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Hello Beck friends

Just a quick check in, perhaps I'll make it back by later. I've been walking with the pups and am on my way to the pool before church. I have a day of organization ahead, as I'm leaving tomorrow for the Denver side in order to have a whole day at the other house before p/u DH at the airport Wed. 7am.

I spent some time this AM thinking about why evenings are so hard FOR ME right now. I followed my food plan extremely close for 7 mos. and got through the entire winter without gaining (gained 20 the winter before). I'm going easy on myself and am hoping things improve when DH returns.

I'm definitely out of my normal routine and will give myself *credit* this morning because I have not once given in to absolutely an absolutely devastating behavior which led to a 1 week meltdown last year.

Have a great day everyone!
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Green Tomatoes
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We're going to the opera tonight! We're taking DH's 20-year-old nephew and his girlfriend. She's super excited because the director, in his first production, is fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi.

The challenge will be supper. I ordered picnic boxes for us. I suspect each box will have enough food for two people who are eating healthy, but we've never done this before so I wasn't willing to count on it and ordered four boxes. Instead, I'm going to put a cooler in the car so that we won't feel like we're wasting leftovers -- we'll have a place to stash them during the show. So, my plan is to eat about half of what's in my box.

WI: -0.05kg (new low), Exercise: +60 325/1600 minutes for June, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Shepherdess: great job with the exercise and it sounds like you're asking all the right questions about food.

Beverlyjoy: glad you're home safe and back in your food comfort zone. Excellent insight about needing a little wiggle room to go with your exchange plan while traveling.

CeeJay: hope you're finding your way back to sane eating and sanity in general. Be patient with yourself -- your job changes are certainly going to require a period of adjustment, but you will work it out!

Nuxmaga: glad the craft show went well -- hope the interview ends up in print!

tigerchild: great job with the special event planning for success!

ThisTime7: oops for the bad days at the conference. Time for a good plan to get back on track.

BillBlueEyes: yay for strawberry season! I've been enjoying it very much!

Lexxiss: good job with the exercise and with thinking through what's going on for you -- it may be as simple as having DH home again which feels more normal for you

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I was trying to post from my house and was having technical difficulties. So I'm using DH's office computer right now. I got my long run in this AM and have an food plan that will hopefully give me the calories I need to recover from all the hard work, but not so many that I undo all my hard work. I'm hoping that will help with the late night munchies.

Yesterday was a good day and my hunger levels were back to normal. It's so much easier to stay on track when I get hungry just before a planned meal. I don't know if it was the activity level or the protein. I bumped up the protein yesterday, but it was also a pretty lazy day. I did some digging in the garden and some house cleaning, but mostly lots of sitting and reading. Isn't the first rule of empircal science to only change one variable at a time? Oh well, whatever it was it worked.

Will post personal later. We're headed out for a drive into the mountains.
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Greetings from Skagway, Alaska!

We indeed went ziplining yesterday followed by a tour to the Mendenhall Glacier. We didn't actually get to walk on it as I had hoped, but we did a huge amount of walking.

Ziplining is where you climb (in this instance by a steep stairway up to a platform in a tree. That tree is connected to another tree by a set of cables. They put you in a harness then attach you to those cables. When you are ready, you lift your feet and "zip" to the other tree. It was tremendously fun, but that very first tree was the most terrifying, lol. None of us had one it before and the steps to get up to the cables were flush with the edge of the platform so it was a sheer drop off. Once I got past that and actually started the zipping, it was FUN!

After both of those were done, I met up with my traveling friend (she did not want to zip, lol) and we walked into the little town of Juneau.

I am still reading my book and cards, although I haven't done so yet today. I did well on my eating yesterday although am eating a bit more fruit than I normally do.

Today we are in Skagway. We didn't have any excursions planned so we just walked to the little town. It was a good walk and then we walked all around the town and back again. I had my one bad idea today, lol. While in town we found a fudge shop. After making sure the fudge was safe for me to eat. I bought a 2 to 3 inch square. I think I've had half of that. I gave it to my friend to carry so I wouldn't eat more, and she put it in the refrigerator for me. I think I'm now safe!

