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finding herself
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Thanks for the warm welcome. I may have even just blushed a bit. lol.

I am reading the pink Beck book. A few days at a time when appropriate. I am in the middle of day 13. I have stopped and am thinking of my experiencing hunger day. (I have planned for it tomorrow, when I will be out of the house and busy with errands and running around)

I actually found 3fc a long time ago. I come back from time to time when I get to that place again. It is a comfort to be around people who know your struggles from experience, and to find some strength in others successes. I was reading a couple weeks ago when I saw a reference to Beck and did some research and ordered the book. So far I am very pleased with it. There are time when I think to myself "this is silly", then I remember how well I have done in the past, on my own, for any long term amount of time and have just decided to go with it. ;-)

I had sort of begun a healthier eating plan before I had found the book, so I have had the pleasure of some weight loss even though I am technically not to the start day in the book. I am new to giving myself credit for things and I kind of like the idea. and the idea that it is ok to go off plan, if I can acknowledge it and then get back on track, and not let a single slip ruin an entire day. I use to big a big participant in days like this...I guess since I binged, i will just start over tomorrow, and continue to binge as if it didn't matter. When you look at it it is not quite rational thought. (more my saboteur) So far, I have been doing well, but made a card that says "it is ok, we are all human. you don't need to "start over", just get back on track NOW."

Thanks again for the welcome.

I am claiming credit for the goals I met yesterday. taking my measurements, sitting down to eat, reading my cards, and checking in here.
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Had an okay day yesterday. Not so much pain. Worked at home, so not a lot of walking to irritate the heels. Getting really irritable, so thinking I may be coming up on TOM. Catching myself thinking of eating, not because I'm hungry but to elevate my mood. Food makes me feel better... it's probably a blood sugar/seratonin thing. Eating lower-carb doesn't give me the glucose highs I am used to, and it really hits home during this week of the month. The rest of the month it's not such a problem.

Also irritated because I asked for Friday and Monday off so we can go camping, but the others in my office have leave, so I may not be able to go. I'm really itching to get back into the woods before the summer is over (itching being the operative word... August camping is always the most-buggy). Feeling like it's "unfair".

Oh, well!

Amber: Sending "patience dust" your way... I know how crazy/irritated I can get around TOM. Congrats on dealing with an unplanned lunch and making sure your evening snack fit into your plan. I think dealing with the unexpected is a major issue for a lot of people.

Bill: I love discovering things like how "little" will satisfy me! It's like a revelation, and another tool into the tool box of coping mechanisms! And thank you for sharing your stream/cup visualization. I like to hike, so that makes a real solid connection with me. THere will be water further up the stream!

Shepherdess: Spaghetti squash are wonderful! I've never grown them, but I do love eating htem. And yes, I've seen a podiatrist for my tendinitis. He suggested shoe inserts, and some stretches, both of which I use/do. He also said the next step would be immobilization or surgery, and that he couldn't do surgery at my weight. Immobilization would be okay on the left foot, though a pain. But I wouldn't be able to drive if we immobilized my right.

Onebyone: LOVE that you wore your shorts and bathing suit in public. I know how scary that can be at first! I used to have a bunch of mumu-style coverups for the beach. THen I had a child, and now I don't bother. And cheers for being bold on the raft! I remember many hours on those lake raft/docks, swimming and jumping and sunning. THank you for the wonderful memory.

Alma: "Oh, well" is a powerful tool, indeed! Glad you're working with it.
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Hi Beck Folks - I've been MIA - the huge rash I got from the anitbiotic is red, painful and raw. I am miserable. Enough already!!

I get up with good intentions - but, can't get through the pain. I am going back to the dermatologist today with the need of him finding something else to get through this.

I am committing to check in every day.

Take care.

PS - good news...the staph infection on my skin is gone. NO spots and blotches. YAY

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Good morning everyone!

It is really surprising how quickly a planned day can go unplanned, lol. So, my co-worker is going crazy with baking with the new gluten free Bisquick. Yesterday she brought a small piece of blueberry scone and a small portion of chicken pot pie for me to try. Fortunately they were SMALL portions! The blueberry scone came just after I ate my morning snack, so I waited at least until I was hungry again to eat that, lol. The pot pie I just substituted for one of my mini-lunches I bring. And, since only she amongst her family liked the scones, she said she will bring the rest for I HAVE planned for that today. If she doesn't bring it, I will have my usual morning snack. Phew.

