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Hi Becksters - busy day for me. Went to a brunch this morning and stayed on my plan. Did food shopping, hosting friends for bridge tonight. We always do pizza salad and dessert. I bought a small cheese cake, one of my least favorite desserts but could still do serious damage with. I will allow myself one small piece if necessary. Got lots of veggies and fruit to munch on to limit my intake of pizza and cheese cake. At the bruch we received a good bag filled with candied popcorn and beautiful gourmet chocolates. I suggested to DH that we just leave it behind. I was feeling week - like an alcoholic on New Year's Eve -At first he seemed reluctant but then said, "Sure, I'm the coach." He is a jock so this appeals to him! Thank you Dr. Beck! Then we went for a great work out. Did NOT want to get all sweated up because I had already showered, washed hair and had on makeup and would have to shower again. "Credit moi!"
Frist attempt at some personals:
Maryann - Yay to getting rid of the last of your large clothes!
Shepherdess - Kauai is beautiful, especially the Napali Coast. Hawaii is one place I lost weight due to all the hiking and eating fish and fruit. Ecuador sounds interesting.
Gardenjoy- my brother ate peanut butter and mayo sandwiches as a kid - I thought it was unique! And credit you for your writing. Are you working on a novel?
redy4chge-Yay for gettin those apps out. Good luck!
McKt-When your youngest child gets their driver's license it opens up a whole new world for you. Those hours spent driving them everywhere...
Well, I'm going to go clean the veggies that I will fill up on tonight -"credit moi!"
BillBlue - Yes - something good finally came from Halloween candy for me.
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Hi Coaches,

I'm doing ok with my Beck skills. Tonight I put together a new recipe that will include tomato sauce, barley and peas. It will be a soup type situation I think. I'm dreaming up warm and hearty dishes since cold and snow have started around here.

Welcome to all the new people who have posted. This is a very supportive and encouraging group.

maryann - So cool that your husband is a walnut farmer !!! I'm going to enjoy walnuts and think of you from now on !!

julzchiki - I can identify with the 'reward' thoughts. I've used those many times. A helpful phase I found to respond is "What part of that is a treat if it gets in the way of my healthy eating plans?". I do still struggle with what to really treat myself to though, as my mind always goes to food ! These days it is an occasional diet soda. Not exactly the most healthful, but I sure like it and it makes me feel treated.

redy4chng - I think any of the books are fine to start out with. I have all three and enjoy reviewing them. It is actually nice to hear the concepts explained in slightly different ways. I don't have a 'live' coach but do have some people in my life that know what I'm trying to do. I come here to get support for specific Beck topics. I've adopted a homegrown food plan what is calorie counting plus tracking carbs/fats/sodium/fiber and protein. I used the RDA numbers to build it. The beauty of Beck is that any healthy eating plan is fine. Beck teaches me how to make it successful.

CeeJay - Thanks for the walnut recipe idea !

BillBlueEyes - I enjoyed your Tosca story very much. Your sense of humor is wonderful and keeps me smiling.

re: Giving self credits: I like to 'count credits' instead of sheep as I'm falling asleep. It helps me quiet my mind from any possible anxiety thoughts, and gives me nice little private time for myself. I usually fall asleep before I get many counted, but that's ok.

Another day, another mile !

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Originally Posted by maryblu View Post
Beverlyjoy, stroke of genius naming the foot formerly known as the good foot Prince! Thanks for the belly laff! That sense of humor will sustain you..of that, I am sure. :-)
Maryblu - it was our own Billblueyes that was clever enough to name my foot (formerly known as the good foot)....Prince. It IS so funny. I just don't say it's that foot's name now. So good for a chuckle! Thanks again, Billbe.
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Post progress

Hello Coaches

I had a hectic morning getting to the ceramic show and sale where I worked at the cash table for 3.5hrs. The ceramic teacher who gave me so much grief, and in the end was a major reason why I am nom longer the ceramic technician at the school of art here, actually asked me if I would do that job for the ceramic show. She is a crazy person, and I equally nuts for agreeing to anything she says, but it did serve me well to be there. Mostly, as a working artist, I am out of touch with the people who buy things for big bucks. I constantly, and predictably, undervalue my work by 50%. Could be more. Today I processed three sales of ceramic work for over $1000. And the ceramic artist who's nuts, well two of her pieces came to the table priced at $750 each, and several very small things were over $100, and many things I expected to be $10 were $20. I don't think there was anything under $20. I also heard from my sister that her first true artist quilt that's on display in her first gallery showing ever sold yesterday. Price? $4000.00. And the Texan buyer considered it a bargain. He collects quilts and displays them in one of his 3 ranches. He told the gallery owner that soon enough my sister's work will be $10,000.00. So, in one sale my sister has eclipsed my highest sale after working as an artist for 19 years now. I made my biggest single item sale selling my large linoblock print to the city this year. This though has the added cache of being very prestigious. credit moi.

