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Morning Coaches/Buddies!

I stayed on plan yesterday but I probably should stay away from my daughter's goldfish crackers because of the sodium content. Today we're grocery shopping, so I can pick out some healthier snack options. I hopped on the scale and it was even further up today (Information! Not a judgment on my efforts! Right, self??) so I will drink like a fish all day today.

Today is Day 7 - Arrange Your Environment. This is not bad already but I did put away my daughter's snacks that were sitting on the counter, and I got my husband to get his giant frosted vanilla cake off the counter and into the fridge. Credit - I didn't eat any more of it last night.

onebyone - (((hugs))) Moving is near the top of the life stresses list for good reason!! Be gentle with yourself - you have a lot on your plate right now.
maryann - Yay for productive, energizing teaching days! And kudos for passing up the treats.
RunningFree - Kudos for your workout and for making it to day 25 of Beck!
tarte - Looks like you've got lots of good suggestions for your evening class ... I agree with Bill that I'd rather eat before, even if not that hungry, than wait till the end. I also find bananas help me in situations like this - portable and filling.
ChefJoona - How did it go with 30 Day Shred? Kudos for being able to adjust your eating on the fly and still stay OP. Protein helps me a lot as well!
BillBE - nice job staving off the snack cravings with water!

Wishing everyone a great OP Thursday!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes but not as mindfully as I would have liked ... will try to change that today
Gave myself credit: yes
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Coaches/Buddies Finished up the cold-that-would-not-stop and then immediately took off for an almost week long work trip. I'm gone again next week. I need to make a better plan for travel. Irregular eating, eating too much, eating the wrong stuff. No exercise. Some of these things are bound to happen, but I need to do better.

My plan: transfer my ARC to my iPhone (anybody know a good app for that?). Re-read the Beck travel chapters. Take some healthy snacks. Visualize walking past the beer nuts.

Big weekend spending time with the kidlets, getting myself ready to go again, and trying to catch some exercise and maybe some rest.

I've caught up with the thread. BBE Man Salad? LOL Maryblu good to see you back. We can climb back on the wagon together. I've got ahold of strap, but it is still dragging me along behind. gardnerjoy BIG congrats on the blood pressure meds! onebyone hang in there, hope your ankle feels better. eusebius I remember you! Welcome back. Greetings to all my new Beck friends. As always your being here is so helpful to me.

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Good morning everyone

Thanks for being here. I get so much out of your posts. I do hope one day I can offer as much as I receive. I also feel like I am barely hanging on to the wagon. That saying of "fake it til you make it" comes to mind. I hear that all or nothing voice in my head that says, "Don't post if you are not going to send personals to everyone. I will give myself credit for posting while having this thought. I need to take baby steps, with this all of nothing I want to go from A to Z in one step. Patience is needed. I am off to read my Beck book and then I will go to the pool. Have a wonderful day and thanks again for being here and being such great coaches.
Take Care
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I asked my doctor about my goal weight, telling him that I intended to get to about 168 so that the CDC would declare me normal weight instead of overweight. He confirmed my suspicion that there was no magic in that line, 8pounds really is not going to make a huge difference in how I feel or how healthy I am. His suggestion was to go by how I feel.

I think what I'm really going to do is follow the BillBlueEyes approach, just keep doing what I'm doing and let the maintenance weight declare itself, by leveling off when I reach it.

WI: +0.35kgs, Exercise: +60* 270/1500 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Hi Coaches!

I'm teetering on the edge right now, and am trying to use my Beck tools to get through this time without overeating. There isn't much going right at this moment and I'm trying to even acknowledge that feeling pretty bummed out about it is probably how I "ought to feel". Perhaps, to start, I'll make my healthy lunch and make a list of positive steps to take just for this afternoon.

Perhaps trying for personals this afternoon would keep me in better contact with all of you.

Thanks for being here!
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Question What day is this? Is it Thursday?

