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I started nibbling on pistachios that DH had out. Oh well. I got them logged and worked into my plan. Luckily, cracking open the shells slows me down and keeps the portion size down. Other than that, I stayed OP.

It’s getting incrementally warmer every day, but still too cold and windy for exercise outdoors, meaning more jumping rope. It’s supposed to get up to freezing by the end of the week, but unfortunately, the wind is causing big drifts in the roads. I’m dying for a little exercise in fresh air.

Welcome YesyeKan! Congrats on a 30 lb weight loss! I do love the day to day accountability here; I hope you find it useful as well. Which Beck book are you using?

Beverlyjoy, yay for a delish way to sneak more veggies into your day! Great job on maintaining focus and making healthy choices around tables of off-plan food.

Gardenerjoy, wow for 43 lbs gone in 2010! That’s wonderful. It’s funny how our old, over-optimistic expectations can actually hold us back. Kudos for letting them go and kudos for realizing that the weight loss will slow in 2011 and revising your expectations once again.

Welcome Yesyoucan! Beck is a great way to start the new year! I just googled Eat to Live and it sounds like a great program. The wonderful thing about Beck is that you can use any diet with the program. There are so many great diets out there, but some just click with some people better than others.

FutureFitChick, have a great ski trip! What a wonderful way to get lots of exercise. Kudos for recognizing the need to keep portions sizes on snacks and treats in check. I have to remain constantly vigilant to keep portion sizes from creeping up.

BelovedK, it’s great to see you back here, though I’m sorry to hear about the death in your family and the emotional eating. Hugs while you go through this tough time. It may be a tough time to start Beck again, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Maybe just recognize how difficult it will be and readjust your goals and the pace with which you work through the program.

Seadwaters, yay for a long list of credits! Looks like you had a very productive day. I could use some of your energy. Yikes for hot days that are only getting warmer. Hope you stay cool.

CeeJay, great job on 6 days OP. Is it tough to go for walks in the winter? I always think of Canadian winters as bitterly cold.

Lexxis, so sorry about stress over your DH’s kids and the eating that followed. Great job on stopping yourself and for taking steps to resolve the situation healthfully. I can relate to looking forward to the end of the holiday eating events.

Onebyone, a cottage on the lake sounds so romantic. Crossing my fingers that you are able to rent it. Your mother’s situation is a tough one, but you are probably doing the right thing. I’m sorry about the emotional turmoil and the off-plan eating, but kudos for making a plan for tomorrow.

BillBE, goodbye old VHS tapes. I remember recording hours and hours of TV shows and movies. I thought I would want to watch them over and over and keep them forever. Luckily, they stayed at my parents’ house, where they were eventually tossed without my knowledge. Best of luck getting back to work today!
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I had a good Beck day yesterday, including a supper from pantry foods that meant I could avoid weekend grocery shopping. Today, though, I really do have to get to the store!

WI: +0.4kg, Exercise: +45* 75/1300 minutes for January, Food: 85%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

yesyoucan: welcome! I just requested Eat to Live from the library -- it doesn't look too different from the way I'm eating now.

FutureFitChick: yay for checking in by phone!

BelovedK: welcome back! Sorry to hear that you have had a loss in your family. I've been reading The 3-Day Solution Plan by Laurel Mellin which is the first book I've found that is working with emotions in a way that I find accessible. I don't think that this would have helped me get the weight off the way Beck's CBT did, but I do think it's getting in an emotional piece that I was missing.

seadwaters: yay for all of those credits and a day of crossing things off the list!

CeeJay: go, you!

Lexxiss: good job, very proactive, with the problem solving!

onebyone: This works: "Tomorrow's another day and I have a foodplan" -- good for you!

BillBlueEyes: yay for decluttering the VHS tapes. We're gradually replacing the few movies that I miss from our absent VHS tapes (mostly Christmas movies that I really will watch every year if they are available). Otherwise, I treat Netflix as my repository of movies. They have a bigger warehouse for my collection than I do.

