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Default Oy. I know that feeling all too well.

Hello everyone -- I have been working at my computer all weekend, with no exercise breaks and no house cleaning.. Just writing lectures and powerpoints and doing useless administration. And working on believing that I can do this the Beck way... but its hard, which is why I was so touched by your message, Cee-Jay, because I have felt that almost every day for a few years, and am trying to finally scrape the anxiety off! I have been trying again and again and again, like you, to stick with a programme, ANY programme. But the only thing we can do is just do it like the response card says.I gues the thing is to just stick with it for the next three hours, and then when that is done, stick with it for another three hours. Anyway, it doesn't make any difference how many times you may have had to start again, because the more often you try, the more likely it is that you and me and everyone will succeed.

I have been filling out my weight watchers points for two days now, and while I really enjoy writing everything down( it almost feels like the writing makes me feel I can do it) I am feeling hungry and not yet feeling that that is okay. I have also decided to go off HRT after being on it way too long, in order to cut down on my risks... I think deciding to do the Beck programme has made me feel like I really would like to stay alive and not add to the obesity the dangerous potential for breast cancer from HRT.

So back to work tomorrow. And in a little while, I am going to treat myself to watching a silly costume drama on the BBC,called Downton Abbey.

Today I give myself credit for
1) weighing when I woke up and taking my Blood Pressure
2)sticking to my eating plan
3)eating sitting down
4) AND THIS WAS A MAJOR THING -- making my stir fry of mushrooms and lentils and onions in a SMALL PAN, rather than the HUGE one I usually use! Hooray!

Hope everyone is well, and sending you support, Cee-Jay
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Smile Thank You BillBlueEyes for the Warm Welcome

Well, I read this book when it first came out. I brought it home from the library, which I agree with another person here is not the best way to read this book since it is not a "quick read". I have a background in both traditional dieting like Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, South Beach (was the most recent in 2008) and non-traditional dieting like Overeaters Anonymous which helped me when I was really working the program. If you name a program that I haven't mentioned here, I can bet my last dollar I have tried it. Of course, the irony of that is for all the dieting efforts I have put forth I am actually heavier than I have ever been. I have even broken past set points and moved beyond them! That is what is frightening me.

I am currently enrolled on the "Biggest Loser Club" website. I just feel like so much of my problem with food is between my two ears--my head, my brain, my noggin! I want to quit reacting to life with poor food choices. I want to lose this extra weight once and for all and I believe that this is the other half of the equation. I need to develop a "Thin Mind" so when the body gets down to a normal size I will have the mindset to keep the weight off.

This time I will buy a copy of my own and I will be posting here daily from now on. So, for the time being, thanks again for the welcome and here's to everyone's success along this journey.
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Smile I Must Apologize Right Here and Right Now!

I scrolled down and read all of your warm welcomes, not to take away from Bill!

I read what you all said and I am getting a better idea of what you are trying to do here and where I can add my two cents.

I give myself credit for rejoining "Biggest Loser" and following their outline for weight lose and regaining health and strength through 80/20 healthy eating and moderate exercises.

I ordered pizza last night but I got the vegetarian rather than my favorite sausage.

I do log my food plan every day on BLC (Biggest Loser Club) and I log my exercises.

I drink 64-80 oz of plain water each day.

I bought a pedometer so I could see and know just how active I am (or not).

I bought a new digital scales so I could face the truth about my weight lose (and/or gain).

I officially weight once a week but I also weight each day.

I credit myself for joining you all in getting this done the right way this time.

Hope your team wins today.


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I have 49 minutes to sit down with you all. I'm trying a new recipe, a 10 Vegetable Stew. It's simmering right now. I did taste 2 new vegetables-parsnip and celery root. The jury is out...I'm thinking I'll enjoy them more in the stew but I haven't even tasted the concoction since I always make a recipe exactly as written the first time.

