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Hi Everyone,

My biggest credit of the day happened this morning. I had a disappointment when it didn't work for me to go to town. I wanted a 'day off', some time away from chores and responsibilities. In the end, I stayed home, and got a lot done - powered through. It helped when I thought about naming my emotion, and solving the problem, so that it didn't impact the day's diet skills.

I'm so happy I found Beck. I looked for a long time for a program that spoke to my food issues. Yeah !!

Hope everyone is having a nice evening. Your words encourage me always.

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Default September Beck Challenge

I have been lurking/sampling various threads since I sigined up a while ago and this Beck thread seems really supportive and action oriented--just what I need! I'm starting myself a September challenge, to do a Beck day daily and keep the momentum going, in terms of eating, exercise, and behaviors. I'm realizing that I can't wait for everything to be just right before I start--so what if I'm in Physical Therapy for a calf and shoulder injury and can't hike, walk a lot, etc--I will consider the stretching and strenght work I'm doing for PT my exercise for now and stay faithful to that.
So plan for tomorrow: Shop for healthy foods, meet with my coach, email a potential personal trainer, do my exercise, read my cards, eat sitting down, give myself credit, and plan. A long list but most seem very doable considering the flexibility in my daily life right now. Progress report tomorrow!
Thanks in advance for listening, and andy good thoughts you can share.
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Thumbs up Welcome Nature Girl

Nature Girl

And, in case you didn't get one of these nearly two years ago,

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?
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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Dinner. On the patio. With gazpacho. CREDIT moi. I haven't a Clue why it's so much fun to write that. Obviously a play on the guesses of the board game, Clue, but methinks I also revel in my childhood memories of playing that game for hours. And I really like gazpacho. After a spell of being too cold to sit outside, last night was almost too warm. Part of doing the Beck stuff is that I'm spending more time just appreciating the moment. Dinner on the patio chatting with DW is one fine moment.

After gym (CREDIT moi) we climbed a tall structure to watch for migrating Nighthawks (CREDIT moi again just for the activity). The name is odd because they aren't hawks and they don't fly at night but rather at dusk when the insects are buzzing. They're almost as agile as bats catching bugs in the air as they fly.

onebyone - Yep, it takes time to know if a food plan is working. I do sympathize with the desire to see results NOW! Hope your "$chq" gets signed ASAP.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Meeting a month long goal - particularly a tough one ("800/1800 minutes for August") is a big deal. Yep, worthy of a reward and your Sculpt DVD seems ideal; Kudos.

Shepherdess - Gotta steal, "my cravings are like cockroaches and scatter when I turn on the light of reason." That said, now I'm real-bad-like craving some peach ice cream pie. And wondering if you'd supply the YouTube link to the "peach ice cream pie dance," LOL. (Is that peach ice cream make into a pie, or a peach pie with ice cream, or what?)

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Hoping your weigh in settles the anxious feelings. It struck my funny bone reading that you were waiting "until September hit the States."

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Monster Kudos for having a talk with your DH instead of letting the hurt fester until you found yourself eating about it. Perhaps Beck should have a chapter titled, Talk It Out.

Donna (new2me2) - Yay for shopping in your own closet - that's a neat NSV. Hope your doctor's visit went well yesterday afternoon.

Woodland - Methinks you've fingered the key to all of Beck with, "naming my emotion" - thanks for that. Once named, the power just dissipates.

Houston2Command - LOL at "there is no such thing as a free cookie" - I'll remember that one next time we come face-to-face. I just love it that you've making your Diet Coach work out for both of you.

Amber (AmberPr) - I shudder at the thought of going shopping with my DD, but take your "Fun Fun!!!" as positive. Hope it went well. Re my 1000 calories: I did mean a 1000 calorie deficit. For me that was about 1800 calories total at my high weight. As I lost, the deficit declined since I kept my eating plan constant and let the rate of weight loss decline to zero. I declared I was done when my body hadn't lost any weight for a month.

Alma (Alma4343) - Kudos for outing those Sabotaging Thoughts; they need to remain unnamed to do their dirty deeds.