I had a little bit of protein for lunch though even though I wasn't hungry from the fudge, but I needed a little protein. So that was probably my second mistake today. I'm feeling pretty bloated at the moment and I DON'T like that feeling, so I'll probably not eat much for dinner if I'm hungry at all.

Tomorrow we cruise Glacier Bay!
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I was going to get to personals, but the computer and my hands aren't jiving. The new computer has a different keyboard which works better in the morning. *credit* for recognizing I'm tired and that preparing my dinner, staying on track and enjoying a quiet evening is more important. I read everyone's posts. Tomorrow is travel day, I'll check in before I leave.
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I'm back for some personals and it seems like my computer is cooperating.

CeeJay, LOL at stapling cards to your forehead. It made me think of the phylacteries Orthodox Jews wear to pray. Ouch for the extra stress and the binge that it brought on, but the good news is that it was one bad day out of a good week. Kudos for learning from the experience and for moving on.

Nuxmaga, yikes for 90 degrees with humidity. I would have had a major meltdown in that. Ouch for the eating that all the craziness brought on, but good luck dusting off the Beck book and getting back to it. Iím doing the same thing right now.

Tigerchild, happy birthday to your twin boys! Huge kudos for your birthday dinner victory. I hate making substitutions and all that as well. I need to learn to do it, but I guess Iím afraid Iíll die or be called mean, LOL. Thanks for letting me know itíll be OK if I do ask for what I want.

ThisTime7, welcome back on the Beck train. We all fall off from time to time and it always hurts. But the good news is that Beck teaches us how to get back on. Sending hugs.

BillBE, yay for local strawberries! I agree that strawberries seem to lose flavor the more miles they travel. LOL at guilt spurring you on in your workout.

RE range monitoring for grasshoppers: a number of Western states are facing a potential grasshopper plague this year. WY had a fairly bad year last year and grasshoppers have a 3 year cycle that weíre trying to break. Talk of the Nation Science Friday had a small bit on the grasshopper infestation a few months ago. Iíll try to find a link. Iím just looking for hot spots and am not actually identifying the different species, which is pretty hard to do because they are in their nymph phase right now. Iím just trying to get a count. If I find high numbers weíll just assume they are pest species since the non-pest species of grasshoppers donít get that concentrated. If we get the infestation that some scientists are predicting itíll be pretty devastating to agriculture so weíre trying to get a jump on it.

Beverlyjoy, great job figuring out what went wrong on your trip. It is true that being overly-rigid can back fire on us and the small bit of flexibility you used on your other trips worked really well for you in the past. Kudos for getting back on the wagon so quickly.

Lexxiss, yay for your DHís homecoming! Itís been a long trip. Kudos for figuring out why evenings have been so difficult. Itís definitely true for me that once I establish a routine, itís so much easier to stick to my plan, but if anything upsets that routine, I tend to fall off the wagon, especially if I wasnít expecting it.

Gardenerjoy, have fun at the opera! It sounds so cool. Kudos for thinking of all the possibilities before getting your boxed dinner. I love the idea of taking a cooler so you donít have to worry about wasting food.

New2me2, ziplining sounds like a total blast! Yay for a vacation that keeps you active. Good recovery on the fudge incident and it sounds like having a light supper is a good strategy.
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Hi everyone.

Just a quick check-in tonight. All was well today. Thank goodness.

Credit today for:

weighing in
walking 30 minutes
doing weights
reading response and advantage cards
checking in here
eating on plan
planning food for the week and making lunch for tomorrow.


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Default Monday Monday

I didn't post last night because I was irritated that my weight was still bouncing upwards - and that I had given it a reason to! Firstly the meal out on Thursday which was fairly controlled. But then on Saturday evening I lost it and basically ate - a lot! Sunday was on plan except for two pieces of lethal Turkish delight - I have a weakness for it. So here I am again to get back on track. I feel quite positive really but I am getting sick of seeing the information that the scale is giving me. I have created a separate spreadsheet to the weekly weigh in one - this is daily and it plots a graph. At the moment too few data points to see a trend except for the obvious upward one of the last few days. But it is important to know.