The rest of the day was on plan, plus I wasn't as hungry later in the day so was able to eat less even than normal.

So, my new plan for Mondays is to wait to see if she brings something and if not then I will eat my own snack.

I also got in an hour of Walk it Out.

madrikh Did I say welcome?! If not, welcome!! Very good attitude about the scale really is just information, and very useful information too. When I started Beck, that's exactly what I did...portion control, pre-planning and calorie counting. When it came time to pick a diet, I picked a lower carb diet...not a formal one, just lowered my carbs a bit. Since then I joined the Weight Watchers at Work program, more to be accountable to someone rather than strictly following the program. The only two Beck rules I decided to adopt were eat only when hungry and then only eat a reasonable portion. That works well pretty much everywhere, lol.

Mikkijoe Yay on a great on plan weekend. The primal diet sounds interesting.

Houston2Command LOL, hey "is it fridya yet" is my line! It's a common lament on my facebook page.

MorganleFay Credit for no weight gain, and credit for recognizing the sabotaging thoughts! Going off plan CAN really happen so fast...the one thing I have to practice more is trying to catch that "thought" that happens right before we do it!

seadwaters(Cheryl) Ouch, but LOL on the chocolate sitting down! Poor little Bonnie, hope she's better today!

Alma4343 Yay for feeling confident and motivated!! It's a great feeling. Yeah, I no longer have a problem with unfairness...for me, having so many dietary restrictions has helped with that a lot, so when it came time to diet, it was just "oh well". LOL!

onebyone Yay for balconies overlooking lakes!!! One of my favorite types of things! Congratulations on shorts and bathing suit!!! That is still something I struggle with, so I definitely understand!

AmberPr Oh I hate those crabby days!! Hope it goes better for you! Yay for not having to feel guilty!!! Major credit for checking!! Oh, and re the game...there is even a beach you can walk on, so in the Winter, you can look at a virtual sandy beach complete with ocean, sunbathers, etc., lol.

BillBlueEyes Yes, always credit for a rational portion. I am amazing myself as well that I really don't need those big portions. Oh, yes, I do that moving of clutter from one place to another, but have decided that if I put my hand on it, I MUST do something with it.

Shepherdess Hum, I'll have to try a spaghetti squash again...I tried one once a million years ago, but didn't cook it right I think. I love the idea of it, so usually with me that's half the battle, lol.

newbebop Hope your hunger experiment is going well! Love your response card about starting over!

synger Aw, sure hope you get to go camping!

Beverlyjoy Gosh, glad the original infection is gone, but golly the rash from the "cure" sounds terrible!!! Hope they can get that taken care of quickly!
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Read all posts, thinking about you all, just no time to respond individually today (payroll day again)

Yesterday was a good day: No 'unthinking eating" for quite some time now--and I will say I think I have that entirely controlled!
Found a new favorite, I heated up my left over rainbow chard and put 2 over easy eggs ontop...grossed my family out, but it was a wonderful lunch.

B- nothing ( 17 hour fast)
L- chard and eggs
D- 2 pork chops with cajun seasoning, zucchini, patty pan and toms with basil butter,
Dessert to celebrate daughters 14th birthday- fresh blue berries, half a peach, half a kewi topped with 1/2 cup homemade ice cream! (frozen blue berrys and cream whipped in the food processor) No sugar, YEAH
Snack- 1 celery stock and almond butter

Still need to work on water today, but I am feeling pretty good, have energy in the morning--WOW, I just realized, I have energy! this is an unusual feeling.
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What are you smokin'????

"maryblu - Another option is to push the little button on the Amazon web site and the pink book will show up at your door, LOL.

Pay *retail for a book I already *bought once???? Surely you jest. Would rather be tacky and ask for it back from my friend!!!
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Pay if forward......the gift of a book could be a life saver--literally!

