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Hello Beck friends

It's been a crazy week for me and I want to apologize for not getting over to lend an ear and also try to take some words of wisdom for saturating into my brain. My relationship with food has had some ups and downs, but I remain committed.
*credit* for remaining committed.

I'd like to get back to personals, but please bear with me as I also have a real life event calling me this morning...a swap at our pet store. I wanted to call it a dog swap...but I don't want to swap my dogs, just find a sturdy trimmer for my Cocker,

BillBlueEyes, I've really been following your daily postings from the Beck book. It sounds like right where I need to be. Thanks! I had a great visual this AM of VVG hauling a giant flower remind me of other gym guy. Interesting understanding is that wasting food represents 2% of US energy consumption. Kudos for using those leftovers.

Espy, As I read your post, I think it is very thought provoking that you are recognizing that Beck skills could help you to work on your own version of food sanity, even though you are not "overweight". It sounds like you are super busy and I hope you are able to pop in from time to time.

KAM(McKt), great job planning for a birthday bash without your 3 favorites! *credit* for your successful week with WW and for 3 pounds gone.

grouse, *credit* for making it through a testing day. I think it's a big step to learn to give yourself credit for avoiding binging or eating normally. Good job! Inspired by BBE, I am a card carrying member of the No Free Samples at Costco group. Standing while eating was one of the first Beck skills that imprinted on my brain, and after numerous bite free Costco trips, I am convinced that it really helps in not setting off my food crazies.

onebyone, a belated Happy Birthday and I am so glad to hear from you. I appreciated your heartfelt message to CeeJay. I am also in awe of the apt symbol of the Ancient Sun Symbol and it's significance to you in dealing with the daily challenge of food and overeating. In your statement, I see the familiar. "Persist in Victory!" PS I truly believe that my personal commitment to check in at 3FC every single day has been the pillar of my being able to maintain and not backslide while I am figuring out my next steps. I do check in with the SBD chicks every day...and am working towards consistence with my Beck friends.

Beverlyjoy, I am so encouraged as you remain willing to have healthy days as you prepare for your surgery. I thought of you when I was at the pool the other day...being reminded of Tapping the Thymus for immune support. Here's a link if you haven't heard of it. I have been trying to remember it because it's simple, and I've heard of it from other sources. I'm glad you're finding some tasty smoothie combos. *credit* for persistance!

gardenerjoy, I look forward to hearing about your write in. Thx for the NNWM explanation, too. lol at the chicken story. ETA-Wow! I'm just getting to your rewriting of the Tolstoy quote and related observations! How true! I find I am not very specific when discussing my "diet" because I know I don't need the backlash. We each find our own path...and we can be sane differently.

CeeJay, thanks for the and your confidence in me-knowing I was out there somewhere....I was....just overwhelmed. It was great news for me hearing about your success....keep it up...and never give up! You have what it takes!

BelovedK, love the line "made it through my little neurosis". Me, too. *credit* us both.

Silverbirch, Thx for the history lesson.

Woodland, great job using No Choice for exercise. I imagined the squash bug exercise....just one foot down, then another....

maryblu, thanks for the honeycrisp education....they are my absolute favorite and I'm glad your alma mater shared their seeds with my Colorado growers. I will look for Honey Gold, also.

MinniePaul, I hope you have a great weekend. I hope you were able to surf the wave this week!

Ok, folks, I need to get going. .. the troops are rising and I need to focus on my family for a bit. Thanks for all your morning was filled with inspiring words.

My focus, Day 41. I will read today.....
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Default Another Returning Striver

