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good morning!

I had a good night of sticking to my plan to get things done. Made meat sauce that took almost 3 hours and it smelled delicious all night. I get to eat some tonight with my special lasagna. woo hoo. first noodle i'll be having for 3 weeks now. wow.

BillBE - no fuss pizza is whole wheat pita toasted a little. Then put on 1 cup low cal sauce topped with cooked broccoli and mushrooms (if you like mushrooms, bleh!) and then some parmesan cheese (not much though). If you can handle extra calories, you can add 4 slices of pepporoni. Instead, I added a bit of feta cheese (about 1/4 cup). bake until it looks good. It was a lot better tasting than I expected.

Now that I eat better for 3 weeks +, as the diet predicted, the foods I'm eating do taste better than they did in the past. My body finds them yummy because it isn't confused about what yummy is from junk. I read it; I knew it would be true; but I still carried my skepticism in my pocket to use when I proved it false. So far, it holds true!

Lexxiss - good job on the bike! I am so jealous. houston is not bike friendly roadwise or weatherwise.
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Hello all! Hum, not a lot to report today. Made a plan for today and so far am sticking to it. Exercise was Walk It Out, but I'm hankering for something a bit more, so tonight I'll aim for another workout of some sort.

Mikkijoe Wow, some very deep reflections!

Houston2Command Major credit for realizing that skinny people don't turn to food when they are upset! Congratulations for 2lbs and 7 inches gone! That's amazing!

MorganleFay Yes, credit to you for not overeating with in-laws in the house. Hope the little one let you have some sleep last night!

BillBlueEyes Oh gosh, YES, I get those thoughts sometimes too...they come out of nowhere, lol. "I'll just have a little" ...famous last words. As far as the mainstream gluten-free stuff...gluten free is sort of "fashionable" right now so those of us who have to avoid it get the benefit of it, lol.

Lexxiss Glad your day was much better! Congratulations on how far you've come and major credit for giving credit to yourself for it!

seadwaters Okay, that chicken pizza sounds really, really good, and something that I might actually be able to do, lol (have I mentioned I don't "cook", lol)!!! I'll have to see what I can come up with!

Beverlyjoy Yay for silly grandsons! Glad you have a good visit with family! Wow, I'm sorry to hear about the reaction to the antibiotic, but I LOVE your's so true, we MUST keep moving forward.

synger So sorry to hear about the increase in pain!

gardenerjoy Yay for sleep!!! Uggg...I wilt when the temperature get much above 80...we get a few days here around 100 every summer. Thanks for the reminder about the sodium...that sure could be contributing!
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Well, so what is new in my life???? HMmm, well not much, and ya know? I'm OK with that today! We wavered off the meal plan last night because chicken did not get taken out to thaw. And after work I went to Walgreens and spent $29 out of pocket, and got $78 dollars of product! SWEET VICTORY, I love matching coupons with sale flyers, and more imporatantly I love it that other Bloggers match them up for me, all I have to do is print coupons and go to the store, stick to my list, and SCORE! I got Mens vitamins for $10, with a $10 off next purchase (free). Then the next purchase I got packs of hershey bars for our campout--half price, used the $10 coupon, then got another $5 off next purchase, then got a bunch of other stuff! Anyway...that was a good night in my house.

BillBlueEyes "Just A Little" is pretty much like "Kinda Pregnant" right? Zucchini relish sometimes just has onions and zucchini with mustard seeds, vinegar, and some sugar. Other recipes--of which I will use--are more like a Chow Chow, with tons of garden veggies, cabbage, onion, zucchini, peppers, carrots, etc...again seasoned with mustard seed, some tumeric, vinegar, sugar. Used as a condiment for sammiches (yup--that's the way I spell it) or on meats and poultry.

Cee Jay Planning Plannning Planning. obviously the key to success in many areas of our lives. We know it in our brain. Great job at following through with the actions!

