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I stopped feeling bad about not joining my running club for the annual Resolution Run yesterday. (Just to clarify, they start the clock running backwards and each runner starts at the time they think it will take them to complete the course. The runner who finishes closest to 0 wins. So it’s a test of how well you can pace yourself, no watches allowed. I couldn’t win if the test was speed!) It was single digits when I was out feeding with a bitter wind blowing. I wasn’t interested in being out in that any more than I had to. I was happy enough to do my weights indoors.

Food was pretty good, despite a few twists and turns. We decided to have lunch out while we ran a few errands. I hadn’t planned for it, but made healthy choices. After dinner I started having some sugar cravings and gave into some candy, but stopped before it got out of control.

Gardenerjoy, yikes for all the tornado damage, but glad there were no injuries. It’s good that people in your neck of the woods know exactly what to do when a tornado hits. Yay for getting a walk in before the storm and congrats on 2 lbs down already!

Onebyone, great job taking a good hard look at 2010 and figuring out where you want to go in 2011. It was a stressful year with lots of ups and downs so it was not an easy task. Here’s to a good 2011! Thank you for your kind words about my pregnancy.

FutureFitChick, kudos for pulling out NO CHOICE twice in one day! I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better. I think we underestimate how weather affects us physically. Thanks for your concern for lambing. We have arranged for extra help. I just hope they don’t cut me out of the loop entirely.

Lexxis, ouch for eating while agitated, but great job recognizing it, logging it and moving on. Hope you are feeling better. Yay for black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day and a good salad for lunch!

Maryblu, I was thinking about you when looking at a weather map the other day. We were looking at the mass of storms we had just driven through and DH said, “OH my God, look at Minnesota!” I commented that the storm looked like the hand of God descending over the great lakes. Hope you are digging yourself out OK! Hope your new band keeps you dancing in 2011!

Seadwaters, ouch for cold/flu and all the unpleasant symptoms. Glad you are taking care of yourself. Yay for the excitement of the new year and you’re right that it isn’t something that should just happen on Jan. 1!

CeeJay, yay for “Life is good!” Listening to music, watching a movie and having a healthy fondue dinner sounds like a pretty good day. Congrats for getting those smilies back!

Woodland, waving back! Glad to see that Beck is still working for you and that you are still with us.

BillBE, yay for problem solving on the needle problem, may it carry over into Beck! Great job taking advantage of warm January weather and an empty gym. Does it make you feel sad to see the New Year’s Resolution crowd arrive, then drift away every year, or are you just relieved to get your gym back?
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Default New to forum, renewing commitment to Beck

Hi everyone, lost as much as 30 pounds last year following the Beck Diet for Life while seeing a cognitive behavioral therapist and now will be committing again with the Beck Complete book and back to the therapist. I am getting back to the work of controlling what I eat again as all the family visits are over and my schedule is now has given me time to focus on me.

What I didn't manage to do last time was find a diet buddy. I saw a therapist weekly at first but then biweekly and then monthly and and so I am hopeful that this forum will help me with the daily focus and I really don't know anyone who I can ask to focus on the minutiae of my day without also giving the same level of "listening" back. So, I credit myself with starting today and not putting it off any longer. and looking forward to getting to know everyone!
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Hi Beckfolks. Yesterday was a healthy day. I am so grateful. I found the willingness to spend 6 hours away from home with tables of goodies - and, I made healthy, sane, thoughtful choices. This is the first time in a while that I was so focused. I am grateful. I had some veggies, a few crackers, and a small nibble of cheese to start. Later, I had some saurkraut and pork in a small amount. There were plates of cookies and bowls of chocolate, but, I walked away from them. Thankful.

Yesterday I had some credits: wrote down all the I ate, counted my food exchanges, left a bite, ate seated only, had lots of water

This morning I got up and did a soup of all the non starchy veggies (spinach, onions, carrots, celery, red pepper, green beans, cherry tomaotos) around in chicken broth with herbs. I am really trying to get in more veggies this year. It smells really good and I think it will be tasty and satisfying. (Update - it was deelish. - I ate a small bowl with some parm. cheese)

Hanging at home today. Putting away Christmas decorations.