Hi Becksters- I was just getting into the routine in September when school started and I just couldn't juggle everything so I fell 'off the wagon.' I'm ready to rally and am using this weekend to get back on track. I have kept some things going; I work twice a week with a trainer at the student recreation center next door to my building; she works with several of the faculty in our building, and is really great. As a rugby player, she has a 'never say quit' mentality so it is hard to whine when she works you hard! This has been a great help in gaining strength, and to take it a step farther, this weekend she is making me a plan for my Nordic Trak to get my cardio work where it should be.
Tuesday is our test and measuring day; I'll know where I am weightwise and how much progress I've made.
My job this weekend is get up to speed in Beck (I'm using pink) and get my food plan organized, both the right foods in the cupboards (and the wrong ones out) and the checklist/record keeping paperwork ready. I use the Superfood plan.
Like Onebyone, I hope you won't let me off the hook; you can bet if I quit posting, I am still lurking and reading, so please, please give me a shout out and invite me back, or email me or whatever we can do on this forum...I need to stay connected and accountable!
A couple days ago there was a discussion of when/how to read response cards so they don't get forgotten; I found myself toting them around but never having them handy when I was on the verge of a bad choice moment, so last night I opened my date book and wrote one "Headline" across the top of each day;now every time I open my date book they are right in front of me, and each day I can add another day's goal until I finish the book. Then I can start adding the ones I need the most. No digging cards out of my purse or forgetting them at home!
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Late today. The day started early with a trip to the Farmers Market -- the last of that one for the year, although there are two different monthly winter markets I can go to and one of those starts next week.

And, that melted right into our big project of the day -- building paths. We're using wood chips, so my part of the job involves lots of walking and many rake lunges. Fortunately, I figured out after the second load that it's much easier to rake chips downhill than up (less range of motion and less weight to pull), so I got DH to start dumping on the uphill side. I get a break right now because he's off to get another truckload of chips.

My write-in yesterday went well. Only one other person showed up, but I knew that some of my regulars from last year wouldn't make it until next week. This was a brand new person to our region. And, although she had done NaNoWriMo before, she had never been to a write-in because she lived in a rural area. So I was really glad that I was there to give her the experience. I got to use my librarian skills to answer questions like "What's the word for the marble chips in a pattern?" "Mosaic."

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +45 150/1350 minutes for November, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

grouse: yay for strengthening that resistance muscle -- it really did get easier the more that I did it and the farther back in time that my last binge became. For me, cravings for particular food items have pretty much disappeared entirely and have been gone for months. I still struggle a bit with a "craving" for certain behaviors that involved overeating when I'm feeling overwhelmed, but that, I find, is a little easier to talk myself away from the edge.

McKt: great job keeping your problem foods off of the birthday celebration menu. This is my third year doing NaNoWriMo. I haven't even gone back to read the material from the first two years, but I do know the second year's novel was light years better than the first one. So, I'm hoping this year that I'll get something that I will actually want to work on editing to see if I can turn it into a piece that I would want someone else to read.

BillBlueEyes: loving the novel first lines -- thanks! That Jane Austen line is pretty much still the basis of every romance novel. In my novel, the hero's "fortune" is the most prodigious magical powers in the land.

onebyone: yay for all the credits and the Working On list!

Beverlyjoy: I'm so glad that "Prince" is getting the attention needed.

Lexxiss: Yay for remaining committed!

Hey, Nature Girl! Great to see you again! I love your solution for having your response cards where you need them.
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Hi Beck Buddies! Yesterday was a healthy day. I am grateful. I planned, logged and calculated my food yesterday. I did my exercises on Prince (foot formerly know as the good foot). I, ever so slightly, overdid it on my stretches and I need to be careful about the stretching. That's my usual MO. (It's always hard for me to figure out how much to pull on my foot for a stretch without it being too much. I am sure it will be fine.) Did my other exercises too.

DH caught a cold from GS. DS. and DIL. I am snifflely- but, hoping that's all. They all had colds and I used LOTS of hand sanitizer and hope that 'saved' me.

Today DH and I are watching college football. I do love that. I've planned healthy dinner. Snacks & other meals- well it's we get what we want.

Lexxiss - thanks for the link. SO interesting about tapping the thymus. That sounds proactive, really.

Have a great day!

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Default Waiting for Zenyatta!

Beckmates, can't stand it..24 minutes away..Zenyatta's race. I need a hero, especially if it is a *heroine. What a star!

BillBE, am liking that gladiator * this point, whatever works. Sorry the Vikes' dirty laundry is everywhere. Everyone loves a loser, unfortunately.

Lexxiss, *DOH!!! Like I need to hear that 2% waste thang with food wasted! Just after I convinced myself to throw stuff away! *sigh. A sign of the times. We Americans need to dial back everything, including portion size!

