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Thumbs up Wednesday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Planned events changed so that instead of going to a friends house for a simple soup diner, I found myself at Whole Foods to buy soup for DW and I to eat at home. Bad Idea - at Whole Foods while hungry! Did quite well on the soup, a chicken mixture called something like Aztecia; CREDIT moi. However, the FREE samples got me: cherry spritzer with a fermented cherry in it, a scallop wrapped in double-thick bacon, two types of grilled winter squashes with cranberries, pumpkin pie ice cream with a Belgium wafer, pecan pie, and double cream French cheese on a cracker. I did turn down a few pastries that looked fine, a minor CREDIT moi for that at least. Whole Foods and I are not a match made in heaven.

maryblu - Just loving how you see the stars singing in the cold night skies of Minnesota. Neat that you saw a Capella.

onebyone - Sending <hugs> and supportive thoughts as you face, all at once, the tidal wave of all the most negative aspect of the upcoming changes in your life. Some are certainly real, and will be challenges for your most creative side to meet. For some it might be helpful to do a read through Beck's day 26 where she talks about reviewing our projections. For me, it's tough when the stuff I'm facing is real because I tend to load it up to its negative max. Good luck facing it all and finding your path. You've faced tough stuff before.

CeeJay - Yay for another day on-plan, with Kudos for such a nifty list of credits, including, "resisting chocolate at work."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - 168 Kudos for having the courage to collect hard data to examine how you spend your time. That's just fantastic. I think Beck minimizes the time it takes to switch to a healthy lifestyle with planned eating, planned exercise, and following the Beck strategies. I agree that's it's worth it, but it is something like becoming a giant insect - you gotta change the way you see things.

"As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect." - [Franz Kafka, The Metamorphosis (1915)]

Beverlyjoy - Every minute on the stationary cycle is exercise; Kudos for acknowledging that. Yep, "how are you?" means Tell me something positive, briefly, so I can tell you about ME, LOL. Sending supportive thoughts for the reality of facing your reality - with Kudos for having the vision to see that 2011 is, indeed, coming.

julzchiki - Oh Yes, Kudos for giving yourself credit for steps taken; that's what the Beck strategies call for. My take is that steps like, "vaccuuming and dusting the inside of my car" is just how we make the changes to our lives.

Nature Girl - Ouch for the pains in real life; sending supportive thoughts for dealing with the loss of your friends daughter - that's a tough one. Kudos for being planned and prepped for tomorrow.

grouse - Two hours is a lot of biking; Kudos. Great that you noted that you were feeling full, and then stopped. For me, that's still a skill I'm working on.

BelovedK - Ouch - "unplanned" can do that. Do you have a plan for today?

Readers -
day 42
Practice, Practice, Practice

Also, recognize that rough patches are TEMPORARY. You'll soon be glad that you persevered, especially as you're getting compliments, fitting into clothes you couldn't fit in before, and seeing the number on the scale go down. I promise you that even if it doesn't feel worth it at any given moment, it will soon!

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 266.
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Smile tricky.

Good Morning Coaches

I woke up feeling better today. I felt better once I got to my drawing class and had to focus on their challenges and frustrations not mine. Plus here is an activity that *I* do. Not DH, not The Boss, not anyone but me. I'm the drawing teacher and my students are working hard and getting better and a couple of them are falling in love with Art. It makes a body feel good. Credit moi for allowing the good feelings in.

I spent all yesterday sugarfree until... I got off the bus and on my way to class I went to Starbucks to get a coffee.. Walking along I kept thinking "half-decaf? All decaf? Wonder if they have a favoured coffee tonight? What size do I want?" I get in there and it's all red-themed xmas holiday festive and the menu is promoting exotic new-to-me (a HUGE trigger of DESIRE for me) and the barrista says, "Peppermint Hot Choclate?"
I shake my head no.
"Pumpkin Spice Latte?"
I shake my head no.
"I really want a coffee, " I say.
"Peppermint Mocha?"
"ok. A big one."
"Yeah you know you wanted that one. Peppermint Mocha Venti! That will be $5.89."
OMG I just bought SUGAR and I had to break my $20 to get it and I could have bought a sandwich for that price.
I felt like a sucker.
I did enjoy it. It was very tasty. But a one-time thing. Apparently I was suggestable last night.