I have had a project the last week or so of reorganising my hard disk and developing a synchronisation protocol with an external hard drive and also with my work home-drive. And at last it is finished and working well - a triumph of girl over technology

Anne (Wndranne - AnneWonders) - Firstly - I didn't realise you can change your username?? Hope your rugged triathlon goes well and I think I need a bit of a Beck push myself. It is great that you have a co-conspirator to work with

BeverlyJoy - Glad you are safely home and it sounds like you did well away from your familiar supports. Good insights that I can learn from about eating and travelling - and the need for wiggle room.

BillBlueEyes - Good planning in the Mexican restaurant - makes me think about how bad ours are here. We really need some good Mexican restaurants. Not all their food is diet unfriendly. Salt bush tends to be something of an Australian phenomenon I think - our soils are very saline from bore water etc and the salt-bush survives well on it. These lamb are fed exclusively on it and do well health wise apparently. You will find lots of hits if you Google it.

CeeJay - What great cards about stress, work and dieting. I need to copy them because I know that once work is on again I will have problems with staying on top of planning and eating. Maybe while your work is so heavy you could leave the personals - I know sometimes I haven't the time and I feel bad and therefore I don't post and that is never a good idea. Sounds like a spectacular meltdown - and huge credit that you have regrouped and are getting back on track

Debbie (Lexxiss) - I like the idea of the inner thin person - I just have to let mine out and give her more decision making powers more often. Thanks for you empathetic post - it was a bit of a milestone and one for the Memory Box. I too am having real difficulties in the evenings - I think because I have down time in the evening and I associate that with food - need to find a better association!

Donna (New2me2) - Glad to hear your trip is going well and that you are planning your food. It would be tricky on a boat I imagine

Gardenerjoy - Well done on the weight loss for the Biggest Loser weigh in, I hope the opera went well! Sounds fabulous. And the picnic boxes sound useful - and the fact you are all prepared with a plan to leave excess calories for the 'doggie bag'

Jynx - Glad to see you back and glad you are recovering - hope your weigh in went well

Nuxmaga - So hot! I am glad that we are out of summer and whenever I go to markets here in summer I really feel for the stall holders. Hope you did well. I like you idea that there is a lot of magical thinking that can go on that somehow we can avoid the results of random snacking - I am pretty good at that. Credit for all the exercise and the intention to do a Beck refresher

Shepherdess - So do you have Salt-bush lamb in the States or is it a uniquely Australian thing? It tastes pretty good I have to say from the meal I had last night. Sounds like either the rest or the increase in protein is working for you which is great - the monitoring is so important isn't it. I did a search today to find the most appropriate ratios of C:P:F for me and I think it will work better when I track it in CalorieKing. And it fits the Beck diet plan. I have to say monitoring grasshoppers sounds interesting - thanks for the explanation

ThisTime7 - Glad you have put that derailment behind you and plan to put that train back on the tracks. Conferences and trips from home are major distractions

Credits -
- Read A&R cards - no - could be why I am having trouble of course
- Planned my day - yes
- Made food plan - yes
- Food on-plan - YES
- Posted to the list - yes
- Ate mindfully and seated every time - yes
- Put down fork occasionally - - Yes - at lunch
- Weighed myself - Yes - back UP AGAIN - 218.8lb !! (218 on Sunday for weigh in)
- Drank water - Yes
- Exercise - aqua fit -
- Resistance techniques - yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes

Working on -
Staying positive and on plan

Have a great day Beckies
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Height: 5'9"

Thumbs up Monday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Behaved like I'd read the Beck books while around some snack foods yesterday; CREDIT moi. This was the kind of stuff that calls for me to cave in and just gobble everything, even though it wasn't fabulous stuff - manufactured cookies and some so-so home baked sweets. My plan is to have one thing and I had one small oatmeal-craisin cookie after someone said "homemade and uber good" - it was good enough. Felt good to feel in control of my plan.

