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Happy Friday Becksters!

My coach and I have agreed to proceed to Day 8, since we have both been OP for quite awhile and have our "food enviornments" under control.

Day 8-Create Time and Energy
-Read my books this morning
-made a list for today
-reviewed the coming week in my planner
-am working at home on delegating and scheduling time for resolving home projects (food and exercise under control)
-changing screensaver to "Create Time and Energy by Organizing"
-will sit down for a 1/2 hr dedicated lunch
-will make a Sat/Sun schedule this evening.
*credit* for these accomplishments

Thanks for being here everyone. I have read all the posts. I recognize that my link to not being overwhelmed is to practice calmness and efficiency.

One day at a time.
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Green Tomatoes
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I was sick to my stomach last night. Apparently, deep tissue massages can have that effect on some people. I'm hoping I can work something out with my massage therapist so it doesn't happen again. So, I was off plan because I didn't eat enough of what I planned. I didn't weigh myself this morning because I didn't want to see an artificial new low that it would take me a month to get down to again.

WI: NA kg, Exercise: +60, 405/1800 minutes for April, Food: 40%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

midlifecrisis57: I thought of you when I read about a system of color-coded "flags" for getting a dieter back on track quickly. Reminded me of your colored bands.

bennyhannahmama: that's a lot to deal with in one day! Glad you're surviving and credit for posting!

onebyone: I think they are saying that one whole egg a day is okay. You said you don't like cereal (I don't either). How about granola? You could have one egg and some fruit topped with granola, which would hit enough food groups for breakfast.

nathy: I am so impressed that you are reading many previous posts! Your English is charming.

eusebius, maryblu, silverbirch, seadwaters, Beverlyjoy, BillBlueEyes, Lexxis, and anyone else I missed: thanks for being here and making this such a vibrant and supportive space.
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HI Everyone. I got back home last night at midnight. I had 5 days away and I each one had compulsive overeating. "Ah well". I am here. I am ready.

Ok. A few personals:

midlifecrisis --- good to see your post. Yes, you were missed.

seedwaters --- I have not caught up on your posts in the last few days but I do hope that your health is good.

bennyhanna--- oh my, good luck with the pesky lice. Good for you to turning it into a weight lost positive thought (I know that it is a stretch to think that way, but at least you are trying to find a silver lining).

My stats
(I could not not not stand on the scale this morning for its "information". I will do so tomorrow). of 8 days in April...3 days were without compulsive overeating.
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Hi, Beckies. I am switching food plans. I was trying to do south beach for a bit, but, 'm finding it too different from what I'm used to, and too restrictive. I will be switching to the Mediterranian diet, as, it's pretty much the way I all ready eat, which is basically pretty healthy. Need to keep frozen desserts and chips out of the house.
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Hi beckies....It's afternoon and I have a bit of free time to get some more personals in.

gardenerjoy - your massage sound so, so good. ah.... hope it helps your sore back. I am sorry to hear about the tummy stuff. My massage therapist always told me to drink alot of water after a massage to help the body flush out the toxins.

maryblu - HI!! Nice to see your post!

hi newlifestyle - I agree. I think that planning is one of the most important things for me to have any success of living with food in a healthy manner. Glad you posted.

jazzmegirl - I love the crock of the best cooking inventions for busy folks, ever.
Good to switch plans and find one to live with. I agree - get the tempting stuff OUT of the house. It just makes it easier.

shepardess - I love your optimistic tone. I think, too, that having sunshine even on a cold day is just plain cheerful.

chinamarie - gosh, another yoga beck person. I've actually done pool yoga and that was fun. I hope things work out for dh to get the job he wants.

lexxiss - you are starting out well - many great credits. My friend, that told me about the beck book, said that every now and then she will actually looks at her watch and waits 30 seconds between bites.- just to really learn to slow down. I've done it a few times over the past months. It does make you think about actually slowing down. For me - this is very hard. I am glad you and your coach feel are feeling ready to move forward.

bill - healthy eating and the gym...fantastic. - that salmon sounds so good! When I hear you say it's a collar, I picture a salmon with a bowtie.

Nathy - welcome- I am so glad you posted!

hikergirl - you rock - being away from home and eating compulsively only one time is awesome!!! Good for you.

Shout out to anyone else that stops by. Have a great day.

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Beverlyjoy, I was just checking in before I "sit down" for lunch. I looked at your profile because I also do water yoga and there aren't many instructors...I was interested in your State and see we have the same birthday! My DH is Mar 3.

Hikergirl, how was Escalante? Did you hit the other Natl Parks? We made the sweep-Arches, Capitol Reef, Escalante, Bryce down to Zion several weeks ago.
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Hi Beckies,
thanks for nice invitation...
I am just leaving for 2 days with my daughter to Germany to Tropical Islands-something like aquapark.
I am a little bit stressed about food but I will be in my eating thoughts with you and believe I will be safe.