Hi Coaches

What wonders a car ride will do for me. Oh and an ankle that allows my foot to drive a car! Amen my ankle is healed enough that I walk with a tiny hobbled step only (for now) and I have enough range of motion to drive the car. Very little pain but quite a bit of stiffness. So great it's only that. So, as a result of my forays into town, I did all the things I needed to do to situate myself in my new town; got library card in an AWESOME library. (Wow!), changed the address on my driver's license and my health card, picked up the green bin and the blue bin so I can start dealing with the trash and cleaning up this kitchen of mine.

My plan for the weekend is to open the "kitchen" boxes and see what's in them. If they are anything like my other boxes there could be a lot of non kitchen items in them. I am sure I will be donating more goods to the local Sally Ann here. This is good. I am totally ok with it.

And my goodness there is every kind of shopping here. I'm not even downtown and there are tons of choices and specialty shops. But really, my greatest find today was the library. I'm in heaven.

Foodwise: no plan for today and that means I ate poor food. But then I stopped. Credit for stopping. I did shop today and got real groceries so I can begin to set out a plan once more.

I forgot to weigh in as DH had me rushing out the door in the a.m.

I made a decision to prepare and application for an artist residency program. It's due May 2nd. I have a pretty clear idea about what I'll submit and what medium so that it good. I also have a few weeks to write it up and run it by my artsy colleagues. I think this is the next step I need to take in my art career.

Bye for now.
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tarte, I don't know if my option will work for you, but I used to study in evenings, so instead of dinner I took protein shakes after classes and some kind of fruit. Soup in a thermos is a great idea too.

newlifestyle, credit for posting. Even if you are not writing personals, I believe we can still learn something from your experience.

Today, I had a wonderful time at the gym. Ate op until evening. In the evening ate more than planned, but still managed to stop before reaching my daily calorie limit. Anyway, I have to do something differently about those evenings. I know I am just hungry after gym, but maybe I should consider next time drinking only protein drink.
I had some sabotaging thoughts: “Just this once; I'll eat all I want for the last time; tomorrow I'll start dieting again”. Red my response cards, cleaned my teeth and soon be going to sleep, anyway there is nothing good in kitchen and with this kind of attitude I could eat even oatmeal cookies I don't really like. Strange that I want to eat them at all. Got bored of cooked cabbage, so I wouldn't go for it, thats for sure.
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I just had a random idea for tarte. How about a bento box? Here's a page about them:
I think you could pack it with planned foods and then eat a little whenever you have a chance, before class, during breaks, and finish it up when you get home. People turn bento box collecting into a hobby, but you can get started with containers you already own.
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None of my problems have gotten much better this afternoon….but at least I have not eaten over them. I did a few chores, then decided to sit down and watch a movie...without food. Now it is time to get dinner going.
My numbers from my bloodwork have been nagging me and so I emailed DH's cousin, who is a GP in Alaska. She said my numbers looked great..".HDL could be better", she said," but a lot of that is about the gene pool". "Eat more salmon and exercise"…."continue with a lifestyle approach instead of medication." *credit* for asking instead of wondering and worrying.

BillBlueEyes, great that you did not "snarf" the trail mix and instead read and forgot about food.

maryann, I'm so glad you're feeling better. You have posted very good advice and I am trying to feel the feelings right now and realize this too shall pass. Thx.

tarte, sometimes when I have an evening event I will notice that others bring a sandwich. GJ's Bento Box would be a great carrier! Do you get a break where you could have a snack?

ChefJoona, great job adjusting your eating yesterday! It sounded really sensible!

pamatga, good that you are trying to correct your sleep issue. I'm working on mine, too. Thanks for the link to the GA storm. My friends are at Shepherd Center and were telling me about the storm, too.

Erika(eusebius), it sounded like a great day to arrange your environment. Yikes a giant frosted vanilla cake on the counter!

AnneWonders, good plan, especially walking by beer nuts. lol

Ann(Newlifestyle), I often post without personals because I just get tugged so many directions...but it really helps that I do. Great that you have chosen to post, anyway. I think it really helps while you are taking those baby steps.

gardenerjoy, great news that you are off the bp meds and have talked to your DR. about maintenane weight. Just doing what you are doing and finding out where your body sounds very sensible.

onebyone, *credit* for stopping today...and for going grocery shopping so you can set out a plan once more. I think it is a good sign that you are acknowledging as you unpack that some things may still need a purge.

