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My first evening check-in.

I was around the Condo for most of today. Ate on-plan. I created a list of websites to browse when I need distraction from night time snacking urges. Its saved in "Favorites" list, so I can just click on the links.

I just finished up a cooking project, and am about to watch a TV show, so I have had enough distractions tonight so I'm not wanting to snack. After watching this show, I plan to go into the bedroom so I'm not near the kitchen.

Tomorrow is going to be a weird eating day. I have meetings out of the office at various places (I'm a social worker and do home visits to see clients) including during breakfast and lunch. I tried to pack up some on plan food so I don't miss planned meals. I realize I don't have many items I can easily take along- these days happen some what often, so I'm going to need to figure this out.

Hope you're all having a good evening, or what ever time of day it is your part of the world!
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Hello all,

Today was my first day on plan, and I'm pleased to report that it went very well.

Credits for:
* Weighing in this morning and charting my weight
* Reading advantage cards and other coping cards as needed
* Eating slowly MOST of the time. I tend to eat at my desk at work while I'm checking the news, I'm thinking this is probably not good.
* Spontaneous & planned exercise - 20 minute walk @ lunch and 1 hr water aerobics tonight.
* Promoted positive self esteem
* Stuck to my food plan and wrote out one for tomorrow.
* Said no choice and oh well to cravings before lunch.
* Filling out my daily log sheet.

Need to work on drinking more water and taking multivitamins. I liked patagma's suggestion of drinking it first thing in the am. Maybe there might be room for some of my beloved diet pepsi if I got the water out of the way first thing. Thanks for making me think!

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Hello everyone:

Thanks to you all for reading my post yesterday and giving such thoughtful and kind responses. Today I have a terrible sore throat and headache so I think my depressed mood also had something to do with being on my way to getting sick.

RubyJan-credit for filling out your WW points, weighing in, and sticking to your plan. Thanks for the message- we are not alone in this journey and it really does need to be one day at a time.

pamatga-I so agree that our food problems are, as you put it, in between our ears. I join you in your goal to lose the weight for once and for all.

Lexxiss-I hope your veg stew hid the taste of the parsnip. LOL. Thank you for your kind words and you are correct in that the 2 jobs is just getting to me in a big way at this point. I will get the book you recommended.

onebyone- I really like your focus on exercise. Keeping at exercising, even when the food choices are uneven, is so motivating. Nice list of credits.

MaryContrary-waving hello and kuddos for working out both days on the weekend.

seadwaters-I think we are both too busy. Lets hope we both find the better plan we are searching for.

BillBlueEyes- yay for multiple walks. Thanks for the reminder that accountablility is a step forward.

ChefJoona- you are smart to slowly build up your exercise. You don't want a set back with an injury.

Shepherdess- thanks for hugs and the reminder that I have made lots of good progress. Gotta figure that it is all learning and sooner or later things will be smoother more often.

gardenerjoy- thanks for your words. Polar bears in the desert is cute- as long as we are not polar bears in the dessert. (Very lame but I could not resist)

Beverlyjoy- kuddos for a healthy day yesterday. I agree that there is no stopping trying. And I love what you said about accepting the your judgement on when, how much, what and where to eat is broken. I need to think about that and reach a level of acceptance on that one.

maryann-super credit for skipping the party for the gym. Fantastic!!!

masondixonmama- nice list of credits.

Well, todays credit is posting. But that's OK. Tomorrow will be better.

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Cool Gut instincts.

Coaches and comrades -- I listened to my gut and decided I needed more planning before writing. How did I know this? The planning that I did today made me so deliriously happy and relieved and ON TRACK that I know I have a writing process that works for me. SO, although this means I won't be producing the typical idea of a draft by Friday, I will be able to get a lot of work done this week, rather than twirling in the leather chair in high anxiety. Whew.

I voiced all of this to my DP, told her that the schedule I had made myself last week (for this week) made me sick, and she said, "Don't throw it away. You'll be ready for it soon." It was good to hear these words, and to know that I can meet a challenge when I'm ready for it. Whew, again.


