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Hi All,

Yes, I'm still here! Have been reading every day, but not posting - things have been too hectic lately, both at work and at home. I'm still doing well - had a rough weekend, though, and pretty much went off my plan (both with eating and exercise) for two days. But I'm back to my plan and have upped my exercise since Monday. Credit as I probably wouldn't have done this in the past!

I haven't been reading the book which I think is part of my problem. I started again last night and will work through the exercises as I was doing before. If I don't, it will be too easy to lose focus. Plus, I really *do* need to continue as I obviously haven't fixed my problems relating to food/eating.

DH has been away dealing with family health issues - it's usually easier for me to stick to my plan when he's gone as I focus only on what I want to eat (and that's what in the frig, no extraneous snacks!). Plus, I find it easier to do my exercise early in the morning because I go to bed earlier and don't have to worry about waking anyone up at 5 am! He's coming back this weekend, so the thing I'm going to work on is how to successfully keep up with doing what I'm doing now within that environment.

Well, time for daily walk outside. Luckily, the weather has been cooperating lately .

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I bought the book and it came last night. I started reading after everyone was in bed. I'm looking forward to learning this part of it.

I know know know how to lose weight. I just can't bring myself to actually do it.
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Shepherdess, great that you remain consistent with your exercises.

Beverlyjoy, you are going the right way with exercises and Beck techniques. I wish you strength overcoming your stress and pain issues.

CeeJay, credit for checking in.

onebyone, great that you are finally getting your life back. Good luck with "panic packing".

tarte, thank you for reporting to us instead of having junk food. That's a good use of coaching.

BillBlueEyes, I noticed you quite often go to the gym. Credit for that.

ChefJoona, my motivation diminishes as well, when I weight myself and results are disappointing despite following my diet and exercising. But don't worry about that pound, it might be just accumulated water or bad time of the month. Give it some time.

Lexxiss, yay for noticing patterns and planning to be prepared next time.

gardenerjoy, glad you are conscious about making healthy choices.

maryann, sorry about rabid mom. Wish you calm and relaxing teaching free days. And thank you for "there is no situation which overeating won't make worse". I am putting it on my response card.

jmaf, credit for getting back on your feet. I know how hard it is, but possibility of being leaner and healthier is worth every drop of your sweat.

angelskiss, I believe we are all here learning how to do what we really want to do, but weren't able to. Nice to have one more diet buddy here.

I did well today, did not overeat, hit the gym, red my response cards. Had some sunflower seeds. Bought them with the shells this time and trick worked really well. Red a little into exam material.
I feel so happy and relaxed now. It's my milkshake working miracles
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Hi Beckfolks - yesterday was on plan - I am grateful. I did my planning, exercises, lots of water, logging food, left a bite, - and there were times when I was willing to use my resistance techniques to get past the urges to overeat or eat unplanned food.

We are planning to visit our grandson and family soon. However, they just called to say that they are sick. So - we'll have to see if we go or not. I am going to perform at GS's preschool. It's been a while... so I need to practice the stories and songs I will use.

Today I am not feeling so, so down. It's alot to do with not overeating & eating well. I think it helps. However, it's stressful, in a different way, to not overeat. I guess... if I can pick.... I"ll choose the stress of eating well. LOL

I hope you are all having a good day.

Thanks to you all for your support.
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Hi Coaches!

angelkiss! I hope that something clicks with you as you read your Beck books that will connect the pieces of the puzzle together for you.

maryann, we usually plant tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins and sunflowers. I can't plant root veggies because my garden is small little pup cruises through from time to time.

I had an off day, but used my Beck tools to get back on track. Today was far too emotional; the old dog struggled all day and our friend who is in the rehab hospital called us for the first time since his accident. Great...but I was caught off guard. Engaged in unplanned eating, logged it and committed to not letting it ruin my day. Passed on McDonalds for dinner...instead threw a banana and some yogurt in the vitamix. Over my calories by about 100 but not a total

We are travelling (again!) early in the morning. Once I get unpacked I will get in my mom's car and take her to Denver. I have a healthy plan for tomorrow.

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Hi Coaches,

BillBlueEyes - credit to you for not giving into the nuts and for doing your exercise.

ChefJoona - sorry to hear about the fight. Credit that you checked in with us and did well at the potluck. I have a potluck to go to tomorrow so I'll be thinking of you as an example.

Lexxiss - 100 calories over is not a train wreck at all. Hope your travels go smoothly. Yes, I LOVE my vitamix. I convinced both siblings to buy one with my enthusiasm for it.

gardenerjoy - Kessler's book really was eye-opening wasn't it? It made me want to eat as little processed food as possible. Hope the birthday lunch was nice.

maryann - yes! The vitamix is the "whole foods juicer." It keeps the fiber intact, unlike a traditional juicer.

RunningFree - glad you had a good day today.

An "okay" day for me. I did my planned exercise, logged my food, but I forgot to complete today's task. I was supposed to monitor my hunger through the day at each meal but I completely forgot during dinner since I was distracted doing other things. I'll try again tomorrow. I also ended up buying a "snack" after work (though it was allowed on my plan and healthy) and eating it in the car, which is a habit I'm trying to break (I am incorporating this into the "eat sitting down" rule).

Progress not perfectionism. Onward...
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