Billbe - glad to hear of your mostly calm and restful day. We all need them after a hectic December. Yes… the calm before the storm. The folks will be coming soon to the gym. Credit for dancing and making some good choices at the party.

Woodland - Happy New Year back to you. Glad that the Beck prinicples are still continuing to be so helpful.

Ceejay - Major credit for five days on and no sugar. (I am detoxing from it myself, too)

Seadwaters - you said: 2011 is an opportunity to re-story my life and begin a new narrative. I love this sentiment! We can’t look back (maybe learn from it, if we can) - we can only move forward.

Maryblu - sorry that the weather had a negative impact on getting to the band. Yes - this is the year to fix my foot.

Lexxiss/Debbie - sorry those to cookies were not eaten as you had wished. However, stopping at two is a big credit. Shoveling and dancing at the store sound GREAT to me. Ya just need to go with it! One time my GS and I danced in a packed Wendy’s. They had music going and he started dancing - so I joined in. It was grand.

Futurefitchick - credit for NO choice to that extra muffin. Well done. It is so true how the changes in the barmetic pressure affects our muscles. A doctor once told me it take the muscles time to get used to the change and that can cause the aching. Many good credits!

Onebyone - your answering of the questions is a good way to reflect. I think it’s a good exercise. You said: So, coaches, it's the brand new start of a brand new year. That’s the darned truth. Move forward - you CAN do this.

Gardener-joy - I am so so glad you were safe from the storm. - and no one was hurt. I am doing a happy dance for you as you adjust your ticker down. Like the Little Engine that Could - you keep chugging along.

Shepardess - I am so thrilled and excited for you and your DH in hearing the news of the newest ‘sheep herder’ coming into your family. You have a wonderful outlook and approach to staying healthy. It will benefit you and the little one.

Ruth xxx - glad to see your post. A huge credit for losing weight in Dec. and handling temptation.

4tocharm - WELCOME! Glad you posted.

moving on - WELCOME! You will find the Beck techniques a wonderful blueprint to live healthfully with food. Do personals when you have time - if you want to.

Yeseyecan - WELCOME! Folks at this forum tend to use this thread as their coaches. Some folks also have another coach away from this thread. Feel free to do so. Say what you need and want to say. There is no judgement if you have a unhealthy time/food. We look forward to getting to know you too.

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I did my final tabulation of 2010 -- I lost 43 pounds for the year. Which I'm just thrilled about. Part of the thrill is realizing that I always assumed that a successful weight loss would mean losing 50-60 pounds a year or more. Not that I ever accomplished that, so what did I know? It's great to discover how happy I am with the loss that I had.

I started a new Excel file for 2011. I'm losing more slowly now. I think it could be discouraging to see my weight always above the trend line that I had in 2010, so I'm looking forward to establishing a sustainable new trend line.

WI: -0.35kg, Exercise: +30* 30/1300 minutes for January, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, yeseyekan! Your username makes me smile! Posting and reading daily in this thread is the guiding star of my program -- hope it works as well for you!
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New year, new me hopefully! I got out my Beck book and bought the workbook. I'm now on day 3 not that I ever had a problem with eating sitting down. The problem is that those sitting down times included way too much fast food. I started back on Eat To Live principles with some cheats on Dec 26 and switched out tea for coffee. I'm hoping to find some fellow Beck\Eat to Live folks out here.
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Hi Everyone.
Just a quick check in as my husband, dog, and I are headed for 2 days of skiing. Read my cards yesterday and have been on plan, though I'm realizing I need to be better with he size of planned snacks and treats. Great to see all of your posts, but hard to type personals from phone.

Take care!
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Hi all

I just want to get back in here!

I am attacking my weight loss NOW, I had fallen out of control I am committed to it, and plan to stay that way.

I hope I am not setting up for failure. I emotionally eat, and have just had a death in the family. I've gained back all of the weight and am sick with myself.

Tonight I pick up the pink book (because I gave my walking buddy the pink one) and we will discuss it on tomorrow's walk.

