Greetings! You are my new diet buddy.

  • I've started the Complete Beck Diet for Life. Stage 1. No one I personally know plans on dieting any time soon, so this forum serves as my diet buddy. Thanks. I am a man, and it seems like almost everybody else around here is a lady, so I feel a little out of place.

    I am very optimistic about the Beck plan, and about my own weight loss potential.
  • Welcome, I see you found the monthly thread! Bill is a prominent member of that thread so you won't be the only guy!
  • Welcome Overlord - Yep, there's a lot of ladies about. But there's a few of us males scattered here and there also.

    Glad you've already found the monthly thread - I'll see you over there.
  • Welcome to you, Overlord. Yes...billbe is the moderator of the Beck forum. So you won't be the only guy! I think you will find the Beck techniques so helpful in actually 'living with food' in a sane manner.
  • Welcome and congrats on the start of your journey! There are definitely some other men lurking!!! I am pretty much still a newb here, but so far this site has been wonderful!