Today our brunch provided an obstacle-Thai Coconut Shrimp. I had more than was prudent, but I'll never make them at home . Many times we don't have another meal all day but tonight we'll have the above mentioned stew. *credit* I skipped items I might have enjoyed otherwise, including my usual 1 egg benedict. I did get stuck with dessert and enjoyed several small cookies when I had planned 0. Exercise was shoveling-we got 10" of snow.

BillBlueEyes, what a nice food reward for successful, yet sensitive, decluttering. I had not thought of ordering the steamed fish at a Thai restaurant. I think we're going tomorrow night. *credit* always for bringing home half for lunch. PS-loved the scale story! I think we're all very similar that way.

pamatga, glad to hear you'll be joining us! I, too, need to develop a "Thin Mind". My thin mind isn't always connected, but when it is it feels great.

), I hope your Beck prep is going well. Glad to hear that Dr Beck's scale talk really sunk in with you. It really makes sense...I find it works quite well.

), as an Aqua fan, I was happy to hear you were a bit sore. It's such great exercise! Hope you're weathering the heat!

Carols2, I hope you are feeling another day better. When I have those "fruit tart" moments it can be quite discouraging. I sure liked what maryann had to say about Dr Beck reminding us to believe in ourselves. You have really come a long way!

onebyone, it sounds like you are persisting to victory. Great job! pitching MIL'S food AND DH's snacks! I liked reading your thought of blessing someone's home with the pans you lovingly packed. Now that I'm working at the food bank I'm understanding that sentiment more than ever.

Beverlyjoy, Yay! Mission accomplished for a fun healthy evening. Now THAT is "thinking like a thin person". I believe it is all in the planning. (sweet that your DH noticed!)

gardenerjoy, great that the scale is moving for you again! I'm with you and am visiting my Beck friends instead of SB'ing. Congrats! on the official announcement of your blog!

FutureFitChick, it's hard to plan when your sick in bed. Glad to hear you're feeling human again and are ready to get back on track.

CeeJay, I don't think your coaches ever skip a "bummer of a post". I am sending supportive thoughts your way and am so hoping that the lessening of job responsibilities is going to ease some of the pressure. If this helps at all, I will share with you that when I absolutely 100% said NO CHOICE to any refined sugar for 6 months, that after the first 12-16 days of detox the process was really simplified. Have you read "The End of Overeating" by David Kessler. For me, understanding WHAT the fat/sugar/salt combo did to me helped me to decide I didn't want to do that anymore.

ChefJoona, regarding lost posts...several posters here suggested I formulate my post on a notepad. I have One Note-it doesn't get lost and I cut and paste when ready. Hooray! for your MAJOR CREDIT, using a small pan instead of the usual large one! PS Glad you and your twin are connecting. My sis arrives Tuesday. She is 2 1/2 yrs younger.

RubyJan, what a wonderful revelation, you said " I….feel like I really would like to stay alive .." It is motivating me, too.

MaryContrary, maryann, Shepherdess, maryblu and all my Beck comrades (it's dinner time)

The stew was great! I had to rouse DH out of his chair to come to the table. He said, "funny-old habits die hard". He has no idea about the Beck program. ...and, as I observed tonight we haven't had ice cream in the house since he agreed it was ok not to buy it any more.
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Lightbulb overwhelmed on a sunday night


So I waved bye to DH again. He's probably 2/3 to his mom's by now. He's at work tomorrow in Toronto for the week. He was exhausted this weekend and thinks he's getting sick. No doubt. He's had no rest for weeks. I am worried about his health and worried about my own. I felt lousy today. Super puffy and bloated. Really unhealthy. Breathless. Just bad. Part of it is anxiety. DH leaving always triggers that and the overwhelming nature of my task at hand.... sucks. 5 weeks to get this place ready for movers and moving. I can do it. I am doing it. I can feel the tension in my jaw though. And in my stomach. And in my tight muscles that threaten to just seize up. And in my rapid shallow breathing that accompanies my anxiousness and makes me wonder "is that my asthma flaring up or is that just anxiety?"
Anxiety it is.