Shepherdess: good job finding your way to exercise no matter what the weather.
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Yesterday was quite an adventure which impacted my eating and exercise and posting. We traveled home from southern Oregon - a 9 hour, 501 mile trip that went well, weather wise, thank goodness. Unfortunately, future SIL works for a snack company and filled the car with treats and my excuse was that we were trying to make time and not stop so I nibbled. We got home to minus 3 weather and a frozen pipe. So DH & I spent the evening boiling water & bailing the tub; he was under the house twice; a nasty place to be in any weather. We got everything thawed out by 8:30 or so and I ended up snacking through it, 'starving' while we worked and couldn't fix a decent meal. I was actually looking forward to the gym after the long car ride, but that was out because they were closed by the time the emergency was over. Then I sat down to catch up on reading posts and literally fell asleep before I could write last night! Had to peel the laptop off my lap and stagger into the bedroom.
On the good side, I started 2011 with an hour long walk Saturday in a beautiful snow dusted park along a stream. So exercise is part of my year already.
This morning I planned my food, read Beck, ate OP breakfast, and packed my workout clothes for this afternoon. So I'm pretty much on track, and now headed into work, where like I mentioned earlier, the structure should help my eating.
Personals later-I'm late!
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Belated Happy New Year to all. I am up at Tahoe with DS and DH. We have spent days just being together - no media, computer, just us together. I am proud of us that we are so comfortable in silence. I went cross country skiing yesterday for half a day. First time in 20 years. I loved it - beautiful course, great exercise. Today is snow mobiling and then 3 days skiing. I feel lucky and grateful for these opportunities. Food OK. Yesterday I convinced myself that I exercised so much I HAD to eat off plan in order to not burn muscle. PLEASE. I was fooling myself and learned a terrific lesson about planning. Hunger is not an emergency.
I started pink book day 1 on the 1st. It is my six week plan to lose the last 8 pounds. I am not as strict as I was in the beginning and the weight is coming off much slower. Back to basics is my motto.
Shepardess: congrats on your future baby. Credit for being cautious instead of running. I remember declining a steep, steep part of a trail when I was six months along. I felt like a wimp but thought later how incredibly important a healthy baby is.
CeeJay - six days is a big deal. Here is a cheer to both of us having an OP day.
gardenerjoy - you and I both have 8 pounds to lose. Keep going sister.
Beverlyjoy - Here's to a healthy new year

Lexxiss - I hear the power of family stuff. I have struggled with it this holiday. credit for searching for new solutions.

To everyone else: Welcome, Welcome Back, Always good to hear from you. We are in Starbucks and DS has been very patient. More later and detailed when I am home

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Hi Beckfolks, coaches, friends - yesterday was a healthy day. (that's two)I am so grateful. I got more healthy food for the fridge and pantry. I am setting up my envrionment for making good choices. I am starting to get back into the Beck swing of things with many credits:

lots of water
planned food and logged after eating and counted food exchanges
read rc/arc/Beck book
ate seated only
had no seconds
left a bite of food every time
Slowed down eating

I think I need to do the 30 second wait between bites exercise to help me focus on slowing down. Usually if I do it for a day or two, it’s helpful.

But -- I am having a very hard time forgiving myself for overeating last month. I am mad at myself. I let stress, anxiety, disappointment over having to cancel my surgery again, and the bombardment of unhealthy holiday food take over my life. I had some horrible binges. I am feeling ashamed of myself. (it's been a long time since I've had this feeling) I am just plain disappointed in my response to my feelings (positive and negative) still being centered around food. It's like that comfy old teeshirt that I slip back into food/eating But, it's a faux-comfort. The food only 'helps' for a moment. (Like Dr. Beck says) Seems like I have been working on this food stuff forever. When will I ever learn. My clothes are tighter and I feel discouraged.

