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Default Friday Morning

Hi Coaches
My sister arrived yesterday I didn't get to post so thought I would try to catch up this morning. Eating with her here has proved to be less of a challenge because she has started the same diet plan that I am on - a great relief. We are both doing well to stay on plan. Still having strange anxious feelings - not sure what related to. It might be a side effect of the diet - not sure. Really hope it passes soon. Weight is heading in the right direction

AmberPr - Yay for a new low! It is a great skill to recognise and appreciate our own progress - I am not so good at it so thanks for the reminder. Hope your day went well
BeverlyJoy - Love the weight loss fairy! I am so glad things are heading in the right direction. Hope the day went to plan
BillBlueEyes - Yep - gazpacho on the patio never gets tired. I will know when winter really hits the northern hemisphere. Wonder what the Clues will sound like for that. Yay for ordinary special moments that make up a life moment by moment.
Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for great starts - good pick-up that things start to slide as you get tired. Good to be reminded about naming the emotion. I have been a bit agitated lately for no reason at all and it can lead to off plan behaviour. This list is high on my distraction list too
Donna (new2me2) - Glad the tonsils haven't turned out to be sinister. You are in the wars a bit but you are pulling through well - especially given you haven't been able to exercise. Hope things continue to improve
Gardenerjoy - Yay for having a flexible plan to accommodate your changing weight - it was nice to see the change in your ticker for the start of September - Credit
Houston2Command - Great to hear it is all great! Hope the weekend stays to plan and the resistance muscle gets a workout
MorganleFay - Ouch for difficult interviews and comfort eating. Sounds like you have got yourself sorted out
Nature Girl - Welcome and good luck with your September challenge. It is so true - there is never a perfect time. And PT sounds strenuous. Great plan for the day
Newbebop - Sounds like an idyllic start to the day. Good planning for the weekend - I love having some boundary rules and a list of go-to meals and snacks. Makes life so much more manageable
Onebyone - I am so pleased to read that you are getting commissions and getting back on plan and staying focussed with your work. Sure yesterday you were a bit out of sorts but you are doing so well. It is hard to explain our moral position to people but credit for caring. It is so huge that she loves your work and wanted to pay more! Something to be learned there
Shepherdess - LOL for being a cheap date. I have so much trouble with sabotaging thoughts when I eat out - feel like I have to get the full advantage from it. So I admire your capacity to stick to your plan
Woodland - your post is a great affirmation of the Beck approach to diet skills. It is useful to hear how people use the program

Progress -
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise
behaviours - Yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - No junk food
- Made food plan - Yes
- Logged food soon after eating - Yes
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Ate seated every time - Yes
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - YES - a lot
- Weighed myself - Yes - up/down - 209.6 & 208 Thurs/Fri
- Read the Green Book - YES again
- Exercise - No! - will do it later today

Working on -
STILL putting exercise back on the agenda

Have a good day Beckies
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Exclamation need mapquest

Hi Coaches

Maybe I should go to mapquest and get a new route for my wagon as I seem to have gone offtrack.

I'm really peeved at myself. I spent most of the day in avoidance mode. I did get 1/3 of my painting due Saturday done; didn't get the brooch for Saturday done; got one torso made and one more started-one more + legs to go. Now all of this falls on tomorrow when I have to also get the rental car and get in to the school and I got an email from the school about the ceramic teachers wanting to talk. ugh.

On top of this. the Lumiere Festival, which is mostly lanterns and things lit by candlelight and where my sculptures will be shown is scheduled for Saturday night but forecast is calling for rain all weekend. Not sure how things will go though my piece won't be hurt by rainfall. I am using battery powered leds encased in plastic for me.

And also on my mind... DH is getting a phonecall from his employer tomorrow. he's been working somewhere for 7months now and he may be getting the word as to where they want him to be and what department. He was discussing this with his current boss (everyone knows he's just a temp in what he's doing right now) and R thinks he's getting the call to go to join the London England office. I am a bit of a mess right now. You wouldn't know it to look at me and I'm not telling anyone but you guys but geez.

