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Default Sunday

Hi Coaches
I eventually painted that window frame in my office yesterday and will have a go at the skirtings and door frames. It is good to have the desire / energy to do it. Gee painting is messy - and keeping 3 furry friends off it is a challenge.

Bill said he hoped I could afford all my credits and I smiled, but I think I will stop the $ value and just note progress. I need to move on. I will still credit the $250 per 5 pounds lost as that is a great reward (and I certainly won't go broke at the rate I am going!). I have actually already spend a large chunk of it on weights for home use. I have also edited what I am currently crediting to reflect what I am working on.

The other realisation I had, especially now I am really pressed for time, is that logging on can become an end in itself rather that merely reflecting the days stepping stones or stumbling blocks - as if it is the program itself. So I need to invest more time in dieting and all that is necessary for that and less on reporting it and doing personals!

Ceejay - Great work being on plan for days now. And for getting up early for exercise - I will aspire to that!

BillBE - I'm not sure how Bonnie will settle when she goes home either! But go home she will. She is still getting unsettled overnight - not sure why. Yay for restraint with chicken - I could polish one off in the past too. LOL about having the chicken pizza when you felt cave-manish or paleo

Onebyone - hi. Great to see you here with us again. There are a lot of newcomers aren't there!

Synger - sorry about the tendinitis. You are sensible taking it a little at a time - slowly. Can be a long journey to fitness

Lexxiss - yay for on-plan picnicking and a Jackson Browne concert. Hope you get back on the exercise wagon - easy to slip off I know

Mikkijoe - nice formula for assertive responses. I always have to suggest they get the bigger cuff and they huff and puff and do it. I wonder how they respond when they get some muscle bound thug with biceps like thighs

MissVitality - Yay for undoing bad-habits one-by-one one day at a time. That's a plan
Progress -
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise
behaviours - Yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes
- Made food plan - not a good one
- Logged food soon after eating - Yes
- Food on-plan - No
- Ate seated every time - No
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - 70%
- Weighed myself - Yes - up .6
- Exercise - no - obsessed with painting - will try weights later

Working on -
Remembering that exercise is part of the plan

Have a good day Beckies

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Quick check in.

Good day today. Relaxed at home, cleaned up a bit, rode around on my lawn mower, helped DH sort stuff in the storage shed, made my mom a small photo album, all good cause none of it has anything to do with making decisions.

Credit today for:

-weighing in
-on my feet all day moving around
-did arm weights
-checked in here
-read advantage and response cards
-eating on plan and healthy
-tomorrow is all planned out.

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Thumbs up Sunday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Several times I walked passed offerings of cookies, mini-muffins, and a candy dish that included tootsie-rolls. Passed them all with Not About Me; CREDIT moi. I even had that urge to grab some trail mix with cranberries that my DW was noshing when I'd already had my afternoon snack; CREDIT moi again.

The five year anniversary of my journey is coming mid-September and I've chosen a Tandem Skydive to celebrate - a poignant choice because the maximum allowed weight is 220 pounds and I started out above that. Besides, at weight my mind would not have considered jumping out of an airplane with an instructor strapped to my back and he with a parachute strapped to his. But mid-September is an iffy time for cloudless, warm, non-rainy days, so I jumped yesterday! CREDIT moi for choosing a grand reward for a big milestone. And even CREDIT moi for celebrating early rather than risk pouting when it became impossible to schedule myself into a clear September Saturday.

It was mind warping and fun. There's no sensation of falling - instead a feeling of peace with 120 miles per hour wind rushing by. Before the parachute opens, it feels like flying, which ... well ... of course it was. At the exit door, my brain rose up with Sabotaging Thoughts about why it's a really dumb idea to leap from a plane that's not on fire. I recommend a jump as an unusual treat to joyously embrace one's new body.

CeeJay - Yay for a busy day working good causes all even if none involved decisions. And Kudos for "tomorrow is all planned out."