Joy your exercise goal is amazing! I dont know if that would ever motivate me, but I would like to hope that in time it would, thanks for the inspiration.

new2me2 I am still trying to get situated on Walk It Out, we finally went out and got the mat, we were using the board, and that killed my calves, then we used the controller and nunchuck, and that did not register well for me.....but long story short, when going to get a mat we got a Dance Dance Revelution House Party--it has a work out section on it...I could never do it, but it did look fun---Wait--I could not do it right now--but in time I will be able to---there that feels better. every tried meletonin for sleeping? we got ours at a pharmacy that deals with health foods as well, smallest dose works great for stopping the habit of getting up and not getting back to sleep easily, it is safe and over the counter

Houston Interesting about the changing our taste buds, but very true! Seems that the tastebuds are quicker to get retrained than other things though, huh? Seems that when we start feeding our body the good food it makes it want MORE of the good stuff, but then again same thing when we feed it sugar or junk, then it just wants more of the junk too

MorganFay Many of us dont post much, or at all, on the weekends, dont feel bad. I remember the baby days, it seemed like you would never get any sleep! But remember it is just a season, and one day you will reflect back on those nights and not remember the exhaustion, just remembering the joy. I looked down at my son last night who fell asleep on the living room floor after work, and remembered how fun it was to watch him sleep when he was an infant, he is now 18.

Lexxiss 200 miles on the bike, that is a huge pat on the back! And thank you for making me spew my coffee onto my screen---"chokecherries and poop bags" That just struck my funny bone.

Beverlyjoy So sorry about what you are going through, but happy that you are getting to spend some time with your grandson. I look forward to those times, but I hope not in the near future! I told my son he could not 'duplicate' until he was at least 26, and he is agreement, but I dont know about my daughter--but then again she is only 14 right now, but I am SURE they will do exactly what their mama tells them to do as far as waiting to start a family!

Seadwaters What a blessing you are to your sister! Just think about the peace of mind she has while traveling, knowing that her high-needs fur baby is well taken care of.

Synger I feel your pain--literally! I have plantar faciitis (not going to spell check that) and a past broken foot with severe sprain to that between the two I am in constant pain, especially in the evening or after being on them alot, I look forward to that easing up as the weight comes off

Amber Great job on that planning for your trip. And fantastic job on recognizing the importance of family, divorce is SO devastating, I know from personal experience, and I WANTED it, yet it was devastating, I can only imagine how it is for those who do not want sad. And when there are children involved the effect is life long for them! Our family units need prayed for daily!

Alma Love the I WILL CARE ! I needed to hear that. How is that Seattle weather? kinda a strange summer huh? I am in Yakima, and we are having a weird one, thats for sure

Silverbirch, a great thanks to you for the inspiration of packing food for your work week, I so need to get on track for that. Big Kudos to you!

WHEW I hope I did not miss anyone!

Well off to print payroll checks and to spit colorful adjectives (=bad words) at my printer......then I need to find my actual desk top, I am pretty sure it is not made of paper, then I need to get some files closed up and completed....Tonight, will be grocery list for campout--finding things that are on sale this week that we need in order to save more monies ....AND transfering my A&R onto actual cards that I bought last night finally....then I will have those in my purse at all times
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Default Hello Becksters

So, another week with no loss (this makes 3). It is a little depressing, however, it did measure and lost 3 inches so something must be happening. Also, 2 people in my workout class commented that I have lost weight. I am not going to get depressed over this. I know it is a long journey and I am changing my life!

weighed 0 lbs (6 week total 4.8 lbs) (when oh when will I hit the first 5!)
stayed positive about 0 lbs lost
took measurements
exercised planned and unplanned
doing great at not making hunger and emergency
Read ARC's

Hello Everyone:

MikkiJoe, The weather in Seattle is gorgeous right now. 70's and sunny. Ahh However, supposed to rain this weekend and it is Seafair. It HAS been a strange summer, June was basically like January this year.

New2me: Impressive how dedicated you are to walk it out workouts. Great job.

Houston2command: The meat sauce sounds great. I think I can smell it from here.

Gardnerjoy: glad you got some sleep. I battle insomnia periodically and I know how hard that can be, especially to eat well as tired in a big trigger for me.

Synger: so sorry about your pain. It is impressive that you ate right with pain, that can be a battle.

Beverlyjoy: thanks for the quote. I needed that one today!

Seadwater: Thanks for the chicken pizza idea, I will try this soon.

Lexxis: 200 miles on the bike! Great. I love biking. need to remind myself to "just do it" more because I sure enjoy it when I do.

BillBlueEyes: Good job passing the trail mix and reminding us to stay the course.