And how have I been coping? well I have a very severe case of hemorrhoids (I promise never to speak of this again) and really I've been in great pain yesterday and today. And then I have the stress of the show stuff and the next-to-impossible schedule this week and the being behind and now the future may be here and so I have been eating. Mostly cans of stuff: 1 soup, 2 cans of stew, walnut pieces, the whole bag (small bag), leftovers from last night, water... eating eating eating. I am going to do 10 min of walk it out next though since I seem paralyzed to do much else. Maybe that will help.

Anyway, my ticker is sure to rise in the am but I know it's not a real rise. It'll be salt. I'm determined to get this weight off of me for pete's sake but I really have got to do a much better job of dealing with stress without using food. I don't think I've made much progress there but credit I have not had the usual binge foods and I have not left the house to get them either. credit I did come here and tell the truth.

I'll keep you posted.
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Default September 2

Thank you for welcoming me so warmly! Bill Blue Eyes, I found out about Beck through Oprah Magazine, believe it or not. There was a quiz about "What diet is best for you" and I tested out for Beck & a couple others, so I acquired the book and found that it made a lot of sense. I'm only on Day 11 (for the third or so time!) but this time I plan to forge through, one Day at a time every day even if I don't thoroughly complete all the details; hopefully I will get enough out of it to change habits and find success.
I appreciate all of your concern for my leg & shoulder issues but maybe I should tell you I think they developed due to spending most of the summer driving to lots of wonderful places all over the northwest to spend time with friends and family. And also, my little secret about PT is: I love it! They drape me with warm, moist heating pads, let me lay peacefully for a while, then gently teach me how to stretch and strengthen. After that there's the deep tissue work, suspiciously like massage, followed by more lying around with various pads, etc.
I did meet with my coach today - i'm lucky to have a best friend who will be great at this, partially due to her gentle but firm personality and partially because she needs the support too, for the same issues, so we will have mutual accountability and will no longer be able to talk each other into heading to Dairy Queen for blizzards.
A personal trainer seems like such a luxury but after trying to many times for so long, I realize (and DH agrees) that I need the expertise and the accountability and probably the money I invest in this will result in fewer medical bills. So I went ahead and emailed her today--I can't wait!!
I think I got everything on my list done today, except planning for tomorrow, so I'll do that soon as I sign off here.
Thanks again for welcoming me and good luck and well done to all of you.
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Default Wanted to Over Eat

Hi All,

I struggled today to not over-eat. Why did I want to?

- I was alone
- I wasn't busy enough
- I felt heavy
- It was windy
- I felt cold, and was reminded that the seasons are starting to change

Why didn't I?

- I kept asking myself if I was really hungry, or was it something else?
- I reminded myself it did matter
- I thought about how difficult it usually is for me to get back on track after I get off program
- I just wanted to avoid adding to whatever was bothering me

Hopefully tomorrow won't be as much of a struggle. Tonight I'll review the Beck section about emotional eating.

Keep inspiring me !
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Talking Here's to credits!

I have had two wonderful days with the Beck Plan, which helps me to stay focused on the goal! Right now, however, I just want to share a few credit mois:

* Have successfully completed all ten success skills for two days in a row! Yay!

* Tonight, at my favorite LA eatery, stuck to my plan. As many of you will remember, this is much better than what happened last week. My box of leftovers is currently staring at me, but I felt so happy to say "NO!" that I don't mind it.

More soon, especially personals. Thanks for all your encouraging words and honesty and funny stories.
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Thumbs up Friday - Waiting for Hurricane Earl

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Was happy when DW asked me to pick up cumin seeds - I like my walk (CREDIT moi) to have a purpose so that I don't focus on are we there yet? Cumin seeds are one of the great bargains of the spice world; they remain fresh for a very long time before they're ground. And the whole kitchen gets the wonderful cumin smell when we grind it. And I never tire of its taste. Thank you India for discovering cumin and for picking all those tiny seeds and shipping them here for so cheap.