Anyway money. Seems the focus the past few days.

DH got a "final" word. get this: he'll be doing TWO new jobs
1) Project Manager Software Development which requires him to travel back and forth to Toronto. He's doing this to see if he can do this as he has no experience but the Boss of Bosses believes he may have the aptitude for it. So he's got 3 months of trying it out to see what happens.
2) The other half of the time he's doing game security which is an amped up version of half of the job he currently does and "everyone knows he can do that". So not so much of a learning curve there.

Good news? His salary was upped 50% starting now. More $ if he stays with the software-not any more with the game security for now.

Stays in software = living in Toronto
Can't do the software gig? We move to the Isle of Man.
Hard, very hard, to know what to root for!
So we now have a three month trial period starting the first week of December.

DH said to me, "We are now solidly middle class." Yay. Middle class. And YAY he said "we"! His salary may be skyrocketing but mine is sinking. With all this stuff in the air I feel it and shut down. Oh well. It's not time to put myself there these days. It's time to clean and to get myself a good foodplan and get some weight off and get moving again. Time to pursue being healthy.

I finally picked up my 4 day diet dvd and the 50 ways to soothe yourself without food book, plus a soup recipe book for added entertainment.

I'd like to do personals but feel like I'd better get some rest instead.
I didn't have a totally lousy-day foodwise but I wasn't sugar free. And I skipped breakfast AND lunch but DID NOT gorge at dinner. credit for that.
I alos got some walking in but geez louise I'm in bad shape. Oh well. Only one cure for that. Keep on truckin' eh? Yep.

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Hello Everyone

maryblu-hello to you.

redy4chng-good for you for avoiding starbucks.

McKt- it really does seem to be all in the baby steps as you said. Each little step becomes a habit after awhile (I hope LOL).

BillBlueEyes- grab the salad and veggie wrapper and not the cookies. Good going.

gardenerjoy- glad to hear that you are on track for exercise minutes and your word count!!

maryann- congratulations on another 2 pounds gone. Fabulous. Love your response card and would like to borrow that one.

Shepherdess- welcome back. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

Beverlyjoy-yay for a good food day yesterday for you.

deelee10-good plan for your bridge night. And leaving the chocolates behind showed great determination.

Woodland-waving hello to you. I spent some time making some warm and hearty dishes today also, must be the time of year.

Happy to report another good day. Credit today for:

eating healthy and on plan
planning tomorrow
weighing in
doing weights
going out and walking even though my feet and knees were really hurting today
checking in with my coaches
reading response and advantage cards
planning on doing 15 minutes meditation tonight.

Take care everyone.
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Hi onebyone- seems we were posing at the same time. to you.
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Thanks CJ, Woodland, Deelee, Maryann, Joy and Bill for the positive feedback and info regarding diets.

Not much to report yet but i am forcing myself to post everyday so i don't lose the habit i haven't built yet . still in reading and making advantage/response cards phase. i went shopping today and bought new coloured q-cards, new measuring spoons and a food scale. didn't do a very good job watching what i ate today ... i hope to start food journaling and decide on the most suitable diet once i finish my research. thanks for the leads
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Hello Beck friends

I'm having internet connection woes and hope that a new card that I can have activated tomorrow will help....

Yesterday was not a good one for me but I am happy to report that I really don't enjoy that relationship with food anymore. I took my mom grocery shopping and walked into a holiday open house at the grocery store. My mood was not good and I chose not to use my resistance tools. I have done so well at Whole Foods and Costco and this just really caught me off guard. Today is planned, both with food and exercise.
*credit* for coming home and preparing a healthy dinner
*credit* for waking up with motivation get back on track and keep myself headed in the direction of healthier choices.

Have a thoughtful day, everyone!
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Thumbs up Sunday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Lunch was ground legume with banana and roasted pecans on toasted whole wheat sandwich bread ends, glass of skim milk, a cold ear of corn, a red bell pepper, and a handful of sugar snaps for balance, CREDIT moi. Eaten on the patio!!! The patio umbrella has long been put away, but a couple of chairs and the table were left out just in case this day arrived. It was our Indian-summer November day - warm enough to eat lunch outside. Just WOW. DW was happy as a gardener in dirt until so long past dark that even she had to admit that she could no longer see.