Best to all ..keep a good thought for Zenyatta!
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Thumbs up Sunday - Clocks back last night

Diet Coaches/Buddies - I ate two morning snacks; Ouch. Can note that I was a tiny bit annoyed with someone - interesting that even a tiny emotion can trigger moving off-plan. Spent time talking to the contractors we've selected to repaint inside our house and repair cracked plaster. After 30 years, it looks a tad tired. CREDIT moi for not stuffing my face with the tension of working with contractors.

Felt good walking to Trader Joe's in the crisp air (CREDIT moi) - needed their plump California golden raisins. I do like that they sell stuff in one pound bags.

maryblu - Cheers for one fine horse race by Zenyatta - she can be a heroine without a perfect record. Good luck with your friends in purple today.

Anne (AnneWonders) - Waving. To remind you NOT to set your clocks back, as is done in all of the civilized world, except in Arizona who, by action of their state legislature, steps off the beaten path and fails to indulge in the rituals of daylight sayings time.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for exercise doing real stuff - I do like your "rake lunges." Congrats on organizing your write-in - regardless of the size of the attendance. Suspecting that you and your new friend got your words done.

"If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll probably want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like, and how my parents were occupied and all before they had me, and all that David Copperfield kind of crap, but I don't feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth." [J. D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye (1951)]

Beverlyjoy - Yay for exercising Prince, with attention to not over-stretching. Noting that December is just next month; you are moving forward.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - That's the key issue, "some ups and downs, but I remain committed" - Kudos for staying the path in the face of real life events. [Thanks for the link to the 2% wasted food article. Good to be reminded of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.]

Nature Girl - Yay for a "back on track" weekend to plan and prep for next week. Kudos for choosing a rugby player for a trainer; liking her 'never say quit' mentality to move you forward. Super idea to write your Response Cards in your date book so they're in your face, with no chance to forget to bring them or forget to look at them.

Readers -
day 41
Make a New to-Do List

Do these activities as often as needed (once a day, once a week, or less often, but certainly whenever you're in danger of straying from your diet):

Read your Response Cards. You've been reading some of your cards for almost six weeks. These responses are probably firmly in your mind. You can experiment with reading them on an as-needed basis. The moment you start to struggle, though, start reading them daily. DON'T GIVE YOURSELF A CHOICE ABOUT THIS.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 262.
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Hello Beck friends

Saturday credits:
-ordered healthy breakfast at Village Inn
-sat down and ate my pizza at the dog function, mixed the hot cider with hot water.
-chose not to eat the leftover pizza for dinner (given to us) and instead had my healthy salad.
-walked home and back from the event-mid day, even though I didn't "have" to.

BillBlueEyes, ouch for two morning snacks, but thanks for sharing your observation that "even a tiny emotion can trigger moving off-plan". Sometimes I think it's just me and it does help a bit to know I'm not alone here. It's a definite credit, though, to not stuff your face with the tension. There is a difference between the two.

Nature Girl, you are really getting organized. Great job getting right back here as soon as you could! I have a great memory and will remind you if that is your wish. What a great idea about putting your response cards on your date book. They sure do bounce around-I told the story a few weeks ago of finding them in my Kitchenaid mixer bowl. Welcome back!

gardenerjoy, I so missed our farmers market here today, which reminds me that a friend gave me a bunch of squash which is in the other fridge. It's nice that your one NNWM had never been to a write in. It must be fun!

Beverlyjoy, I was tapping but couldn't type! If DH has a cold it sounds like an extra good exercise! It's always good to hear that you are doing well.*credit*

maryblu, I just got home and will have to check on the race. PS My take on the food waste is that the crap does need to go, but good foods should be planned for and used, if possible. Of course, my worms enjoy anything which I don't use(except meat).

Have a thoughtful day, everyone!
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Yep, BillBE, truer words were never spoken. She is one great horse. I especially appreciate her taste in beer. *laffin'. Watching her come from behind is somethin'. 10 more yards and she would have won. *sigh.

Dawg duty took me outdoors twice last night. No Brush Wolves; I suspect they were layin' low due to the yearly inconvenience in nature called "Deer Hunting". Hunters couldn't quell the stars, however, as they were as raucous and startling as they have been all this extraordinary fall. It was so warm I stood outside in jamies without shivering and just marveled at the display. Just a very nice peaceful sign that despite the mayhem (again) in my state, life goes on.

