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Hi, Ann. Good that you are making your self care a priority. Measurements in. Lost 3 pounds of fat, gained four pounds of muscle, hydration level up to 55 percent. Up two percent from two months ago. Body fat percentage 28, lowest ever! Credit, apparently my hard work is having tangible results.
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I deserve to feel good!
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Not doing great, but I wanted to check in. Thanks for the continued support. Hope to be back in full swing very soon.
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Hi, Kim. Oh jeez, really bummed, binged on hot wings ad frozenyogurt, to be fair, I haven't binged in a long time, but, quite a set back. I'm really nervous about my volunteer jog. I'm reading "Marley and Me" to a group of seniors at an assisted living place. I've been doing it for about four months, and they really like me, but, we're nearing the end of the book. If anyone is familiar with the story, "life and love with the world's worst dog", then you know that the end is heartbreaking. Though I'm a professional actress, reading the ending, I can't get through a sentence without crying. The staff and residants said whatever happened would be okay, but, I really don't want to embarrass myself in front of all these people.
I guess a half a pound of hot wings and a half pint of frozen yogurt won't make that problem go away, I never knew how deeply I fear looking inadequate in front of others. Oh, well, I guess tomorrow is another day.
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Default check-in

Hello Coaches

Although today was far from perfect, come to think of it most days are but I digress, it was better than most days lately. The real difference is I was here yesterday posting. Funny that.

So this is how I ate:

9am: one cranberry muffin and one medium coffee with cream

1pm: one coffee with cream

2pm: one cola drink

5pm: nachos made at home: salsa, tortialla chips, old cheddar cheese, lean ground beef 1/2 small seedless watermelon

That was it. Gee. I was under the impression that I "had no sugar". This just shows you how much sugar I got used to eating. The stupid availability of cheap easter chocolate really enables me to eat to my heart's content. Friends who attend AA used to say that St. Patricks Day was a favorite holiday as it was acceptable to be drunk in public (same with New Year's Eve) and on my end it's encouraged to eat sweet things over Easter and valentines and the xmas season. Hard to say no if you're giving-in muscle is well oiled. But not impossible as evidenced by many folks on this thread.

Anyway this is an improvement *credit* but seadwaters I'm with you on the search for automation. I want eggs for breakfast. I want to avoid bread and flour(except for one meal maybe at dinnertime). I want to cut out sugar completely again. I'd like to add glasses of cool clear water and a mulit-vitamin and a session of deliberate movement that makes me break a sweat or makes my muscles sore on purpose. I want to cook from scratch. And i want to keep my kitchen clean. It's been un-usable for months. I've been very disconnected from my place and basically ignoring my surroundings. time to put some time into my house and home again even if I wish I was moving somewhere RIGHT NOW. I'm not.

I want to start using the green Beck Book which I've opened but not really followed yet. It's time for that approach now.

Anyway just wanted to report that I did see some progress today, imperfect as it was.

Have a good night coaches.
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Default 'Lo, Beckies

You all have to know, I have not been posting a lot, but reading and keeping up, and *keeping track. I know when you have been naughty or nice...*laffin', huggin'..had missedya, onebyone....hope you know, this is the first place to come and lay down your burdens..we *all struggle...we *all struggle, even our Fearless Leader, BillBE, reports his struggles. We *all struggle, and mine vary...I do admit to that *free food..endless buffet thang..*whatever..we all struggle, and this is the place to come...just reporting to our Beck coaches seems to help us put things into perspective and layout a plan.

