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Good morning,
I need self discipline where this site is concerned. I turn on my computer and then I start reading and I forget I am here on a time limit and then I run out of time and I am off and running here. I think I need structure in some areas.
Life is good we got 10 inches of snow and I can not believe how high the snow is piled. My DS loves it he is out climbing all over the snow. This is good impromptu exercise.
I realize I enjoy warmer weather better as I get older. I told my husband we should live in a warmer climate for six months out of the year. He likes this too.
I hope everyone has a great day and I am off to read Beck.
Take Care
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Thumbs down feeling bad and letting it out. beware coaches-it ain't pretty.

Hi Coaches

I weighed in credit for my official friday weighin: 284

geez louise.

I don't have many inner resources to deal with bad news today coaches. I do think that I am now going to go to a monthly official weighin. I think the last friday of every month will be when I change my ticker and only that last friday. I will continue to weigh in daily and report it here.

Reasons for the weight gain? Oh not really paying attention and eating some processed food and being stressed out. Really stressed out. I think stress, and whatever hormonal components get activated when stressed, cause my body to retain fluid and puff right up. Stress also takes my eye off the ball too so I eat more, and more often, I don't record my food, I don't want to record my food, I get fed up easily, and feed myself up to the gills.

So new challenge for today: the "pre-vacating inspection" happened yesterday. Two guys came through here, one in the morning, one in the afternoon. They are going to rip out the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom cabinets plus redo the floors in the same rooms and change all the closet doors. They will finish the trim on a window and replace the dining room chandelier and this all starts after we are gone from here on April 1st. In the afternoon the guy came to measure everything for the reno. Inbetween I get a call from a rental agent WHO WANTS TO SHOW MY PLACE TONIGHT!!!!

OMG. My place is a disaster, like a minor Hoarders episode disaster. Surfaces, floors are dirty, like with dirt dirt. The main hallway is full of large paintings and art show display stuff: tables, display boards, art materials. Bathrooms have stuff cluttering all the counters as I shoved stuff in there and pulled stuff out to start to sort it/throw it away. The living room, dining room, kitchen are stuffed to the gills with boxes and dishes and clutter. I am a messy person to begin with, this moving business has completely thrown me off and with DH not here to keep me focused I go on tangents and start and stop in a variety of areas. ANYWAY... I told the agent "my place is in extreme .... disarray." "That doesn't matter we won't be there long.""No, it's really messy.""We'll be in and out." I just said yes. The look of horror and judgement of how I live will cross their faces. I've seen it before. It's exactly the same feeling you get when you know someone is judging you for your size. I would leave but don't want to risk Caesar running out.

Who knows how often this will happen now. Probably until it is rented. how the h3ll will it get rented in this condition is beyond me...AND the unit right next door is empty. Why not show it? Oh whatever.

I am feeling very low and very hopeless right now. Luckily "this too shall pass"... credits 5 bags of garbage gone + 2 boxes of boxes -- a plan for packing is starting to emerge: every night do a load of dishes/every morning sort the dishwasher into keep and give away boxes & every day one load of laundry done then folded into keep and giveaway piles ---> repeat both actions until it's all done.

I packed two boxes but when I went to lift one box up the bottom fell out. Bad old tape. I need to go out this moring and get new packing tape and food for the kitty and milk for my coffee and coffee too. I still have to unload the dishwasher and load the washer so I am already behind on my to-do list but the day is young.

DH is back tonight. I hope I don't spend the night crying on his shoulder. He doesn't need me falling apart.

See you guys later.
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Hello Coaches;

I quickly want to inform everyone about a place we can go that is free, face to face, and very private. For those who would like to talk with other people dealing with food problems, Overeaters Anonymous may be a good choice. They are located in different countries also. I have been to several of the meetings and they were helpful. Really helped with some of the depression issues I had about my weight.
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Green Tomatoes
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Ate movie popcorn for lunch yesterday and giving myself two credits. One for calling it "lunch" when it was clearly enough calories to be lunch (actually it replaced both lunch and a snack). And, two, for facing down the sabotaging thought that there weren't good nutrients and I needed to eat more, like my planned lunch, to get them. Clearly, I am not going to suffer from malnutrition due to one junky lunch. The more appropriate response is to say "A treat instead of lunch is okay, just don't do it too often." Once a month, at most, I'm thinking.