Gardenerjoy - I am impresed with your 1800 exercise minutes. Is it the clear time, you make exercise? I like gardening very much and spend working in the garden a lot of time. If I work very hard , in such as days I don΄t go to the gym and consider the working time for exercise time.

To all of you - have a nice day.
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in development
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Smile Thank you

Originally Posted by BillBlueEyes View Post
silverbirch - Waving back at one of the irregular but cherished posters.
Thank you very much, Bill. I appreciate your kindness all the more as I am still at my mother's, giving the emotional support and feeling exhausted by it. You're right about the physical aspects of emotional support. Too true. And, you know, eating does not help matters one bit. Not a scrap!

Originally Posted by BillBlueEyes View Post
Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yep, pounds are the easier choice as a unit of losing, but, since you're bi-lingual anyway, isn't an Australian authorized to publish her weight in stones, LOL? (I'm sure silverbirch will teach us the secret number to convert.)
Cheryl - hasn't Oz been properly metric for ages? The UK is meant to be but old habits die hard. I sometimes look at my weight in kilos just to shake myself up a bit. Hope it does the same for you.

Thanks for being here, everyone. You're cheering me up at a difficult time, and providing some very useful perspective.
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Just a quick check in tonight. It has been a truly terrible week as far as looking after myself goes. I need to analyze just what is going on for me. Just had a total collapse of motivation. I did not use any Beck skills. I did not do anything to help myself out of it-- in fact I practised multiple sabotaging thoughts and ate and ate, all the while beating myself up. I did not exercise, did not read cards, did not weigh in and did not post.

I think having last week off work actually blew me off track. I had been doing great for quite awhile and I did fairly well for about half of my week off. Then I started to do unplanned eating. Going back to work on Tuesday was not great and the half baked job I was doing to practice good healthy habits at the end of my holiday just died. I think I did not get enough of a break from work (I have a +++ high stress job with lots of responsibility so need good breaks to prevent burnout) and I was just unwinding a bit and then had to gear back up. I had post holiday blues and just limped through the week. I know this sounds like a big boo-hoo but I need to figure this out because I found myself reverting to some very rotten habits.

So I just read my advantage and response cards. I am posting. I called my mom and we are going out for a walk right after I finish doing some weights.

I have to get back on track. I am scaring myself. I do not want to go backwards. I have come too far to throw in the towel. I know that one good day under my belt will reset things. Tomorrow has to be that day.

Thanks to you for listening and for always being there.

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Default stopping and starting

Originally Posted by CeeJay View Post
*snip* ... I did not use any Beck skills. I did not do anything to help myself out of it-- in fact I practised multiple sabotaging thoughts and ate and ate, all the while beating myself up. I did not exercise, did not read cards, did not weigh in and did not post....*snip*...
I know that one good day under my belt will reset things. Tomorrow has to be that day.
Hi Ceejay. I did THE exact same thing you describe here. I'm back too. And I have now had two decent days under my belt and already I feel better-calmer-you have already started btw by posting. CREDIT for coming here to post.

Now I don't know where you are in Canada but I'm in south-eastern Ontario and over the holiday weekend we had HOT weather for a few days in a row. Shorts and short sleeves weather. I felt like I wasn't ready to face the summer stuff yet, the "I don't look the way I want to AGAIN this summer" stuff; the I don't want to wear shorts, or I look like crap again negativity you know? So that made my eating worse because it added to my feelings of helplessness and hopelessness especially since I had been sliding on my program for weeks and there was no time left it seemed to get in shape for summer (as every magazine tells me I must do...). I just felt a great panic! And does that help? Not a bit. So I listened to the little voice that told me to calm down and do what I was doing before because it worked. There is no emergency. There is just consistent day in day out humdrum of following a food plan. *yawnsville* Me? I like DRAMA. But no more with the food please. That's wearing me out.

In the end what choice do we have? Go forward or go back. It's not magic Ceejay it's us and it's up to us not our fairy godmothers. We need to start again by doing one good thing for ourselves. we don't need to be perfect, we just need to see ourselves as worthy capable confident human beings. We are. But we have to act on it sometimes FIRST before we can actually see it and feel it.

Be it then feel it is how it seems to go for me these days.

Ceejay I was mostly writing for myself but if any of this helps you great if not keep posting anyway... I'm glad you did that today.