Walked to the gym, CREDIT moi, in my gym shorts. Enjoyed watching others out in shorts also. A part of me feels like a Nor'easter must be coming to compensate, LOL. Had a chore to do with the tall ladder and enjoyed it as if being outside in mid-November was rational. The kind of day where a neighbor dropped by to offer advice and encouragement on fixing the downspout permanently - or "for 20 years so it's somebody else's problem."

maryblu - I, too, find it irritating that I have to give myself credit - it should all be just automatic and natural now, LOL.

onebyone - It was a triumph that you didn't gorge at dinner after skipping breakfast and lunch. Maybe you can find some nuts or some such to have in single serving baggies for the days that you have no time to prepare. Wonderful news that you're sensing that your own art work is of more value. Good luck to your DH trying to figure out between two job offers. Do remind him of the old adage, that managing software is like nailing jelly to a tree.

CeeJay - What a happy column of cheering icons; Kudos for giving yourself so many credits.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for exercise minutes and words on track. Thanks for the cogent explanation of exchange plans. When the time comes that I admit to the need for more structure in my own eating plan, that appeals to me. I first read The Sound and the Fury as a college freshman and was hopelessly lost in the first chapter read with no hint about what I was reading, trying to figure out whether Quentin was a boy or girl. It then became my favorite novel of all time.

"Through the fence, between the curling flower spaces, I could see them hitting." - [William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury (1929)]

Shepherdess - Quite a transition from Hawaii to November in Wyoming. Big Congrats for feeling secure in a bathing suit in public - such a good part of your life to reclaim. Was a bit incredulous that you could see Nepal from Hawaii, but google straighten me out. Must now get me some ramubtans - never had one that I recall. Welcome back.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for a solid plan for your post football game celebration. Sending supportive thoughts as you deal with waxing and waning hope with your strong, "I will carry on."

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Ouch that a grocery store slipped under your strong prep for Whole Foods and Costco; I'm right beside you in the need to increase my resistance facing happy FREE foods.

Woodland - Love the notion of exploring a new recipe idea; let us know how it turns out. Neat for counting credits instead of sheep - that's a new idea for me.

maryann - Yay for believing! Just love your card with, "It is a direct result of my EFFORT," and your clarity, "I am not going back."

redy4chng - Great groundwork to gather up all the tools, like scale and measuring spoons; Kudos for laying a solid foundation. And Kudos for making a plan to post daily, and then doing it.

deelee10 - What an amazing insight - that you could just leave the goody bag behind; Kudos for the insight, Kudos for asking your "coach" for help, and a third Kudos for doing it. Great Beckian behavior, that.

Readers -
day 42
Practice, Practice, Practice
reminders to think thin

. . .
If you think ... It's okay to eat this [unplanned food] because: everyone else is eating it; it'll go to waste; it was free; I'm celebrating; I'm upset; I really want it; I don't care; it won't matter.
Remind yourself ...It's not okay to eat this; I'm just trying to fool myself. Every single time I eat something I'm not supposed to, I strengthen my giving-in muscle and weaken my resistance muscle.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 267.
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Snow, snow and more snow. I was hoping to get out for a run yesterday, but didn’t. I did do my weights. After two weeks of not doing them, I’m very weak. I have my motivation to keep doing them: feeding season has begun and I need to be able to lift 50 lb bags of feed. Luckily, we’re only feeding our early lambers right now, which means only 2 bags a day. DH is gone, so both of those bags are mine to carry, but it’s my favorite spontaneous exercise.

Eating was OP yesterday. I made my mothers black bean soup for dinner yesterday. It tastes like comfort food but is really a superfood in disguise. I have some for leftovers and it’s a good thing since it’s snow in the forecast for the next several days.

Beverlyjoy, yay for staying OP with the up and down emotions Prince and your upcoming surgery bring. Sounds like you have a good food plan for football night.

Deelee10, sounds like you have a good plan for your bridge party. DH’s family would be serious bridge players, but play dumbed-down games for me. Yay for your DH who’s also a good coach. Kudos for working out even though it mussed up your hair and makeup.

Woodland, yay for healthy, hearty dishes for winter.