Sorry to be remiss, *yes, we have ice-out..record breaking is springtime here on April 3.. a record, and I won the bet with DS.....but I can't partake of any of the spring gardening rituals due to my little nip/tuck adventure..if ya me..not gonna post pics or do details for all the world, but happy to share my joy with fellow Beckies. I am sure BillBE will be the most interested...*laffin' It's all good.
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Talking Thursday Evening

Hi Coaches
Cooked a few things today - soup to use up abundant over-purchase of food, and a lamb curry to freeze so feel like I am on my way to getting organised. I also made a chicken stew for the dogs who will be returning home at the end of next week after my conference. I will be at a conference from mid-Sunday to Thursday in "the City" which will be a bit challenging food wise (but fun otherwise). Will need to plan for that as well
Maryblu - great advice about this being the first place to come to lay down burdens - and to reality test. Things certainly do go better when I pop in
Onebyone - Sounds like a better day. I like your goals - I am striving to make a simple list of parameters that I can live with and work with. Making soup today is a step in that direction for lunch. And I understand what you mean about being disconnected from the processes that maintain life. Someone else here today talked about it as connecting with our fore-mothers and I see the point.
Kim (bennyhannahmama) -
Newlifestyle - Good luck with taking care of yourself and credit for making it a priority
Amie (Jazzmegirl) - There are a lot of us at the moment aren't there. Credit for the weight loss and the fat loss and under some difficult circumstances - some of those meds make it very hard. You are having an eventful time - kudos for recognising that food won't take the pain or the problem away
Debbie R(Lexxiss) - Enjoy your trip and great to see you post - credits are definitely not mandatory
Gardenerjoy - fresh bread - a real challenge for planning. Thanks for reinforcing the idea that you need to hang in and retrain your taste buds to like a particular way of eating. Will have to look at the dash diet
Shepherdess - Thanks for the link - had a quick look and it looks good. I think we are all trying to retrain our brains and this adds more motivation
BeverlyJoy - Great loss - credit! Good regrouping after a sesame stick incident. Thanks for the taking it one day at a time reminder
ChinaMaine - Nice to see you back and glad you had a wonderful trip - and all that exercise
BillBlueEyes - Your picture of where a salmon collar is makes me LOL - but it does sound delicious. What is this about samples - we are deprived in Australia obviously as it is not a local phenomenon - a good thing too by the sound of it.

-Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards - once
-Posted to list and read posts - Yep
-Sat down to eat - Yes
-Ate mindfully / slowly put fork down between bites - NO
-Weighed myself (if at home) - Yes
-Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving - yes
-Used distraction and resistance techniques? Yea
-Gave myself credit when on track - Yes
Not so good:
-Still not remembering that I want to put the fork down and eat S-L-O-W-L-Y
Working on:

-Taking responsibility
-Need to reread the doing a daily schedule section I think


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Thumbs up Thursday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - Ate on plan - CREDIT moi - including dinner on the patio with DW. A nearby Robin kept making an unpleasant call - not its cheerful mating call. DW said it was annoyed that we were sitting out there when it wanted privacy to take a bath. I laughed at her assertion that she spoke bird. Then the Robin flew to the fence, then to a small bush, then to the bird bath on the ground where it washed with vigor. Then flew away and began making its mating call. Let the whole world know, DW speaks bird, LOL.

Gym-ed on plan; CREDIT moi.

maryblu - Congrats on getting nipped and tucked. Hope this doesn't wipe out a whole season of gardening.

onebyone - LOL at "Funny that" in response to a better day after posting. Yep, posting works like that for me too. If I were a certified nutritionist, I'd note that going until 5pm with only a muffin for protein was one long stretch. Do you like oatmeal? Or some tree nuts to go with your breakfast? I agree that "cheap easter chocolate" should be banned.

ChinaMaine - Welcome back. What a trip! So much good hiking in Utah's spectacular mountains. Walking 6.6 miles while being sandblasted sounds like a challenge; Kudos for marching forth. (You can put that on your application for moving to Wyoming, LOL.)

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Waving back. May full swing arrive.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - The smell of baking bread is one BIG trigger for me. Kudos for standing it down earlier in the week.

Shepherdess - That is an interesting study - that successful maintainers have a strong visual response to food but that's it's accompanied by a strong inhibitory response. I'd like to think that the Beck strategies help up to build up that inhibitory response. Wonder what she thinks about that. Ouch for Wyoming snow when I'm bathing Robins; your Spring will come.

Beverlyjoy - Ouch for family stress; Double Ouch for stress eating. Kudos for acknowledging it so that you can put strategies in place.

