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Hi coaches.

I have been faltering and having a hard time (there have been external circumstances, but really, I need to be able to withstand)

I will do personals tomorrow, but I just need to take a turn for the positive and give myself at least one credit.

I checked in here tonight, I didn't want to because I felt I had been so off plan.

another credit, I haven't given up.

That is all.
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Tough day, the chronic anxiety is back for a visit. Food was erratic. This is a chicken and egg situation. Do I eat crazy because of anxiety or do I have anxiety because I eat crazy? What do I know? Well, all I have to do is sit and be gentle with myself for 2 hours. I will have my regular 8 o'clock snack and then go to bed around 9:30. During that time I will be just fine and chances are I won't feel this way tomorrow. I believe this despite the feeling of panic like I have forgotten to turn off the iron or like there will be an impromtu vote that will kick me off the island. Glad BBE got some vitamin D. I am sorry for BelovedK and Lexxis' struggle. I am glad the newbies are checking in.
True courage is a quiet thing.
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Well it was a long weekend, both in the calendar sense (holiday) and physically and emotionally. The memorial service, reception, & "after" event at the family's house all went as well as could be expected. Of course they were emotionally draining and exhausting; that was assumed. We reconvened (most of the roommates and families) at the motel and the talking and crying went late into the night, and began again in the am when we tried to leave and say goodbye. My daughter and I drove the 4 hours to the beach/cottage where my DH was working & waiting. A long, beautiful, exhausting, intense time to talk w/DD. Glad to fall into the arms of my DH and spend the rest of the weekend walking the beach or curled up in a chair, NOT at my house where there would be endless tasks, etc. to feel guilty about.
I'm actually very proud of myself for how well I did food and exercise-wise through all of this:
    Didn't meet my trainer tonight as tentatively planned because I got a big blister from all that walking in bad socks to I'm letting it rest tonight and back at it tomorrow.
    Tomorrow...ugh...I dread getting back into the real world and trying to function in all my roles at work, my volunteer time in Kindergarten, and all the other things that will hit me. I wanted to stay at the beach for another week- or month!
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    Thumbs up Monday

    Diet Coaches/Buddies - Lunch was, again, ground legume (formerly called peanut butter - thanks MinniePaul) etc. CREDIT moi. Was feeling peckish waiting for dinner and suddenly decided to eat a snack sized dish of mixed tree nuts with dried cherries - my DW's afternoon snack. Then realized what I was about to do, fired up my resistance muscle, invoked NO CHOICE, and had a glass of water instead. Big CREDIT moi. I am da man. What a display of Beck behavior. I walk on water.

    Then the doorbell rang and there stood the charming pre-teen neighbor and her mother with a hot apple pie baked for us. The door was barely closed before I calculated that I could have a slice as an exchange for the nuts. Did you follow that? I could exchange some off-plan nuts that I didn't eat for some off-plan pie that I would eat. Yay for flexible reasoning around food. However, I enjoyed every bite, with no problem leaving most of the crust behind (a mini Credit moi). But, necessarily exchanging my earlier CREDIT moi for an Ouch. LOL.

    onebyone - D*rn, I thought you'd diet for four days and be done by Thursday. Or, at worst, diet four days of the week and rest for three, LOL. Thanks for reminding me that I, also, love to visit "fabulous Montreal" and need to get it onto our travel list for sometime soon.

    CeeJay - Kudos for continuing your meditation, along with your long list of other credits. [Ouch for "a seasonal 0 degrees" even after I recover and recognize that that's Centigrade, LOL.]

    Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for selecting a DH who'll step into the kitchen; it's probably easier to change his menu than to get him there, LOL.

    "You better not never tell nobody but God." - [Alice Walker, The Color Purple (1982)]

    Shepherdess - Kinda scary that the muscles can take a two week vacation also - then just remain in the hammock. My experience is that they resurrect much faster than it took to initially build them. Wish someone would explain to me why that's so. Drooling over your black bean soup - gotta ask DW to add that to her dinner options.

    Beverlyjoy - Yay for "leave a bite" on your credit list. I thought of you when I left some pie crust - since it's rare for me to leave food and you're my mentor in that department.

    Nature Girl - Continuing to send supportive thoughts as you and your DD process the feelings from such an intense situation. Kudos for being able to keep enough of yourself in focus to stay your path with all the excess food available.

    Marci (madrikh) - Kudos for confronting "that mistakes still seem like FAILURE" which we all face despite knowing that few sports matches are won 99-0. Like being reminded of the Margaret Thatcher quote.

    maryann - One of the great things about Dr. Beck's Cognitive Behavior strategies is that we don't have to resolve the chicken or the egg problem; we just take steps to stay the course - like your 2 hours of gentle time. Thanks for "True courage is a quiet thing."