Talking to someone I realized that for now my foodplan is not really about food but about taking actions to support my health. Primary is exercise. I felt 1000x better in everyway (mind, body and spirit) when I was focused on getting my Walk Away the Pounds dvd done daily in January. I need to know my body won't fail me. When I am anxious I disconnect from my body somewhat making it soooo much easier to eat bad things. I'm not connected to what I am doing to my body with poor choices. I need to support my health during this stressful time, not serve to make it dysfunctional or make myself feel bad so I can't get this place ready for moving. I must accept this is my task and only my task for the most part. This is what's in front of me to do. I need my body to be working right so I can bend and stretch and pack things/move things/box things up/carry things from one room to the next/bring garbage to the end of the long parking lot or to the recycle bin/carry and move stuff up or down the stairs. My body is essential to getting this done. I need to support my body's health with, at the very minimum, some exercise to strengthen it , to energize it, and to give me the confidence that I am strong enough to get through this.

Acting on ways to support my health inevitably leads to food choices so starting with the exercise will bring me back to food choices in no time. Moving my body is the one answer I get when I listen to my intuition. I have to start there and keep myself open to the next still small whisper that follows.

Thanks for listening.

today's credits
-weighed in: 282.4 (-2 lbs)
-did a load of laundry/folded it
-visited my mom & took her for a drive & went to the casino & had lunch together & answered her questions about me moving even though she asked over and over (her alzheimer's loop today) as she forgot and i dealt with my feelings each time she expressed her fear over me being gone and I said "don't worry I'll see you as much (true) and will call you as much - things won't change too much for us (true-I think...ugh *insert anxiety and sadness here coaches) but *credit* for not avoiding my mother to avoid these feelings something I would have done in the past for sure.
-cooked dinner from scratch
-checked in with my coaches
-left some of my lunch as I felt too full and not so good

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Default Night posting.

Hello, my Forum. Just a quick check-in as I wrap up my migrant office space. It's funny how opening a card table, wheeling in my extravagant swivelly leather chair, pulling out my notebooks and books and papers, and lighting a few candles completely changes my room into a writing space. Time to turn it back into sleepy space.

Tomorrow, I begin serious writing on this next, second chapter. Of course I didn't get through all the sources I wanted to read; of course I didn't make the elaborate plan I wanted to make. BUT -- I'm going to try and push through and treat this like a DRAFT. We'll see. I'm a little frightened of the writing schedule I've set for myself this week. I'm prepared to push myself, but if jumping in doesn't work, I'm not going to waste time in the jumping. I'll go back to planning until things feel balanced in my mind.

Unfortunately, I already *feel* how tomorrow is going to go, with this jumping in. I don't feel good about it. What can I say? My instinct says I need another day to get this plan into working order. Okay, I'm going to make a compromise with myself: no more reading of secondary sources, but I will make this plan tomorrow.

Does this sound like procrastination? Hmmm. All I know is that planning is, for me, a form of writing. I really view my plan as a rough draft. And I need just a bit more of it, to work out my ideas.

Maybe the lesson in all of this is to learn to produce more writing, but NOT to chuck my tried and true process completely out the window.


* working out Sat and Sun

* making a week-long plan for writing and working out

* doing laundry and cleaning the room

* academic: reading more sources, making a rough-sketch-of-a-plan, doing some freewriting

Thanks for all the supportive feedback, waving to my Beck comrades ! Hope to have time for personals some time soon.
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Default Coooool Monday

Hi Coaches

It has cooled down after 8 straight days over 35 (about 95F) and many days over 41 (HOT). When the rain hit around lunch time yesterday you could hear the ground sizzle and as it was 40 at the time there was a cloud of hot humidity that hit you in the face when you rushed outside to get cool. Took a while for that to happen. We had record breaking LOWS where the night time temperature minimum was 27.2 but for most of the night sat at 33C (over 90F). It is lovely at the moment. Poor Western Australia with the bush fires - the world has gone crazy.