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yay for having the "desire / energy" to paint the trim. And Kudos for assessing how to best spend your time supporting your plans and goals. My take is that there's greatest value in reporting here as often as you're able; trim down the personal responses rather than going away.

synger - Ouch for needing pain killers - either primary or secondary. Congrats for staying your path so that your body continues to drop weight.

Lisa (MissVitality) - Big Kudos for awarely monitoring your habits and then to challenge that sausage and roll. Love the image of you driving past the vendor while chomping a potassium loaded banana.

Readers -
day 33
Eliminate Emotional Eating

Use Behavioral Techniques

Apply several of these techniques as soon as you start to feel upset. Once you calm down, work on solving the problem that led to the negative emotion in the first place. (I'll be addressing this tomorrow.) Instead of saying to yourself, If I'm upset, I'll deal with it by eating, tell yourself, If I'm upset, I'll try to solve the problem ... If I can't focus on problem solving, I can use my mindset and behavioral tools first.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 230.
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Good beautiful Sunday morning everyone! Sorry I took a small break from posting on all message boards without warning! Just a quick post for the time being...I need to catch up before I do personals, lol.

I've been on track and on plan...Friday's WW weigh in showed me down two-tenths of a pound even though my scale showed me exactly the same as the last time I weighed in. I'm not quite back down to my lowest weight of the last few weeks, but almost. Apparently it wasn't all water weight that I gained.

I've been exercising...Friday was 1 hour of Walk it Out, yesterday was my usual Saturday rest day, and today needed to get out to Walgreen's and wanted a Starbuck's "treat", so I made a deal with myself that I could have the "treat" if I walked 2 miles. I did that, then stopped at Starbuck's for my diet-friendly treat, then walked to Walgreen's. Nice! The sun was out early this morning and there's a slight chill in the air, just PERFECT!!! The entire country is probably in the midst of summer, be we here in this part of California are still having cool days!

One of the things I bought at Walgreen's was a larger spiral bound notebook so I can do a better job of planning my days. I also have a few other things I want to write out plans for: getting the house de-junked...I think I need some kind of schedule there, lol; paying off some bills; some kind of daily quick exercise routine that can be done anywhere I am without equipment; and whatever else I can think of.

I'm not sure where all this came from, but it's here and I'm going with it.

Hope to be caught up and post personals soon!

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Hello Everyone!!!

synger-yay for heading in the right direction.

MissVitality- credit for staying on plan and for passing by the rolls with sausage.

seadwaters- very nice list of credits.

new2me2- kuddos for on track and on plan and lots of exercise.

BillBlueEyes- LOL re the rostisserie chickens. Laughing because I made a chicken sandwich at lunch and one for tomorrow's lunch with left over rostisserie chicken. And there's still some left.

It was so inspiring to read about your five year anniversary and your plans to skydive. I would never do it because I am fundementally afraid of heights but I wish I could because it must be the most incredible feeling. You deserve a major treat like this for 5 years. Well done!!!

For me, I am on a roll. Smooth sailing today. Am away from home Monday and Tuesday night but am feeling OK about it. Just need to keep focused and stick to the plan.

Credit for:
-weighing in
-healthy eating so far and having a plan for the rest of the week
-lunch all packed up and ready to go for tomorrow
-riding exercise bike 30 minutes
-reading response and advantage cards
-checking in here

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Default 'Lo, Beckies

Just a quick note; will report on my (surprise) weekend adventure another time. *sigh, life is good and full of surprises.

Still not straight with Beck; you, my coaches, need to know that I *am *not. Ms. Just-do-it is *not doing it, and the scale shows it. I guess I will do it when I am either *damned good and ready, or the pain gets worse than whatever *kick I am getting from NOT DOING IT.

Stay tuned, and if anyone is near enough to me to personally deliver a good swift kick in the pants, that would be appreciated...volunteers? Ceejay or are closest!!! I will travel to you...*sigh

Just wanted to check in for 2 quick personals:

BillBE, you *never *cease to *delight me! Sky-diving, no less, you wild and crazy guy...if I want to get *that scared, I go give blood!!! AMAZING. Great thing to check off your bucket list, not to mention celebrating the JOY of a NEW LIFE!!! The joy of your new and sustained good life that you share with us daily is such an inspiration. It ranges from the wry, tongue in cheek humor, to the joy of being hungry and enjoying great healthy food, to IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE!!!!!