    BelovedK - Yep, "I haven't given up" is the biggest credit of them all; Kudos and keep on keeping on.

    Readers -
    day 42
    Practice, Practice, Practice
    reminders to think thin

    . . .
    If you think ... I can't believe the scale has gone up! This is terrible! I'll never be able to lose weight.
    Remind yourself ... My weight is supposed to go up sometimes. I should continue with the Beck Diet Solution program and wait two weeks before assuming there is a problem.
    . . .

    The Beck Diet Solution, pg 267.
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    Popping in this morning to share good news. When I started here I lost 24 pounds. I was adding a smiley face at the bottom of my posts for each five pounds gone. I then seesawed for months and gained back all but 10 pounds, so had to remove 2 smiley faces. This morning I am happy to say I am now at 15 pounds gone so am adding back a smiley face. Happy about that. I now am determined to lose 5 pounds, add another and then it is only another 4 pounds to be back where I was.

    Have a good day everyone
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    Default sunday

    Credits for Sunday:
    - Eating healthy, no seconds
    - Doing my third run for the week, Sunday 30 mins before the gym closed
    at 8. Wooh! barely made it
    - checking in

    BelovedK – Kudos for posting even when you didn’t want to and for getting back into things

    Ceejay – love the smiley face system and congrats on the new addition!
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    Yesterday afternoon, the sun came out, the wind came up and I went for my run. Yay! It felt so good to get out and as a bonus, I have a very happy dog! I kept changing my food plan yesterday. I kept it to things that are normally part of my food routine, so it was healthy and within my calorie limits. That’s fine for yesterday, but I think it might be the beginning of a rebellion, so I’m going to be strict with myself for the next few days. It’s easier to quash these things in the very beginning before they gain full force.

    Gardenerjoy, yay for a DH who is willing to help in the kitchen and kudos to you for being willing to give up control. I made the mistake early on of hovering while my DH loaded the dishwasher. It took him a long time to help out in the kitchen again.

    Beverlyjoy, yay for twirls! Great job switching plans on the spur of the moment and keeping it healthy. Steamed parsnips, yum!

    Madrikh, yay for continuing the fight! The good news is, these slips aren’t failures; they’re learning experiences. If we keep it up, we only get better! Great job getting back on track and getting back here.

    Onebyone, the plan does sound like it’s too skimpy. I have tried and failed so many times at dieting and finally realized that I was always trying to eat too little. It wasn’t reasonable. One of the benefits of weight loss is that you feel better and gain energy, but with so few calories, you’ll likely feel worse and have less energy. Maybe you can make a plan that incorporates some of its principles, but gets you the calories you need. Quick weight loss sounds appealing, but it won’t work with a plan that isn’t doable.

    CeeJay, ouch for arthritic knees and feet, but great job giving them the rest they need. Yay for being on a roll! I should give meditation a shot. I need something to help me focus. Congrats on adding another smiley face and the determination to keep adding them!

    BelovedK, you’re never too far off plan to show up here! Kudos for posting; it’s a good first step to getting back on track. Life has a way of throwing curve balls and we’re not always ready for them. Like everything else, it all takes practice.

    Maryann, hugs while you deal with anxiety, but it sounds like you are taking the right steps to deal with it. I like the chicken and egg question. It’s true that our eating sometimes causes the mood rather than being a simple reaction.

    Nature Girl, hugs while you deal with such an emotionally intense time. Kudos for being a good friend and for taking such good care of yourself through all of it.

    BillBE, yay for being “da man” and resisting a pre-dinner snack and for having a sense of humor about the way the mind works when confronted by hot, homemade apple pie. Kudos for skipping the crust.

    RE black bean soup: my mom’s recipe is so very simple. It’s just a package (2 cups) black beans, a small onion and a bell pepper cooked in some vegetable broth. I sometimes sauté the onion in olive oil before hand, but it’s not necessary. Once the beans are cooked soft, blend until smooth. Serve each bowl with a lemon wedge and a dallop of sour cream or plain yogurt.

    Redy4chng, kudos for squeazing your run in before the gym closed!
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    Default checking in

    I'm back!! Credit.

