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Cool Saturday and light snow again

Hi Coaches

It's snowing. Again. I realized last night that DH will have spent every weekend of "the winter of 2010/2011" driving from Toronto to Ottawa and back. So far he hasn't missed arriving home on a Friday night and then leaving on a Sunday evening. This started December 1st. It won't end until we are moved to Toronto by April 1st for sure as our lease is up here but, as of this morning, we are still Toronto homeless. That last place we put an offer on rejected us because "they didn't like our credit history"- never mind our rent-paying-history, or our references, or our emplyment history. Nope. Didn't matter. I suspect that when we asked them to clean the place before we moved in and to repair the broken mirrored closet door and to be aware that we saw the bad patch in the ceiling downstairs, that this had something to do with them saying no to us. Perhaps we seem like a pair of problematic and picky tenants? Maybe we do.

So, two new places to see on Monday. Well, three but I already know one is out. We'll look anyway-it'll make us feel like we're doing all we can about our situation. I just know that if this week doesn't bring us a home we'll be going to the highrises and just picking something. DH just doesn't have a lot of time before he has to get out of MIL's house. 2 weeks is all.

And so I didn't find the con. Not yet. DH came to bed saying he'll be spending the day "searching for a needle in a haystack". I suggested we go see a movie today. That's my plan-distraction! I do believe it is a Beck tactic.

credit: weighed in 280 (+1)

Enjoy your weekend folks.

UPDATE: yay I found the con! It was under the chair (?) a place I looked about 5 times. DH looked there too. Guess I had to ask St. Anthony and St. Christopher to help me find it as well as I had to pack two boxes in frustration. All's well.... I've lost my keys! I do have spare house ones and the car keys weren't on that bunch of keys and really there isn't anything on that key chain I absolutely need or will need once I move... still.

FOODWISE: good breakfast *credit* minimal munching during movie in theatre *credit* dinner from scratch *credit* but bought snacks while in grocery store as a treat for DH and bought some for me too... have already eaten most of them...

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Good morning,

Still battling a sinusy/ cold thing. Everything has been off... eating, sleeping, checking-in here. Blah! I went to work yesterday, when I probably shouldn't have- turned into a very stressful day. I struggle with allowing myself the time I need to take when I'm sick. I feel guilt, and think people will look at me as weak.

Credit for making and enjoying a very healthy black bean soup last night! There will be left overs for days too.

Today will be spent resting, so I can feel as well as I can for our Valentine's Day meal out. We are going to one of our favorite restaurants. I don't plan to go over board- but do plan to enjoy myself.

maryann I used to make the "bunny salad" when I was young! So sweet!

Hello to everyone else!
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Green Tomatoes
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We tried a new recipe last night -- chicken gyros! Not really like the real thing, but it's been so long since I've had the real thing that I didn't feel the need to compare. I suspect it's the tzatziki sauce that I missed more than the meat, anyway, and tzatziki sauce is reasonably healthy!

Off to the Farmers Market!

WI: -0.5kg, Exercise: +0 500/1300 minutes for February, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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DS dinner was a success. DH appropriately "oohed" and "ahhed". DS said he was thinking he would cook one day a week. I told him that was my plan once he got tall enough to look over the stove and into the pot. He thinks sixth grade is reasonable. My heart lurched because I realized at some point my beautiful little boy is going to be taller than me. I feel his arms around me now and hope I will always remember what they feel like - even when he is a man and is teaching his own little one to make a bunny salad.
OP today and my dream of an entire week of EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN DOWN (even thru the weekend) is getting closer. Sunday, I have discovered, is the hardest day so I will take extra care to not overextend myself emotionally and physically. I will relax my way to success.
BBE: I think you should try the Red Sox pants. The world works in magical ways. Who knows what will happen if you try them out at the gym?
Silverbirch: There is an inverse relationship between simple car parts and expense. I have learned this thru experience.
JMAF: I have come very far with restaurants during the last six months.It has not been easy. My favorite trick is to split an appetizer and order a salad. More embarassing,but I have to say more logical, is to order a salad and have someone in my party donate two ounces of meat to me (which is all I get anyway.) I have also brought my little sandwich and ordered nothing while enjoying everybody's company. Too be honest I have had mixed reactions from friends ("You're not going to eat that here are you?" to complete acceptance) In the end, I have to do what works for me. This is the first time in my life I have not been overweight so the sacrifices I have made have been more than worth it.
MaryContrary: I have been my relying on my vision of a journey to goal. I think of myself as almost at the end of a journey to the ocean. I can't see the ocean but now I can smell it. Four pounds from goal. I won't stall now and never see what I have come so far to see. That would be tragic.
ChefJoona: Your soup reminded me of a black bean pizza I want to make.
Onebyone: Your could try praying to St. Christopher. That is what my mom does when something is lost.

