helpful to move beyond the suffering that keeps many of us stuck. Credit for all the work you're putting into your practice!
BeverlyJoy Credit for taking the first small steps to getting back on plan, and not giving in to defeat!

I'm off to Shred with Jillian... and then the road trip. I'll be back to posting on Monday or Tuesday when I get home.
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Hi Beck folks - I want to thank you all for your support, ideas, and comments. The one thing I do know is that I won’t give up. Knowing I can come here with food/life frustrations and that you understand and have no judgment is comforting.

I am happy to say that yesterday was a healthy day. I am very grateful for that. My credits include: planning/measuring/logging, lots of water, stretches, watching sodium and journaling. It seem that for me the first day ‘back’ to sane/healthy eating never has more than the ‘minimum’ of have to’s. Today I will aim for adding in more of the important Beck steps.

Eubebias - glad you are meditating. I like to do this too. I havn’t lately. Good reminder for me. Credit for your food plan time management efforts!

new lifestyle - making yourself a priority is important. Yes, the cleaning will wait. I have trouble with sometimes myself.

Gardener/joy - great job and credit for the exercise. Yikes…24 hours reading! Credit for your eating 90% this month! Your reply to me was right on point. It is an insane world of food - alas, we must wade through the muck to get to good food and making good choices. Thanks. (I love making compost too)

Gwen - thanks so much for your info from Saef about binging. I am going to write it down on a response card. Wonderful reminder of my own ticker quote about fighting many battles in this war I am trying to win.

Tarte - credit for not overeating when you were so tired! Have a good weekend. Plan, plan and plan some more. (I need to always remind myself of this too)

Lexxiss/Debbie - credit for keeping your Beck ‘toolbox’ around!!! So nice that your food choices at the restaurant are already in your food data bank. Good exercise. No more than two bad food days is a good goal to have. Thanks.

Running/free - you/we can never stop trying. I know it seems like it can never come together. But we need to keep trying because we never know when it will be the time it sticks around with healthy eating. As hard as it is…it helps me to get on the scale and face that number after some days of overeating. will help get back on my program.

Onebyone - I am glad you are getting things unpacked in your kitchen. Credit for a healthy stew. Glad you are getting to meet your neighbors.

Billbe - credit for eating and enjoying your unusual pizza and staying within your plan. Glad you had a good workout! Thanks for pointing out a good omen… when I am ‘blind’ to it. LOL

Chefjoona - good job with your food… and not letting something unplanned morph into a binge or something on that order. Have a good trip. Maybe pack some of ‘your’ type snacks.

Have a great day!
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Simply Filling Technique
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April 1 276.2 lb
2 274.2 lb
3 274.2 lb
4 271.8 lb
5 271.6 lb [269.4-at 8 pm]
6 271.2 lb
7 271.0 lb [269.4 lb-2 am]
Weekly Weight Lose: 5.2 lbs.

April 8 269.8 lb
9 268.4 lb [-7.8 lbs]

I am thrilled to say that I am continuing to lose something every day since I really made some changes to my food plan. Again, for anyone who is new to this thread and may not "know me". Last month I bombed in weigh ins. I was eating out a lot mostly. I logged my food faithfully every day and I was averaging 64 oz of water a day but I couldn't budge those numbers. This is what I have done differently this month: increased my daily water consumption past 80 oz and one day this past week-112 oz, I joined a fruit n vegetable challenge with another group so I am concentrating on getting in 3-4 servings of fruit each day and 3-4 servings of vegetables, I can't exercise because of joint problems so other than walking slowly using a cane that is about it, my recommended calorie range is 1800-2100 per day but I have been averaging at the top. That is what I have done for the past nine days.

What I hope to "change" starting this coming Monday is to reduce my calories to 1700-1900 calories, try to keep my sodium under 2500 mg with an ideal of 2000-2200, and start back up with some non weight-bearing exercise like yoga or pilates. I have a library of exercise dvds so it will be "something". I slept 5 1/2 hours "straight" (except for the 90 mins pee breaks) which is a record for me. Sleep is just something very hard for me to do and I do not use anything with caffeine in it(haven't since 2006).

Lexxiss you are correct, you can lose weight on South Beach. The brand new book does have some corrections in that. However, when I was part of the group back in 2008-2009 many of us felt we also needed calorie counting. For me to eat until I am satisfied is to eat around 3000 calories a day. I have and seems that I always will have an appetite of a lumberjack. You are correct that it is good carbs, which is what I choose consistently since that food plan but again if you recall the book does have each person determine just how much that is. For example, Dr. A. warned against some of the starchy vegetables like peas and carrots because of how some people are sensitivity to the natural sugar in them.