Marci (madrikh) - And you beat out your "nasty battle" to post here - what a good step, Kudos.

MaryContrary - Yay for getting measured and weighed - good to have a concrete baseline so you can't avoid acknowledging your successes. Kudos for bringing your bogged down up to the light so you can get on track - yep, does sound like Beck. Can't imagine a more supportive thought than your DGD's "Mary, you're not fat, you're just soft."

Carol (Starling) - Bon Voyage to you and your DS. LOL at "the surlies" - hope they withered in the light.

maryann - First, my thanks for remaining on the front lines as an 8th grade teacher; I know the system is making it harder and harder so I appreciate those who stay on the job. And Kudos for a stellar response, "I acted as if I had a shining sword I could hold into the cave of ignorance."

Nature Girl - Yay for your "September challenge" - so good to have clear goals that you can follow on a daily basis. Neat that you have a real life Diet Coach; let us know how that is working out. Kudos for giving yourself credit for all you're accomplishing right now. I'm glad that you've joined us.

Readers -
day 36
Build More Confidence

It's important to continually take stock of what you've learned and the progress you've made. You need to recognize that you've lost weight because of your own efforts. You can continue to make this happen. Reinforce this idea by writing in your diet notebook exactly how you're different, as Brenda did.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 241.
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Just another quick pop-in before I head out this morning. Jumped on the scale 197.6 - new low!

Thinking about Credits/Cheers after reading a few posts. I really feel that it is so important for us to be recognizing those in ourselves instead of waiting for others to acknowledge them. It becomes an empowering skill and a "self"confidence builder.
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Hi....the Weight Loss Fairy touched me with her magic I am down two pounds from last week. I can't see how - but, I'll take. Still struggling - but, I will not give up.

I ate a healthy breakfast, got out my journal and will push through the day.

Have a good one.
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Welcome Nature Girl!!!

Well, I think I have "turned a corner"...I'm feeling soooo much better today. It's almost like I'm a new person, lol. The doctor thought all was well, but perhaps I had a little sinus infection (used to get them a LOT), but also wasn't worried because it's covered by the antibiotics I'm on from the teeth. The stuff on my tonsils were just calcifications (that's not the word she used, but it means the same thing I think, lol)...she asked if I was dehydrated recently. Thinking back, um, yeah, probably, lol. I know I wasn't drinking enough water while at home and especially after each of the dental visits...I was more worried about getting calories in. She LOVED my hair...said it looked very healthy (I'm interjecting it here because that's just about how it came up in the conversation...completely unrelated to anything, LOL!) She couldn't explain why the calcification suddenly appeared after the tooth extraction, but dehydration seems a plausible answer. I made sure I drank a BUNCH of water yesterday, and coincidental or no, today some of the white spots are gone. She didn't remove any, and said that they generally fall off by themselves.

She also had me take my allergy medicine yesterday, and that really did seem to help some of the other little minor symptoms I'd been having.

Also coincidentally... I did NOT lose weight today, lol. So maybe it was just water loss from being dehydrated?! I don't know. I'm holding at 139.8. I'm going to TRY not to gain any back, but if I gain a pound I won't be surprised if it was indeed dehydration.

I haven't been exercising at all, but I feel like maybe I MIGHT be able to do a little Walk It Out later...I'll put it on slow songs just in case.
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Exclamation 11/14 not great.

Hi Coaches

I was just "off" yesterday. I worked in the morning at home then it got superhot here, which I don't mind so much (we've had a lot of hot this year so I am pretty used to it) and I just flaked out until I had to walk to the mall to deliver my painting to my customer. She loved it and asked me how muh and I said $125 , up from the $100 I had told her earlier, and then she wrote me a chq for $150. And she told me I should be charging more and then I got into a defensive stance and explained my pricing theory to her whih all the while I was doing it felt *awkward*. In the end I felt bad wondering if I am devaluing myself but knwoing that selling your work at a farmers' market means the lries must be very "reasonable" and if my work were to be sold ina gallery, what I sold to her at $150 would become $300 in a gallery and I, as artist would get 50%, $150. Unless they sold it for more of course... but galleries. 50% to the artist and some places split 60/40 for the gallery! Hello?