Skipped my afternoon snack (CREDIT moi) because it was close to dinner time. And I needed a little discipline back into my eating; need to focus on sticking a bit more solidly to my plan. Was about to water our community garden when an adjacent gardener reminded me that Hurricane Earl was predicted to dump plenty of water today.

onebyone - Congrats on the sale of the painting and for your customer's admiration of your work. It's hard to set the right price in any business, but whatever you choose, there will be vocal folks willing to tell you it ABSOLUTELY SHOULD be more - and others telling you less.

And Congrats that the future might be upon you - even if not a surprise since I seem to recall that you said a while ago that you'd learn in September. LOL at the mapquest analogy. You hit a bump; you named it; you're moving through it. Good luck with your stacked up deadlines. May you reach into your onebyoneness to pull them all out of your hat.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for having your multiple plans all ready for a quick swap.

Shepherdess - Drooling over "marinated root veggies and a little bit of feta." Thanks for the peach ice cream pie recipe. I do love my fresh peaches - might find it hard to stop with just one slice.

Beverlyjoy - Never argue with the "the Weight Loss Fairy" - she's fickle at best.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Congrats on "heading in the right direction." Neat that your sister's on the same diet.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for naming "frustrated" to deflate its power. Yep, "Colonel Mustard" and crew had a good night - we saw more than 40 Nighthawks in about an hour.

Donna (new2me2) - Glad you're feeling better. Gotta admire your calm acceptance of "just calcifications" - as aren't stalagmites and stalactites, LOL?

Woodland - Interesting that feeling the loss of the changing of the seasons is an emotion and that emotion can trigger eating; Kudos for spotting that.

Houston2Command - Yay for "plan plan plan" - the secret of success.

Amber (AmberPr) - Congrats on the new low. Yep, Yay for "Credits/Cheers."

MorganleFay - Good grief! I wouldn't be able to remember what happened in a seven hour interview. Perhaps no other candidate lasted through the whole thing - all went screaming out the door - so you'd better get your thinking done in advance to be prepared for a job offer. Would you accept?

newbebop - Your description indeed sounds "Just Beautiful!" Beware new stepmothers who want to please you with food; perhaps you can let her know how good you find some particular dish so she doesn't notice how much you're eating.

MaryContrary - Yay for "wonderful days" - Kudos for acknowledging them and enjoying that. And Kudos for on plan at your favorite LA eatery.

Surly (Starling) - Oh Yes!! Kudos "for a successful negotiation with my Surly Side" - whatever it takes. LOL at your Sabotaging Thoughts and Helpful Responses; they do keep coming.

Nature Girl - Kudos for completing you list for the day. Your Physical Therapy sounds a lot like a luxury spa to me, LOL. May you be prescribed by your doctor to remain on it for a looooooog time.

Readers -
day 36
Build More Confidence

Below is what Brenda wrote in her diet notebook to remind herself of how far she'd come. She added to this list over time. Whenever she had a crisis of confidence, she would read it over to remind herself just how much she had changed.
Before I started this program, I couldn't consistently:

Leave food on my plate.
Feel hungry and not stress about it.
Say to myself, NO CHOICE.
Stop eating when I'd finished what was on my plate.
Make exercise a priority.
Stick to my plan.
Refrain from spontaneous eating.
Stop myself from nibbling at my dinner plate on the way to the table.
Eat slowly.
Eat sitting down.
Recognize and responid to my sabotaging thoughts.
Give myself credit.
Limit myself when I ate out.
Be assertive with food pushers.
Put myself first so I could eat properly.
The Beck Diet Solution, pg 241.
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Good morning all!

Still feeling good today. I was able to do 35 minutes of Walk it Out and at moderately paced songs no less. So that's good news. My low weight is still holding, so more good news...especially today since it's WW weigh in day, lol.

I forgot to look at my home weight for last Friday so I could get an idea of what the scale at WW will say today, but I'm figuring it might be close to 3-4 pounds down from last Friday. We'll see.

So, I'm thinking I'll be getting back to personals tomorrow when I have a little more relaxed schedule.

Tomorrow is the last day of antibiotics and the last day of the stupid liquid diet, lol. Sunday I will celebrate by having some nice soft scrambled egg product at some point. Yum!
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Credit for staying on my food plan yesterday when everything else seemed to go off plan. That's often a dangerous time for me. Not quite as much exercise as usual, but given that it was nearly 7pm before I started exercise and we hadn't had supper yet, that was still pretty good.