Onebyone, it is so good to hear from you! I was about to ask if anyone had heard from you. All any of us can do is report in and get back on plan, and I am so, so happy you did. I miss us when we are not posting! You are a better person than I am when it comes to dealing with your best friend's brother. I would have made it him pay! There is scene from Peyton Place that comes to mind.....
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Default Monday Morning

Hi Coaches
Thought I would try morning check in before the day takes over (but mornings aren't that quiet either).

I painted more trim in my office - will slowly chip away at it. I can't believe how long it has been since I have been able to do anything around the house so it is good to get back into it.

Have some sort of plan for food for the week but I know I need more shopping. Will need to fit that in tonight or it will fall apart.

BillBE - at 5 years - what an imaginative and terrifying way to treat yourself. Yay for irrational exuberance indeed.

CeeJay - huge credit to you that things are going so well - you are in the zone and I know it takes work to get there

Donna (New2me2)
- Great to hear from you. Credit for enticing yourself to exercise with promise of sensible treats!

Maryblu - hope the pain doesn't have to get too bad to overcome the pleasure of being off plan. Your contemplation is a good sign - maybe you won't need the kick in the butt

Progress -
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - No
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise
behaviours - No
- Limit junk food to once per day - Yes
- Made food plan - Yes
- Logged food soon after eating - Yes
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Ate seated every time - Yes
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - 50%
- Weighed myself - Yes - down 0.8
- Exercise - no - still painting

Working on -
Staying calm

Have a good day Beckies
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Default Hello Beck Buddies

I had a friend in town for the weekend which involved going out and one big party. Big credit for staying on plan! I have been a little disappointed that my effort to lose weight has not been showing on the scale. Well I have 2 pair of the same jeans in 2 different sizes. last night I put on one pair of the jeans that were a little snug but wearable. I thought they were the larger size. When I got home, I realized that were the smaller size. I tried on the larger ones and they were too big! (Taking them to the give away "box" right away). This made me feel really happy. Something is moving!

Stayed on plan
Read ARC's
didn't eat all the great food at the party
didn't drink all the great drinks at the party

Seadwaters: Congrats on getting the painting done. I have trouble with the major chores like that. (My closets are screaming at me)

Marblu: Good luck with that self kick in the pants. Posting here is a great start.

new2me: We are having the same non summer weather here in Seattle. Congrats on staying on plan and exercising in exchange for treats.

BillBlu: Congratulations on the 5 years. You are really helping me a lot and we a lucky you continue to be here for us 5 years later. I am so amazed at the skydiving and how apropos about the weight. Wow to both!

Ceejay: Does riding around on the lawn mower equal mowing the grass. Or are you just cruising on it for fun

Missvitality: I do body pump too. I really have noticed a lot of changes in my body. My arms are starting to look so much better. How long have you been doing it? I started in April of this year.

Synger: Congrats on a couple pounds down (even if it isn't the official day)! Good job! Credit!

Lexxis: You road trip sounds like so much fun. Great job staying on plan during this tour.

Have a great week and thanks for being here!

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I have been doing body pump for almost 5 years now and I LOVE it! It has made such a massive difference to my body shape and posture (now just to get the flab away and show that off!) It has given me much more confidence. I started off going once a week and now go three times and I have gradually increased the weights I use along the way. i don't feel right if I miss a class! are you enjoying it?

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Default Back on board

Hey everyone,

It was a rough week last week. Not only was I on the road for 3 days, but then we had a 4 day festival in my home town - then it was all about the three Fs: friends, food & fun. The other weird thing was that I ended up really exhausted - to the point of sleeping 10-12 hours and then taking a 2 hour nap. That happened two days in a row. My walks were shorter too. I guess it was all the traveling and the late nights (I'm use to going to bed by 9-10 p.m.)