Took a bike ride with DW past the place where there's a nest of Red-tailed Hawks, CREDIT moi, arriving home just before the sky opened up and dropped a bucket of rain. Got to see one of the juveniles take its first flight (fledge) which is really neat.

CeeJay - Walking, weights, and making lunch for tomorrow - sounds like a good day.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - That's really good planning to buy the four boxes but to have a way to save the leftovers - Kudos for first class Beckian thinking there. Can't wait to hear about the opera - which one?

Shepherdess - Yep, change only one variable at a time - sure, for those with lifetimes of a thousand years, LOL. The rest of us change in bunches. Here's hoping you avoid the grasshopper plague.

Beverlyjoy - So interesting that feeling "deprived" is a set-up for chomping it all. Kudos for reviewing your feelings and working that out. It's a good reminder to me how crucial it is to keep our heads on the level.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Congrats for solving the problem of synchronizing two computer hard drives - perhaps now you can set up a consulting business as the local geek! Thanks for the salt-bush info. Kudos for getting right back on track.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Kudos for wrestling with understanding your evening behavior. I do like the CBT perspective of looking for what changed and can be changed back rather than looking for why we should feel guilty. Have a good travel day. (Yep, computers have moods - their evening hormones can make them difficult to work with, LOL.)

Donna (new2me2) - Waving back toward Skagway, Alaska! That ziplining sounds super fun. Quick thinking with the remainder of your fudge.

Readers -
day 30
Stay in Control When Eating Out

Dining-Out Strategies

Plan how you'll tolerate cravings. What can you say to yourself? What can you do? Review Day 13 to remind yourself of the mindset and behavioral techniques you can use (pages 127-134). For example, if you start craving, you might need to distance yourself from the food by taking a short walk through the restaurant, by going outside, or by going to the restroom to read your Response Cards.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 214.

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in development
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We have salt marsh lamb here. V yummy. They graze on ... the salt marshes. You got there before me, didn't you?

Importance of wiggle room whilst travelling. Thank you, BeverleyJoy. That's useful.

Thanks for letting me lurk & occasionally call in. It's all I can do at present.
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Hi Beck friends, coaches, buddies - yesterday was a healthy day - I am grateful for that. I stayed in my calorie range and did many Beck tasks. I weighed this morning - I have gained one pound above my sticker weight. I actually think it’s a ‘gift’ considering I was off my plan for a few days while out of town last week.

Last night DH wanted to go out for ice cream to the Dairy Queen. I went and got a Dilly Bar - I had 400 calories left for the day and the ice cream is 230 calories. So, it worked out OK. I chose the Dilly Bar because it has it’s calorie amount online. I am glad it didn’t cause me to overeat the rest of the evening - used my resistance techniques when a couple of ‘wanting to eat more thoughts’ popped in my head.

Today is a lunch meeting. It’s at a restaurant where I can look on line to see the menu and figure out the calories.

plan, log, measure, count calories - all the time
eat seated only - all the time
no licking spoons etc when cooking - all the time
tv off - part of the time
fork down between bites - some of the time
taste food - some of the time
slow mindful eating - sometimes
feel fullness - sometimes
no seconds - all the time

Read Beck book - no
Exercise/spon. Exercise - no
Arc/rc - no

Lexxiss - major credit for staying with your plan and avoiding a meltdown with food as in the past. Safe travel to you when you go to pick up DH.

Gardner joy - good for planning for the box supper and eating just half. I notice your ‘new low’ on your weight…yay.

Shepardess - glad your hunger levels are back to normal. Your idea of bumping up protein sounds good.

New2me - your trip to Alaska sounds wonderful. All the exercise is wonderful! Credit for reading your cards and watching what you eat!

Ceejay - so glad you’ve had a good day and took the time to check in!

Seadwaters - ouch for the scale going up and extra food finding it’s way into your day. Now it’s time to forgive yourself and hop back on your plan. You can move forward. The graph could help.