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +45 105/1800 minutes for September, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

new2me2: love that scrambled eggs are sounding like a treat to you now!

BillBlueEyes: do you use a mortar and pestle for grinding spices? Or some newer technology? Fresh-ground cumin sounds amazing.

MaryContrary: those are two terrific credits -- yay!
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Woodland - good breakdown. I like the simple why / why not approach. I am going to steal it!

yesterday evening starting around 5 ish was a constant fight the food demon. he wanted me to eat junk. he kept bothering me even as I kept myself busy. he kept saying, you got so many compliments today, eat something yummy. have a drink. he's a jerk.
i called my diet coach. she did not answer home or cell! i was mentally freaking out for a minute. then i talked myself down and decided i was strong enough to handle this moment.
i wish I didn't even have those stupid sabotaging thoughts. grrrrr

so I have these pants -- the ones by which all other things are judged. they were my "skinny days" pants. I use them to judge myself. I put them on today. put them on and zipped them up. on. now they don't hang on my like they did then so I still have work to do but less than a month ago, i could not even get them on. yay!

hope everyone has a great weekend. eat healthily!
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Default Friday --

Fridays have an entirely different feeling for me, because I have no real job except the exceptionally challenging one of self-disciplined dissertation-brilliance.

Actually, Fridays kinda stress me out, because, according to my schedule, this is the end of my academic work-week, but because it's impossible not to take this work home with me, I feel an enormous amount of stress because of all the work I haven't accomplished this week. I still don't get how to set realistic academic goals for myself. :sigh:

Okay, but let me be honest with myself: what I'm feeling right now is stemming from feeling like a fraud-poet. Poetry workshop last night wasn't as great as I had hoped. I'm being negative here -- I got some great feedback, and I KNOW the poem I submitted was very rough -- but I'm getting this feeling from the instructor that annoys me. A sort of condescension. Last week he told us that we should be risky, we should be prepared to fall flat on our face. I took that very much to heart. But his tone and actions this week don't seem to genuinely support that workshop philosophy. Grrrrrrr. And he does too much name-dropping.

So I am confronted, yet again, with all the reasons I fled from the "poetry scene" six years ago. I know I have talent. I received an MFA in poetry from one of the top schools in the country. But I despise so much of the poetry world. It pretends to be genuine and I just think so much of it is bull.

These lingering feelings are bogging me down this morning . . . and actually sending me running back to my critical work, my dissertation. I'm going to go turn these feelings to good use, knock on wood.

Thanks for letting me vent. Beck is again going very well today. CREDIT MOI for not letting these negative feelings affect my plan.

to you all!
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Shopping with DD yesterday went pretty well. She picked out some clothes, stayed within budget (+ I had some leftover Christmas gift cards), and I made sensible choices.

I have to say that Beck's has also helped me to be better about money spending. I could have whipped out the debit card and said "oh well." But instead I said, "Darn, we're out of money. We've made some good choices and anything we couldn't get this time, we'll have to plan for the next time."

Since I was out of town, it was a little harder to make food choices, but my ipod helped. That program I keep talking about, Lose it, allowed me to calculate different options for lunch. We had Chinese food, so I decided on Shrimp with veggies, and egg roll and fried rice. I plugged that info in and from that I was able to decide that I would have the egg roll, the shrimp, most of the veggies and a little of the rice. I'm sure my logged calories are not exact, but I was able to be in the ballpark!