My food has been a bit all over the place - a biscuit here, a piece of bread there, a lack of planning etc. I am really busy and it shows in my food. I never do anything drastic but my weight just bobs up and down in the same place. I need to get organised - get resolve. CeeJay - I really identify with what you are saying and I am sorry you are in that space . It is difficult to sustain momentum when there is so much that is going on and making life busy. Sometimes just to survive work I deny my physical existence and live hand to mouth. But I need a better plan

Thanks for being here my coaches - credit I checked in tonight and I need to get back to work. It is 8.50pm and I have a lot more to do
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Thumbs up Monday - The day after

Diet Coaches/Buddies - De-cluttering went well; I faced a huge stack of plumbing and electrical material from twenty years ago. Don't know why it's so painful; perhaps it's accepting that I'm done with self-renovating work, perhaps it's all the plans that were never completed to perfection - just to good enough. I boxed up to give away one of those quiet overhead fans from a yard sale that I always intended to install in our bedroom - electrically wonderful but ugly. Finally admitted that I'd never do that much work installing something I thought was ugly however much I admired the 128 pole motor that allowed it to run so quietly. Over did snacks, Ouch. Didn't over eat during the Super Bowl itself, CREDIT moi.

Out for several walks (CREDIT moi) - using my YakTrak's over my boots for the first time this season. I walked fearlessly over ice while others were floundering. What a great invention.

onebyone - Yay for a month of exercising and for planning another. Kudos for achieving the inner peace to accept your mom's Alzheimer's graciously. [The rain Saturday diminished all our tall stacks of snow - good for those of us who might face shoveling more on top, but the photo drama has passed unrecorded by me.]

FutureFitChick - Welcome back to humanity; hope your DH quickly follows. LOL at chasing away germs for exercise.

CeeJay - Anytime you post, it's not a bummer; it's accountability and that's a step forward. Yep, the way forward is the small steps that you know well. Glad you're finding your way there.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on your new low, although this year's snow was a heavy price to pay for that achievement. With Saturday's rain our roof is now clear even as the papers report more roof collapses. Glad to have passed that hurdle.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for Mardi Gras in February.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for busy, Yay for busy, Kudos for moving forward any way. Glad you've got some respite from your heat.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ten is a lot of different vegetables in one stew; haven't had celery root myself. Was startled by the phrase, "egg Benedict" - have always heard "eggs," LOL.

MaryContrary - Yep, there's a legitimate - and perpetual - tension between thorough and procrastination; Kudos for acknowledging it and finding your path. I like the image of folding up your office to convert the room into the bedroom - sorta the opposite of a Murphy bed, LOL.

ChefJoona - Yay for Quinoa, with thanks to whoever kept that in cultivation until it so recently began to be marketed in North America. Big Kudos for resolving family tension; wish that wasn't so hard.

Ruby (RubyJan) - Like that "in a SMALL PAN" step for bounding your food; Kudos. But you got me drooling for your "stir fry of mushrooms and lentils and onions," LOL.

pamatga - Super list of credits - Kudos, Kudos, Kudos. I especially like the veggie pizza since it's the kind of small step with a benefit without adding to a feeling of being deprived.

Readers -
chapter 1
Beginning a New Way of Life

Get Ready to Strengthen Your Resistance Muscle

On the other hand, every time you eat something you hadn't planned to eat, you weaken your resistance muscle and strengthen your "giving-in" muscle. When you say yes to unplanned food, even if you're eating only crumbs, you make it more likely that you will give in the next time ... and the time after that ... and the time after that. This is why every single bite of unplanned food matters. It's not just the calories; it's the habit. Every time you skip practicing a skill, you strengthen your giving-in muscle and make it less likely that you will consistently use that skill in the future. So every time matters.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 19.
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Just a quick check in this AM, as I'll most likely be back this evening.