Billbe - you said - Behaved like I'd read the Beck books while around some snack foods yesterday; - that is a MAJOR credit. I am so glad to hear you were able to cope with all those goodies and plan for one goodie to really enjoy. So fun to see that hawk!

silverbirch - so nice to see your post! Glad you checked in.

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Hello Beck friends

I slept in a bit-I stayed up past bedtime watching NBA finals. I'm off to my usual morning activities *credit* and will pack up the pups after lunch. It's just a two hour drive but all the preparation (especially leaving the garden) is the real work. I have a nice op dinner planned and did quite well last night so I'm feeling strong.

Have a great day everyone!
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Well, having a good plan made a big difference yesterday. I made sure to feed all those hard working muscles and didnít succumb to evening snacking. DH and I took a long drive and I packed a cooler with yogurt, mixed nuts and cherries. Thatís definitely my new long-run day strategy.

CeeJay, kudos on a good day with long list of credits. Best of luck with another busy week.

Seadwaters, yay for triumph of girl over technology! Ouch for lethal Turkish Delight sending you off plan, but good job getting back on track. We all get derailed from time to time, but a quick recovery is key. I hadnít heard of saltbush lamb and I donít think itís widespread here. It sounds interesting and worth looking into.

BillBE, kudos for remembering all your Beck lessons and acting like a pro around lots of temptation. Itís so cool that you were a witness to a hawks first flight. Glad you had the experience and made it home before ďbuckets of rainĒ arrived.

SilverBirch, waving back. Itís good to know youíre still around. Does everyone have salt bush lamb but us? I was reading about salt bush and it seems like we would have some good salt bush habitat. . .hmm Iíve gotta look into this.

Beverlyjoy, kudos for finding a way to enjoy some ice cream on plan. Having calories posted online is so helpful. Iím so impressed with your attitude towards your weigh-in. And it sounds like you are back in the saddle, so great job with that.

Lexxiss, yay for feeling strong! Itís so nice when you can plan a celebratory dinner that is both on plan and one that you look forward to. It helps so much and itís a great reminder that being on plan does not mean being deprived.
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Thumbs up

Hi Everyone,
Just a short note tonight. I have managed to stay on track today. Went to dog show and refused cakes. Won a steamer as one of the prizes today so that will come in handy. Have just come back from tea(dinner) with the visiting American judge and while they ate all the goodies I stuck to the steak and salad.
Sorry not writing to everyone individually today but run out of time.

Keep up the good work everyone
Cheers ThisTime7

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I won week one of the 3FC Biggest Loser Beach Party Challenge! It was a very long week (over a month, actually) since we got to state our starting weight when we signed up, so this may never happen again since I suspect my strength is consistency not speed, but I'm thrilled!

The opera was fun! Everyone enjoyed it. And the picnic boxes were yummy. The servings were not as large as I feared, although I still left some of mine just for the practice.

We saw A Little Night Music by Stephen Sondheim, which probably wouldn't be considered an opera in most places, but we are in St. Louis. Our opera company only sings in English and the words are put up on screens for those of us who still don't understand! Isaac Mizrahi's vision was to combine the play with the setting of A Midsummer Night's Dream, so everything happened in a forest with fairies acting as a Greek chorus. It was magical!

WI: NAkg, Exercise: +0 325/1600 minutes for June, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

new2me2: sounds like you're having a lovely trip!

Lexxiss: good job recognizing when it's important to post and when it's more important to take action -- that's a good skill! Yay for feeling strong as you begin your trip.

CeeJay: yay for quick check-ins and a list of credits!

seadwaters: credit for coming back to get on track and for tackling the technology projects!

BillBlueEyes: great job with the snacks!

silverbirch: good to see you and to learn about another country's source of lamb food

Beverlyjoy: you're doing great getting back to your normal

Shepherdess: so glad that you're working out a plan that's working for you.

ThisTime7: sounds like a good day for you -- way to go!
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