Had to share your, "The urban commando bunnies are marching into the back yard 3 by 3" with DW on the patio last night when she pointed to two tulips that weren't there - a squirrel had eaten the bulbs as she watched helplessly from the kitchen window. Thanks for the reminder that I know to stay away from the sample-given-stores when I don't need to shop.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Smart move to cook up your over purchased food into soup. That's taking responsibility for your actions rather than whining about it; Kudos. If I can't solve my FREE food addiction, maybe I can move to Australia where the stores don't play that game.

Amie (jazzmegirl) - Yep, there are a bunch of regular and irregular posters here. Don't try to do personals right away - it's just too overwhelming. Your technique to do a few, one at a time is a good solution. It's not like valentines in the fourth grade where you had to give one to everybody or give none at all, LOL. Hope "Marley and Me" went well.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yep, Kudos for each time you give yourself credit. (Double Kudos if you feel silly doing it like I did, LOL.) Don't rush doing personals - posting is the key.

Ann (Newlifestyle) - Beck is certainly a good step in the direction of taking care of yourself. Bon Voyage on your journey.

Readers -
Day 23
Putting Fairness in Perspective

If the thought that dieting is unfair encourages you to eat, do the following:
. . .
Create a Response Card. If you constantly think that it's unfair that you have to diet, you need a Response Card to help change your thinking. This sample card may help you compose your own card:
Dieting may not be fair, but I have two choices: I can
feel sorry for myself, stop following my plan, never reach
my goal, and continue to be unhappy with myself. Or I
can sympathize with myself but go ahead and do what
I know I need to do. Everyone experiences some kind of
unfairness in life. This is one of mine. Besides, the great-
est unfairness to me would be if I let this excuse prevent
me from reaching a goal I strongly want to achieve.
The Beck Diet Solution, pg 184-185.

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Good Morning-Day 5 Eat Slowly and Mindfully

*credit* for having a plan for today and *credit* for feeling good about it*credit* for staying OP yesterday

Screen saver-"slow and mindful"
Reading response cards
Posting a check in on Beck Board
Eat only when sitting down
Portion control-SBD approved foods only
Eating slow and mindfully-with a smaller fork or chopsticks.

The workbook suggests having a meal with No distractions. I will do that for my lunch. I will re-read my chapters on Day 5.

Today is a travel day for me. *credit* for coming to 3fc first and organizing my day. I need to leave here in the next hour and 45 minutes. I'll be at my other house for at least 3 weeks, so everything has to be in order when I leave. I feel more centered at my other home. When I'm here, I'm interacting quite closely with my Mom with whom I have many issues. We got through a week quite well for which I am greatful.

When I get resettled, I'm going to read through this thoughtful thread again from start to finish. You all have so many helpful insights and I appreciate your thoughtfulness as you each go about your daily lives.

Have a great day everyone!
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Smile First day home

WI-up 1.3 lbs. Read my cards, but didn’t make a plan. Food – on-calories; Exercise – on-plan (58m).
I’m getting back into the groove –credit! Although I didn’t have time to make a plan yesterday AM (slept late), I ate the kinds of things I eat when op and ended up in a good place calorie-wise. This morning I did yoga for the first time in months and it felt great! (I had tried it once in Jan or Feb, but it caused fatigue so I decided to stick to walking until I felt better.) I hope to make it a daily activity again – yay!
DH has gotten a contracting position with my company. He has worked with my boss before, so when things got desperate enough that my company was ready to hire contractors (everyone with my job title is working 50+ hours; it turns out I wasn’t alone…) my boss enquired about my DH. They are opening up some full-time positions too so they are interviewing him for a FT position as well. Since I already have benefits, it might make better financial sense for DH to stay a contractor… But we tend to be conservative financially so we’d probably go for the security of the FT position, should we have the opportunity to choose. In any case, DH is thrilled to be working again…
The Good
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – partial credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite - credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – yep!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

gardenerjoy for losing 2 lbs and hitting your mini-goal!! I dream of getting an air-gun to shoot squirrels. Varmints are varmints… yes, warm fresh bread after dinner is bound to be a trigger. Kudos for realizing you need to plan around that in the future…

shepherdess Thanks for the link – really interesting! Sounds like your DH has a good attitude… Hope the snow melts and you get to enjoy the warmer side of spring later this week.