So I was still sugar-free 90% of the day. That's a credit and the mocha did not spill over into continued sugar consumption so CREDIT for that.

I did discover the joy of the cut-up apple yesterday. I took the time to cut apple pieces off my apple and lay them in a dish and gee. The apple tasted better than ever. It felt like I was special having a cut up apple. So I had two yesterday and just had one for breakfast. Very satisfying. Credit for finding something to make me feel special.

I weighed myself today: 280.8
Whatever. Scale do your worst. *shaking fist* Who knows what you're measuring.

I have a challenge today of bringing something to the Farmers' Market Vendors' Pot Luck tonight. I'm going on line to see what I can throw together that is good. My friend is coming to pick me up and we're going together then after an hour we leave and go to the show opening for my friends who formed a ceramics group. I hope to get there before their vernissage ends! I also have a few drawings to work on for my drawing group meeting tomorrow. And I am aiming to gather together extra garbage today for garbage night. Lots of little things adding up to a busy day. It's all good.

Bye for now.

PS Hey Coaches! The library just emailed me that my 4 Day Diet DVD is ready for to pick up! Yay! Maybe I'll have a foodplan soon... I'll report in later.

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Hi Becksters coaches, buddies & friends. Yesterday was a healthy day. I am grateful. I got on the scale today and it showed a two pound loss from a couple weeks ago. I am so, so happy that the scale is smiling at me. We all know it doesn’t always show what we think we deserve.

I had many credits yesterday:
Planned/logged food
Wrote in my journal
Did my meditations
Left a bite each time I ate
Drank my water
No seconds

Today I would like to do the above and add reading my response cards & Beck book, really slowing down, and eat seated only. I’ve noticed that I am licking spoons while cooking. I had really ‘broken’ that habit and now it snuck back. I will work on it.

Billbe - ouch for the Whole Food sample gremlins getting you. They do have the best samples, bar none. That’s over…thank goodness and you can hop back on your plan. You are right….we all should try to avoid going to the store when hungry. The grocery stores are doing extra of samples lately…they want our Thanksgiving purchases.

gardener joy - your writing assignment is intriguing - it’s really similar to something Dr. Beck had us do. The time you’ve spent on preparing and eating food is eye opening. Time well spent, really.

Onebyone - I can hear the anxiety in your post. I am so sorry to hear that all these changes coming are causing you such physical and emotional symptoms. Change and transitions can be challenging. Writing about it here is good. Also…write about it at home. Try some deep breathing. It could help. CREDIT for staying away from sugar.
Today - I am so glad you are feeling better today. Let us know about the DVD.

Maryblu - your twilight gazes sound lovely.

Belovedk - sorry your tummy is talkin’ to you from the cookies. Yes..DO realize it’s over and carry on. I put the Beck tasks down in my journal - it can help to ‘check it off’ at the end of the day. Sometimes it helps. I agree - plan, plan and plan some more.

Ceejay - you said: Thanks for the advice on the wandering mind during meditation. Mine is an out of control brat. I just keep trying to get back to the breathe each time I wander- about a million times in 15 minutes. It is amazing how much is whirling around in your head. True, true, true & true. But, keep at it and it will get better. CREDIT for resisting chocolate at work. That’s major!

Nature girl - so glad you posted. You had many, many good credits! - especially cutting that burrito in half to take home. Well done. Maybe you need to make DQ a non-negotiable place to go. Good planning for today. Sorry to hear of the death of your friend’s daughter and the uncertainty of DH’s job.