Sorry, no personals today, I need to go back and catch up with you all

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Default Monday

Hi Coaches
I have been crossing things off my list this morning - chores, exercise, food, read Beck book. I did my weights and feel good about it. Will finish the chores and then take myself out somewhere. Still have a cold and am irritated with it but oh well...Today is nice and cool after a scorcher yesterday so I am very grateful. It will warm up as the week progresses

BillBlueEyes - Yay for deserted holiday gyms - it will fill up when they go back to work.
BelovedK - Yay for committed to plan and planning on staying that way
BeverlyJoy - Your day sounds amazing. I am so impressed with your use of your resistance muscle in that environment - you seem in the zone. I will have to make some soup - it sounds good
CeeJay - Day 5 on plan and no sugar - a major credit. I’m glad that life is good at the moment
FutureFitChick - Enjoy your trip away - credit for being on plan
GardenerJoy - 43 pounds for the year is amazing - you have done so well and I am glad you are on the board to encourage us all
Shepherdess - Sounds cold where you are. Great flexibility with unplanned lunches and not using it as an excuse to make unhealthy choices. I will try to channel you when I take myself out to lunch today
Yeseyekan - - glad you found your way here as there is great coaching available
Yesyoucan - - I don’t do eat-to-live but as BillBE said the Beck program can be used with any diet

- Stayed within my food plan - YES
- Measured all my food - YES
- Logged food - eventually
- Developed food plan for today - YES
- Sat down to eat - mostly
- Ate mindfully and enjoyed every bite - 80%
- Recognised hunger / desire / craving - working on it
- I stopped eating when satisfied - not yet, still finishing what is on my plate
- Drank water - YES
- Checked in - YES
- Weighed myself - YES
- Read advantage cards - YES
- Read response cards - YES
- Read Beck - YES
- Did planned exercise - YES
- Incidental exercise - cleaning and shopping

Have a great day
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Six days on plan. Yay.

Credit today for:

weighing myself
walking 30 minutes with DH
checking in with my Beck buddies
eating healthy and on plan

Have a good night.

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Getting readt to turn in, wanted to check back in really quick.

seadwaters, sorry you're fighting a cold... It sounds like you are following plan though and that is great!

CeeJay, awesome for 6 days OP

I'm going to list 2 credits for myself to go to bed on a positive note.

I checked back in here
I picked the book back up
I am developing a plan. (I rejoined WW online, and am combining the eating plan with SBD.)

Thanks for being here
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I have been very busy trying to take care of the details of life so I can take care of me. Yesterday turned stuff (DH's kids) and I ate over it. I did stop *credit*. I really didn't want to go to brunch with Mom today....just wanted the holiday food stuff to be over. I tried to tactfully talk her out of it, but she was set on it. I'm forgoing personals trying to get all my busy work done. I'll be back tomorrow, bright eyed and bushy tailed, more than ready to enjoy the first month of 2011 with NO food events planned.

See ya'll tomorrow!

ETA-*credit* I did problem solving(7 questions) with the family issue today, and emailed the DD's stating the problem and made a request for feedback on a resolution.

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Default 1st Sunday night of 2011

Hey Coaches

I'm feeling blue. DH leaves to go back to his job tomorrow. I've been waiting to hear back from a guy who has a place to rent north of where DH works. It's basically a winterized cottage on a lake. It has been my dream to live in a cottage on a lake year round. I emailed him on Friday when I saw it online and heard back from him. He asked if we wanted to see it. I emailed back fast and said we could on Monday-we'd drive up and see it-but I needed to hear back from him before noon so we could get on the road to meet him there. I didn't hear from him yesterday or today so I emailed again. Maybe the place is already taken. I'd like to know. Actually I'd really like to know if I am going with DH tomorrow or not. Otherwise, he has to see it by himself and say yes or no. *sigh* I need to let it go. It'll happen or not happen.

I saw my mom today. Her memory was much improved over the past two weeks. I have to lie to her about me moving away though. She gets panicky over it. When we thought we were going overseas I couldn't contain myself and told her about it and she remembers that and now is completely confused about where we live. I now continually tell her I am not going anywhere. I have no idea if this is right or wrong but it makes me feel bad but why upset her? There's nothing to gain by that. And I will see her monthly and talk to her as much as I do now. Her experience of me won't be very different.