* shifting the morning into productivity by working out

* getting out of the house for a couple of hours (although for the annoying task of patching a tire)

* tracking my calories on my phone, NOT competing with myself to eat less, but to stay OP

* checking in here

* giving myself these credits

* no kitchen-grazing

Work on:

* getting back on track writing a Food Plan

Dinner's ready, hugs to all and sending positive energy.
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Just a check in before I fall in to bed. Hope you are all doing great!
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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Food and exercise were both off track. Ouch and Ouch. I got wrapped around the axle when I sent something to the office printer at the last minute before I left - something I needed for a meeting last night. It didn't print - printer needed its cartridge changed. Ouch. The benefits of uber fast common printers comes with the need that the ink cartridge needs to be changed by someone wearing gloves who knows how to do it. I miss my old dot matrix printer with inked ribbon on a spool whose output faded away slowly to give me warning.

So I missed gym fiddling with a mechanical task at home that I should have done a week ago. So then I nibbled all night because my head was wonky. I've reread today's Beck quote 3 times and think I'll read it some more; I need it.

onebyone - Yay for chicken soup from scratch - even when you're not sick, LOL. Ouch for the continuing saga of choosing your new apartment - sending supportive thoughts to your DH for his weekend search.

FutureFitChick - Waving back; neat to note that you didn't report still feeling yucky.

CeeJay - Ouch for being on your way to being sick. Perhaps onebyone can email you some of her homemade chicken soup, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Leaving stuff on your plate at a restaurant is good stuff; I'm still working on that.

Shepherdess - Yay for a steak house with vegetarian options - maybe you helped tweak them into that. Apparently, yours was the only house in North America not tuned to the Super Bowl - Green Bay won, in case someone asks, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - LOL at "a smoothie that tasted awful" - you're pretty smart to just make another.

MaryContrary - Yay for having a DP who understands the wrestling you're doing with your scheduling. Big Ouch for needing to fix a flat tire, but Kudos for getting it done.

maryann - Staying OP during a crab feed is a big deal; Kudos. The ones I've been to were conducted with the expectation of excessive eating.

ChefJoona - Yep, that snowshoeing deserves Kudos all right, along with Kudos for wrestling with your head stuff about exercise so you can figure out what's right for yourself. And good luck figuring out portable lunches for when you're out and about. My favorite summer lunch is a white bean, tomato, and red onion salad which would work for me. But for winter I'd need something like cold chicken strips with my Man Salad. Do you eat it in the car?

Andrea (masondixonmama) - Good start there with first day on plan; Kudos. Neat show with, "Said no choice and oh well to cravings before lunch."

pamatga - Congrats on the 1% loss. It would seem ambitious to me to hope to keep loses that high for very long. Does you site mention a tapering off period? Kudos for working your 80 minutes exercise plan.

Readers -
chapter 1
Beginning a New Way of Life

Get Ready to Strengthen Your Resistance Muscle

The more you build your resistance muscle and weaken your giving-in muscle, the easier and easier dieting becomes. You are offered a piece of chocolate, and you spontaneously say, "No thanks," because you are thinking, I'd rather be thinner. You are tempted to take a second slice of bread from the restaurant basket, but you automatically reject the idea: No, I didn't plan to have it. If you are tempted to take the partial cookie left on a tray in the office kitchen, you think, No, I'm not going to have it ... Remember yesterday when I turned down the coffee cake, and I felt really good about it? I did it then, so I know I can do it now. You don't struggle. It isn't painful to turn down food because you've proven to yourself over and over that you can. And not only do you have the confidence to know you can turn down food, but also you know that you feel so much better when you do - strong, confident, and in control. Life becomes so much easier when your resistance muscle is strong.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 19.
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Not to be outdone by Boston, we're starting to get loads of snow. Today exercise will be shoveling. I had an off day, snacking after lunch to excess. I took a nap and then prepared an on plan dinner. I skipped my evening snack. Today I'm supposed to pick my sister up at the airport. It's looking like a long day.

BillBlueEyes, ouch for procrastination which leads to nighttime nibbling. Me, too. I read the quotes and will repeat today, NO CHOICE.

onebyone, I liked your well rounded list and made note, especially "take time for me".

FutureFitChick, thanks for checking in !

CeeJay, parsnips were better in stew. Glad to hear your spirits are elevated and sorry you seem to be getting sick.

gardenerjoy, not just eating your snack because it was time for one. I think that qualifies as thinking like a thin person. Thx for sharing as you read through David Katz' book.