*sigh, ain't easy being a Purple People Eater at times like these. Sorry you didn't get Randy back.

Hope the weather is a favorable for all my Beckmates as it is here. Easier to stay OP with outdoor fun distractions.
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Green Tomatoes
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Made up some of the ground I've lost on my exercise minutes with the yardwork. Food is still going close enough to plan and I'm still on track with my word count. Go, me!

WI: -0.2kg, Exercise: +85 235/1350 minutes for November, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes
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Hi Beck Buddies/Coaches. Yesterday was a healthy food choice day - I am grateful. I wrote it all down and kept track of my exchanges. Credit.

I ate way too little actually (is there such a thing?) I think the stress of all this health stuff has given me heartburn and reflux again for the past week or so. Or maybe it was the green smoothies (counted them in) last week not sitting well. LOL I haven’t had symptoms of this for ten years really. Nothing I ate tasted that good or sat well. DH noticed - and told him and he laughed and said: “Well, we will just pile on your ‘stomach’ to the other health stuff going on.” He always goes with the flow and has a sense of humor. The last six months we’ve had to have a sense of humor when the day is done. Life goes on - it will all be a funny story some day (like my disaster of a wedding) I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it. - except it relates to food. This too shall pass.

Onebyone - ah yes….I remember TOM. These days I have ‘my own personal summer' instead of TOM - if you know what I mean. What food plans have you used in the past? Any fit better than others. I am doing exchanges - for the past few weeks. I haven’t done it in ages and am really enjoying the change from calorie counting.

Gardener-joy - credit for doing all that gardening. I certainly counts as exercise! Glad your writing is going well.

Maryblu - yes, I agree - it is easier to stay OP when you can be outside enjoying things. The starry sky sounds pretty. We enjoyed the race too.

Lexxiss - many great credits my friend. I think any time a person can walk away from extra pizza deserves a ‘happy dance’. Willingness to do the walking when ‘you didn’t have to’ deserves major credit too.

Billbe - yes….emotions (good or bad) can spark thoughts of food and extra eating to all of us. Glad you stopped at only one extra snack and hopped right back to your plan. Hope the painters, etc get it done in a timely fashion. Credit for your walk to TJ.

I am waiting for the day when my pieces and parts are all working well and health is not an issue in the conversation so often!!! I know my day is coming down the road.

Have a great day.

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Hello Everyone!!

onebyone- nice credits and nice list of things to work on. I am honoured to be your Beck Buddy. We will try to keep each other from disappearing. I am ready to commit.

grouse-16 days down- that is fantastic. Funny isn't how even a little off plan eating can lead to the urge to binge. Good for you for resisting, reading your cards and drinking water. Excellent strategies.

McKt- kuddos to you for a great week OP.

Nature Girl- glad to see you back. There are a few of us struggling to come back. I am trying to incorporate as many Superfoods as I can too. It is a challenge for sure but eating that way makes me feel good.

BillBlueEyes-ouch for the snacks. Good reminder about emotions being triggers.

Lexxiss- nice list of Saturday credits.

maryblu-glad you are out enjoying the stars. We went for an ATV ride yesterday and there were plenty of deer hunters around. Not into hunting myself so I was hoping they were missing.

gardenerjoy-isn't it wonderful to be outside doing yard work? I am down to a t-shirt today. Whoever heard of that for Manitoba in November?

Beverlyjoy- yay for a healthy food choice day. Would love to hear your disaster wedding story someday. Hope your stomach is better.

For me, Friday was a bit off plan. DH and I went to the city for the day and I ate some donuts. I am now banning Tim Horton's. I go there for the decaf but about a quarter of the time I get something else I don't want. Well I want it for the time it takes to buy and eat it and then I don't. Saturday I regrouped. Today is fine.

Was wondering if any of you here practice meditation? I was talking to my therapist about the fact that despite all my progress in taking care of myself I still, when the going gets rough, turn to food as comfort and have found nothing to replace that. She suggested a book by Jon Kabat-Zinn called Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain and Illness. I have started reading it and am going to try to do as it suggests in Chapter One- breathing meditation 15 minutes a day for a week. And see how that feels.