Major credit yesterday for an hour long snow shoe with my sister. It was great to be out with her, but it was a challenge. The moment I feel any physical discomfort I start to get really anxious which just makes it worse. I'm going to spend some of my day off today figuring out an exercise plan. I did a bit of Googling around for resources online last night. One page I found recommended a really slow start to exercising. I think my issue is I feel like I should be able to do much more than I'm capable of right off. I jump on the treadmill and expect to be able to sustain a fast rate of walking for a long time, when my body isn't used to that. I then feel in pain and disappointed in my self and avoid exercising. I have to stop that cycle!

FutureFitChick I'm actually not on WW or Superfood RX (though I want to investigate that one...). I am really resistant to any kind of prescriptive diet, so I have developed my own high fiber, loaded with prouduce lower calorie diet. There's no science to it, and I don't count calories, but some how it works for me.

Gotta run... got a call from my Mom that she needs me to take her cat to the vet for an emergency appointment. He was starting to display some signs of a bladder issue yesterday when I was visiting them. He's worse this morning and she called the vet from work and they need to see him ASAP. Its about a 25 minute drive to their house to get him. Hope he's ok! Poor guy!
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I’ve been absent for a few days due to a busy weekend and have had trouble connecting with this site. On Friday and Saturday I had training all day. I managed to sneak a run in since it started later, but didn’t get exercise on Saturday. The training was too early and afterward DH and I went out to a movie and dinner. No exercise yesterday either since I was helping DH all AM and we were working on a house project all yesterday afternoon. And yes, we missed the Super Bowl. We might be un-American. We don’t get TV at the house. We were invited to a party, but just didn’t feel like going.

We had a few meals provided during the training and I chose the best options I could under the circumstances. When we went out to dinner, I was happy to find that the steak house has added more vegetarian options, so now I have more choices than just the Greek salad I normally get. Both days were OP and I was on top of my game.

Yesterday I didn’t really have a plan and it showed. I did stay within my calorie limit, but I certainly wasn’t making very healthy choices. I’ll give myself credit for tracking my food and making plans for the week.

I wanted to recommend some whole grain pancakes recipes from the NY Times. I made the cardamom spiced pancakes yesterday. DH thought they were weird, but I thought they were really good.

BillBE, yay for Yaktrax getting you out for exercise on the ice. Great job continuing to declutter, but ouch that it made you snack.

Seadwaters, yikes for hot weather and bush fires. It sounds wild over there. I hope you’re surviving all of it. Glad you got a slight reprieve from all the heat. Keep hanging on with your busy schedule. It seems like you’re making good progress on figuring out how to work in exercise and how to get good meals while you’re busy.

MaryContrary, best of luck on your week of hard writing! Kudos for making a plan that includes exercise through all of it. I hope it gives you the energy you need!

Onebyone, focusing on your overall health, not just your weight, is a great plan. It’ cool that you’ve noticed a difference with the Walk Away the Pounds videos. That will help keep up your motivation. Best of luck with your continued packing. It sounds like you’re making progress.

Lexiss, yay for new recipes! I hope this was a keeper. Ouch for the coconut shrimp, but good recovery. Wow for 10 inches of snow, but it is good exercise.

Welcome Pamatga! It’s great that you’ve recognized that weight loss is a psychological issue, not just finding the right diet. I have tried lots of diets over the years, but Beck is the only one that seems to work over a long period of time. Kudos for getting the veggie pizza instead of the sausage!

RubyJan, great job making stir fry in the small pan instead of the big one. Great job sticking with WW. It will take some time to get it all figured out, but if you stick with it, you’ll be in the zone.

CeeJay, hugs while you deal with the frustration of going off plan. Remember, it’s not all a waste. You’ve made some good progress, like learning how to have a healthy plan when you are staying in a hotel and dealing with stress without eating. I hope things slow down at work soon. That should make things so much easier for you.

FutureFitChick, glad you are starting to feel better. Sometimes, the plan just doesn’t work for the circumstances, but it’s good that you had one. I hope you and your DH are now fully recovered!