So I say to myself... what would I tell a friend in the same position. (as Dr. Beck suggests) I'd say - it's in the past and ya can't change it, only learn from it. Forgive yourself, be kind to yourself and move forward. This is one of those times where it's - ‘do as I say not as I do‘. I am not treating myself as a friend. I feel like this backslide into crazy eating just is so negative.

I have had two great days... I am grateful for that. I know I must dust myself off and start again for the millionienth time. I have read the response card, Dealing with Discouragement, many times in the last two days. It says that when I have these discouraging thoughts I have a choice: "1. I can allow them to erode my motivaiton, give up and abandon everything. or 2. I can vigourously respond to the these sabatoging thoughts, feel better, become more motivated and continue to work toward my goal." Also says to focus on what I can do today. (from my response card) I have the tools and am trying to rustle up more willingness today.

Maryann - so glad you are having a good time with your family. Cross country skiing is awesome exercise. Ouch on ‘eating is not an emergency” Don’t you wish we could tatoo this to our brains.

nature girl - so sorry to hear of your challenges! Yikes - a car full of snack and frozen pipes. That’s lots of stress. Hop back on your plan and it will be OK. Glad you got your walk in!

Gardener-joy - I am glad you could stay with your plan and not have to run to the grocery. That’s great. Glad you had a good day. Your weightloss for 2010 is wonderful and commendable! Many credits and a happy dance, too. - to you.

Shepardess - glad you could rework your plan to accommodate the pistachios. I hope you can get outside for your exercise soon.

Billbe - ah, yes - I remember say goodbye to the VHS tapes. It was a little sad for me. Hope your first day back at the office was good.

Yesyoucan - WELCOME! I was a bit confused with you and yeseyecan. So glad you posted! Dr. Beck says you can work any food plan that works for you with her program… so, join right in with Live to Eat.

Onebyone - I hope you can see the cottage on the lake soon - that it works out!. That would be great.
I am sorry it’s all confusing to you mama. You said: Tomorrow's another day and I have a foodplan. You have worked on getting a food plan you like for a long time. This is good. 30% is better than none.

Lexxiss -Debbie - sorry to hear of family stress sending you ‘running to the food’. Major credit for stopping then! I hear ya on wanting the food events to be OVER.

Belovedk - so glad to see you! You’ve made a good start in getting back to your Beck routines. I am so sorry to hear of a death in your family.

Ceejay - Bravo! - for six days on. Many credits too. Carryon.

Seadwaters - it is so darn pleasing to cross things off a to-do list! I hope you get over that cold soon. You are in the summer and a summer cold stinks! Credits for you MANY credits of yesterday. This is especially good because you don’t feel well.

Futurefitchick - hope you are having fun with the family skiing. Great exercise. Kudos for reading your arc and being OP.

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Lost my post! Internet problems again. I read everyone's posts! I'm stayin' OP today and am using Beck techniques NO CHOICE to maneuver through end of year reports which need INTERNET!

Hope I can get back soon and report "report done".
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Default Tuesday

Hi Coaches

I am still fighting this cold - today I am losing and feel rotten. They are so pesky. I managed to go out and shop yesterday and bought some clothes to get me through summer so happy with that. Stayed on-plan rest of the day and this morning. I am STARVING - is it feed a cold and starve a fever (or the other way around)? Something like that. Given how hungry I feel I think it is right. I am going to have to make nutrient dense, low calorie something - maybe soup and I hope I have the right food to make it with. And a salad. If I had the makings I would do gazpacho - a bit of both really.