Morganlefey: You are doing so well to be posting when you can with a small baby. I know you must be very sleep deprived.
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Dear all,

Sorry I have been missing in action - I have been away in London for the last week. I had a brilliant time but unfortunately, all the good work i had been doing went out the window. I had only got as far as Day 6 in the Beck Diet Solution so I am not going to be hard on myself. Tomorrow is another day and I plan to re-read days 1-6 and get right back on track.

Hope you are all well, talk soon x
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Default Yo, dear Beckies

'Lo, all. Back from the fun at Girls' Week on the island. *Organic, is the only way I can describe it.

Funny, even though I live on a lake in with alotta lake shore and 7 acres, in God's Country, as I always say-------getting *away to the island is, well............*getting AWAY. I wasn't there for two hours until we were on the pontoon and I was examining the *junk in my head. The obvious junk was living with this 10 pound weight gain. So the "Come to Jesus Meeting" went something like this..."You know how much this bugs you, and you KNOW what to do about it, so why *aren't you DOING IT???"

*sigh. Why, indeed? I will continue to carry around the 10 troublesome, really, really horrible 10 #s until I chose to get rid of them. *sigh.

The other "AHA" moment came when I realized what a control freak I am. Seriously--I seriously am. It took coming together with old friends and new really, really cool, ""together" ladies ..who are so seriously NOT control freaks..that I could see it. Was pretty much a big wake up call to see I was the "straight man/one" in the whole group!!!

The good news is: it dint take me long to shed the inhibitions and start being totally crazy..I still got it!

The enlightenment was a good thang.

Am still on vacation and up tonite waiting on the promised Aurora Borealis, and Mikkijoe, I am not gonna spellcheck that, either!!!
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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Hot night last night spent with a fan blowing over me all night. I slept like a log. Then woke up to a favorable scale reading. YAY. Except it's anti-water weight; can't really celebrate that I've dehydrated a couple of pounds away, LOL. I can feel it returning with my morning coffee.

Made it to the gym after work (CREDIT moi) despite having tickets to a Red Sox game at Fenway park last night. Worked out next to a young guy using smaller dumbbells than I was using. Yay. Even though I know that I'm too sophisticated at this stuff to compare my personal workout to another's, LOL.

maryblu - Welcome back. Congrats for combining enlightenment and a glorious *organic vacation with your buds. The classical literature is filled with saints and gurus who deprived themselves to reach enlightenment. This is an improvement to be sure.

And, feeling like I'm repeating myself from one year ago, would you and Brett kindly decide to Tango or Not-Tango and, until then, stop filling the newsprint that crosses in front of my eyes. Consider it kinda a personal decision. And, while you're at it, stop the reports about a pair of nineteen year olds who are un-re-breaking up again - even if they can see Russia from their back yards, LOL.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for 102 degrees. That's HOT. Interesting that the old think and the new think are both surprising, LOL.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for a silly grandson as a cure for the blues; you oughta find a way to market that, LOL. Thanks for the "must keep moving” quote from Albert Einstein.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Thanks for the chicken pizza recipe; gonna try me that to satisfy the part of my that wants to be on the cave man diet. Yay for Bonnie accepting her current reality. Wondering if she'll have a similar adjustment period in five weeks when she returns to your sister's house.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Congrats on the 200 mile milestone on your bike; how'd you know that? Kudos for starting to record your exercise to improve your accountability. Jealous here at a full poop bag of chokeberries; you gonna cook up something with those?

Donna (new2me2) - Can't do better, IMHO, than, "Made a plan for today and so far am sticking to it." Kudos for that. LOL that gluten-free is "fashionable." I'm waiting for it to be fashionable to avoid FREE samples, LOL.

Houston2Command - Yay that foods taste better; good testimonial for the good life. Thanks for the "no fuss pizza" instructions.

Mikkijoe - Oh Yes, "SWEET VICTORY" indeed for saving that much using coupons for food you actually need. LOL at "Just A Little" is pretty much like "Kinda Pregnant." Thanks for the zucchini relish recipe; when ours comes in, we get baskets full.

Alma (Alma4343) - Kudos for staying on your plan and Double Kudos for recognizing that your body will shed its weight on its own schedule.

synger - Kudos for fighting back by using the stairs and another for making "on-plan choices at the lunch buffet" - those buffets can be deadly.