Onebyone, I love “keep on truckin.’” A T-shirt I got at a race this year has a pink truck that says “Classy Chassies keep on truckin.’” Great job keeping dinner under control when hungry from 2 skipped meals. Encouraging you to raise your prices so they reflect the value of your art. It’s not necessarily pretentious. You need to take into account not only the price of your material, but also all the time it takes you to design and make each item. As a good artist, your time is worth a lot! People buying these items know they are not buying cute mass-produced items, but one-of-a-kind art. They’re willing to pay for it.

CeeJay, yay for a long list of cheerleaders! Ouch for sore knees and feet. Hope they heal soon. I’m so impressed that you’ve incorporated meditation. Do you find it helpful?

Redy4chng, sounds like you’ve already grasped a key Beck idea: just keep doin’ it until it becomes a habit. Great job getting yourself Beck ready. It’s important to begin setting up that good foundation. Best of luck choosing a diet. One of the most important things I’ve learned on my weight-loss journey is that available diet plans can provide helpful outlines, but I’m free to tweak things so they fit my life and body.

Lexxis, ouch for internet woes. Hope they are quickly solved. The holiday season is full of pitfalls. Sorry they caught you when you were on a low, but great job recognizing that you don’t enjoy that and getting back on track quickly.

BillBE, oops on my misspelling, but glad you figured it out. Yay for an Indian summer that brought you back onto the patio and yay for leaving the table and some chairs out just in case.

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After doing my time analysis and realizing that I spend two hours a day in the kitchen, DH is really working at stepping up to the plate and taking over some of that. Of course, that brings up new problems! I'm working very hard to just be appreciative and not insist that everything be done my way. He's going to cook twice for us this week, both dishes that I'm not sure I'll like. But I very much like the idea that's two nights when I will spend much less time in the kitchen, so I'm going to keep an open mind about it!

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +55 590/1350 minutes for November, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: glad to have you home! Loved hearing about your trip.

deelee10: I'm writing a novel for National Novel Writing Month. Thousands of us are doing it and, collectively, we've written over a billion words already this month! It's a ton of fun and a great way to get a really bad first draft done, which for most writers is the hardest part.

onebyone: I wholeheartedly concur with your conclusion that now is not the time to worry about how much money you're bringing in. Your contribution to the relationship is taking care of yourself and taking care of your stuff and some of his stuff. Having just completed a time use survey, I can confidently say that that's well over a full-time job!

BillBlueEyes: that lunch sounds delicious! LOL at fixing it for 20 years so that it's someone else's problem -- we're starting to think like that!

Hello to everyone else!
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Hi Beckies. Yesterday was a healthy day. I am grateful. I really worked hard on NOT eating while standing, cleaning up, fixing or cooking food. All credits. I had many twirls. We didn’t end up going out for dinner with our cousins. I substituted an omelet, toast, steamed parsnips - so it worked out well.
Other credits:
Lots of water
Read arc/rc
No seconds
Planned/logged food
leave a bite

Billbe - your lunch sounds wonderful and on the patio - yes! Kudo’s for getting in the gym, walking, and outside time doing chores.

Lexxiss/Debbie - that food sample gremlin is tough this time of the year. I know you are glad that’s over and it’s good you are planning to hop back into your routine/plan. Hope your computer is fixed too.

Ready4chng - credit for getting some many important ‘tools’ for getting into your food plan. I have colored note cards, too. So glad you posted!

Ceejay - so many cheerleaders - major credit. So sorry to hear that your feet and knees are hurting.

Onebyone - it was good to work at the sale. Perhaps it give you a better idea of what the market is now days. Glad you are getting more information about dh’s job. Hopefully soon - more will be set. Credit for walking and not overeating at dinner. Sometimes when things are just crazy in my world - writing down a plan helps.

Woodland - ‘another day, another mile’ - well done. I’ve been making soup too.

Deelee10 - many credits! I think it’s major credit for leaving a goodie bag at the gathering. I am glad that you Husand/coach was willing to leave the goodie bag too.

Shepardess - I am so glad you were able to get to Hawaii and had such a good trip. All that exercising in ‘paradise’ sounds great. Ah, back to the real world. Glad you and family were willing to eat healthfully in support of your dad’s diabetes.

Maryann - hooray on those two pounds down! Yes.. Believe it! - is right.

Gardener/joy - so glad you are catching up with your exercise goal - credit!

Have a great day.

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Well, here I am. I feel like the dog with tail between it's legs. Part of my problem, is that mistakes still seem like FAILURE to me and then I feel ashamed, so I isolate.
I love Beverlyjoy's Margaret Thatcher quote: "You may have to fight a battle more that once to win it." That's me. So at least I'm still fighting.