On the other had, I would consider asking for the book back too,...depending on how much that friend was using it.
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Hello Beck friends

Last night could have been the start of a large eating disaster but I stopped it in it's tracks with minimal damage.*credit* Wow! It was powerful and emotional and when everyone walked out of the room I grabbed a handful of cookies and went to bed with them. I slept almost 12 hours which is unheard of from this insomniac. Obviously, I needed it. Woke up with a new outlook on life and got to the pool and enjoyed a long bike ride through town on my way back .
Beverlyjoy,Good to hear from you and *credit* for a commitment to check in when you are absolutely miserable.
BillBlueEyes, 2 oz steak is pretty darn rational! lol
mikkijoe, lol for "grossed my family out, but it was a wonderful lunch." Credit for really having your eating under control and for trying new things.
Donna (new2me2), Wow! Best wishes sent to you for interactions with the GF Bisquick Queen! *credit* for using caution!
synger, I think food makes alot of us feel better. *credit* for thinking through just where the feelings are coming from.
newbebop, Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Lots of *credits* already.
Shepherdess,Glad you are back from a great trip. Spag Squash grow like crazy here and everyone is always giving them away!
AmberPr, great job on persistance with measuring food.
onebyone, keep doing fun things! I truly believe it helps to find other satisfying things in life other than food. *credit*for checking in.
Alma4343, Great to hear about those changes in attitude!
Cheryl (seadwaters) I'm always happy to hear that Bonnie is happy.
maryblu, thanks for sharing from the pink book that you no longer

I have to take my Mom to the Dr. I hope to be back and finish personals later...I'll just edit this post.

Cheryl (seadwaters), gosh! I just got home and read your post. I'm so sorry that Bonnie is gone. You were so kind with her these past few weeks. Take care of yourself!
MorganleFay, *credit* for an on plan day. I have to take not avalanching into something huge as progress. Noting that it does increase cravings is a valuable thing to notice, too.
Houston2Command, Yay for dealing with stress! Good news when the scale reflects it!
Marci (madrikh), good job throwing away the food!
Lisa (MissVitality), *credit* for finding an exercise you love and sticking with if for so long.
CeeJay, always good to hear from you and glad that things are going well, too.

Thanks for posting ups and downs everyone! We are all working in heading down the path together and that matters!

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Thank you so much for welcoming me here! I need this support.
Well, yesterday was my first day of really battling emotional eating. I think it had to do with the number on the scale going up. I have several other health issues I deal with on a daily basis and my weight just seems like one more thing I can't control. Trying to change that thinking!!
So, today the scale was down 2 pounds, even with my 3 "mistakes" yesterday. I also didn't write down what I ate yesterday (a little rebellion), which is something I have been doing daily for about 2 months (pre-Beck).
Today so far, I have had:
B: 1 banana w/ peanut butter
L: small homemade smoothie with flax seed meal.

I leave in a few minutes for yoga class. I didn't do the treadmill this morning (as planned) because I've been having some swelling in my right foot. And I tend to be just a wee bit obsessive about exercise.

Credits (yesterday): treadmill, 4mph on incline, 45 minutes.
While driving and after eating 2 rice krispie treats I threw the bag containing the 2 remaining treats to the back of the car; when I reached my destination I took the treats to the nearest trash can.

Again, I will plan to check in each evening, but so far that's not working out.


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I am dealing with the stress. Funny how so many of us are ready for Friday!

Okay, today is my weigh in day and am happy to report: another lb gone! I really can't remember if that was two or three for the week but overall I keep going down and that is what matters.

lost 3 inches! yay!!!! overall lost inches in 4 weeks: 10+ yayayayayya!!!
(remember I measure like 6 places).

today a client asked how much I've lost! so it's finally noticeable. she hasn't seen me in months!

no workout yesterday.
ate on plan. Credit
spontaneous exercise. Credit
turned stress into "that happy place". Credit
Cooked food ahead of time. Credit.
ate seated. Credit
read ARC. 1/2 credit
smiled a lot. credit.

I am so excited to toss the 160s behind me. come on 2 pounds. be gone!!!

P.S. I am now a horse in honor of 20 lbs gone. I'm more than a smart monkey now!

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Hello all!

Stayed on plan yesterday (well...okay, I did have 1 paper-thin slice of deli ham and a slice of american cheese while I was making my sandwich for today). *sigh* Thanks for the coaching Maryblu! I will try to remember the thoughts right before I put the food in my mouth. Maybe it will work the next time. At least it was a small deviation and didn't avalanche to something huge. I was fighting cravings all night. "Fortunately" HRH wanted to be held for a few hours, so I couldn't snack! LOL His care giver suggested that we sit him with the other kids while they eat their breakfast and lunches and maybe he'll eat too...I'll see how that works tonight when I pick him up after work. I'm hoping if I can get him to eat, maybe he'll start sleeping through the night?

onebyone: Yay for wearing your bathing suit in public!!