    WI: 164 (it's just a number that gives me important information; it is NOT who I am)
    Treadmill yesterday; will get on it again this morning
    I have a food plan for today
    Baked cookies yesterday and ate only my planned amount (this is huge!)
    Reviewed parts of the pink book last night, felt encouraged

    Shepherdess, it's so funny that you used the word "rebellion". I was just struck with that idea this morning that I have been rebelling against the natural order of things, in my eating. It's all the things Beck talks about, trying to fool myself (even subconsciously) that I can eat it, it won't matter, I want it so I should be able to have it, etc.
    The truth is, it does matter. If I eat something, if I CHOOSE to eat something, I am putting calories in my body.

    Thank for the encouragement.

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    Green Tomatoes
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    I survived last night's supper as prepared and presented by DH. It was good! A bean salad made with butter beans, fresh herbs, lemon juice and other things, served on those new Wasa whole wheat flat bread crackers. He got the salad recipe from a TV cooking show featuring Jaques Pepin. I fixed the accompanying tossed salad which I'm pretty efficient at these days -- a giant one for me and a smaller one for DH.

    WI: -0.05kg, Exercise: +50 640/1350 minutes for November, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

    Beverlyjoy: yay for many twirls!

    madrikh: mistakes aren't failure. Persistence is much more important that perfection on this journey. So credit for persisting! Glad to see you're back again today!

    onebyone: I scanned the 4 Day Diet book and thought the information in the beginning was pretty good (and very Beck like) and that the diet was a bit odd. I think you're on to something that it isn't a diet that is really conceived for obese people, more for the people who want to lose 10 or 20 pounds for a wedding or something. I remember that I disliked one of the early exercises because it asked me to think about the last time when I was at a healthy weight. I was 23 and finishing off 8 months of chemotherapy -- not a really helpful exercise. And I know there are plenty of people on 3FC who would answer "never" to that question and find it not very helpful either. None of that means you couldn't use it for a quick start if it intrigues you, but I wonder if you might be better off with one of those diets that starts with a short Phase 1 that's stricter than the later Phases that can be done for longer periods of time. South Beach comes to mind.

    CeeJay: yay for another good day. Boo for the arthritis pain. Would some gentle yoga help? I find it helpful to keep doing something that I think of as exercise as kind of a placeholder for when things get better. Yay for an added smiley face!

    BelovedK: good job checking in and not giving up!

    maryann: credit to you also for checking in and persisting through a tough day. Hugs!

    NatureGirl: yay for that long list of credits at a very tough time. I'm so glad you got some time for you at the beach.

    BillBlueEyes: LOL! What a great description of your culinary adventures!

    redy4chng: great credits! You're a rocking newbie!

    Shepherdess: yay for taking advantage of finer weather to do your run!

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    Hi becksters - Sunday was a healthy day. My menu took many twists and turns - but, I still stayed within the parameters of my food plan. I am grateful. I had many credits on Sunday. In fact - I kept track in my journal! I was very aware of not eating while cooking/cleaning/preparing many times. Many twirls. (for the new folks - lately, I’ve done a little twirl when I don’t eat standing - it feels so fun and freeing)

    Logged food
    Leave a bite
    No seconds
    Eat seated only
    Lots of water
    Read arc/rc/beck book

    My laptop is driving me crazy. The space bar and the letter B are sticking. Sometimes I have to hit those keys twice. Ugh. Maybe I’ll need to somehow clean them.

    I hope you all are having a GREAT day.
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    As usual, the anxiety has turned into depression. But I gave myself "no choice." Show up for work, do me best, get off my back. I don't expect anymore to feel better immediately but at least I remember that it will soon pass and I will be back to myself in a blink. What a miracle I don't eat through these anymore.
    Nature Girl: Welcome back. Sounds like a lots of emotion and I am glad you were able to rest afterwards. That is so important for me - to rejuvenate or I dive straight into the food.
    Beverleyjoy: do a twirl for me. I need the moral boost.
    BBE: Congrats on leaving some crust.Life is made up of inches, seconds and mouthfuls. Put these moments together and a miracle is created.
    Shepardess: I ran a little yesterday, too. For like the first time in my life. I envy you runners. I am just not built for it. But it looks so freeing.
    Madrikh: Welcome back. You were missed.
    gardenerjoy: I am glad you let your husband cook. I struggle with giving up the control but then complain he doesn't help enough. He, however, doesn't cook so healthily. Still I eat small portions and thank him honestly.
    Ceejay: Glad the smiley face is back.