I skipped my weigh-in today, not needing to see what popcorn salt did to weight!

For some fun news, today (and all weekend) I'm celebrating the Grand Opening of my new book blog: Stop by for the virtual ribbon cutting and to register for the door prize!

WI: kg, Exercise: +50* 150/1300 minutes for February, Food: 60%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: the food court at your hotel will likely have both fruit and yogurt. Did you say you're taking a small cooler? You can buy the fruit and yogurt on your way to the bus in the morning and have it all day. I don't know if there's a policy about bringing food into the parks, but I suspect you can just say you're diabetic and get away with anything.

onebyone: hang in there! You are making good and real progress and even have a routine. That's great! It will get you where you need to be.
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I went to an 8am Weight Watchers meeting this morning, so I feel I am a step close in my immediate goal of getting settled with a food plan. So I feel quite upbeat about it, and am looking forward to doing my page of the PINK WORKBOOK later on.
Carols2 -- I would love to go to OA, but the few times I have gone, all the people there were very badly underweight, and it was hard to find it supportive.
BillBlueEYes I did't know I was meant to have a morning snack -- haven't gotten that far with PINK BOOK yet. Will be glad to have one when the time comes!
onebyone I am a completely messy person myself, and I find myself sitting at my computer with the floor around me covered with -- well rightnow...magazines, 2 bowl, 2 forks, three pairs of shoes distributed over the floor, oh yeah, and about 13 books strewn about.... so I can relate.
Went to Weight Watchers meeting and signed up
Ate lunch with a friend and ate a slim person's lunch
Read my Advantages Card and two response cards.
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Post I don't like Fridays.

another warning to coaches and buddies that this is some major processing

These are the days I wish I had a "normal" 9-5 job, and could feel happy that the end of the working week had arrived. Instead, I'm facing a weekend of trying to catch up on a week I probably over-planned in the first place. Damn academia.

Let me (try to) talk myself into a more positive spin on my anxieties: first, I was trying an experiment this week, with working out in the mornings and then getting to my academic stuff in the afternoon / evenings. This plan really only worked on the days the DP was at her second job, or at the gym, as I just can't work when she's in our room. I actually like this schedule, as long as I don't exhaust myself with the work-out. I find that I have more energy in the afternoons if I work out in the morning; and I definitely have more energy in the morning for a work out. Okay, so maybe it's not the schedule that's the problem.

Second, I'm coming up, yet again, to a period of some serious writing, and facing the normal anxieties of not having done enough research, not having read all of the secondary sources I needed to read -- not knowing enough, in other words. I had scheduled for myself, this week, to go through these secondary sources and then make a rough plan of the image I have of this chapter. And here it is Friday, and I feel like I don't quite have my mind wrapped around the research, and I definitely haven't done the rough plan.

Third, there have been some major stresses this week in terms of the Weekly Shuffling of Bills, and the general figuring-out-how-to-make-ends-meet when one of us is a graduate student and the other works in non-profit, and we live in one of the most expensive counties in the country. Anyway, I get so frustrated at the "intrusion" of these realities -- they take up my time, they take up my mind, and they really test the limits of my flexibility.

All of these factors lead to the necessity of having to work this weekend. The teenager inside of me is throwing a fit. But, as I mentioned in a post earlier this week, I set myself this rigorous writing schedule because I MUST get this dissertation done. Moreover I CAN get it done at a speedier rate than I've been going. And, finally, getting it done is going to take a LOT of sacrifice and flexibility.

Can any one say NO CHOICE?!

So I'm going to move forward, and as I work this weekend I'm going to think about next week's experiment, in terms of eating, working out, and writing. The writing MUST come first, but I want to make sure I don't completely let go of the other areas.

I think this week I focused first on working out and eating; but to meet the Dissertation challenge, the research and writing must come first. So, I need to do some very practical thinking and planning about how I make this happen, and not lose what I have gained in terms of healthy eating and movement.