Shepherdess, we don't watch the game, either, but I chuckled at "UnAmerican". Great that you are able to turn down an invite and take care of yourselves after a busy weekend.

Beverlyjoy, great job staying within the parameters of your plan as you adjusted for twists and turns.

MaryContrary, great list of credits as you WFH. Nice to have confirmation from DP that you're on the right track.

maryann, ouch for a grueling weekend but making the decision not to go to the party was very thought out, since you could already visualize the outcome. I agree, a victory.

ChefJoona, I like your idea of a "favorites" list for websites to use as distraction. I, too, find retreating to the bedroom a wise choice in the evening. I put books by the bed for perusing.

Andrea(masondixonmama), great credits for your first day OP!

pamatga, great planning! Good that you are ordering books to come up with an alternative exercise plan.

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Just a quick check in today before I head off for an early AM appointment. I had a plan yesterday and stuck with it. My plan also included some sugar cookies, since Id found a recipe that included whole wheat flour. DH was skeptical, but tried one and deemed it acceptable.

It was snowing yesterday, so no outdoor exercise, but I did do my weights.
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Cool Tuesday so glad it's not Wednesday

Hi coaches

While cleaning in the bedroom I found a book called "Abstinence in Action". This is abstinence like OA abstinence which means abstaining from compulsive eating. It's sort of Beck Workbook-like in that there are daily things to do and you can write in the book and I opened it and was amazed. There was the page where you record your starting weight, your measurments and the date. I wrote April 1990, and my starting weight was 141. My waist was 28.5". It's about 46" right now truth be told. And weighed in this morning (credit) at 282 (-1) which is 141lbs heavier than 21 years ago. I was 26 when I wrote that entry. I lost the weight following Nutrisystem and I had a very physical job printing certificates on a handrolled press (a Vandercook proof press) using handset type, full time. I did see 138 and that's the lowest I have ever been in my adult life.

The next time I lost weight was when I was 39, 8 years ago now. Gee time flies. I went from 278 to 179 - could never get that extra 1lb to make it an even 100lbs lost. I did it through Dr. Berstein and it was crazy stupid. VERY expensive but my sister had just become a multi-millionaire so we both did it as she covered most of my costs; weekly B vitamin injections into the belly fat or the bum when the belly became too sore and too hard (yes that happened) and then after months, like 9 months on this diet which was very very severe-we're talking 800 calories-1000 calories a day (at orientation they told us we could have three tbsp of milk a day! I laughed out loud-the only client to do so it was so ridiculous yet I followed it faithfully...) my hair started to fall out and all they said was I should have been taking Omega 3 capsules all along. D'oh! Like I knew that on my own? I remember going to see the Dr and he drew a little doodle to explain weightloss to me and it was of an alligator pulling a rail car. I thought he was nuts but I wanted to see him finish the drawing. When I stalled at 99lbs lost and could not get to 100 for the life of me I went to see the Dr and he had nothing for me. I asked him for counselling and he said to keep sticking to the diet. I didn't go back and I regained the weight completely but managed to stay 6 or so lbs below my starting weight with them up until this fall when it all came back on.

These were the two major times I have tried to lose weight in my life. In between I just carried the extra weight and did not allow it to be an excuse to not live my life. What's changing is the added factor of being older. I don't think my body can cope with the extra weight as well and you just get older so you can't fight everything off so easily, so effortlessly, and you get tired easier. And there's an accumulation of damage done over time; it's not to be denied. I feel it now as when I am exhausted I am really done for. I want to live to be very old but I want to be able to get around and to do things too. I have to put the pieces into place now so I can have that later. It all makes perfect sense except when I want what I want when I want it and Oh well, there's another day tomorrow...

Thanks for listening.

today's plan
_x_ weighed myself
_x__ drink my water
___ do my exercise
_x__ eat from scratch
_x__ do one load of laundry=wash/dry/fold/sort
_x__ do one load of dishes=wash/unload/sort/pack-give away or keep
___ finish packing the living room bookcase
_x__ take time for me/rest/relax/meditate

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OnebyOne --boy, that story brings back some memories of when I followed a restrictive calorie plan like that. I screwed my metabolism so bad that it took years for it to become "normal". It was during the best reproductive years too so I am sure that is why I also never became pregnant. The things we do to our's sad!