Anyway I just felt deflated after that and came home and felt sore and achey and restless and I didn't get a torso made and I didn't get to the school and my friend was supposed to pick me up to go to the site of the festival to meet the organizers and he called at the last minute to tell me he couldn't come and it was too late to get there by bus by then. And it was hot. I ate willy-nilly. Not on plan, not wanting to care.

This morning I feel like I am more off than on my foodplan but at least I ontinue to try to self-correct
1 credit for caring.

I have to go get a sculpture done. So far, I am on plan today.
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My weight's moving the wrong direction the last few days, so I took out the 1400 calorie card in the Food Mover and put in the 1200 calorie card. Pretty cool to have that quick of a way to change plans. I could see myself swapping between those two cards several times a month depending on how fast or slow I'm losing.

WI: +0.25kg, Exercise: +60 60/1800 minutes for September, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, Nature Girl!

onebyone: sorry for the funk. You know you're worth it so here's a cheer for the credit for caring! It's not just artists who don't charge enough -- I took a class for women entrepreneurs once and none of us charged enough. We learned that men make the same mistake, too, but women do it more.

new2me2: glad that your doctor's visit went well and hope the water continues fixing things!

Beverlyjoy: yay for the presence of the Weight Loss Fairy. Great job on starting the day well with a healthy breakfast and your journal.
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finding herself
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Reading all the ups and downs of my fellow becksters really has me wishing I had some time today for personals. I Love the sound of "Dinner. on the patio. with gazpacho." I am SO happy for those sliding down the scale as their tickers reach new lows. I commiserate with those whose are maybe standing still or heading the other direction. So to all big hugs, congrats, and motivation!

I took a nice long walk this morning. And my body reminded me I had passed on too many days. I just love the morning sun coming over the countryside. it was foggy this morning and there were dewy spiderwebs a plenty. Just Beautiful! I have been slipping with writing my food down ahead of time. Going to work on that. Off tonight for a weekend for a visit to my Dads. I am setting up some guidelines (rules) for eating that I plan to follow, and packing some healthy go to snacks. And hoping for some serious resistance muscle workouts, as my dads new wife LOVES to cook.

Processing another batch of salsa before I go. Yellow tomatoes with half the batch with habaneros. mmmmm. Finally cooled off enough outside to boil again. ;-)
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just checking in for today. doing great. feeling great. staying positive. Credit.

not looking forward to a long weekend that throws my workouts off schedule and messes w/ my food. I have to work on my resistance muscle and plan plan plan. glad i'm considering this now.

sorry so short. see y'all tomorrow.
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Hello Becksters...

I've been away for a is getting in the way. The job front is very chaotic - my temp job just cut my hours, but I am being considered for two jobs within the company. Also, I spent 7 hours (yes, 7) in an interview for a phenomenal position with the most difficult boss I've ever seen. He even asked me what was written on the bottom of a Social Security Card below the signature line! (BTW, it is "The Social Security Administration of America" in really small type that you can only see with a magnifying glass. Apparently, this is a way to tell a forgery). I think I blew the interview, but I'm not too sad about it - I'm not sure I wanted to work for this guy anyway! I went home so exhausted and mentally wrung out that I comforted myself with my favorite standby...spoons of peanut butter with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. *sigh* I'm back on the wagon today, but the scale went back up to 135lbs after the few days of comfort eating.

No time for personals, but a big hug to all of you!
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I am loving this nice crisp fall weather. I went for a run this AM and it was perfect running weather. I also got my weights in yesterday even though I didn’t feel like it, so credit for that.

DH had a board meeting yesterday evening, so we decided we would go out to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner afterwards. When he was paying the check, he was joking about me being a cheap date. His tenderloin was $20 and the salad I had was $6. Cheap or not, I enjoyed it—marinated root veggies and a little bit of feta. I did have a few bites of his mashed potatoes, but was well within calorie range.