Today's goals:

-- make a writing / working out plan for the weekend and next week

-- deal with the IRS with a smile on my face

-- eat OP despite the stress and the trip into LA

-- pet the warm furry kitty belly (said kitty currently sprawled next to me on the sunny window sill) and take some deep breaths

Thanks for listening, and apologies for not getting to the personals.
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Hi Beckies - yesterday was a healthy day - am so, so grateful. I found the willingness to push through and use my resistance techniques. Today I found some children's fruit smoothies that don't need to be refrigerated. So I can take them on my trip in my healthy stash of foods.

I have some credits:
planned/measured/logged food
logged sodium
lots of water
no seconds
left a bite

Today I had an appointment. There was a bit of a wait - I did a meditation while I was waiting. Credit! Also, my blood pressure is down! I guess this low sodium really works. It is extremely hard to find low/no sodium prepared foods, however.

I want to thank everyone for their ideas and support as to how I can do Disney with my food challenges. I really appreciate it. I am hoping that I can have a really on plan week to that I can head into my vacation feeling strong about not bingeing the entire time while away. I have always been an 'all or nothing' food plan person. It's either on or off. I really dislike this part of me - I've been working on it. I have made some strides - but, still have a way to go.

I think I'll have time to do personals tomorrow.

Remember to treat yourself as well as you'd treat a friend.

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Beginning last year I began a journey of inner self work. I felt the first 46 years were controlling, disciplining, surviving, accepting, cherishing the external factors of life - family, work, society, education blah, blah. At 46, due to some external wake up calls, I knew it was time to face the next half of my life focusing on my insides - face the fears that have driven me for years, challenge myself in new ways intellectually, free myself from my food addiction and - as a result - deepen myself spiritually. Short hand - I wasn't going to be 50 -overweight, hating a job I onced love and "people-pleasing" everyone so I was in "the popular crowd" whatever that meant.
Fast forward to today. - Like MaryContrary and Chef Joona I have entered a new phase in weightloss - the 140s. It will be my maintenance decade and will be where I will repose happily for the rest of my life. I have been accepted to an MFA program after which I may choose to continue the work I love or have options for change. And this morning ( I know this sounds trivial) I had a rare pedicure, put my ipod on in order to relax and DID NOT FORCE MYSELF TO ENTERTAIN THE MANICURIST. For some this feat seems trivial, but for me, it is not. I have always had to do a soft shoe tap dance with a big smile to make everyone happy, always, even if I was dying inside. The shrink who assigned me a 5150 after my second suicide attempt 25 years ago said she locked me up because of my "smiling" attitude which apologized for bothering everyone with my "little dramas."
Today I feel my progress and, instead of being scared it will all disappear, I feel at peace. As the Beck program says, "I believe in myself. I know how to lose weight. I have learned the tools. There is nothing magic about it."
Beverleyjoy: It is my nightmare to have people bring me food I love. You did very well under the circumstances.
RubyJan: Congrats on the Weight Watcher's program. It is a very reasonable diet.
FFChick: Credit for staying OP even when you don't feel well.
Silverbirch: Welcome. We are close to weight sisters.
Lexxiss: Love the idea of putting a donut on your plan. It showed great confidence and maturity.
Seadwaters: What is aqua? It sounds fun.
BBE: Credit fruit over cake. It is proof that if we abandon perfectionism we live more comfortably in the world.
Onebyone: I am sorry it is tough right now. But you are making progress. You place is much emptier than it was before. That is due to your effort.
Gardenerjoy: It has been a huge tool for me to allow myself a popcorn meal and accept that overall nutrition of my food plan is looked at weekly - not daily.

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Hello friends,

How wonderful to be able to be part of this community. I learn something everytime I read here.

I am gearing up to start my diet. I have been doing some of the administrative stuff like making my cards, making my daily log sheets, and my weight graph. At the workshop, Dr. Beck really surprised me by recommending that we weigh ourselves every day and post the results on a graph. She said that this was important because we need to see that the scale will fluctuate on a daily basis rather than decreasing every time, even when we are following our food plans. It made complete sense to me after I thought about it. I used to get so disappointed when I saw the number inch up after being faithful to my plan.