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Checking in super fast!

Yesterday improved to being on plan after the breakfast mess and this morning is going well. We are going out to dinner at an Indian place tonight, so I will do some thinking in advance as to how to order and be on plan.

Thanks to everyone and I miss doing personal posts, but I've got to get caught up on some work before I get back to them. Take care!
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I'm back, after a crappy eating week. Hoping to do better now! best wishes to all...
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Simply Filling Technique
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OnebyOne-if you lose things, like your car keys, wallet, glasses, you can also pray to St. Anthony of Padua, he is the patron saint of lost "articles". St. Christopher is pre-GPS for lost travelers and to be safe while on a journey .

MaryContrary-I too have begun using visualization. It actually "just happened" this past week when I was walking on the treadmill. My husband is training for a 13K for cancer research (something I asked him to do in honor of my mom who died November 2008) and I told him that I would like to join him next year with this 13K he is preparing for. So, I have visualized myself, how I would look, what I am wearing and walking along the Chattahoochee River, which is a favorite walk path here in Atlanta.

Credit moi:
I have increased my daily steps that I now log on my pedometer that I wear. I have never done this before and it is nifty.
I did my 3 10 minutes walks on my treadmill each day Monday-Friday. That last one I felt so happy that I did it.
Next week, I am going to add a 4th 10 minutes session each day Monday-Friday. My end goal is to do 6 10 minute sessions each day Monday-Friday. Someday, I may even be able to jog on the treadmill.
I am averaging 72-80 oz of plain water a day. My complexion never looked better and I had a good one to start with. I have a rosy glow.

I got a book, comes recommended by friends, called Pain Free by Peter Egoscue, that I am really excited about. His credentials are that he is a sports physiologist who has worked with a lot of athletes. He has clinics, including one within a few miles of me but the treatments there cost $250 a session/hour. I just can't afford that right now.

I have dealt with chronic pain since 1993. In between surgeries I continued to exercised throughout those years but the past couple of years have been just nearly unbearable. I have had periodic arthritic flareups that have really tested me. At times I have been homebound for a couple of weeks at a time. I have walked with a cane for the past couple of years. I need more surgeries but I don't have health insurance since being unemployed and Cobra is just out of the question. So, I self-treat the best that I know how. I am in a lot of pain when I am walking on the treadmill so that is why I break it into smaller units.

This will be another committment of time and discipline. I understand that the exercises are to be done daily and can take up to 80 minutes to complete. I want to thoroughly acquaint myself with this before I proceed but I am really looking forward to a non-drug cessation of my pain. PS and sometimes the pain medication doesn't work either.

Well, being unemployed, I certainly have the time so I am going to make the most of my free time by dealing with this "thorn in my side".

Have a good day everyone. I hope it is getting warmer wherever you are located.

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Hello everyone

MaryContrary- hope you are feeling better. Credit for practising Beck principles with your new notebook and updated list of Advantages. Must be a wonderful feeling to be able to visualize yourself as healthy. I like what you said about looking at what we can do if we just keep doing it.

BillBlueEyes- thanks for your daily postings of passages from the Beck book. They are really helpful reminders. Especially need to see this one: "The Beck Diet for Life Program teaches you how to talk back to these thoughts, so that you stand firm and exercise your resistance muscle."

onebyone-sympathy to your DH for making that brutal drive every weekend. That's got to be tough. Good luck with the house-hunting this week.

ChefJoona- hope you are feeling better also. It is the social worker in you that keeps you going to work when you are sick. I am in the same field and think that is a common thing with us.

gardenerjoy-chicken gyros sounds so good. Might need to make that this weekend. First need to search for a healthy recipe.

maryann- we will be partying with you when that last 4 pounds is gone. Thanks for sharing what you do to avoid overeating at restaurants.

FutureFitChick- waving hello. Enjoy your dinner out.

vibrantheart- hello to you and welcome back. About your lousy week--Dr. Beck would say- say oh well and move on.

pamatga- you are doing so fantastic considering the medical issues you are dealing with. Seeing where you are at is so inspiring to me as I am basically at where you started.