RunningFree, great that you were able to identify your sabotaging thoughts and not give in.

maryblu, wavin' PS love Red-Winged Blackbirds!

CeeJay, angelkiss, Gwen

MaryContrary, thanks for sharing your successes!

Beverlyjoy, hope you're still with DGS.

Hope I haven't missed anyone!
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Height: 5'7

Default Omg!!!

OMG, Beckmates!!! What a time for me to I had admitted, had not even been keeping up with my Beckmates trials, tribulations, and successes.......only discover Annewonders and Eusebuis back...more than I could have hoped. And hi to all old friends and new, and you know who you are!

Read an interesting study today from Prevention that seems to really explain my effortless 80# loss all those years ago. For those of you long enough in the tooth to recall me from ages ago on this thread, I lost 5 #s a month for over a year, just eating less...exactly what I wanted, but less...this Prevention study found that the most effective dieting strategy was to eat 300 to 500 calories less ..or *sometimes MORE than you just keeps the body humming along not thinking you are in diet/starvation mode. I found it as good an explanation for "How I did it" as any.

Just need to share with my Beckmates how hardy we Minneosodans are...and how thick our blood is this time of year...was out in my night gown and flipflops balling the is a balmy 50 degrees even, no wind....but still alotta snow on the ground...and just feelin'g groovy...50 this time of year is the same as 75 in August, I swear..out blood is so thick by now, 50 and no wind is nekkid outdoors time!

Still predicting April 18 for ice-out..feels really late after an April 1 ice-out (recoord) last year, but keep to my own counsel that ice-out varies so little 3 days one way or the other from April 15, it has to be more about the directness of the sun rather than the temps. of the spring. Interestingly, much more variable for fall freeze up, but that is not the task at hand.

Best to all...and envying those of you with seeds in the ground already!
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Thumbs up T G I F

Diet Coaches/Buddies - A good eating day, CREDIT moi, that included DW's roasted butternut squash with onions, cranberries, and sage with dinner. I do like the notion of eating foods we really like. Saw DW having trail mix for her afternoon snack and had the thought that I could just add a fistful to what I was having. I didn't, but am chagrined that the thought keeps re-occurring.

Exercise was up and down the rock climbing walls, CREDIT moi. It is a bit more exercise than I let on if I go by how my arms and legs feel afterward. It's not a sport that I'm likely to pursue, but it's a kick to do it for the introductory two weeks that come with the beginner's course that I took.

maryblu - Yay for being hardy in the land of ice and snow. Interesting notion that slowly losing weight keeps the body from resisting it.

onebyone - I just love seeing your joy, "AWESOME library. (Wow!)" Kudos for preparing your environment by setting up your life so that applying for an artist residency program seems like a doable idea. Glad you're able to use that ankle.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Congrats for having a DH who keeps the kids for a week so that you can work a week away from home. And Kudos for "Visualize walking past the beer nuts" - those boogers can get me when I'm feeling lost after my work day on the road.

Erika (eusebius) - Don't know how they can manufacture so much salt into those little goldfish crackers, but I suppose that's why one handful isn't enough, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for having a sane doctor, and Kudos for trusting your body rather than the CDC numbers.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for Dr. Cousin for "Eat more salmon and exercise" and Kudos for posting when things aren't going right.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yep, "fake it til you make it" works. I was first givien that advice by my college freshman English professor when I whined that I didn't know how to write. Serious Kudos for posting despite the Sabotaging Thought that you shouldn't unless you meet some perfection notion - the rest of us are quite happy with your posts as they are.

pamatga - Interesting notion that hunger can be caused by an insulin spike - I'll watch out for that.

RunningFree - Kudos for standing down the Sabotaging Thought to "start dieting tomorrow" - that's one of the sneakiest ones there is. In Maine, there's a fish and chips joint with a sign permanently painted on its wall, "Free Beer Tomorrow." Seem like every year a few tourists come back the next day asking about the free beer and have to be told the obvious - the free beer is always tomorrow.