So, foodwise it was a bit of a disaster but not completely. I'd give myself a 30%OP and that's better than 0.

I'm not feeling very hopeful. That's okay though. Lots of uncertainty so whatever. Tomorrow's another day and I have a foodplan.
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Thumbs up Welcome yeseyekan


And, on the occasion of your first post on 3FC,

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this forum on 3 Fat Chicks?
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Thumbs up Welcome yesyoucan


And, on the occasion of your first post on 3FC,

How did you find out about the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this forum on 3 Fat Chicks?
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Thumbs up Monday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Made the first pass through the stacks of VHS tapes - what a pain, but CREDIT moi. Goodbye John Wayne. Goodbye Cats. Goodbye Dirty Dancing. Goodbye films recorded as if that would be my lifetime last chance to see them, then never watched. Can't for the life of me figure out why it was so painful. We haven't watched a VHS tape in years. The handful of tapes from kids events are easy to save with the plan to have them professionally transferred to DVD's.

Eating was OP except for some nibbling over coffee; CREDIT moi. Back to work today after nearly two weeks of vacation; barely remember what I do at the office.

onebyone - Ouch that the uncertainties of your future home are still a burden. Kudos for thinking wisely and lovingly about your mother.

FutureFitChick - Happy skiing.

CeeJay - Six Kudos - you are rolling.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats for a major loss for 2010, with Kudos for bringing yourself to accept that an absolutely amazing loss is good enough, despite whatever high bar your brain wants to compare that to.

Shepherdess - Yay for indoors and Yay for weights. [I'm always intrigued by the new crowd each January at the gym. We see a few people carrying weight then, and I amuse myself trying to predict which ones will stick around. I'm rarely right, LOL.]

Beverlyjoy - Homemade soup "twice giveith" - makes me drool reading about you smelling it cooking. Kudos for "but, I walked away from them."

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for the cold despite such warm weather. Neat list of credits; this leaving food on the plate business still eludes me.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ouch for family stuff. Such an insight to use the Seven Questions Technique to search for a solution; hope you get a positive response from the DD's.

BelovedK - Sending supportive thoughts as you deal with the death in your family. Kudos for jumping back in here. You can start out fresh with the two new folks who just joined. Super neat idea to share the pink Beck with your walking buddy. Yay for rolling your own WWSBD.

yeseyekan - Kudos for giving yourself credit for starting - this giving myself credit thing was a difficult one for me. As Beverlyjoy noted, we tend to use the other posters on this thread as our Diet Coaches/Buddies. Hope you'll join us in doing that. "the minutiae of my day" is pretty hard on anyone not concentrating on the same thing; I think my DW would go crazy if I tried to dump all my eating stuff on her - bite by bite, LOL.

yesyoucan - I recommend that you start a thread with a title like "Looking for Eat to Live folks" here on 3FC as the best way to find where the others hang out. LOL at "those sitting down times included way too much fast food" - Yep, know about that one.

yeseyekan and yesyoucan - Amazing coincidence that such similar names show up on the same day. Hoping you'll provide a name we can use with your avatar to make it easier to get to know you.

Readers -
chapter 1
Begin a New Way of Life

Why was your behavior at this year's party different? Because, this time, you went to the party with a plan. You fully enjoyed the food you ate and didn't feel guilty or lose control of your eating. Whenever you were tempted by food you hadn't planned in advance to eat, you stood firm. You told yourself, No, it's not what I planned to eat, and I'd so much rather be thinner than have the momentary pleasure of eating this food, and you were done with it. You didn't argue with yourself. You didn't struggle. You didn't say to yourself, Oh, come on ... It's a special occasion ... It's just a little bit; it won't hurt. You made a decision, and you easily stuck to it because you had the confidence to know you could. You enjoyed yourself, too, and you left feeling happy - happy that your clothes didn't feel tight, happy that the scale wouldn't go up the next day, happy that you spent your time socializing and having a good time instead of obsessing about food.

the complete Beck diet for life, pg 12-13.
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