As my blood glucose as become more of an issue, I am more sensitive to certain carbs. I could not eat anything with white refined flour any more simply because it reacts in my body like I have eaten cotton candy. It's a great food plan and I fully endorse it. I have eaten whole grains, no enriched flour products, no added white sugar, etc as the plan states since 2008 and I have been very happy with the way my body works. It is a great start.

BBE that pizza sounds really delicious. Since it is Lent I had an organic vegetable pizza for breakfast yesterday. Amy's organic is a great personal size one when you can't get to a pizzeria. Isn't it nice that the pizza folks have jumped on the bandwagon finally? This is my all time favorite food. Yes, I even eat it for breakfast.

Onebyone-are you telling me you have to move again in a year? Wow! I think that I would have seriously considered putting a lot of the small stuff in a storage unit somewhere rather than go through all of this for 12 months which is going to fly.
NewLifeStyle Just to let you know: 40 minutes of light housework,making beds, loading dishwasher, etc. is 102 calories. has a huge library of activities and the calories associated with it.
eusebius I am so sorry for what you are dealing with. I have had a lot of lose in the past several years.
BeverlyJoy I had a horrible couple of months and since April 1st I have really stepped up to the plate. I can't tell you how much different I feel as a result of having a good week thus far. You can do this! Every day is a clean slate. Keep the faith up!
Runningfree Binges are tough but Lexxiss can help you with a food plan that will cut those craving and binges down to manageable. I can not have "trigger foods" in my home. Period! I don't know if you have to go to that extent but as Beck says, "exercising your resistance muscle" will make you stronger and stronger. However, I find that eating a balanced food plan consistently, dealing with my emotions by talking and journaling, and taking it one meal at a time/one day at a time. You can do this, Running, we are with you.
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Afternoon Coaches/Buddies!

This piano-buying thing is a rollercoaster of emotions. It's a good test for my Beck principles (and working the 12 steps also). Yesterday I visited our local piano dealer and he offered us first right of refusal on a Steinway B (6'11") for a down payment. The catch: he doesn't have it in the shop yet, but the deposit is refundable if I don't like the piano. Then this morning I heard from the top piano technician in the area (she has trained most of the piano technicians in the province!) that she is selling her own personal piano, also a Steinway (model A - 6'4"). Imagine the care she must have taken over the years! She offered to let me come and try it. For me this is almost as nerve-wracking as the process of buying a house was 6 years ago. These pianos cost about $40K, so you can see what's at stake ...

Anyway, I am not eating over this, and in fact have stayed on plan now for 12 days straight. Today is Day 9 - Choose an Exercise Program. My plan is to begin walking daily, increasing a little at a time and also doing a bit of yoga each day. I need to be gentle with my body right now.

Today I'm just wiped out, which is a bit inconvenient as I've promised to take my daughter to a movie this afternoon and then make dinner ... sigh. Fortunately it's a gorgeous spring day, so that is lifting my spirits. We are likely going to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid, which I'm sure is a cinematic masterpiece, lol.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Love the baby steps approach. It works for so many things. Hope you had a great run! BTW I just noticed you are in Canada ... whereabouts?? (You probably told me this already ...)

gardenerjoy - Wow, 24 straight hours of reading? Sounds way too much like grad school for me Big credit for approaching it in a healthy manner! Sounds like you also burned a zillion calories gardening, too ...

Gwen - Great wisdom from Saef about binges. Not easy, but very, very rewarding. Thanks for sharing that with us.

tarte - WTG eating on plan even when you were exhausted! I do think that making weekends as routine as weekdays is a great plan.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Nice job squashing those sabotaging thoughts and fitting in healthy eating and exercise! Biking around a lake sounds awesome.

RunningFree - (((Hugs))) - Very good that you were able to stop the binge. Hang in there!

onebyone - You are getting so much done! Way to go. 3 boxes per day sounds very doable. Do you have a gas stove in your new place? Ugh on the ants. Traps usually work, in our experience. It is, indeed, always something!! You're handling it all really well.

BillBE - Credit for eating on plan at the pizza place! Oh boy, now I'm hungry ... 203 stairs, amazing! Next you can come visit me and onebyone and walk up the CN Tower, LOL. (And try out my Steinway)

ChefJoona - your snack doesn't sound too terrible - at least it was healthy! Kudos for trying 30 Day Shred! Jillian is such a beast. I think she could front a punk band in her next career. Have a wonderful road trip and best of luck with the food choices!

Beverlyjoy - Major Kudos for a healthy day and for not giving up!! You are doing great.

pamatga - Fantastic work on your weight loss! You are really on a roll. Bummer about the interrupted sleep patterns - I know that is just an issue for some people - utterly unfair. I have a good friend who never sleeps more than 4 hours straight. Seems this is an area where modern medicine could really stand to learn a lot.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
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