Julzchiki - so glad you posted with your news of good credits! It’s always major to me when anyone can pass up candy anywhere! You said: I feel really good at this moment that I've been able to have more positive and productive thoughts. That is a wonderful result of working Dr. Becks techniques. Glad to hear this.

Grouse - kudo’s for those many credits - especially actually feeling fullness ending your meal! I work hard on eating slowly too. Every now and then I will use my watch and wait for thirty seconds between bites - at a meal. It really helps put the time thing into perspective.

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My freaking out about time improved during the day yesterday, in part due to another exercise from 168 Hours -- List 100 Dreams. I fully expected to list 10 lifetimes worth of dreams (and, when I was younger and did this sort of exercise, I did), but I seem better equipped these days to see happiness in what I have right now and more happiness in tweaks to that instead of huge changes. So, my 100 Dreams didn't make me feel overwhelmed at all -- they just made me happy to think about them.

WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +50 395/1350 minutes for November, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: sending hugs. Also a reminder that any rational person would be freaking out under the circumstances that you find yourself. Don't listen to the mean things you say to yourself -- it's only part of the freak out! And try to get a little self-care in, whatever you can do that won't take much time or effort but will give you a moment to smile. Oh yeah (just read your new post), cutting up an apple for yourself--that's what I'm talking about. Go you!

maryblu: cool finding Capella!

BelovedK: yep, planning really helps!

CeeJay: yay for all of those credits!

Nature Girl: so sorry about loss of your friend's daughter, that really affects everyone in the orbit of that family, including you. Take care of yourself. LOL at the directive to eat fruit instead of Blizzards! Try honeycrisp apples -- that's working for me right now. Also, it will save you time! It takes much less time to grab an apple off the counter than it does to go out and get a treat.

julzchiki: yay for all your credits! And, double yay for giving yourself credit when it's a new pattern for you!

grouse: good job noticing that you enjoy your food when you eat it more slowly -- that recognition will probably help you do it!

BillBlueEyes: thanks for the Kafka quote -- absolutely perfect!

Beverlyjoy: yay for the good news from the scale (and for keeping your perspective about that),
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Default Quick Check In

Hello My Beck Buddies!
I hope you all are doing well. I will be back late tonight or tomorrow to catch up with personals.
On the weekend I did have some wine which threw me off on tracking my points. However I made sure I added extra workout time in the morning on Sat and Sun and did not deviate from eating OP. Monday I jumped right back to tracking points and scheduling the day. This is a huge step for me and I give myself kudos and credits.
Wishing you all a great day!
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Hello Beck friends

A quick check in here, too. I've been busy with Mom duties. I drove her to a Dr. appt, left here at 730am and just got home.

onebyone, I am glad to hear you had a better day, today. I've been thinking of you, "one day at a time".

BillBlueEyes, I went to Whole Foods today and cruised the whole store-not one single free sample to be found except a cup of coffee at the front door.

I look forward to getting back in the groove. OP today
No free samples at Whole Foods (HAHA)
Can't think of much else-just spent the day driving and refraining from eating. No exercise, either. Tomorrow morning I'll walk.

Take care everyone!
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Hello to All: Just a quick check in tonight.

Nature Girl- so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend's daughter.

julzchiki- glad to read this: Right now, I feel hope. I'm pleased.

Beverlyjoy-yay for a happy day and 2 pounds gone.

gardenerjoy- how wise to see happiness in right now. Cause really, that's all we have for sure.

BillBlueEyes, grouse, onebyone, McKt and Lexxiss- waving hello.

For me- a bit of a challenging day. Went out to lunch with a coworker and ate a chicken burger- that is not using the old resistance muscle. DH and I then went out for dinner with friends. I did much better by ordering a big salad. So even though not a perfect day, it could have been much, much worse.

Did not feel like meditating tonight but made myself. It was a rough go- felt uncomfortable and my mind would not shut off at all. Oh well, I am going to keep at it.

DH and I will be going to a Remembrance Day service tomorrow in honour of his brother who served and died in Afghanistan. And to remember all the other men and women who have made such a sacrifice.