Credit today for:

weighing in
making plan for the week and packing up lunch
30 minute walk with DH and yard work
eating healthy and on-plan
doing weights
checking in here

Take care!!
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Hi Coaches,

I also got a bit off track today. I find that if I have too much to eat in the morning I have a hard time limiting my planned food during the rest of the day. Ouch for modifying my plan, overeating a tad, and eating when not hungry.

It was a good reminder for me to review my responses to sabotaging thoughts. I did stop at the next red light though and didn't stay off the wagon for too long.

Credits to help me see I'm doing this right most of the time:
- 2 years since I started the weight loss journey and now I'm at goal range
- my plan includes nutritious foods that I like
- Exercise is a priority
- I have excellent support with a terrific group of coaches (Thanks!)
- I intellectually know how to be on program, and when the occasional emotion wins and I falter, I know how to recover so much more quickly than in the past.

Let's have a good week !

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Exclamation and this is life

Evening Coaches

I don't even now what to say except to tell you about my day. I spent yesterday and today with my mother. I get rental cars on the weekends to get me to my gig at the farmers' market but the market is done now and i had an extra rental and so I took advantage and took my mom out two days in a row. She drove me bonkers today. Her alzheimers disease is progressing and she gets in loops of thoughts and worries and today I had little patience. I came close to yelling at her and geez that makes me feel really really bad. It's not her fault and at the same time I want her to just be quiet and she can't. She chatters non-stop. I was too hungry too tired, too stressed. I just wanted her to stop but she can't. It's the disease. Last week she pulled Temptations chicken-flavour cat treats from her purse cause the "girls that work here steal my cat food". She did recognize that that was crazy-carrying cat treats in your purse-and then she forgot all about it. As a witness to this I just carry the emotions this all brings up. (She also believes the girls that work there use her place like a lunch room and come in at their leisure to eat their food and they leave their garbage for her to clean up and they watch her tv. She sometimes takes the tv clicker with her in her purse down to the dining room [she's in an independent care facitlity] so they can't watch the tv. )Anyway, I finally made it home and DH met me at the door and put his hands on my shoulders "are you ready to hear this?" he says. "No," I say and then I about my mom. I stop and say "OK tell me now."

"The Boss called and offered me another job and I think we might be moving to Toronto."
"What?! NO EUROPE?! ALL YEAR WE WERE THINKING EUROPE AND NOW IT'S JUST TORONTO?!" (I live in Otawa-DH has family in Toronto-I really really wanted to go somewhere different. sigh. wah. alas.)
"He said I'd start in 2 weeks."
I am teaching a drawing class that will be over in 3 weeks and I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Nov 25th and 2 weeks is impossible to get things packed and we don't even know what the $ is for this job yet. But it would be a pretty easy move all things considered.

I'm just sad. I'll be happy later but I'm sad right now. I keep starting to be grounded only to find out no, I'm wrong. I just have to stay flexible. My food was bad today and yesterday. I did get some diet books from the library to help me decide on a plan. I still don't have one. I don't even know what healthy thing to do. It all seems impossible for me right now. I should be happy but I feel depressed and very unmotivated.

So The Boss will be calling again on Tuesday and maybe then there will be some final word on DH's new position in the company. DH was as shocked as I was. DH says he'd like to do the job The Boss ran by him today, and since The Boss brought it up to him to do he says he'll do it as well as he can if he gets the chance. He just wants a chance. I just want a place and a date. The uncertainty is driving me around the bend.

Talk to you guys tomorrow.
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Oh My Goodness. I somehow got off this thread and was posting somewhere else. Thank God for BBE who led me home. I was wondering where everyone went. Here is today's posted transplanted. Good to be back.

Rainy Sunday, here in California. It is a break from the unusaully warm weather we are having. I love rain for lots of reasons. One of them is that my husband, the farmer, is home. Great family time but I have to admit, when we are quiet and hanging out, I notice I think more about food. I think I have some anxiety , always have, in down times maybe waiting for the other shoe to (legacy from growing up in a crazy family). I have always eaten to help with the anxiety.
Today, I have written down my food, weighed in (no change) and am writing here to distract. Funny, how the times I cherish the most are often the most emotional and immediately bring the food thoughts think. Old habits.
I'm happy to have Beck tools so that I don't have two problems: food and anxiety.
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fat to fit
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haven't tried the Beck method but from the testimonials here it appears this could be a good practice to follow
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