For me- I have spent most of the morning on wellness activities- read a few chapters of the Pink Book, read my advantage and response cards, and made up a one page GI chart. Am going to try a bit of a change in my eating based on GI Diet (thanks onebyone for pointing me in this direction). So I have a new plan written out and I am feeling motivated. I think being off work sick most of the week was a strangely good thing for me. I am just working way too much and it is taking all my time. And I need that time to deal with my weight. So thanks to this nasty cold I was forced to do some downtime and some reevaluation of my priorities.

Credit today so far:

weighing in
eating a healthy breakfast
checking in with my coaches
reading some of Dr. Beck
reading advantage and response cards
reworking food plan

Still to do- go for 30 minute walk, make food plan for the week and go get some healthy groceries.

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Warm greetings to everyone!

We are in the midst of a wonderful thaw. It's supposed to get up to the 50s tomorrow. Can't wait!

I'm in the middle of a crazy busy day. Had two little playmates here for my boys for the past few hours. Getting ready to go to a 3 year old birthday party. Tonight, babysitting for our neighborhood co-op for a few hours. Husband's calling me every 20 minutes for something! I need a vacation!

I am feeling hungry today. I may not have included enough food on my plan. I saw some peanut butter chips in the pantry and wanted them, but said, nope not on my plan. Credit for that one. Going to avoid all the yummy goodies at the birthday party. Planning a credit for that one too! Missed my exercise yesterday just because I was so busy all night. Plan to do my walk away the pounds tonight. Hope I have enough time. If not, I am sure I burned a ton of calories chasing four little monsters around for a few hours Weighed in at 264.5 today, down 7 pounds since Monday. I know the first week is always a lot more, and while I'm proud of myself, I know I am not that number and it's okay if it fluctuates up and down, as long as I am true to my plan. Credit.

I hope everyone is well and healthly. Have a great weekend!

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I did it! Went to the party after a day of being entirely on my programme, and ate two little things off the circulating trays, drank sparkling water with ice, and still had a wonderful time. So Beck did the trick for me. I think the most important idea so far for me is that of accepting the fact that I might be hungry, but that that is not a cause for panic. I can be hungry and still carry on with the stuff of life and wait to eat until its time. Its amazing to me how utterly foreign to me the idea of being hungry and yet just getting on with things has been. I am giving myself a credit for seeing that I CANbe hungry without my world falling apart.
I hope everyone to the east of me enjoys whatever part of your day is left, while I crawl into bed . Ruby
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Hi Coaches,

I'm a daily lurker, and felt like posting tonight because of RubyJan. Your thoughts about hunger made me think "me too" !! Getting comfortable with the idea that being hungry is ok, and actually empowering, was a real eye-opener for me as well. So thanks for reminding me of how far I've come in this journey.

I'm still chugging along, on program most days. My weight seems to like where it is, and I'm ok with that. As Beck says, I have decided not to decrease my calories (1800 a day), or increase my exercise (recumbent bike, weights, elliptical, etc). So, as long as my current clothes continue to fit, I'm happy to have found a good routine. I struggle with fear of adapting if life changes happen, but continue to work on 'one day at a time'.

Everyone's postings keep me motivated and I enjoy hearing of your adventures. Thanks for continuing to be here.

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Thumbs up Sunday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Especially good eating on plan at dinner at the home of friends, CREDIT moi. Partially because we brought dinner and I served myself more of the veggies than the salmon. I did have an unplanned appetizer of homemade goat cheese on homemade bread, which easily fit my rare and usual category.

Exercise was breaking up the ice at the end of my driveway - CREDIT moi more for doing what had to be done than for the physical exertion. Much time was spent de-cluttering a corner of our storage room that I hadn't looked at in years and years. It's a joy to relive the past and such a pain to have to let it go.

onebyone - Kudos for packing two boxes in frustration over the missing (but now found) con. My humble recommendation is to lose the con once each morning and once each afternoon to keep your packing job on schedule, LOL.

FutureFitChick - Indian restaurants offer so many yummy options.

CeeJay - Ouch for needing a "nasty cold" to allow yourself some me time and Kudos for taking it.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Did you make the tzatziki sauce?

Woodland - It's a gift to be happy with all three at the same time: your eating plan, your exercise plan, and your weight. Kudos for reaching that point.

maryann - Cheering as you approach "an entire week of EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE WRITTEN DOWN." Just WOW that an 8 year old can speak of sixth grade as a finite distance ahead.