Weighed myself this morning and that looked pretty good. 197. I'm actually staying below 200, and I feel like I'm going to make my Sept Goal! Yeah! I also took out the tape measure - 2 inches off hips, waist, chest since the last time I cheeked. That was really neat to see.
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Good Morning, All. I woke at 4:00 am this morning with my DS, got him settled and tried to sleep on the couch. I feel trapped in the Frost poem "Snowy Evening" which says " But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep" I have done my jobs, been of service to others, tried to grow spiritually, all without using food as a crutch. And I am still not done this morning. I am beat and beat up but I have not dived into food for comfort. So credit moi for planning to sit down and rest for a couple of hours this morning, put in some time at the gym, and get off my back for not being superwoman.
Bill Blue Eyes : I love the night hawk viewing. I promised myself to start using and valuing all my senses not just taste. A night breeze and beautiful evening sky sounds like just the ticket for me tonite.
gardenerjoy - good for you for getting right into action.That is the purpose of weigh ins the Beck program says -use the information to make change, not as a tool for beating yourself up.
Shepardess - I went to a restaurant this week as well and it felt fine to have an appetizer and leave not stuffed.
Lexxis - I am envious of your new bike. I am heading up to Tahoe and will take some laps around a mountain. Looking forward to fresh air.

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Hello Beck friends

I stuck with my plan yesterday *credit* and am planning for another healthy day. We just picked up 2 cases of Organic Colorado peaches, so it's a work day here. I'm dropping the #s that accumulated during my stressful 6 weeks. I'm actually feeling good *credit* to know I am learning that I don't have to get stressed about a small gain; but to get back to business and nip it in the bud. I was up early and read "The Metabolism System +" New July 2001 edition….not much has changed and it reinforced what I am feeling I want to do this month which is do steep hills in short bursts on my bike. BTW-On my 615am pump up the hill from my house, I went to make a right turn and met up with a good sized black bear! Quick decision-Up or Down?? I continued up, but wished I had a rear view mirror.

BillBlueEyes, 40! Wow! I saw some turkey buzzards up close the other day, but that is the extent of my birding. What did DW use the cumin in? It's one of my favorite spices. *credit* for skipping that snack.

Carol (Starling), I feel like it's brown rice tag now. Very creative, too. I think I'll fit it into this weekend's plan. I think it's very touching that your DS is so talkative on your trips-what a blessing! *credit * successful negotiation with SS.

Cheryl(seadwaters), SUPER your Sis is on the same food plan. I hope your anxious feelings pass very soon. Yay for weight heading in the right direction!

onebyone, take care! *credit* for exercising and for not choosing "the usual binge foods". That IS progress.

Nature Girl, Yay! That your friend, and diet coach will support you in not going for blizzards! *credit* for planning!

Woodland, Some days are harder than others , but great *credit* for writing all of that down AND sharing it with us. Yes, "IT MATTERS"!

MaryContrary, Great job staying focused on the 10 success skills! You know, some people are just self centered jerks and it isn't personal. Now I understand it is hard to get through those feelings, because I do it too. Not eating over it must be covered in one of those 10 success skills!

Donna(new2me2), *credit* for exercise. Sending you wishes for continued recovery and sustained weightloss.

gardenerjoy, super *credit* for sticking with it during a known dangerous time!

Houston2Command, great description and great job in your fighting off the food demon. *credit* and congrats! For skinny pants that fit.

Shepherdess, your pie is in the plan for this weekend, with a few modifications to lower the sugar.

AmberPr, I'm just learning, but Beck and money could be a great concept to grasp. Geez! Skinny and rich. Great job being vigilant with your Lose It program while on your adventure.

maryann, ouch! Your morning sounded stressful! *credit* for not diving into comfort with food. Tahoe sounds fun! DH has a family reunion coming up there but I don't think we're going.($$)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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My day yesterday took lots of twists and turns. First I was planning to have lunch at home, but DH needed my help with some things in town so I unexpectedly had lunch out. I stuck with the Caprese salad, so credit for that. We were planning to make curry for dinner (my favorite), but DH informed me that it was going to be a pizza night. I always keep some frozen pizzas and meals (all that fit into my plan) for nights when something comes up and we’re not going to have time to cook. I was doing well resisting a pre-dinner urge to snack when DH called me and asked for my help moving the sheep. They just didn’t want to move, and I understood because I felt the same way. But I went out and helped him move the sheep, but before I could do that I grabbed a handful of chips. I didn’t know how long it was going to take and just couldn’t face the thought of trying without getting something to eat. I did have less pizza than I normally would have. So I don’t really know what to do in those kinds of situations, and we tend to have them a lot this time of year. Any thoughts from my diet buddies/coaches would help.