All I can say about the Biggest Loser food and exercise program is that my body really responds to it. I am keeping a diet blog on here "More to Life Than Salads" which I detail what I am doing. I am not eating crazy, I am not following any kind of gimmick. I am essentially eating the same food as my husband except for personal preferences. My present calorie range is 1800-2100 per day. It is 80/20 healthy eating. I do my best to avoid eating off my food plan. I have found that what works for me is if it's not in the house, I won't be tempted to eat it. That's how it works for me.

I don't obsess about food like I used to so I feel that is a real accomplishment. I have also discovered that the best way to not have cravings is to consistently eat a balanced, healthy food plan. I also take a multi vitamin,which I have done for 30+ years because I have also found out that sometimes the root cause of cravings is that we are literally "starved" for nutrients and it's mostly the B vitamins too. That helps our moods and nervous system. I have also begun adding a calcium/vitamin D supplement in the past six months as well.

I did 30 minutes walking on the treadmill yesterday. I plan to do that five times this coming week. I am taking the weekends off from "formal" exercising(which I define as specific strength exercises and cardio) because I can.

I log everything I eat. I log what I exercise. I drink at least 64 oz of plain water daily. I wear a pedometer now to see how many steps I am taking.

Once I get the book "Beck Diet Solution" I want to dive right into and begin practicing this. I have dieted off and on for the past 28 years. I have learned what doesn't work. Now, if I find something that works I stick with it. It is my genuine hope that this is the last time that I go over this same ground. The fact that I was able to maintain my initial 25 lbs weight lose from last July up until a week or so ago tells me I am on the right path.

I just want to develop the mental tools so that when life upsets my apple cart, which it has seemed to do in the past four years especially, that I won't turn to food or bad food choices to help me get through the tough times.

As for the BL projection of losing 1% of your body weight weekly, that is what they believe is possible. I would have done better last week but I ate out a lot and I had a couple of days where my daily calories were 2600-2800 those days. I averaged a 4 lbs weight lose last summer when I followed the food and exercise program as it is presented. If I could exercise like they do on the show, I really believe I could be getting the kinds of results as they do. I have advanced arthritis so I am needing to go slower but I am picking up speed and I hope to be walking 60 minutes a day 5 days a week by March.

This past week;I give myself credit for listening to others and not being resistant to change even if it is not what I would choose on my own. I think that is the biggest change I have done recently in the past couple of weeks.

I give myself credit for also being patient with the process, doing the footwork that is needed and allowing my body to respond to those steps that I am taking.

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Just a quick check-in on a busy day!

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +20 410/1300 minutes for February, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Called in a Substitute today. I have appts. in the city with DS.
Weight was down .5 this morning and I was frustrated. It will jump 3lbs up in a day but drops off at .5. Oh Well. Life is not fair. The basis of the Beck program is responsibility. I veered off program and have to suffer the consequences even if they SEEM extreme. No guilt. Simply the facts. My body cannot process what it used to when I was young. It can not process what I SEE other people eating. It cannot process what TV/media TELLS me I can eat with no problem. My body can handle what it can handle. If I eat over that there will be a weight gain. Bottomline. I can accept and eat accordingly or I can gain weight. I choose today to accept and get on with it.
OP yesterday and today. Yeh!
ChefJoona, MaryContrary and Pagmata: You all talked about logging in food plan and the importance of planning. I am with you. It forces me into responsibility. I don't have to like doing it. I just have to do it.
Masondixonmama: both of us were OP yesterday. Yeah for our side.
Ceejay: I have written lots about depression. It is difficult trudging thru the day when you don't feel like it is going to get any better.
BBE: Love the resistance quote. I don't FEEL it today but I believe in it and I know I will be grateful for it tom.
Lexxiss: Sounds like a good distraction technique to me - taking a nap. Sometimes I am just tired and eat because of it.
Shepardess: It makes me happy to see people planning for treats. I feel like when I start maintaining my plan won't be so rigorous.
Onebyone: your post reminded me that we are in this for health reasons first and foremost.