Lisa (MissVitality) - Ouch for being diverted a bit by London. On the other hand, what a lovely place in which to suffer diversion, LOL.

Readers -
day 33
Eliminate Emotional Eating

Use Behavioral Techniques
Take some action in order to decrease your distress when you're upset:

. . .
Drink a soothing no- or low-calorie beverage. Consider making yourself a cup of tea. Sit down and drink it slowly.
. . .

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 229.
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Hello Beck friends

Just a quick check in, and thanks for the compliments on my bike endeavors. I got 10 more miles in yesterday *credit* now I'm up to 212! I was tracking my exercise last summer/fall and stopped because I knew what I was getting doing my usual "routine"-but now as I try to get back into that routine, it's a great tool!

BillBlueEyes, the chokecherries aren't good for anything but jam and syrup-they are very bitter-make you "choke" if you eat them. My Mom, however, loves the jelly and goes through a jar a week when I have an ample supply of juice. She's obviously not on my food plan, but at 89 and at normal weight she can eat as much as she likes.

After a fun day, we had to make an unexpected trip so I'm back on the Eastern slope of Colorado attending to some important family business and will travel again tonight or early tomorrow. Gotta get home for the next big cherry tomato picking fest.

See ya'll tomorrow.
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Green Tomatoes
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I'm giving myself credit for ordering "The Big Skinny" for breakfast at a new restaurant we tried yesterday. And extra credit for realizing that the plate they brought me had about 700 calories on it and, then, only eating about 300 of them. Sheesh! I guess the emphasis was on the Big not the Skinny.

Credit to the Missouri Botanical Garden for serving an excellent meal at the event last night so I didn't have to work hard to eat well. Salad greens topped with grilled salmon and grilled vegetables. Yum! I'll give myself credit for skipping the alcohol and the dessert.

WI: -0.15kg (new low), Exercise: +60 315/1800 minutes for August, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Lexxiss: good job biking and posting amidst unexpected travel.

BillBlueEyes: kudos for getting a workout before a ballgame -- very dedicated!

maryblu: so glad that the get away is proving enlightening in all kinds of ways.

MissVitality: good job getting right back to posting and other Beck things after vacation.

Alma4343: way to go staying committed without getting the appropriate scale feedback. What kind of exercise do you do? I'm ready to be losing inches as much as weight, so I'm looking around for what makes that happen.

Mikkijoe: good job with all of your planning and shopping and writing our your Advantages and Responses.

new2me2: yay for sticking to the plan -- hope you found some exercise that felt good to you

Houston2Command: so glad you've reached the point where the healthier foods taste good! LOL at holding skepticism in your pocket -- I did that, too. For me, the healthy food just keeps getting better! I sometimes crave sprouts!
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I've been sort of "lurking", but getting ready for re-entry.

More later..gotta go weigh myself and dh wants the computer.

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Good mornin' y'all!

I actually got SOME sleep last night. The two older boys are away with the grandparents, so it's just DH, HRH ("His Royal Highness"-the baby) and I. It felt like it did eight years ago when we only had one kid-so we stayed up till 12:00am watching 2 Stargate Atlantis episodes. DH took his first shift (1-3am) and I had the second (3-6am). HRH slept until 4:20am- that's a whole four hours of relatively uninterrupted sleep! I'm wide awake today! LOL I stayed on plan yesterday and dropped another pound! WooHoo! So far, keeping between 1500-1800 calories is working very well! I also have three potential opportunities lined up for a "real" job in my field! I don't want to jinx anything, so I'm holding my breath!

BillBlueEyes: Comparing ones self to others in the gym is an obvious. Don't worry too much about it. The important thing is that you use that comparison in a good way - either pump yourself up to work harder, or congratulate yourself at how far you've come. You seem to be doing that very well. Keep it up!

maryblu: Are you my twin? LOL Your reflections sound exactly like what I'm struggling with all the time. "You know how much this bugs you, and you KNOW what to do about it, so why *aren't you DOING IT???" I say this a lot...which is why I'm trying the Beck's diet- because I need to do something different.

Alma4343: If you're losing inches without losing weight that's a GREAT thing! It means that you're gaining muscle. Keep it up!

Mikkijoe: You and I would probably have a BALL shopping together! I'm a die-hard bargain hunter! Just like some people like to brag about the designer labels they own, I like to brag about how much money I saved on something!
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Default A quick check in

Hello everyone!