ChefJoona - Hope you rest away that "sinusy/ cold thing" sufficiently for your Valentine's Day dinner. Drooling over "healthy black bean soup."

Ruby (RubyJan) - What a breakthrough, "I CAN be hungry without my world falling apart." Where did we all get it in our heads that hungry deserved immediate attention.

Andrea (masondixonmama) - Kudos for turning down goodies at a little kid's party - I always took that opportunity to eat the pretty mediocre food that we were feeding our kids.

vibrantheart - Ouch for one bad week; Kudos for marching forward.

pamatga - Major Kudos for designing yourself an exercise program that fits your own body capabilities. Here's hoping you new book helps.

Readers -
chapter 1
Beginning a New Way of Life

The Role of Thinking

You will learn how to talk back to these thoughts by making Response Cards, which are index cards (or the equivalent) with important reminders that you read every day. You will rehearse the ideas in your Response Cards over and over again to prepare yourself for challenging situations. For example, at some point you will have a thought such as, I don't care ... I know I'm not supposed to have this brownie, but I'm going to have it anyway. You will then pull out a Response Card that you have been reading every day that says:
It is true that I don't care at this very moment. But if I eat this unplanned food, I am going to care quite a lot in just a few minutes. I know I will feel really bad if I give in, but I will feel terrific if I resist. I need to go do something else!
Judith S. Beck, Ph.D, The Complete Beck Diet for Life (Green book), pgs 20-21.
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Good morning all,

Spent the day resting yesterday, and perked up for a great dinner! Though I allowed myself some freedom, I noticed a lot of new and postive automatic thoughts and physical responses. Did not miss ordering an alcoholic drink, easily ordered just mixed greens for an app, and was very satisfied with a small portion of entree and shared dessert.

Weighed in this morning at loss of 1lb this week. I feel positive about the steady loss at a seemingly healthy pace.

Still struggling with exercise. I know that is the next step to focus on- especially to build some lean energy using muscle!

Some happy news to share... DP is now my DF "Dear Fiance!" We got engaged last night before dinner! It is a step we have been talking about for several months, and decided the time is right for us. We're not super traditional about things like this, so not sure what the wedding will look like yet, or when it will be.

Still feeling pretty drained, so plan to rest a lot today. Might be back on later this evening.
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Simply Filling Technique
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Good morning all!

Credit moi:

Logging the 6 cupcakes, a package of chocolate covered almonds and 2 cranberry walnut cookies that I ate between Friday night Bible study and last night. Honesty is the best policy. With God, with myself and others.

Assembling the work out bench yesterday afternoon that I have had in its box for SEVEN YEARS! OY! I'm turning my former home office in a dedicated work out center. We have one on our apartment property but all the young "bucks" go down there (probably to stare at themselves in all the mirrors-I know I used to do that when I was much younger--now I just want to make sure everything is working, that's all I care about any more )

I have a treadmill that I do use but I also have the big round ball, the free weights, the thera-bands, etc.etc. and dvds, books galore. I have all the work out clothes and shoes as well. You would think that by looking at all of this there was a 140 lb person living in my house, wouldn't you? HMMMMM..... I honestly used to do all this but I just stopped one day, probably didn't feel like it or was "too busy" and then I fell off the "fitness" wagon. I sporadically returned now and then. So; here is to making this a high priority "moving forward".

I am going to paint the walls between today and tomorrow. If I stick with it for 60 minutes, I will burn 394 calories--two cupcakes!

I started reading the book Pain Free by Peter Egoscue. He goes into a lot of explanation about our anatomy and how we were designed to move. Period. Lack of movement causes muscles atrophy which then leads to dsyfunctional body movement and resultant pain. So, the moral of the story is if you don't want body pain somewhere on your body, don't stop moving---correctly! I am also waiting on another one of his books called Pain Free at the PC since for the past 10 1/2 years I have made a living sitting at the computer 8-12 hours a day.
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Ambushed by a snack attack last night. I can go days, sometimes weeks, without that problem and then it sneaks up on me. Sigh.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +50 550/1300 minutes for February, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

BillBlueEyes: yes! I did make the tzatziki sauce -- yogurt, cucumber, a little sour cream, salt and pepper -- easy!

Best wishes on the official engagement, ChefJoona!

pamatga: thanks for the encouragement to move!
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