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Practicing Imperfection
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Hi All,
A quick check in. Had dinner last night at a tavern, with my mother who was visiting, and left some food on my plate and beer in my glass, credit. Regretted the french fries, since we all 4 ordered them, and it was enough to feed an army. Today, 2 long walks, credit. Tracked food, credit. Stayed close to calorie goal, credit. I confess I attended a lecture at work on radiation decontamination with a single-minded desire to eat bad cookies, of which I had 4. Sigh, oh, well. I teach a mosaic class tomorrow and am nervous, and vulnerable to eating junk to calm down. I need to pack some good snacks.
Have a good night!
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Default Saturday evening

Hi Coaches
Must have been very disorientated last night because I posted for Thursday not Friday night. And yes Silverbirch we have been properly metric since 1964 - and I have totally made the conversion for weight but still have difficulty with height. I have no idea how tall 1.85 metre is. Stones mean a lot more to me for body weight - but on this list pounds it is

Just a quick check in. I have prepared a few menus today. Have decided on a weekday breakfast and put it into CalorieKing so it is easy to log - I have decided that a protein shake (with no artificial sweetener and no sugar) with fruit and seeds will be my regular as it is my most successful breakfast anyway. On weekend I have created a couple of other things and also entered them

Lunch will be soup and salad - need to enter the menus for my basic soups. There is a really good basic vegetable soup we have when I go on retreat that is simple and tastes fabulous - but I am sure it only tastes good because it is on retreat. I am trying to remember what is in it but...I will come up with a few of my favourites. Am planning for shopping next weekend and meals thereafter

Getting ready to travel to town tomorrow for conference where I will need to exercise restraint and not eat everything I can see and that is provided. May not check in except to wave and quickly read and get focussed

Not too many credits today - but I did try to eat mindfully and slowly, I checked in here; and I did some planning so CREDIT

a few quick personals

Nuxmaga - Credit for leaving something on your plate and ouch for the cookies. I am at a conference from tomorrow and the various snacks will be a challenge

Ceejay - Ouch for a bad week and I can relate to how off-putting having a week off is. I have had the last week off and did not really want to go with any structure - not a wise choice. I need to have 4 weeks at a time - 3 weeks to settle down and stop being guilty about not working and one week to actually replenish - I know what you mean

Amie (Jazzmegirl) - I hope the move to your new plan goes well

Hikergirl - Yay for the "Oh Well" and just moving on

Gardenerjoy - Hope you feel better today - sensible not to weigh yourself

Debbie R(Lexxiss) - I need your new screen saver - a real problem area for me

Onebyone - Your breakfast sound like an adventure - and credit for having it. Hope your day went well

ChinaMaine - Lovely to see you back and you were missed

BillBlueEyes - Your reminder is good about nutrient dense vs calorie dense. I need to keep both in mind

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Thumbs up Saturday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - After my workout at the gym, CREDIT moi, I sorted the dumbbells on their rack because the 95 pounders were out of place and I like the extra weight task. Now that was fun, since lifting a 95 pound dumbbell with one hand is a stretch for me. Since my gym has reduced the number of visible workers, no one sorts the weight racks during the day. I wish the disorder of my own clutter motivated me like this. Perhaps it's because this disorder has a clear solution with immediate feedback and mine just gets a little bit better - never with an end in sight. Maybe that thought can help me to plan little steps with visible end goals that i find motivating.

I had the opportunity to eat a social biscoti at my own kitchen table when a bunch of us happened to be together. I felt that I could have one since I don't do treats often. But felt the need to get back to strengthening my resistance muscle and passed - waited until visitors had left and had my standard fruit for evening snack; CREDIT moi.

onebyone - LOL at your wonderful story of washing Kashi Lean cereal - have NEVER heard of doing that. Kudos for your clarity, "I'll take that and move forward."

ChinaMaine - Thanks for the Salmon Collars quote; now I'm also drooling for some Salmon Bacon.

Susan (hikergirl) - Welcome back home. Ouch for some rough overeating; Kudos for "I am here. I am ready."

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Big Kudos for "left some food on my plate and beer in my glass" - that's the kind of success I never get tired of hearing since I remain hopeful that I'll be able to learn to do that. Good luck teaching your class tomorrow.

CeeJay - Yep, "one good day under my belt will reset things" - you're clear and you're right on. Reading your Advantage card and Response Cards is a great way to start that. Kudos for doing some weights and then a walk.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Ouch for a sick stomach; Yay for 60 minutes of exercise anyway. Hope you're quickly back to your full self.

Beverlyjoy - Yay for heading into your fourth month of Beck, and Double Yay for doing so with the notion, "Planning, planning, planning." Planning does seem to be the key. LOL at your image of a salmon with a bow tie.

silverbirch - Sending supportive thoughts as you battle the exhaustion of giving emotional support. It's actually kind of a loss to grow to understand that eating doesn't really provide the emotional support back that we want from it.