I am learning so much about self esteem through a wonderful workbook called the "Self Esteem Workbook" by Dr. Glenn Schirardi (spelling?). I always thought my self esteem came from external events, such as performing well at work or having my kids listen to me. I now know that I am worthwhile no matter what and that I have a core deep inside that is good, beautiful, and true. For the first time in 33 years, I am learning how to love myself and it is wonderful!!!

Have a great evening everyone.

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Coaches/Buddies, today has been fairly off plan, as I woke up late and did not have time to prepare a healthy breakfast and chose to get McDonald’s on my way to campus. I skipped my workout because of being sick, again! (This time I have congestion, a runny nose, a sore throat, and an earache.) My husband finally made it home at 3:00 AM, after scraping ice off of his car at the airport for almost 40 minutes. Added bummer is that he is sick with different cold symptoms. Yippee!

I was fairly active today and did a lot of walking. Tomorrow I plan to rest, run some errands (pharmacy & groceries), and to plan next week’s food.

Today’s Essentials:
Weigh-in: +.5 lbs.
Read Advantage Cards two times: yes, finally
Read Response Cards at least two times: yes
Ate slowly, sitting down, noticing every bite: no, ate breakfast while driving
Gave myself credit when I engaged in helpful eating behaviors: yes
Did spontaneous exercise: yes
Did planned exercise: no
Wrote out food plan for tomorrow: not yet
Tracked today’s food: not yet
Left food on my plate: no
Ate only to normal fullness: yes
Identified and responded to a self-deluding thought: no

BeverlyJoy, what a triumph in the improved BP! Yippee! I second your comment for the difficulty in keeping to my plan when I’ve been a little off plan.

BillBlueEyes, I like that idea of planning to use your resistance muscles. Thanks for planting that seed in me. Your tattoo idea sounds a little painful and may need to be written backwards so you can read it easier in the mirror.

Carols2, glad you found OA so helpful! Thanks for sharing.

ChefJoona, thanks for the reminder about needing to plan ahead for the Super Bowl. As of now we don’t have any plans, but I can imagine we’ll end up with someone watching the game.

GardenerJoy, great attitude about the popcorn treat. Looking forward to reading the blog.

Lexxiss, I love those moments of clarity when you plan for a treat and find it just isn’t what you really want. Congratulations for savoring that clarity!

Maryann, your post made me want to dance in joy! That peace is not trivial – the few times in my life I experienced such clarity have stuck with me for years.

MaryContrary, I find it really hard to balance living business with working at home. It is so easy to slip into taking care of that really important bill rather than work. I wish I had a handy solution to offer. Love on that kitty!

Masondixonmama, loved your post today too. So much peace!

Newlifestyle, keep in there with reading the forums. What are you reading now in Beck?

Onebyone, hang in there!

Rubyjan, great job getting in the WW meeting. Is that your first time trying WW?

Seadwaters, great job getting in aqua. That sounds really nice right now and reminds me that I have that option on campus too. Thanks!

Silverbirch, maybe these are virtual germs, as I wasn’t around any other people from 10:00 AM Monday until 3:00 AM this morning. Being at peace sounds so lovely! Keep it up!
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Question Brand Spanking New to Beck

I'm not new to 3FC but I would like to follow this program. I read the book a few years ago although a lot of things were happening then so I don't quite remember what was in it.

First of all, how do I subscribe to this thread?
Secondly, what do I need to get (ie, book?) to get started?
Third, do you have any kind of rules about what you share here?

If there is anything else that I would need to know at this time, I'd appreciate it if someone could clue me in. You can send me a PM but quite frankly I'm not even sure I remember how to do that any more either.
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Good Morning Coaches,

My day yesterday was planned perfectly. I knew exactly what I was going to eat. At 2:30 I had an appontment to see my nutritionist. We discussed my ability to resist food items (fruit tart in particular) that I obsess over. As we were talking about it, I started seeing visions of it. The only thing I could think about after that discussion was eating that fruit tart. I had to have it. And now, its gone. I feel so sick to my stomach. It is 1:54 in the morning and I can not lay down with my stomach like this. I want to go ride my stationary bike, but I have already rode for 1 1/2 hours earlier today. Plus I did some lower body stuff.