Readers -
chapter 3
Get Ready to Lose

Before you start, however, I would like you to do the following 10 essential tasks.
task 2
Set a Modest Weight-Loss Goal
Perhaps you already have a specific number you want to hit on the scale. Or maybe you are aiming to fit into a specific clothing size. But you don't yet know whether your particular goal is realistic, and you may get discouraged by how long term that goal is. You will be better able to motivate yourself if you set a series of short-term goals instead.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 33.

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maryblu! I lived in Minnesota (St. Paul -16 years, Austin-28 years and Mankato-4 years) so I know what you are talking about. DH and I moved here 7 years ago. It took some adjustment but I really love the climate and wouldn't return to the cold Northern clime for anything.

April 1 276.2 lb
2 274.2 lb
3 274.2 lb
4 271.8 lb
5 271.6 lb [269.4-at 8 pm]*
6 271.2 lb
7 271.0 lb [269.4 lb-2 am]*
Weekly Weight Lose: 5.2 lbs.
*Just wanted to show that I believed I still was retaining some sodium-induced bloat. I think my weigh in on the 8th now confirms that!

April 8 269.8 lb

Last night my DH and I attended a free seminar from our county extension office on how to begin organic gardening and if we wanted to can what we grew how to do that as well. I dragged him because I wanted him to be exposed to this since I think it is something we can both do together. We had fresh vegetables, ripe juicy strawberries and bottled water. We also each won one of the door prizes: I a package of organic compost and DH a begginer's canning kit with recipes. I signed up for the remaining community garden spaces. I am crossing my fingers that I will get one of the two remaining. I used to be an organic gardener back in the late 80s. I hope I will be able to again this year. I'm psyched!

I had a record amount of H2O(for me) yesterday:112 oz. The a/c was NOT working at the community room at our local(brand new!) government center so I ended up drinking 2 bottles of bottled water while I was there. If that is what helped push my weight under 270 lbs then I need to drink at least that much every day. Good thing is it is becoming easier and easier to do.

Again, slept another 4 hours with one pee break throughout the night. For me, this is real progress. I wish it were more but I'll take it.

BBE Actually that is not my opinion about insulin spikes causing hunger. There are a lot of experts, particularly those who espouse low carb food plans, like South Beach diet, that believe that. Methodology: lower your carb intake until you can obliterate hunger and/or cravings. Also, Dr. Agaston, developer of SBD, also tells you to keep a food log of how your body reacts to certain carbs. It is amazing how your body will tell you what works for it and what does.

Again, I have been on every diet under the sun, and when I stumbled onto this in 2007 I ate SBD throughout the holidays and I didn't gain an ounce. Then, I followed it for 2 years. Why did I stop? As anyone that is on the SBD thread here on 3FC will attest, it just isn't a very effective weight lose diet. It does correct blood glucose issues, etc but it is hard to lose weight on it since you don't reduce calories. I needed portion control. That is the only reason why I am not strictly following it. When I am "on plan" my food plan looks like a modified SBD. I still credit this food plan and the methodology towards food choices in correcting a lot of what was wrong in my eating.

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Height: 5 9


Credit for lots of walking yesterday... got out during work and after work! Friends joined me for a longer walk around the neighborhood.

Eating was good, aside from a "snack attack" at the end of the night. I nipped it in the bud before it got overboard (I had a handful of chips in my hand and threw them right out before eating them!)!

I decided to copy another favorite salad from a local restaurant- a bed of spinach and red peppers with buckwheat soba noodles and a chicken breast tender on top with a sprinkling of wasabi peas and seasame ginger vinegrette. It came out pretty close to tasting like the restaurant! I have a portion for lunch today!

Running VERY late for work today... Have a wonderful Friday all!
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S/C/G: 271/219/healthy

Height: 5'4 1/2"


I am struggling so... I got on the scale today and weighed 218 - this is so depressing. My big plans of getting to onederland at the first of the year are figuratively and literally down the toilet.

Performing at my GS's preschool was absolutely wonderful. He loved it (he got to pick out some of the stories and songs) and so did his classmates and teachers. It had been a long long time since I have done this. It felt so good to be performing again.