-finally got in to the acupuncturist as my MD recommended, for pain
-made 2 more acupuncture appointments this week (self-care)
-planning to read ARC cards today and then daily
-planning to pick up Beck book today to review and continue reading
-I will be on the treadmill in 10 minutes for my 45 minute walk
-WI (yesterday): 163

Those of you who have been on here for years are such an encouragement to me. I know that importance of support and community; I have experienced in powerful ways in other areas of my life. Thank you for what you give here.

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Height: 5' 6"

Question check in and first thoughts re:4 day diet book

Hi Coaches

I've been getting into the 4 Day Diet and I can see why it would work. It looks very restrictive to me and it's actually 4 days x 7. Which means there are 7 "modules" to go through to complete this 28 day program and there are no words with respect to maintenance just a suggestion to go back though the modules "for the second time" if you have more weight to lose.

Part of me would like to do this. Part of me wants to see the pounds fall off as I know they would if I followed this plan. 4 days at a time really does feel doable. But some days look very food-scarce. I weigh close to 280lbs. Some days are 1000 calories or less. Most days are 1300 calories. That's a BIG calorie shift for me to make. It makes me nervous thinking about doing that yet part of me wants to try. I still want the Big Fast Weight Loss. Almost as much as I still want the Big Plate of Big Food. It's so obvious in this case I can't have both--well maybe a big plate of salad would work.

Here's a good summary of the food plan and a few shallow-ish observations.

NOTE: why do I always feel like the diet reviews/opinions are never written by those of us with many pounds to lose? I did like it that they recommend this as a sort of a "starter" diet plan. I may do it thinking of it that way and tweaking it with more allowable foods on those days that are simply too low in food calories for me not to faint let alone do the exercsie he wants us to do. 30+ min aerobic every day. Even the "rest day" he says to get 10,000 steps in. Hello? I thought 10,000 steps was a goal to work toward if you've been inactive? Tweaking will occur in this area too but I am not turned off of the program by this either.

If I were to try this this would be a good time. I don't have any outside shows tugging at me. My stress is manageable and now my jobs are pretty clear cut and most of my focus is at home and getting things ready for moving. As far as my life goes, this is a pretty quiet phase. 28 days from Tuesday would end Dec 14th. That seems short and sweet. The book does emphasize a lot of Beckian strategies plus some more indepth visualizations and journalling which has helped me before. I need to really read the book now and not just the foodplan which is where I jumped to. But, as I said in my title, these are my first thoughts. No matter what I do, I have to say byebye to Food As I Know It and I have to meet Food Yet To Come. If I want to change I have to change things. As much as I want that, I am very resistant. Time to get working on the mental fog and the ARC's and the pos vs neg of carrying this much weight. You'd think it'd be obvious...

  • stepping on scale 279.8
    seriously researching foodplans
    posting here
    accepting how I feel
    cooking from scratch for dinner
    using the wii fit

Tomorrow we are off to fabulous Montreal for a quick trip to a jewelry supply shop. We may stay for dinner somewhere to avoid rush hour traffic-or not. It will be nice to take a drive -- one of my favorite things.

Enjoy your day coaches.
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Happy Sunday Night

redy4chng-your preparations are coming along well. All these things are important. Glad to see you posting every day.

Lexxiss-credit for regrouping after the grocery store.

BillBlueEyes-eating lunch outside sounds great. We had been having excellent weather until this weekend. We are now at a seasonal 0 degrees.

Shepherdess-sounds like you are getting back into the swing of things- doing your weights and eating OP. Re the meditation: I am on the 7th day and I have to say I am finding it a huge challenge. My mind is very unruly.

gardenerjoy-how wonderful that your husband is stepping up to do some cooking. Hope you survive. LOL.

Beverlyjoy-nice list of credits.

madrikh-I have been posting here for about a year and have not posted many times because I was not doing what I wanted to be doing. As long as we keep coming back...

onebyone-wanted to throw my 2 cents in here about diet plans- I could not eat less than 1000 calories- that would set me up for a huge binge. Even 1300 was too low for me. I am much happier since I increased up to about 1500-1600. I know I will lose slower, but being hungry leaves me so vulnerable to giving up.

For me, another good day. Seem to be on a roll. Did no exercise today. Arthritic feet are sore and so are my knees, which I am sure are arthritic also. So going to not stress them for a few days and hopefully get the pain level down a bit.

Credit today for:

weighing in

checking in with my coaches

eating OP and healthy

planning tomorrow and packing lunch

meditating 15 minutes

Have a great week everyone
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