I know if I continue to eat off plan like this I will start to gain my weight back. I am getting to the point where I want to go and get more diet pills, but I am afraid that the pills will start affecting my heart if I continue taking them.

I feel like I am loosing control again. This is really scarry.
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Default Hot Saturday

Hi Coaches

It has been very warm today. By 8 am it was 35C (95F) and it topped at 41C (106F) and stayed there from midday until about 6.30 pm. Even now at 7.30pnm it is still 38C (over 100F). I really would have suffered badly without air conditioning. All my plants are lying down. Not as dramatic as your ice and snow storms but totally disabling. I am staying indoors until it passes. Tomorrow a little cooler (36C ~ >95F). Come Monday it cools down to something like normal.

I didn't do any exercise but sort of ate on plan. I have been picking though because not prepared to cook or prepare food. Have to make some fish and healthy salad for dinner. No exercise today - a bit sore from Aqua fit yesterday.

We won't see reasonably priced bananas for a while - the cyclone made landfall right where 90% of our bananas are grown along with sugar cane and pineapples. They were wiped out 5 years ago and the price sky rocketed. Poor them though

BeverlyJoy - Credit for meditating instead of ‘wasting’ time waiting. No doubt had a big impact on your BP as well. The children’s smoothies sound like a great find - I am sure you will find other things as well
BillBlueEyes - Living on an ice-sheet sounds amazingly exotic but not at all comfortable I am sure, Credit for bypassing chocolate cake in favour of food. My mantra as well “food does not cure tension”. LOL carrying an insulated bag to keep the bananas warm. Makes sense to me
Carol (Carols2) - Thanks for the tip about OA - not sure where they are in Sydney but might check it out
ChefJoona - Hope you figure out a way to survive the Super bowl
FutureFitChick - Ouch for drive through food. One of the food rules for Michael Polan is that - “it’s not food if it arrived through the window of your car” LOL. Awful - two different cold viruses in the one family! Good idea to plan for next week - on my list too
GardenerJoy - Great way to incorporate a desired treat - and not feel bad about it. Planning is all. Will look forward to the developments on your blog
Maryann - A few thoughtful comments today about the inner work we need to do to move past our issues - thanks for sharing your thinking. Yay for feeling at peace
MaryContrary - Working at home should be great but it is always difficult. I find for me it requires a lot more discipline than going to work to the point I have to put the clock on myself. I pack my lunch etc like I am going to work and try to have a schedule. Hope you survive your weekends work without too much resentment - I will try as well!
(Andrea) Masondixonmama - It is a great community indeed. The self esteem work sounds interesting - YAY for learning to love yourself at this stage of your life.
Ann (Newlifestyle) - It is easy to spend a lot of time in here - more useful than snacking of course and a fine diversion from cravings
Onebyone - Ouch for having to put up with showing your place. Sounds like you are making progress with packing and organising - credit
Pamatga - WELCOME - I will wait for Bill our moderator to check in with you about rules etc. There are a couple of books you might consider. You will find reviews of them here
RubyJan - Well done getting straight into WW - hope it goes well. The pink workbook is really useful so enjoy

- Stayed within my food plan - 80%
- Measured all my food - No
- Logged food - No
- Developed food plan for today - No
- Sat down to eat - yes
- Ate mindfully and enjoyed every bite - Yes
- Recognised hunger / desire / craving - today focused on this - ate when I was hungry
- I stopped eating when satisfied - yes
- Drank water - yes
- Checked in - yes
- Weighed myself - yes
- Read advantage cards - Yes
- Read response cards - no
- Read Beck - yes
- Did planned exercise - none planned
- Incidental exercise - none - conserving my energy in the heat!