The scale creeped up 4 pounds and I'm really hoping it's water weight, but I have a sneaking suspicion it might be a little worse than that. I don't feel like I binged or over ate, but all plans went out the window and I was mostly winging it. I boosted my tracker up to note for it - I'm so lucky, I get to go to onederland two times!

I do have a few credits to claim over the past week:
  • Lots of salads for lunch and dinner while traveling
  • ate a healthy breakfast every morning
  • had some healthy snacks
  • got some walks in
  • drank wine spritzers (wine and charge water) and limited them while socializing
  • some spontaneous exercises
  • lots of rest
  • planned my food for tomorrow
So, tomorrow it's back to work and back on plan. I may have slipped, but it's not the end of the world-- just a little side trip.

Thanks to everyone for all the great posts and the tremendous sharing.

Good Night!

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Hello Beck friends

I'd like to take a moment to check in before my day gets going here. Food and Beck strategies have been on track *credit* amidst another whirlwind of a couple of days.
*credit* yesterday for putting my bike on the rack and riding home from church
*credit* for not having the second lunch which was pushed on my at my sick friend's house. Note: It is tempting territory right now. Friends are bringing in meals and baked goods, more than they can eat, and they want to give it all to

BillBlueEyes, fantismo! on the jump! Congrats! on 5 years! Nice to do things that you couldn't do at higher weight. That would also include going to the bottom of the Grand Canyon on a mule (200 #). If you ever do that, I'll go with.

Gotta run today!

Best wishes everyone!

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Thumbs up Monday, Monday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Enjoyed a grilled dinner with my adult kids - a late celebration of my birthday last month. And it gave DS and I a captive audience to show our videos from our jump on Saturday. The grilled Alaskan, wild caught, salmon was superb - as it always is. To my amazement, I noted that I was satisfied, and didn't serve myself some steak - just because I didn't need more food. Also because I knew that I could have it for lunches; it wasn't like leaving it at a restaurant. CREDIT moi for eating on plan during a prime opportunity to justify eating too much. One more year we had my birthday melon instead of birthday cake; CREDIT moi for starting that birthday tradition to replace the 30 year tradition of Boston Creme Pie - my old time favorite.

Exercise was biking here and there; CREDIT moi. Whole Foods FREE samples included papaya and grilled Striped Bass - both are OK on my food plan under the category unusual. Then they offered cheese and ... I passed on that; CREDIT moi for turning down a FREE sample at Whole Foods - one is a start.

maryblu - Oh yes, "IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE!!!!!" and "life is good and full of surprises" - can't wait to hear about yours. Sending immediate supportive kick in the kister; You know what to do, in small steps, to get back in your grove. LOL at, "if I want to get *that scared, I go give blood!!!" And thanks for your kind words.

CeeJay - Yay for being on a roll. And Kudos for already having your lunch packed for next day's lunch. Wish I'd pack mine the day before.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yay for chipping away at your painting. Hope you got your food shopping trip in - neat that you've got a plan for the week.

Donna (new2me2) - Kudos for buying a notebook for getting your plans organized. As you discover good ways to de-clutter, let me know; I'm in need.

Amber (AmberPr) - LOL at "the three Fs: friends, food & fun" with Kudos for the winning response, "it's not the end of the world-- just a little side trip."

Alma (Alma4343) - Kudos for staying on plan during a weekend that was "one big party" - that's a prime opportunity to slip which you avoided. And Congrats on your NSV with the jeans; good attitude to immediately bring the big ones to the give away box.

Lisa (MissVitality) - Yay for 5 full years of Body Pump; I'll have to google that and figure out what it is.

Readers -
day 34
Solve Problems

Today, you're going to learn how to become a more effective problem solver. Thinking clearly about a problem, even if you haven't figured out a solution, can help you feel more in control, less upset, and, therefore, less likely to turn to emotional eating.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 232.

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finding herself
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Just jumping in here. I left an introduction of sorts in the post "just getting started."