Peace to all.
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Default Day 3 of restart

Credits today:
Got ready early, went in in "my P.E." clothes, and did a 30 minute workout before work.
Three torture machines/10 minutes each; thought I would quit early but made it to my goal!
The only thing I ate standing up was an apple, and it was OP.
The famous burrito half made a fine lunch, with only a kiwi to go with it.
Made it through crazy at work w/o eating to feel better.
OP dinner when no one else was in the house; only myself to be accountable to
Reading, posting and planning tonight, no matter how tired.
Tomorrow: my DD & I drive 150 miles to the memorial service; this young woman and my daughter grew up together. Her parents lost their oldest daughter at age 11 to leukemia; what will we even try to say to them tomorrow???
I am thinking of how I can stay at least close to OP traveling, at a memorial service & reception, and at the hotel afterwards. It may be a matter of cutting my losses and trying to make reasonable choices; the important thing is not to dive into a frenzy of emotional eating at a time of such strong emotions.
The one thing that is keeping me together right now is that after Thursday, I will spend the rest of the weekend with my family at the ocean. I am looking forward to the calming, restorative peace of that time after all of this grief and stress.
Thanks for listening! As I get stronger and more into the routine I will enjoy doing personals; I do read each person's posts carefully and think about you throughout the day.
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Hi all,

Just a quick check-in for me tonight. I got a fair amount of reading done today. I had class till 4:30 today and it was already dark when I was walking home. Blah.

Foodwise, things have been going okay. I haven't been good about reading my ARC cards and making conscious efforts to do most of the skills I committed to doing. So I need to refocus and recommit.

We had a thunderstorm today (in Minnesota in November, unreal). I hope that the weather stays nice for a while longer. The later in the year winter starts, the better. Maybe snow around December 23rd with an early thaw say, early January?

Maryblu--I just had to tell you that I grew up on a dairy farm too!

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!
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Thumbs up Thursday - Vetrans Day - Saluting all who've served

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Did OK at a pot luck at my reading group, CREDIT moi, mostly because this group tends to bring healthy foods - so it's easier than most pot lucks. I did skip some store bought, but top shelf cookies, including my favorite, oatmeal raisin; CREDIT moi.

Second day in a row without planned exercise. I had planned to do no planned exercise, a small comfort, LOL. Tomorrow is another day. But at least today is the day I tick my maintenance counter - another month on my journey; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - Many Kudos "for allowing the good feelings in" - the ultimate in taking care of yourself. LOL at your Starbucks dialog; if you ever get tired of the visual arts you should write. Yay for libraries.

CeeJay - Sending supportive thoughts as you and your DH honor his brother who served and died in Afghanistan.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - What a nice report on growing up to a place of contentment with your current self; Kudos for getting there.

"The human race, to which so many of my readers belong, has been playing at children's games from the beginning, and will probably do it till the end, which is a nuisance for the few people who grow up." - [G. K. Chesterton, The Napoleon of Notting Hill (1904)]

Beverlyjoy - Once again, I admire, "Left a bite each time I ate." I am so jealous that you can consistently do that. Ouch for habits that creep back in - insidious little buggers.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - That was a long day; Kudos for your daily efforts as a care giver. And Yep, Kudos for eating no samples at Whole Foods, with no points off just because there weren't any, LOL.

Nature Girl - My heart aches for your DD and the young girl's family. I think you are right on with, "cutting my losses and trying to make reasonable choices" - for some situations, survival alone is a sufficient goal.

KAM (McKt) - Yep, HUGE Kudos for "I jumped right back" - the thing that matters.

MinniePaul - This suddenly seeing darkness in the afternoon does hit hard. My prejudices are that Minnesota is covered in snow by now; is this unusual for you?