Lexxiss - Ouch for internet connections - I cut and paste from Google docs now and I can save all my posts in one document there. Useful for reflection
BeverlyJoy - I look at how far you have come and am really impressed - and you should be too. You had some major hiccups this year that would try a saint frankly. You are back on track and you still have some uncertainty facing you so credit. Hang in there

off to bed again with water

- Stayed within my food plan - YES
- Measured all my food - YES
- Logged food - YES mostly
- Developed food plan for today - YES
- Sat down to eat - YES
- Ate mindfully and enjoyed every bite - trying - Am going to try an experiment later in the week
- Recognised hunger / desire / craving - working on this
- I stopped eating when satisfied - No
- Drank water - not enough
- Checked in - YES
- Weighed myself - YES
- Read advantage cards - YES
- Read response cards - YES
- Read Beck - YES
- Did planned exercise - none planned
- Incidental exercise - not yet

Have a great day

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Hi Lexxiss, I hate when long posts get lost, irksome. Yay for NO CHOICE!

Beverlyjoy, good of you to focus on the good days you have had and that you continue to read the response cards. Be gentle with yourself, the holidays are difficult, and none of us are perfect.

maryann, it's so nice to be away from media and with the family, I'm glad you had that chance. Yay for starting anew!

Naturegirl, Eeek! that sounds horrible (and awful for your husband to be under the house in the weather) It sounds almost impossible to resist the snacks, sorry the gym was closed, aren't you glad to be back to normal?

gardenerjoy, I love doing pantry meals, I always feel so accomplished.

Shepherdess, nuts are really good for you, as long as you logged it in. It's good to slow things down by working to eat, like peeling your own shrimp, or cracking your own lobster (only without the drawn butter )

I did well today. I think having two plans is going to help keep me from being too anal about things (I tend to be a perfectionist) and then today I reread the pink book, and saw something about having two eating plans. I feel on the right track.

I think it is a good time to start back with Beck (and the rest) as I am fed up with my out of control ways, and I just feel so bad, or felt so bad. I feel 100 % better now that I am at least taking action in some way.
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seadwaters, we crossposted, I hope you get to feeling better. I always feel that it's better to eat less during any illness. I always feel worse if I eat during a cold, especially dairy foods (which are so congesting)
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Hi all, thank you for the very warm and inviting welcomes. it is really great to see other people are coping successfully with so many of the challenges I find so CHALLENGING! A few people mentioned that they didn't have time for personals, if someone could explain that to me I would appreciate that. I am giving myself credit today for coming back to the board--I could have easily remained invisible. Last January I started the Beck Diet for Life book with a cognitive behavioral therapist (I think she studied at the Beck institute) and that's how I came to discover the Beck solution. I went to her specifically for my weight because I was feeling so hopeless about my weight.

Today was a positive day overall. I did not watch TV or hang out on my laptop while I ate. That's huge for me. I set up a rule for myself at the beginning of December that I would not eat after 8:00 and I managed to maintain that 90% of the time. (I am sure that is why I didn't gain more weight between Thanksgiving and New Years.)

So in my mind I know what to do from the pink cover Beck Diet for Life book and still want to get into the green Complete Beck and find out what's new. So my goal for tomorrow is to open the book and start on a Renewed Path.

Thanks again for all of your welcomes.
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hi coaches

my keyboard is droppig the letter betwee m & o. i'll try ad fix it later.

foodwise ot good today. I seem to be caught i vicous thikig-saboutagig thoughts ad actios that go like this

1) I feel really fat
2) so I eat
3) so I feel overstuffed ad fat
4) so I feel bad
5) I eat agai

DH leavig triggers me to eat I am afraid. I eed to combat this. I feel like I am doig so lousy. Oh well. Oe day soo it'll click agai ad I will oce more be o the wago istaed of awaitig its arrival.

Wow. I have got to fix that key!

frustratig to type aymore. See you guys tomorrow.
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Hi everyone- wanted to do some personals today but just ran out of time and steam. Sending a hug to everyone who is struggling.

For me, today was fine. After posting last night about six days on plan with no sugar, I immediately messed up by eating a large piece of cake that was left in the freezer- thought I had everything cleared out but had missed it. I was ticked off but decided it was better just to not think about it and get on with what needs to be done.