Just a quick Hi! before I hed back out on the road. I'm pooped out, but today I get to ride instead of drive, so I'm hoping to relax. Eating has been half on half off with a few treats in there. I don't feel like I'm way over doing it, but it's certainly not a method for losing weight. I did jump on the scale this morning and I was up to 202... hoping it's just water weight and It drops back of next week when I'm back on plan. BLECH.

Talk to you soon,

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Good morning everyone! Well, yesterday was interesting, lol. I had two separate things going on...I was hungry all day long and I just plain wanted to eat. I didn't crave anything in particular, I just wanted to eat. Bad combo when one is also HUNGRY all day, lol. Fortunately I did NOT overeat, and I DID stick to plan except for one tomato from one of our attorney's garden. I made it through the day, and today seems better on both counts, lol. I'm even down slightly in weight from yesterday. I still feel like I'm retaining water, and hope that's all it is.

For exercise I did the beginner workout off the WW Punch DVD, but added some impact here and there to spice it up. There is an intermediate and an advanced level workout also on the DVD, but mentally, it was a better thing for me to do MORE than the workout called for rather than doing LESS than one of the others would call for. Strange but true. I'm feeling much better and getting more sleep than I have been, but still don't feel like my cardio stamina is quite back to normal. Thus the little mind game.

On plan today so far as well.

Mikkijoe Credit for being okay with life! Yay for great bargains!!! As for Walk It Out, I use the matt too. It does a much better job of counting steps for me. I didn't like the board at all because I can't seem to stay on that tiny thing, lol. The nanchuk doesn't register very well for me, but actually, I did a multi-player session (with myself, lol), using the matt AND the nanchuk. The nanchuk only registered 300 less steps, so it's not as bad as it seems at the time. I have a Dance Dance game, but not sure which one it is and didn't notice if there was a workout...I'll have to look. I am REALLY bad at Dance Dance though, lol. I have tried melatonin, and 5HTP along with a few other things. They all seemed to help for a while but stopped working after a while. I had my neurotransmitter levels tested, and found I was deficient in a few, so was taking some things specifically for that and that also helped for a while. {{sigh, lol}} Maybe I should try the melatonin's been a few years.

Alma4343 Yay for 3 inches lost!!! That IS something working! The weight will follow! Great attitude!

MissVitality Glad to have you back! Yay for a great time in London, ouch for undoing everything. Great plan to reread and get back on track.

maryblu Yay for a great weekend and great discoveries about yourself!

BillBlueEyes Ouch on dehydration! LOL...I think I understand the mental thing with the guy using smaller dumbbells.

Lexxiss Your mileage is impressive! Great job!

gardenerjoy Wow, great job for realize "skinny" wasn't so much!

ponee Glad to see you back!

MorganleFay Glad you were able to get some sleep and had a nice evenign with DH!
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Short post this morning, I am doing some research on Primal and/or Paleo Diets. What I am doing is not working, and this is typical for my body over the years. I seem to have to mix it up. Primal is heavy protien and fat, and low carb. Pretty much flip side of what I am doing. But as I track and look over reports I see that I am on target 90% of the time, so I should be losing and I am not hardly. At my weight I should expect some decent it may be time to mix it up.
Just trying to wrap my head around it...Once I find the right 'formula' and mix it with Becks I do think I can beat this. But it certainly is a scientific formula issue.
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Hello Everyone,

I am doing a quick post today. I hope everyone is having a great day and week.

I did well yesterday, I am feeling good today. Some friends invited me for an evening sail in Puget Sound. I have not been on a sail boat out there yet so I am so excited to go! I was able to exercise already and have been doing well staying on my plan (credit credit).

Gardnerjoy: I am doing weights 2x/week for a hour, spin class, 2x/week, walk 3 miles 1 or 2 times a week and pilates 2x/week(just started the pilates a couple weeks ago). I stay active with swimming and biking, but not on a regular schedule. For weights, I am taking bodypump class, I have a love hate relationship with that class. It really does make me work harder at weights than I ever have before. But, I sure do love it after I am finished in the morning I am really enjoying the class camaraderie as I have never been able to find a friend to be a steady workout buddy. You can go to to find out if there are classes in your area. There are people of all ages and sizes in the class.
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