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Default Four 10 hour Days and as we say in London, knackered

And that comes from taking old horses to the knacker's yard, where they were turned into paste and horse steaks, and whatever... I spent the weekend and MOnday and Tuesday working from 8am to 8pm -- oh, thats 12 hours! Anyway, I have kept doing my daily Beck things -- reading the advantage and response cards, and writing my food down, but I am finding myself slightly out of sync between Weight Watchers and Beck... But the proof of not being sorted out is that I didn't exercise once over these four days, which makes me grumpy and makes me feel old.
I agree that its all a lot harder as I get older. And I think of the slim older women I know, and they all seem to be rather more agile and at ease in their bodies. I think that in the long run, wrinkles and slim is preferable to .......well, what I am.
I have given myself credit today for eating my lentil and mushroom (plus left over salad greens tossed into the wok at the end) stir-fry and for weighing and taking my blood pressure and not panic or binge eating...
BUt the plan for tomorrow is to swim in the morning and go to Pilates on Thursday (Oh yes, I did go to PIlates yesterday...forgot about that...I guess it is so much part of my weekly routine that I forget to notice it!) and swim again on Friday and Sunday. I am better at planning my exercise than planning my food, so that is something I need to work on.
There were some personals I wanted to do, but by going to the posting place, I can't see them. I guess that plan is to write it all down before starting the post.
Anyway. I am hanging in there, and trying to take the long view on my progress so far...which is only mental, since my scale has stayed at 195.4 since about two days after I joined this threas. Too small a change to even put on the boards.
I love reading everyone's posts, and although I have been a member of 3FC for some years, I haven't ever been on a thread were correspondents are so honest and thoughtful about their problems and successes.
It is very inspiring,
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Hi all,

I made it through a hectic work day. My meals were at weird times, but I managed to eat on plan. Fruits are very portable, and luckily I had some apples and oranges as well as some nuts around to eat on the go and get me through until I could sit down and eat.

I tried a bite of some of DP's boxed meal tonight... yuck! I have been so on track with eating healthy whole foods that it tasted like I was eating chemicals, not food (which it probably mostly is)! In the past I would have been craving more than a bite. Celebrating this change!

I'm feeling off tonight... maybe coming down with a cold. I haven't had one this winter, so I guess I'm due.

I'm not noticing any strong cravings for after dinner snacking right now. I think switching my post time to now, and posting my No Choice signs have brought some mindfulness to what have been mindless evenings of unraveling the day with snacking. I hope to strengthen my resistence muscles for this time of day so they are as second nature as discussed in today's Beck quote.

MaryContrary Great to hear that you found a process that works for you for your writing! I can sense the relief in your post!

onebyone and Pamatga, etc Reading your posts about the horribly unhealthy and restrictive diet programs you've experienced makes me so thankful for Beck's healthy and realistic approach!

Food is packed and planned for tomorrow- I have a crafting group I'm attending right after work, so I'll be eating dinner at the office before I leave.

Time for tea and rest, my throat is scratchy!
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Hello everyone!!

MaryContrary-so nice to read about your happy, relieved and on track day of writing!!! Nice list of credits.

FutureFitChick- waving hello

BillBlueEyes-boo for off track food and exercise. Oh well, you know how to move on.

Lexxiss-hope you got to the airport before the snow.

Shepherdess-kuddos for sticking for your plan. Whole wheat sugar cookies sound interesting.

onebyone- that Berstein diet sounded just crazy. Hope you had a good day today.

pamatga- your eating plan sounds really sensible and for sure keeping it out of the house really helps. Sounds like you are in a very good place right now.

gardenerjoy- hello to you on your busy day.

maryann-you wrote " Bottomline. I can accept and eat accordingly or I can gain weight." It really comes down to that. Think I might need to make a new response card with that on it.

RubyJan- your work schedule sounds like mine. No fun. You are doing great keeping up with healthy food and exercise despite the over-work.

ChefJoona-yay for an on plan eating day. Hope you are feeling better.

For me- have a sore throat and a cold. Worked from home today and did paperwork so did not have to go out in the cold. Tomorrow I am supposed to be off to 2 nights in hotel and a conference on Thurs and Fri. Not so sure I am going to make it though. Darn.

Credit today:

weighing in
checking in with my coaches

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