Today I ate healthy. Egg whites for breakfast, yogurt and berries for snack, salad and homemade soup for lunch, pasta with homemade tomato sauce, chicken and veggies for dinner. Planning on a healthy snack and going to bed early.

Credit today for:

weighing myself
no sugar
walking 30 minutes with DH
packing lunch for tomorrow and planning tomorrow's food
checking in with my Beck buddies
eating healthy and on plan

Have a good week!!

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Thumbs up Tuesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - The snickerdoodles are resolved; I had told DW that if she ate them all except the last one, I'd eat it. She did. And I did. CREDIT moi. I can have a cookie - as in one cookie. Even though I think of them as colored lard, one little chunk of lard can be accommodated. My history though, is eating stacks of cookies. So it's easier for me to stick to a plan of eating a cookie if it's special, and physically only one is possible. Right this instant, for example, I'm thinking about eating a platter of snickerdoodles. I suspect this isn't hunger, LOL.

Got to record my gym session (CREDIT moi) in my new journal for the year. Such a pleasurable rite of passage to put the old journal aside - a whole year of gym done.

onebyone - With appropriate sympathy, of course, but laughig my *** off at "frustratig to type aymore." Good luck figuring out how to respond to the trigger of your DH leaving each week.

CeeJay - Ouch for the attack of a piece of cake hiding in the freezer, with Kudos for "get on with what needs to be done."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Thanks for the reminder that Netflix is a repository for any movie I want to watch. That thought helped me a few years back when I realized that the local lumber yard was my repository of 2x4's.

Shepherdess - I wish the shelling helped me limit pistachios. Kudos for counting them and moving on. When does the Sabotaging Thought, Eating for Two, kick in?

Beverlyjoy - Neat idea to speak to yourself as you would to a friend; we're much easier on our friends.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yep, a good soup is the antidote to a cold. What is the experiment that you're going to try?

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for "NO CHOICE."

Nature Girl - Ouch for 501 mile drive. I personally don't think it too much to ask of your SIL that she get a different job. Maybe with a company that packages baby carrots, LOL.

maryann - Speaking into the void since you have no Internet access: Kudos for a week of family, exercise, snow, and reprieve from electronic invasion. LOL at having to "eat off plan in order to not burn muscle," with admiration for the tenacity of Sabotaging Thoughts to find any available weak spot to attack.

BelovedK - I, too, love that immediate feeling of relief when I take some action.

yeseyekan - Huge Kudos for eating without TV or laptop; that's one of the hard ones to get used to. Doing personals is when one responds to others' posts, like what I'm typing now. I'm hoping you'll give us a moniker so that I can refer to you as Moniker (yeseyekan) to more easily differentiate you from ADifferentMoniker (yesyoucan).

Readers -
chapter 1
Begin a New Way of Life

Not only did you stick to your eating plan at the party, but also you stuck to it all day long. If you had any cravings, you didn't pay much attention to them. If you were hungry and it wasn't mealtime or snack time, you easily said to yourself, This is just hunger ... It's not a big deal ... I'll just wait until it's time to eat. At every snack and meal, you enjoyed every bite of your food.

the complete Beck diet for life, pg 13.
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Hello everyone,
I am back. I need to dust off my Beck book and get my butt back here.
I keep being afraid to post because it has been so long and I don't really know what to say. One of those awkward moments. I think I use avoidance as my safety net.
Well here goes.
Hello again to all of you, and congratulations for all the successes, for working through adversity and just being who you are.
I hope to get back into this posting without the computer consuming all my time. I found when I was here before, I would be on the computer for hours reading all the great posts throughout 3fatchicks. I think I will set a timer to limit myself.
I do hope everyone has a great year.
Take Care
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Made it to the grocery store. Since I can't get my good local chicken this week, we're going mainly meatless. Two fish meals and everything else vegetarian. I'm going to see if DH notices. There was a time when he certainly would have, but now I think he won't.

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +60* 135/1300 minutes for January, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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