Gardenerjoy, congrats on the new low and yay for all that shoveling. Glad you were rewarded for remembering that hunger isn’t an emergency.

ChefJoona, great job going into the Super Bowl with a healthy plan. It’s a tough day dedicated to eating and watching TV!

Beverlyjoy, kudos for filling up on something healthy before heading into the Mardi Gras party. That is a great strategy!

SilverBirch, yes, the little one is due end of June/beginning of July. It’s a great time to have a baby on the ranch. DH’s family has a lot of July birthdays.

Waving to everyone else I missed!
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We unexpectedly went out to lunch yesterday. Credit for making reasonable choices (even though I was tempted to do otherwise), for leaving the worst stuff on my plate (next time, I'll try to remember to ask them to just not give me the stupid fried pastry bowl of the taco salad), and for skipping both snacks because Mexican food tends to leave me quite full and I didn't need to eat a snack just because it was time for one.

I shoveled snow (actually slush) for the second day in a row as exercise, so no * to indicate that I varied my workout from the day before. Today might make the third in a row if it gets warm and sunny enough and the salt does its part of the job. I haven't driven in 10 days -- we're getting the big truck out some, but DH drives it. The library has forgotten who I am.

WI: +0.45kg, Exercise: +90 390/1300 minutes for February, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Hugs to onebyone, CeeJay, Carols2 and everyone else! The book I'm reading (The Way to Eat by David Katz and Maura Gonzalez) says that our human bodies were designed for constant movement and scarce food. We are not well adapted to an environment of limited movement and abundant food. We're like polar bears in the desert -- not designed for the environment we're living in -- so it's a struggle. Not an impossible struggle, obviously (look at the Maintainers thread), but aiming for a healthy lifestyle in the modern environment is not a goal for wimps! So credit to each of us for doing what we can this day to move our journey forward. We're all champions!
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Hi Becksters/coaches - Yesterday was a healthy day - I am grateful. My written plan needed to take some twists and turns - but, I stayed right within the perameters of my plan. I was working and missed my morning snack. So, I got those veggies in later in the day. I made a smoothie that tasted awful. So, I pitched it and made a different one. It all worked out fine. Credit/grateful.

I called the Disney folks and found out that our room has a mini fridge. This is great - as I can get and keep some yogurt and other healthy things around in there.

Yesterday I had many credits:
Planned (changed plan)/measured/logged
Journal - actually wrote down credits/sabotaging thoughts/ unplanned eating, etc
Said No choice a couple of times
Did some exercise
Left a bite
No seconds

Lately I have been licking the spoon or knife when I am preparing food. There was a time, for months, when I just was willing to not engage in this food behavior. I am going to make a concentrated effort to get back to this.
This is one place where I can twirl instantly as my reward. (I love twirling) I need to be reading my arc/rc/beck book more consistently, concentrating on taste/mindfulness/slowness when I eat.

DH needed to be in Pittsburgh for an early meeting. He watched the Super Bowl with folks at the hotel in the lobby. There is no joy in Pittsburgh this morning. I hope folks aren’t grumpy at the meeting. I watched the game with a regular healthy meal, enjoyed the commercials, and played on the computer while watching. It was nice not to face the usual Super Bowl party foods this year.

Futurefitchick - you said: just curious, how did you count the chocolate from the fountain? I wasn’t able to find a close match when I had that. I know that one tablespoon of Hershy Syrup is 50 calories. I know I didn’t have more than a couple of teaspoons of the chocolate. I counted that chocolate as one of my fruit exchanges. Since both chocolate and fruit are carb exchanges it worked out OK for me. A fruit exchange is equal to aprox. 60 calories.

cee-jay - gosh - I would never skip your post because you are struggling. I am glad you posted. Not glad you are feeling down about the weight stuff. I totally understand how you feel and sometimes feel the same. It's just never ends all this weight loss stuff. One thing I do know, we can never stop trying again because this time might be THE time when it does click into our psyche. I know, for me, my judgement on when, how much, what, and where to eat food is just broken. So, I just have to plan. Sometimes we do better than other times. Maybe try different plan for a fresh start. Most of all, please keep posting.