Onebyone, you snuck your post in just before mine. Ouch for all the sabotaging thoughts. It may help to just look at your next weigh-in as information. If the number is down, things are working; stick with it. If the number is unchanged or up, then it’s time for some evaluation. Sorry about feeling deflated, but it must be nice to know that someone places value on your work!

MaryContrary, yep, these Beck principles apply to so many things. That’s why CBT is such a useful therapy. Sounds like you have a great solution to your weigh-in problem and as a bonus, it’s another reason to get to the gym. Best of luck on that dissertation.

Alma4343, great job ordering healthy at dinner. As for the off plan bread and drink, well we’ve all got areas to work on. Kudos for having such a positive attitude to a disappointing weigh-in.

Maryann, a round of applause for our hard-working teachers out there. It’s a tough job and even tougher when you don’t feel like you have the parent’s support. Great job putting the disappointment behind you and coming back with a plan and a smile!

Starling, there are a number of us here who struggle with that perfectionist. Kudos for recognizing it for the saboteur that it is. Great job staying OP with a major change in schedule, even if you weren’t happy about it.

Madrikh, hugs while you are battling that depression. I hope that yoga class helps; it’s always been great for my emotional health. As for personals, give yourself time. It’s tough trying to figure out how all this Beck stuff is going to fit into your life.

AmberPr, best of luck with your “Big City.” It’s always tough with all the added stimuli. Kudos for staying OP and for getting in your exercise. Congrats on a new low!

Woodland, yay for naming that emotion and finding a solution. If only I was that sane about my own emotions. . . Great job powering through and getting stuff done in spite of resentment about staying home.

Welcome NatureGirl! Great job taking the Beck plunge even though things are not “perfect.” Like so many other things in life, there is no “perfect time” to start. Ouch for a calf and shoulder injury and the resulting PT. My DH was in PT over the winter—he called it Physical Torture. Another friend said it made her eyeballs sweat. So yes it does count as exercise, and in the end, both are better for having suffered through it.

BillBE, yay for enjoying the moment, and your gazpacho dinners on the patio sounds like a great moment. I love the image of agile Nighthawks catching insects at dusk. Kudos for finding creative ways to get some bonus exercise.

RE peach ice cream pie: homemade graham cracker crust, 3 cups sliced peaches (more never hurts), 1 pkg lemon jell-o, 1 pt vanilla ice cream. Let the peaches stand about 15 minutes and collect the juice and add enough water so you have 1 cup liquid, boil it and stir in lemon jell-o mix. In a large bowl, fold ice cream into jell-o one scoop at a time and stir until ice cream is melted. Refrigerate until soft peaks form, fold in peaches and place in graham cracker crust. Refrigerate until the filling firms (a few hours) and serve.

Beverlyjoy, yay for the weight-loss fairy and congrats on 2 lbs gone, no matter how it happened. Maybe he weight-loss fairy just knew you needed some encouragement.

New2me2, yay for feeling like a new person and yay for having such lovely, healthy hair. Kudos for dealing with your dehydration. Glad you feel like you might be up to some exercise. That must mean you’re feeling better.

Gardenerjoy, great job seeing a problem and moving quickly to deal with it. It’s great that you have a plan that you can so easily change.

Newbebop, I love the sound of your morning walk. Yay for having exercise that is so enjoyable! Kudos for planning for your trip ahead of time. I’m imagining your salsa right now—sounds wonderful.

Houston2Command, waving. Great job staying OP while busy and for anticipating difficulties with the upcoming weekend.

MorganleFay, yikes on a 7hr interview. It would be pretty hard to skip the comfort food after that one! Great job getting back on the wagon; we all fall off from time to time.
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Hello Beck friends

I have noticed lately that my days start GREAT and tend to slip and slide as I get tired….I have great credits so far today, exercise, new bike/hill routine and OP eating. This is a great time of day to do personals and ya'll are helping me. When I thought about which distraction technique to use, posting here seemed logical. I hit an emotional bump and remembered to Name the Emotion….not hungry, just frustrated. It will feel better if I don't eat over it. Thanks all, for being so supportive.