Readers -
day 42
Practice, Practice, Practice

The next two chapters are just as important as the ones you've just finished. You'll learn how to determine a comfortable weight that you can successfully maintain for a very long time and what you need to do to make sure you can sustain that weight. Once you finish these chapters, you can feel confident that you now think and behave like a thin person - and will continue to do so for the rest of your life!

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 266.
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Hi Beckies - yesterday was mostly good. PT went well. I burned 20 calories on the recumbent bike. I did a different machine that gave me a sore back when I got home. Not horrible...soreness - so I iced it(but, this morning it is very sore - I am trying not to freak out). I put on my stress 'hat'yesterday and ate off my plan in response. Darn it. I must get this worked out. I did however, stop extra eating after dinner time. Credit. It's what I must do for my reflux.

Thinking of my dad today - a brave WWII veteran and DH , a veteran too. Thanks to them and all the brave men and women that serve now and have served in our armed forces for our country.~~ We have hundreds of WWII slides IN COLOR - that my dad took. It's amazing to see that war in color...because most images are only seen in black and white. My dad was an amateur photographer. He took these photos while on active duty as a Lieutenant. In a foxhole, he developed the film in his helmet & some how and sent them back to the states after developing them. He made them into slides when he came home. We have contacted different places to see if they want them for their archives. The reply is that they are being inundated with all kinds of WWII memorabelia as these veterans are of an age to be passing on. I think it would be an interesting book.

Today I will concentrate on my Beck tasks and staying strictly on plan. I am going to pick up my mom - get Wendy's salads and eat them here.

I'll try to come back later for personals if possible.

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I'm planning for a healthy day today. Food and exercise both mapped out. *credit* I spent an hour in the kitchen cleaning and organizing this am. *credit* for recognizing how many times I initiate tasting then refrain.

I'm going to try to catch up on some personals. I've been reading carefully but sometimes am just not organized enough to respond. INSERT Sometimes I have to take care of myself before I respond.*credit* for acknowledging self care. I appreciate every word that you all take time to write here.

BillBlueEyes, yay for reading groups who bring healthy food. I planned no exercise yesterday, too, and it just didn't seem right. Kudos on completing another month of maintenance!

MinniePaul, I'm agreeing with you on the winter thing...I love spring and have enjoyed our late fall. Good for you , recognizing the need to refocus and recommit. It's one thing which is good not to procrastinate! I have come to a similar conclusion regarding adding a high calorie/high fat food such as PB in my green shake. PB does have great nutritional benefits, but I'd rather have it portioned with an apple where I have the opportunity to enjoy it.

NatureGirl, planning ahead for your trip during this emotional time is really helpful. Take care. I hope you find your ocean soon.

CeeJay, thinking of you and DH's family as you all honor his brother. Great job getting back on track the very next meal you had yesterday.

Kam(McKt), great credit, recognizing your huge steps as you progress on your journey.

gardenerjoy, I am enthusiastically reading your observations regarding delegating time. Thanks for taking the time to share. I'm always looking for creative ways to be more efficient , especially in the kitchen. Part of my efficiency is about being less wasteful with food. I miss seadwaters, too.

Beverlyjoy, remembering my dad, too, who was trained as a photographer during WWII. My family spent time at Patterson AFB in Dayton. We have scads of photos, too. A book for your family members would be nice.
When I read your observation regarding licking the spoon again it occurred to me that it is really a red flag for me now, reminding me of the bigger picture. Great that you notice. Belated thanks for the acknowledgment of my (usually) loving approach with DH. When you mentioned how you try to stay/act positive with everyone in the real world, I agree, many folks just really don't want to know. You all understand that my real life frustrations are connected to my food sanity and I appreciate your willingness to listen. BTW-you asked if I was "moving". I have 2 homes-one, where I am now, is a block from my mom, and the other is 130 m. West, a mile from my favorite pool. I am making an effort to excel here.

onebyone, great observation as you enjoyed your apple! Kudos for being totally present for your drawing students. As to Starbucks, I have an automated drink there, since I understand that it is their job to sell me the expensive (and high calorie/sugar) drinks. When they give the "sell", I say, "Sounds great!, but I'll have a cinnamon dolce/skinny, no whipped cream." I find that drink very satisfying (much less expensive) and more in line with my plan because I find sugar triggers sugar.

grouse, great credits from your last post; biking 2 hours, eating while sitting and stopping when recognizing "full".

julzchiki, such a milestone, letting yourself be proud of yourself. Hope is such a positive space I believe it's seed is sowed inside ourselves and grows as it is fed with positive reinforcement.