I’ll try to get back for more personals.

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Smile Hi Everyone!

Today is my official weight in day: 274 lbs. I lost the "recommended" 1% of body weight (BLC) or 2.76 lbs this past week. I am keeping a chart so I have something to aim for each week.

Exercise: I added 10 minutes to my last week's 20 minutes on the treadmill.

I drink 64 oz of plain water starting first thing in the morning. I don't allow myself any other beverage until I have hit that mark.

I log in on my BLC site both my fitness and my food plan each day. I keep a "clean" kitchen so I don't usually plan my meals ahead. I eat whatever I feel like throughout the day since as I log them on BLC the macronutrients are calculated for me. My goal each day is to stay within the recommended nutrient breakdowns. This way I can tell at a glance if I need to eat more vegetables for dinner, etc. and I know by the end of the day I have eaten a balanced and healthy meal plan.

I ordered "Beck Diet Solution" last night and it should be here by Friday.

I also ordered two books by Dr. Egoscue which were recommended to me. It is an alternative exercise program for dealing with chronic pain. Chronic pain is the main reason why I find it difficult to make real headway in upping my activity level. The exercises take about 80 minutes at a time but they will be well worth when I will correct the causes of my chronic pain.

Have a great day everyone!
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Arrow Monday check-in


Woke up feeling blah this morning. We've got the lightly falling fluffy snow again. I talked to DH just now. He went to see the place we thought we wanted to rent (that's around the corner from DH's work) with the agent over his lunch hour. He wanted to see it again before we put in an offer on it. There are two units side by side; one can only be seen on a Saturday so we've never seen it though the floorplans indicate they are identical HOWEVER... he just told me there's a bad/cheap ceiling patch job on the floor beneath the kitchen sink. he turned the water on and there wasn't a leak so he thinks it's shoddy workmanship but the landlord needs to answer for it. As well, he did rememebr correctly that the mirrored door of the entry way closet was broken on the left hand side and there is a chipped tile in the kitchen. He did say the backyard was as big as I remembered and I spent a good hour investigating cat enclosures for Caesar-dreaming that I can bring the kitty safely outdoors with me. He'd love that. But I digress. All this to say that we have to wait until we get an answer from the landlord and DH may stay in town over the weekend to see the second unit. I am actually urging him to stay over as he is exhausted. Poor guy. And he's getting sick too; a cold. He needs to just rest.

So again I need patience. No answer on a place to live yet.

And I totally forgot I was going to commit my plan here today. I am so distracted. credit for weighing in: 283.4 today (+1). I am having my chicken soup for lunch and dinner made from scratch -credit. Credit as well for tossing DH's mom's leftovers out.
I am still planning on a 15 session of watp but I might walk on my mini trampoline to the dvd, but wither way I'll do it before the day is over. No credit moi until it's done of course.

today's plan
___ drink my water
___ do my exercise
___ eat from scratch
___ do one load of laundry=wash/dry/fold/sort
___ do one load of dishes=wash/unload/sort/pack-give away or keep
___ finish packing the living room bookcase
___ take time for me/rest/relax/meditate

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"Arrrrgh!" as Snoopy would say. The weekend was grueling. I shared about staying OP at King's Game. Well, I stayed OP (extra 300 calories) during crab feed AND through friend's breakfast of chili cheese omlettes the next morning. But I STILL had to face a Superbowl party. I began eating misc. sugar items and decided no way would I go to the party and eat the rest of the evening. Credit: Did not go to party, went to gym instead and although I was still a little messy that evening and weighed in plus (3lbs) my bet water weight) this morning, I think it was a victory. I have repeatedly learned about myself that I can only handle one meal a day out. Next time, I will pack more meals.
Personals tom. I am OP as we speak.

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