A big wave of depression hit when I got back from visiting family in Michigan. It was a let down after performing at the grandson's school.

I got the reminder call from the surgeons office about my appointment in Monday. I had an anxiety attack. My foot feels the best it has in years. Of course, it's wrapped, padded, I wear a brace and I don't work or do much. But.... do I think it's OK enough.. not really. I don't know. Probably not in the long run.

I am so mad about all this - my foot recovery should be over instead of starting again. Damn all the delays. I just can't get attached to a surgery date. Too many things have stopped it the past nine months... staff infection, injuring good foot and stomach flu. I am glad that I got to go to Disney, however. My sister is recovering well from her back surgery (5 fusions, 10 steel rods, yikes!) She does have the help she needs, so I don't need to go to California.

I am getting all these calls about summer performing which I must turn down. I can hardly bear it.

The past week - I go in waves of huge binges with a few days of food sanity thrown in.

I don't ever know if I can have a sane relationship with food. People do it... I've done it before, - food sanity..... then I relapse.

Each journey starts with a small step. I've got out my journal & Beck Book & arc/rc and I'll plan for a good day.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I appreciate your support. I hope to be supportive to all of you. I feel like I need a healthy day before I can tell anyone else how to work this program. I know it isn't really true. I know what works...

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Height: 5'4"


Morning Coaches/Buddies!

It was so nice yesterday to have a bit of time to myself. My meditation practice is getting to the point where I'm able to start accepting a lot of stuff that I was resisting before. This is a good thing ... as Byron Katie says, reality only wins 100% of the time Also starting to understand that accepting something doesn't mean that you can't want to do something about it.

Today is Day 8 - Create Time and Energy. I looked at my calendar, wrote down the times when I need to do something diet-related, and realized that I was really doing all those things already, which is a nice feeling. So credit moi for that! Also I went out to a restaurant before grocery shopping last night and skipped the wine and garlic bread, sticking to my planned chicken salad. Credit!

I am very excited - I am going to the local piano dealer today to talk to him about a couple of Steinway "B" grands he has coming in. The Steinway B is my dream piano, 6'11" and with a wonderfully responsive action. After 38 years of piano playing it looks like I will finally be able to have one in my home.

AnneWonders - I have been using Evernote on my iphone to read response cards, and Due (a reminder app) to tweak me to read them several times a day. Love love love the iphone. The Weight Watchers app finally became available in Canada this fall and I hardly ever use the plan manager on the computer any more. Even the recipes are on there - helpful for shopping.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Credit for countering your sabotaging thoughts about posting! I love to hear from you whether or not you have time for personals. Kudos for planning your Beck reading and workout as well!

gardenerjoy - your strategy for determining maintenance weight seems very sound to me. Love seeing the consistency in your stats.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for honesty about teetering on the edge and your feelings about that - I certainly have been there many, many times! And additional kudos for posting about it here and planning constructive action. This is exactly what Beck is all about!

onebyone - Yay for a healing ankle! Cool that you're getting settled in your new environment. (The Indigo store there is very cool too ) Credit indeed for returning to better food choices and shopping for them! The grant application sounds like a very positive step.

RunningFree - Kudos for working out and for reining in the evening eating. Also for countering your sabotaging thoughts! You're doing great!

maryblu - very interesting about the Prevention study - makes so much sense. Much admiration for your Minnesota hardiness, LOL!

BillBE - kudos for another great eating and exercise day! MMM Butternut squash ... that sounds truly delicious.

pamatga - your organic gardening project sounds fantastic - looking forward to hearing about your progress!

ChefJoona - Kudos for lots of walking and nipping your snack attack in the bud! That salad sounds terrific.

Beverlyjoy - ((((Hugs)))) - what a frustrating time. I am so glad you are coming here and posting about it. You are so right that each journey starts with a small step and I'm so pleased to see that you're starting out by revisiting Beck. Great that you had a wonderful performing experience at GS's preschool. I know how hard it is to turn down gigs! Hang in there - we are here for you!!

Have a great Friday, all!

Read ARC: yes
Sat down to eat: yes
Gave myself credit: yes
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