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    Post Monday check-in

    Evening coaches

    What a gorgeous day we had today! Sitting in the car watching the highway in front of us as we went to Montreal the colour of the pavement had me thinking "summer" all day. then I'd glance over and see the golden brown spent cattails and the leafless trees and I was reminded that it was fall. And then the sunset at 4:30pm well that tells me we're really closer to winter than summer. What a great day to have been out and about though. I made it to my supply shop in Montreal. What a treat! They moved to a new location and all the stuff they used to have "in the back" was now out and on display. I was like a kid in a candy store - and I was glad to get that feeling without it really being about candy For the first time in about 4 years I am actually excited about making some artsy-craftsy kinds of things for the xmas show I am in. I bought enough supplies for three years though. oh well. Hopefully new designs will emerge and they'll sell quicker than I think.

    Foodwise I am doing okay not eating sugar but drinking sugar is turning out to be a problem. DH is a cola addict and for some weird reason the drugstore keeps having these ridiculously low prices for a 6 pk of 710ml cola beverages and DH stocks up so they are always around and I just take one whole one or I sip his. It's becoming an issue for me. I have to stop it. He'll keep it out of sight if I ask him but I really just have to tell myself NO CHOICE and I'll stop.

    I don't think the 4 day diet is for me. It's going back to the library tomorrow. I'll keep searching for something to try, and keep trying little by little to do my own things too: no sugar, no seconds, no sedentariness is what I remember deciding to do ages ago. Maybe I'll aim for that this week.

    That's it for now. Time for bed. I have the rental car for tomorrow and will go get my mum for the day. Plus I am going to drop some stuff off at my brother's place-things I am giving him as we will be moving and I am, et this, decluttering! HA! Looking forward to getting 8+ garbage bags out to the garbage on Thursday night as well.

    See you all tomorrow.
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    Quick check in with my Beckmates

    OMG, Gardenerjoy!!! Your DH made you a dinner with Butter beans and herbs!!! May I *have him for awhile????? If you tell me he cleaned up in the kitchen afterward, I will *stalk him!!!

    Kidding aside, we all know the Beck model for behavior is a day to day thing. It helps to know even our infallible fearless leader BillBE still has day to day decisions to make. Thanks, as always, Bill, for keeping us aware of that, and thanks to all my Beckmates who post daily with the wisdom/decisions/slip-ups that keep us all focused.

    I see myself getting more focused as my gardening season (obsession) ends, and I get more time to plan and stay on track..*sigh..the only benefit of another joyous gardening season ending. I am aiming for more focused exercise with some significant outcomes. Time will tell, and I will report to my Beck coaches.
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    Hello everyone!!!

    BelovedK-credit for not giving up and for checking in. I think it is extra important to give yourself credit for what you do when you are having a hard time.

    Nature Girl-sending good wishes to you and your daughter. Amazing how well you took care of yourself through this.

    BillBlueEyes-lol re walking on water and way to give yourself well deserved credit. And then pie. Oh well, it would take a saint to turn down hot apple pie delivered to your door. You know how to make sure pie isn`t a habit.

    redy4chng-nice credits.

    Shepherdess-good to get on top of the rebellion quickly before it takes hold.

    madrikh- nice credits and good for you for not overdoing the cookies.

    gardenerjoy-DH made a bean salad for his first night...what a guy, I was envisioning Kraft dinner or Prego spaghetti sauce. LOL. Your idea about a placeholder for exercise is a great one- to make sure you stay in the routine. I am terribly intimidated by the thought of yoga- think that at my size I cannot do it. Maybe some stretching would help though.

    Beverlyjoy-twirling around with you for the nice list.

    maryann- I hope you are feeling better. Your question about does the anxiety cause crazy eating or does the crazy eating cause the anxiety is really interesting. I think maybe it could be both. I know this loop well. For me stress=eating, eating=stress. I am trying to modify my stress and modify my eating and I know I can see a payoff when I am paying attention to both. Just my 2 cents. Also, there is no way you are getting kicked off the Beck Island.

    onebyone-sounds like a nice trip. Glad you are on the hunt for a more reasonable eating plan.

    For me: another good day. I cannot say how happy I am to be eating healthy, using Beck skills, being here every day, moving forward...

    Credit today for:

    weighing in

    eating healthy and on plan

    planning tomorrow and packing up lunch

    checking in with my coaches

    resisting cookies at staff meeting

    doing arm weights

    walking 30 minutes with DH. Ouch but I did it anyway.

    meditating 15 minutes. Tonight was better- actually stopped the mind drift for breaths at a time. LOL.

    Take Care
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    Hi maryblu - we were posting at the same time so I missed you for personals.

    I agree with you about the importance of BillBE`s post about the pie. It reminds me that I am not on a diet. I am developing healthy eating patterns and habits for life. There will never be a time when I can eat pie every day but there will be a time where I can have a piece of pie without worrying it will lead to days of out of control eating.
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