BelovedK, you said, "I am just underplanned". Me, too. Every day is a new opportunity to work on our "planning" transformation.

maryblu, you said, "A good day with Beck behaviours food and exercise OP. Credit Moi." That just about sums it up. Yay!

Woodland, from your West side. I'm wondering how you are faring with our winter weather. It is snowing now with the sun peeking through from the East.

Friends, I've been working on other tasks this AM while catching up with all of you. I have my 1.5 m walk in *credit*. For me, focusing on me takes extra time…..time that I gave to others before myself for a great many years. I'm grateful to have the time to practice my healthy habits. Now I'm off to help my Mom. *credit* for both.
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Hi everyone,

This morning was weigh-in day and I was pleasantly surprised with a 4 pound loss. Also, yesterday made 3 weeks without binging, which is a huge accomplishment.

I haven't noticed a difference at all, so I took measurements this morning and I've lost 2.5 inches from my waist, 2 inches from my hips, 1 inch from my arm, and 2 inches from my thigh.

Credits for yesterday:
-Ate 100% on plan
-Ate slowly while sitting down
-Read ARC/response cards
-Went to the gym even though I didn't feel like it
-Made it 21 days without binging/emotional eating!!

Beverlyjoy: Thanks for the idea about using a watch to time 30 seconds between bites. That definitely helps!
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Hiya Coaches,

Sounds like we are all reluctantly settling into the cold weather routines: shorter days, variable weather. Lexxiss, yes, we got snow overnight and it continues a bit this morning. It's fluffy so not a major problem. Just different and new (again!).

I'm doing ok on program. Lately dealing with issues and trying to use the 7 question technique to work through them. Just as it helps with food cravings to name the emotion, I'm finding that doing the same for issues is very helpful. Plus, it feels a little like 'self care' to deal with issues a bit differently than I have over the years.

This week I want to figure out how to get walnuts into my meals. I think they might go well in my barley dish - something to try !!

Take care coaches, and stay strong (and warm!),

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Forgot to weigh myself this morning. Odd.

After saying I am just about cured of cravings of particular foods last week, I'm experiencing just that this week. Yesterday, I couldn't figure out what I was craving. In the past, that would be an excuse to just start eating until I figured it out or got so over-stuffed that I didn't care anymore. Credit for not doing that.

The craving is still here this morning and I finally figured out what it is -- peanut butter and mayo. My own weird childhood peanut butter sandwich (does every kid have one of those?). Unfortunately, as an adult, I discovered it works just as well on warm brown rice--the ultimate comfort food for me. And that's what I'm craving.

I was several months into this journey before I gave that up. It's a dish that meets all my criteria for natural, homemade, and wholesome. But, too much fat and, obviously, too much of a trigger. I no longer eat either mayo or peanut butter unadulterated. I put what I call cheese spread on bread -- 2 parts yogurt cheese, 1 part mayo. Peanut butter mostly gets used as a sauce ingredient, although it's pretty good mixed with yogurt cheese, too -- but more trouble since it takes a food processor to make it. Maybe I should make that peanut butter spread to see if it would answer my craving without catering to it.

Thanks for listening.

WI: N/Akg, Exercise: +40 /1350 minutes for November, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Thanks, Beverlyjoy, for the description of your WWII slide collection and your response on a similar topic, Lexxiss. I've been reading lots of little veteran's day reflections today and those are my favorites!

Hello to everyone else!
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