BillBlueEyes,(aka Colonel Mustard), present moment is very powerful ...glad yours included DW, patio AND gazpacho. PS Did you see any Nighthawks?
Cheryl (seadwaters), I hope your resistance muscle stays strong as you visit with your Sister. Old habits are very hard to break with my family, too. *credit* for planning ahead.
gardenerjoy, Congrats! on making your exercise goal. I did, too, and I thank you for helping me get motivated to keep track again. I'm gonna look for a set of food movers.
Donna (new2me2), I'm so glad to hear you've turned a corner. Hope you are getting rehydrated. *credit* for looking at an opportunity for gentle exercise.
Houston2Command, *credit* for checking in today. Your concrete goals and concrete rewards are great! I'm glad your days are going better.
onebyone, *credit* for keeping your goals in mind while dealing with stress. I made a 6 month commitment last year and it really helped me to stay focused on long term results. It pulled me through when I had a "feeling fat crisis" at 6 weeks. Great job committing to Get Back on Track!
Shepherdess, the peaches are so good right now! It's a great time of year here. Great job tasking yourself to pay attention to cravings/desire/hunger. Awareness sure helps-lol "cheap date" and thx for the recipe!
MaryContrary, I get overwhelmed at a point during big projects and I felt yours. Setting small goals for projects helps me, just like losing weight...all Beck. *credit* for perseverence.
Alma4343, *credit* for working on identifying sabotaging thoughts.
maryann, thanks for taking us through a successful thought process. *credit* for working through a time of discouragement without eating.
Carol (Starling), what a great opportunity you have a whole year to work on yourself and your things after working so hard with homeschooling. *credit* for staying OP.
Marci (madrikh), I am sorry to hear you have been struggling with your depression, but glad you recognize that there is lots of encouragement here which motivates you to come and say hello. *credit* for vigilance.
AmberPr, yes,recognizing our own credits is very important. ..and empowering. Cheers! on your new low.
Woodland, "Name that Emotion" sounds like a game show , lol, and I used it today to name mine...then chose not to eat over it. *credit* to both of us.
Nature Girl, to the Beck thread! Yes, it is very supportive and action oriented. *credit* for recognizing you can exercise while in physical therapy. I hope you are on the mend.
Beverlyjoy, *credit* for continuing effort amidst continuing struggles! Cheers for 2 # down.
newbebop, stay strong with Dad's new wife's cooking! Thanks for kind words for all the Becksters!
MorganleFay, sorry to hear the job scene has been up and down. Wow! I don't know if I'd want to work for that boss, either. *credit* yourself for getting back on track.

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Hello Beck People,

This afternoon I made a big pot of brown and wild rice, froze some, and divided the rest into little leftover dishes. Had some tonight mixed with a ton of veggies, including red peppers from the garden. That's unusually creative cooking for me! <credit> MaryContrary, you mentioned brown rice and that's what started it!

NatureGirl, welcome, and that is a beautiful avatar. Is that pic from Washington State?

new2me2 -- I'm glad the mystery spots have been diagnosed!

Madrikh, best wishes with your battle with depression. That makes it extra hard to keep up a healthy routine so <extra credit> to you for what you are doing.

Continued surly and tired out here! My biological clock hasn't adjusted to the new hours yet. Today I was so frustrated with "being good" because there's been absolutely no change on the scale since I started a few weeks ago! "This won't work. Might as well quit." "Well, I'm eating much more healthy than before. I could see this as a maintenance diet." "Forget it" "OK OK, so what would it take to help you accept this lifestyle?" "Birthday cake" So I got some of last month's birthday cake out of the freezer, wrote it down, and ate it mindfully. It's more sugar than my plan allows, but the # of calories is accounted for. <Credit> for a successful negotiation with my Surly Side.

PS the drive went very well. Was surprised to find that DS is quite talkative in the early morning. While we were driving in, he told me his thoughts about the previous day. That was great because I'd been jealous of DH (who drives him home, and gets to hear all the good stories while they're fresh!)
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