Have a great day
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Thumbs up Welcome pamatga


And, even though you've been on 3FC for 3.5 years,

If you read Beck a few years ago, you were one of the first. How did you hear about her book?
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Thumbs up Saturday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Well, so much for believing I'm a logical person. I got up and weighed myself as usual. Then, noting that it was a bit early, I got back in bed for two more hours. Then I got up and weighed myself as usual - again. The second time was one pound less. It made me VERY HAPPY to weight a pound less, like a reward for a day of eating OP. Duh! (Lots of evaporation in our dry winter heat.) Oh Well, logic is overrated anyway.

Food OP, CREDIT moi. Exercise was only walking round trip to the subway twice, CREDIT moi for that small bit. On the way home last night, even though it was late enough to go straight to bed, I wanted my orange for my evening snack and remembered that we were out. I was pleased to find one in the back corner of a tiny local convenience store. Glad to overpay for an orange to encourage the owner to keep selling food along with the racks and racks of high priced chips and crackers.

onebyone - Yep, stress is an octopus whose tentacles extend into unexpected places. Kudos for "this too shall pass" but Monster Kudos for the plan of daily dishwasher/laundry wash and sort into keep and give away. I can hear the rhythm of it working from here.

FutureFitChick - Yay for retrieving your DH - even though he had to scrape ice for 40 minutes at the airport and arrived with a cold. Yay for a lot of walking. [I'll remember to have my tatoo reversed, LOL.]

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the demo that mindful eating can incorporate a wide variety of foods - even a meal of popcorn. Congrats on your new book blog venture.

Beverlyjoy - You just keep on doing it, "no seconds, left a bite" - Kudos as always for your consistency there.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for losing bananas to your cyclone - I'm addicted to my morning banana. Our's come from Honduras - but that's a long boat ride to Australia. Hope you can stay cool.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Yay for the unbridled joy of a DS in the snow. Kudos for being wise enough to go out there and share it.

MaryContrary - Kudos for facing reality and dealing, with extra Kudos for concluding with, "pet the warm furry kitty belly" - you do seem to know how to achieve your commitments yet get your mind back to that which matters.

maryann - Your victory at the manicurist is a great one; Kudos for it and Kudos for your recognition of its importance.

ChefJoona - It's always a meaningful victory for me when, "I didn't go totally over board" if I've exercised my resistance muscle to achieve that. Ouch that it led to later snacking, but Kudos for getting your head aligned for Super Bowl Sunday.

Carol (carols2) - Thanks for the reminder about OA; I know it's not the same as Real Life, but I assume you've discovered the Overeaters Anonymous Forum on 3FC.

Ouch for the fruit tart and the scare it brings. But you can remind yourself that it was one tart and that was yesterday; you've accounted for it, you're back on plan. Sending supportive thoughts to allow those feelings to wash over and go away.

Ruby (RubyJan) - Kudos for marching forward into Weight Watchers. It's a good time to start since they've just changed their plans. I like that healthy fruits and veggies are now zero points. I assume that you know about the rather active Weight Watchers Forum on 3FC.

Andrea (masondixonmama) - Exhilarating thought, "I am learning how to love myself and it is wonderful!!!"

pamatga - You are "subscribed" - as in a member of this group - simply by posting. You'll need one of Dr. Judith Beck's three books; if you choose to buy them from Amazon, you can use the link in my first post of each month and the site gets a coin to keep it running.

There are no rules for what you post. You can see different styles of posting in any of the months threads. Using them as models, you can choose your own. The major thing is to post frequently (daily if possible) with your status of the prior day's eating plan and exercise plan. That's the big thing. After a while, and don't rush this part because it seems overwhelming at first, you can choose to respond to other folks prior posts. And here, don't rush into trying to respond to everyone - it can drive you to not want to post at all. Glad you've joined us.

Readers -
chapter 1
Beginning a New Way of Life

Get Ready to Strengthen Your Resistance Muscle
To lose weight permanently, you need Cognitive Therapy techniques to develop a powerful "resistance muscle," a psychological muscle that you flex whenever you stand firm and stick to the program. This muscle gives you the ability to do what you need to do to lose weight permanently.

Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pg 19.

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