Shepherdess: I Love spaghetti squash with some yummy tomato sauce! I'm reading the pink book right now. I went to B&N to pick up the book for full price, but when I was in line to pay for it, I passed a table with discounted books. Guess which book was laying right on top for only $6! It was fate!

maryblu: Thanks so much for the coaching! If I were you, I would so totally ask for the book back. However, we here in the south would do it this way..."Sweetie, I wonder if y'all aren't finished with the Becks book if you could pass it on back? I wanted to reference something in one of the chapters when I realized I let you borrow it a bit ago." Or something of that nature.

Houston2Command: YAY for the inches lost!! I love the horse!
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Default Wednesday Morning

Hi Coaches

I am posting in a rush - busy day and have been up for a while. Yesterday was difficult. I decided to work at home because suddenly Bonnie was really not good at all - rang up and moved appointments. Took her to the vet twice and now unfortunately Bonnie is no longer with us. It was difficult. I didn't sleep well. She had been a loyal friend to my father

I didn't get as much done as I should and today and tomorrow are full on so I need to get organised for classes. Last night I was rummaging in my handbag and found the OTHER three pack of chocolate - I had forgotten that I bought two because they were on SALE. Anyway I took them to bed and comforted myself - can't believe it. Still under calories for the day because I didn't eat a lot but ...

I have read all the posts (can't believe I had to go back a page to cut and paste my check-list) and it is inspiring to see the progress and to bear witness for each other - will catch up with personals when I can

Progress -
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise
behaviours - Yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - No (three bars at once is not once!)
- Made food plan - Yes
- Logged food soon after eating - Yes
- Food on-plan - No
- Ate seated every time - Yes
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - 70%
- Weighed myself - Yes - down 0.2 again
- Exercise - no

Working on -
Posting regularly and staying away from chocolate

Have a good day Beckies

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Cheryl, WOW, I am so sorry you had to deal with that--so sad to lose our fur babies. Maybe there was a reason you had to deal with that while your family was away, as hard as it was for you it may have been the best scenario.
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Default It's a heat wave

I know many of you will laugh, but it's been close to 90 and humid as heck. Suppose to get a thunderstorm tonight/tomorrow.. I think August comes around so that you're ready for the cool off of fall.

Had my annual doctor appt. today. My blood pressure was good, my thyroid was down and actually will be decreasing my dose, and I told her about my
TOM and how crabby I get every month (perfect timing) and she said "well, you know, you really don't have to have that every month." So, for the sanity of my household (and me too), I'm going to give it a go - 91 day cycle.

Day went pretty on plan. I didn't have a plan after my afternoon snack, but I stayed within my calories (I think). Hubby made hamberger gravy and mashed potatoes. I had a big salad and then a small plate with lots of cooked veggies. -- I didn't know how to measure the hamberger gravy, so I just didn't do it, but guess-timated. I know, bad. Oh well, some times I like to be bad.

Headed on the road again tomorrow. Planning to bring lots to drink. Not stopping for donuts - maybe the fruit stand. Will have a good breakfast. Lunch is to be provided, so that will be interesting. Dinner I should be able to navigate. Will also bring grapes and an apple -maybe some carrots too.

"See" ya all later! Have a great Wednesday!

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OMG, MorganleFay, LOL!!! What a great way to *ask *for *my *book *back....especially when I know it is not being read!!!!!!!!!! I will *remember that *southern inflection when needed. Not sure I can deliver it properly with this *Fargo accent of mine, but I will definitely give it my best shot.

That said, it is no laughing matter, and some of my long-standing, dear Beckie friends know the truth..a dear, dear person totally lost in the oblivion of over-eating....I have given her The Zone, the Omega Zone, Overcoming the Female Fat Cell, You on a Diet, ... I forget the others...You can lead a horse to water...

AmberPR...I have another basement full of water...quite the summer! That said, it is still *summer. Looking forward to tomorrow night..and especially to
Thursday night for the Perseid Meteor Showers..hope for clear skies!
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