Credits - Stairs Today

  • Hi Forum,

    Today I had a meeting on the 5th floor of a building. I didn't walk up the stairs, but after the meeting I walked down them. It felt great to do something healthy even though I had to sit still for the meeting.

    Do others try to take stairs too?

  • Yay for taking stairs Woodland! They were my first exercise. I take the stairs round trip each day from the third floor of the parking garage to work on the third floor. I like that it's a neat small bundle of exercise that adds up over weeks.
  • Well done
    Hi Woodland,
    Well done for taking the stairs. I need to started doing that even if its only the coming down for the moment. Get a bit puffed going up until I get fit again.
    I'm a sales rep and have been parking the car a long way off the shops in the last few weeks to get a few extra steps in. Need to start wearing my pedometer again.
    Cheers ThisTime7
  • GREAT! Stairs are great exercise. Good to add that spontaneous exercise whereever you can.

    Sometimes I'll go up and down the stairs twice when I need to get something from our basement. We live in a ranch style house - so, I don't 'need' to use stairs on a daily basis.
  • Great, sounds like stair walking is a popular exercise add on with you.

    At home my stairs are circular so I can't take them too fast, but each week I carefully carry my vacuum up and down. I feel like that is a nice arm workout !!