I was pleasantly surprised with my weigh in this morning. I MUST get the exercise on track this week. Need to look at my cards every day! I am too new to this to be slipping now, although I call it resistance. I actually had the conversation in my head after a busy morning and forgetting to stop and read the cards, I told myself it was ok, because I knew what they said...thanks friendly saboteur. ;-) I have always know reasons to lose weight, doesn't mean I think about them as often as I should over the years. So I read my cards this morning, and this afternoon when I do it again I will transfer them also to "notes" on my phone.

I am taking credit for a very challenging eating day yesterday at an all afternoon county fair event. The kind you are not allowed to bring your own food/drinks into. I ate a nice healthy early lunch before we went and made sure to drink lots of water! (sitting in the hot sun all day) I managed to get away with only a single polish dog and a fist full of almonds (i had smuggled in my camera bag.)

I have been doing well with sitting to eat. ;-) stopped myself the other night when I took a bite off my sons plate while cutting his meat standing at the table.

Goals: take my measurements today to have a better baseline. work on the exercise plan, transfer ar cards to phone.
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I got home a few days ago from a 10 day trip across the Pacific NW visiting family and friends. DH and I drove to Walla Walla, WA, the college town where we met to spend a few days with his sister and her family and see friends who still live there. Then it was off to Portland, OR to see his mom for a few days. Then up to Seattle to see my brother and his family. We took the long way back home so that we could drive through my old hometown on the NE side of the cascades and then drove the small, out of the way highways across NE WA.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and was good for my waistline as well. I was pleasantly surprised to find my weight just what it was when we left. I was allowing myself more indulgences than usual--enjoying good local wines with familly and friends and lots of eating out. All on plan, but I expected the extra calories to show up on the scale. I did keep up my running on the trip and it was nice to run in new places--I espcially enjoyed running at sea level! It felt like other than that, I wasn't getting much exercise. But when I look back on it, we did lots of extra walking and I did a lot of chasing nieces and nephews around. That must have burned off the extra glasses of wine.

I'm still trying to get caught up with everything. I got my at-home eating plan sqared away first thing, now it's just everything else. . . So no personals today. I did want to send a big congrats to BillBE for coming up on 5 years of maintenance. You are an inspiration, not just for staying thin all this time, but also for taking life by the horns.
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Yesterday went well. Didn't go biking with the kids (still too much tendinitis), but I did get some laps in the pool. Ate on plan and under carbs/calories. Sat down for every meal. Did a frenzy of cleaning before we had gamers over in the evening. Make lovely italian-style hamburgers for the grill -- italian seasoning, a splash of spaghetti sauce, and parmesan cheese mixed in to wonderful fresh hamburger from the local Mennonite butcher (his meat is SO fresh and tasty!).

Amber: Lots of good credits for the week! Kudos for keeping to those, especially healthy breakfasts and lots of salads, during a time of travel and festival! Remember, an extra pound of fat would mean you'd eaten over 3,000 extra calories over the week. Chances are very good that you did not eat 4X that! It's probably water weight. I always gain water when I travel.

Lexxiss: Good on you for not taking the second lunch. Sometimes it's so hard to say no to well-meaning friends, especially if they've worked hard on a meal for you. Maybe you can box up some of those extra meals and freeze them for times you don't want to cook? And great job on the bike ride home!

Bill: Isn't that realization great, when you figure out you don't need more, and say no? "The Four Day Win" book talks about how there's often a part of you who doesn't want to let go of food, as if you'll never see it again. It suggests visualizing a room full of whatever the food is, and "allow" that part of you to see the hoard and revel in it. That part of you is afraid of deprivation, and gets satisfaction from you convincing it that it will be able to have whatever-it-is again... just not right now.

Newbebop: Welcome! It's amazing to me how important those cards become. Sure I "know" what's on them... but I need to be reminded each day! Good job on recognizing that and turning back to the cards.

Shepherdess: Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! Kudos on staying on plan, and getting in those runs. Sometimes travel, especially family trips, can be very difficult times to keep on track. You are an inspiration that it CAN be done!
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