Amie (jazzmegirl) - Mediterranean diet it is then. Kudos for working to find the eating plan that fits you. Yep, frozen desserts and chips gotta go.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Kudos for planning your menu. Vegetable soup sounds good to me. My DS does a protein shake for breakfast every morning - it works for him. Good luck at your conference - particularly in avoiding those visual eating temptations.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yay for marching forth to day 8: Create Time and Energy. Neat that you're including resolving home projects. It's all about moving forward.

nathy - Thank you for so graciously hosting President Obama and Russian leader Dmitry Medvedev. Neat to be reminded how much grandeur exists in Prague, Czech Republic. Kudos for working that hard to order the Beck books. Have a nice adventure at the Tropical Islands aquapark - perhaps you can bring your Advantages Card to read to remind you it isn't a holiday from mindful eating.

Readers -
Day 24
Dealing with Discouragement

It's normal to feel overwhelmed or discouraged at times. It's natural to have doubts about whether you can keep doing what you know you have to do, but it's not okay to let these thoughts overwhelm you. When you have discouraging thoughts, you have a choice. You can allow them to erode your motivation, give up, and abandon your goal. Or you can vigorously respond to these sabotaging thoughts, feel better, become more motivated, and continue to work toward your goal.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 189.

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Good Morning

Bill BE, I'm sitting in my office (which I'm still working on) and enjoying your description of "sorting" the dumbbells. It is so much easier for me to work on projects not attached to my household. I wonder if it's the emotional connection I feel at home?? Mine always gets, "just a little better", but I am determined to finish this office. It has been on the list forever. I wonder what it will feel like?

Social biscotti sounds good...I had fruit last night and left a remanent of choc cake for DH. *credit* I went through the freezer yesterday, too. It seemed far less challenging than the office.

I feel inspired to "Create Time and Energy" and today, with my coach, will combine Day 9 and 10. My exercise regimen is pretty streamlined *credit* and I am going to set a small, attainable goal. Mostly, I'll continue to work on my new found skills of slowly and mindfully dining while sitting and then giving myself *credit*.

Best wishes everyone!

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Dear Beck buddies and coaches... yesterday was a great, healthy day. I am always grateful for days with food sanity.

I brought my beck stuff with me while my mom had her colonoscopy (btw - she's had a good result). I worked on day 25: Identify Sabotaging Thoughts. On page 193 there's a gray box with a list of 25 or so 'typical' sabotaging thoughts. I wrote them all down and then addressed each one with a good and healthy response. These on the list are many of the same sabotaging thoughts that 'spin around' in my head frequently as I am faced with eating situations. I responded to them several times. It felt very empowering. And during the day - I was able to grab on to a couple of these healthy responses as I was faced with challenges and sabotaging thoughts. I am glad I moved on to this chapter. I think I'll do this list daily (just like 'practicing' - kinda) - at least for a while. Dr. Beck, in the book, gives us the healthy response throughout the book. It was amazing to me how I could build on the responses she has in the book - on my own. Kind of an 'ah ha' moment for me.

Dh brought home of Good & Plenty licorice candy. I was able to pass up the black licorice using some of the things I had just 'practiced' from Day 25 - credit. I told myself that I can have some on another day...just need to plan for it - if I want it another day.

Today I must clean up my's the pits. I total mess from my finishing up my taxes this week.

credits for yesterday-
planned and logged food - stayed in calorie range.
ate seated - no seconds - all the time
fork down - most of the time
slow mindful eating - most of the time
tasted food - most of the time
stretches and strengthening
left a bite - all the time
used resistance techniques
read beck book
read arc/rc
made new rc

- no spontaneous exercise

Lexxiss - love that we share a birthday! I have three cousins that have a March 4 birthday, too. I like it because March 4 is a 'command' too...March fourth! I live in Ohio. is hard to find places that offer water yoga. I don't know why more health centers don't offer it. It's wonderful. for passing on the chocolate cake. Carry on!

bill - reorganizing the dumbbells sounds like a great idea - a 95 pound weight is alot! Passing on the biscotti is a HUGE credit. Great.

seadwaters - planning your breakfasts and lunches is a great positive step to take...major credit. I found it helpful to read ahead and reread becks chapters on Preparing to Travel and Eating in Restaurants. Have a good time at the conference.

nuxmaga - many credits yesterday - that's great. And also credit for coming here and talking about struggles too.

onebyone - so glad to here about your two healthy days. It's something that you can build on!! Carry on.

cee-jay - I am sorry that you have been struggling. Hold on to what know can work. Yes, reading and re-reading the advantage cards can help.

silverbirch - I truly understand how it can be physically, emotionally draining to give support to a loved one at a stressful time. Try to hold on to what can work to help you get through it. Take care now.

nathy - have a safe far as the food goes - try to make good choices one meal at a time. Glad you posted before you left.d

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