Exercise this AM was working sheep in the corrals. We were pulling the buck lambs out before they become rams.

It’s definitely feeling like fall around here. We had our first night at freezing. I had to cover my zucchini plant—the lone survivor of my less-than-stellar gardening season. I don’t know that it matters since some critter nibbled most of the zucchinis.

Lexxiss, I have the same trouble with PM fatigue. It’s so hard to stay OP when tired. Using posting as a distraction is a great strategy. Great job dealing constructively with an “emotional bump.” Congrats on dropping those lbs. I love those CO peaches!

Starling, yay for creative cooking! It’s frustrating when you work hard and there is no change in scale. I noticed when I was losing, I would have no change in the number and then a sudden dramatic drop then no change for a while. So stick with it and the scale will catch up.

Seadwaters, congrats on weight heading in the right direction. It’s great that your sister is on your diet. Another diet buddy never hurts! I hope your anxiety passes soon.

Onebyone, ouch for all the stress. It’s hard to stay OP while you’re busy, in pain and uncertain about the future. Kudos for getting some exercise and for posting here and moving on.

NatureGirl, I won’t tell my DH about your PT because he’d be bitterly jealous. Sounds like your friend will be a great diet buddy. Food tends to be such a social thing, it’s always tougher when your social group still has the same eating patterns and you’re trying to change yours.

Woodland, great job overcoming that urge to eat. I always struggle with those days when I’m stuck home alone and the weather is bad. Sounds like you asked yourself all the right questions.

MaryContrary, yay for two great days in a row! It helps to get some moment behind you. Kudos on sticking to your plan and boxing up the rest. Ouch for the poetry blues. The literary (and academic) crowd can be pretty brutal. Yay for knowing you have talent!

BillBE, I love your celebration of cumin seeds! Indian cuisine just might be the best in the world. Yikes for Hurricane Earl. I’m sending dry thoughts.

New2me2, glad to hear that good-feelin’ is holding and you’re getting back into that exercise routine. Yay for the end of the liquid diet being in sight! It sounds like you have a good, healthy plan for a celebration.

Gardenerjoy, great job staying OP on a crazy day. Kudos for getting your exercise in. That takes real commitment to delay dinner just to squeeze in a workout.

Houston2Command, great job using every weapon in the arsenal to exorcise that food demon! Congrats on getting into those skinny pants! I love having a measure like that. It helps with the motivation (and I’ve heard that the food demon cannot hurt you when you wear your skinny pants).

AmberPr, great job using those Beck skills to stay on both your $ budget and your calorie budget. Your ipod sounds like a great tool. One of the most helpful things I ever read about calorie counting is that it is an art not a science. Ballparks are great!
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Default Better Day

Hi Everyone,

I'm happy to report that today went like clockwork, regarding all things Beck. My morning workout was excellent. The new elliptical was just the thing I needed to feel like I exercised every muscle I have. (the brain sometimes is the hardest to stretch )

BillBlueEyes: It is one of my 'negative fortune telling' issues when the weather changes. I live in the country, so the roads sometimes get pretty bad when it snows. The wind blows a lot, which makes drifts and visibility can be poor. Each winter I have at least one very scary event happen. So I try really hard to be prepared, both with supplies in the car, and mentally, to be calm and safe during those times. As a result, when the weather starts to change, I have to kick my mental processes up and not get overly scared about the coming season.

Gardenerjoy: Good for you for noticing how, when "everything else seemed to go off plan", you might have trouble with resisting food. Sounds like you are really identifying trouble times and getting stronger.

Houston2Command: No problem, use the breakdown anytime. Simple is sometimes all that is necessary !!

Shepherdess: Your life sounds very nice, being around the sheep. One thing I do for fast 'going out the door' snacks, are Newman's high protein pretzels. I measure out servings into little plastic containers, and keep them around to use in packed lunches. I like them for this because they don't need to be kept cold and won't melt. They are pretty filling too !

I feel encouraged by all your posts, thanks for taking the time !
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