Debbie (Lexxiss) Yep, do personals when you find the time is right. Nice you are having a healthy WF lunch with your step-daughters. I like Denver a lot. I lived in Co Springs for 9 months – it was a life-time ago though.

Kudos for op day. I like the idea of the smaller fork or chopsticks

Amie (jazzmegirl) Kudos for such a great measurement day! This is obviously a case of hard work paying off! Re your book reading - If you watch and listen to your audience carefully, I’m sure that the bond you’ve created with them will be what drives their response to you. There’s no reason to feel inadequate because your audience will only see success…

Ann (newlifestyle) Yep taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do.

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for posting, and may you find your groove very soon…

Susan (hikergirl)

one by one I’m glad that yesterday was a better day. Kudos for posting. And good luck with your plan for automation, wise food choices and deliberate movement.

Maryblu You had record breaking ice-out too, just a few weeks later than Maine. I think it was a few weeks later last spring too... Do you have loons yet? We think we saw a couple in the distance last night, but haven’t heard their call yet. So don’t know for sure.

Cheryl (seadwaters) Kudos for all the home-cooking, even for the dawgs! Enjoy your time in the city…

Bill Kudos for having a bi-lingual wife – lol.
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Hi coaches and buddies and friends....yesterday was a healthy day. I am grateful. I couldn't fall alsleep and drank chamomile tea - finally had some wine. Not planned ahead but, a last resort at 2am. I must scoot out the door early this morning - have an am and pm program at a preschool.

I'll check in later.

Have a great day.
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I can’t explain the sudden mood shift, but yesterday I felt very optimistic all day. We got somewhere between 6 and 8 inches of snow on Tues and Wed AM, which is a lot of snow for us. It was that wet, heavy snow and I was worried about being snowed in. Luckily, the wind hadn’t come up and we were able to get around, though there were some scary spots. I saw some blue sky through the clouds and so the dogs and I went tromping around the hills in the snow. I was thinking of you birders since the mallards are on the reservoirs and I saw a blue heron as well. And by the sound of it, the meadowlarks were happy for a bit of blue sky as well. It was a bad housekeeping strategy, but great for all of our sanity.

A sunnier outlook worked wonders for eating well. Resisting is just so much easier when I feel positive. I also finally read the last Beck chapter on maintaining. I’ve been putting it off because shouldn’t I be perfect before I move on? But it addressed a lot of problems I’ve been having recently, like how to find daily motivation once you’ve reached that final mini-goal. Who would have known the answers would have been in the book. I guess when in doubt, read the directions.

Gardenerjoy, great job keeping up some exercise even while your back is hurting. A fresh-backed piece of bread would be pretty difficult to resist. It’s good that you are figuring out when you can resist and when you can’t.

Lexxiss, yay for a credit day and great job staying on plan. I just noticed that you are in CO. I always like to see another member from the Wild West. I also just noticed that you’ve lost 80 lbs. Huge congrats for that!

Jazzmegirl, congrats on the good numbers! It sounds like you have a very full schedule. Ouch for the binge, but it’s good that you pinpointed the trigger. Good luck with reading to your seniors, they will enjoy it no matter what happens.

Welcome Newlifestyle! I have found this group so helpful in keeping me committed to Beck and more importantly, keeping committed to healthy eating and exercise. As a bonus, there are lots of smart Becksters (I’m stealing Maryblu’s line) on this forum. When I hit a speed bump there are so many helpful ideas.

Bennyhannamamma, good job checking in. Ouch for “not doing great.” It’s tough to get back to a routine that works after a house guest leaves. Good luck getting back on track.

Onebyone, the good news is we don’t have to be perfect, just working at it. So big credit for coming back here and making an improvement.

Maryblu, yay for ice out and spring arriving and yay for the nip and tuck. It’s the season for renewal. Hope you are quickly recovered and can get out to that beautiful garden of yours soon!

Seadwaters, great job doing all that cooking, and for the dogs as well. That reminded me of my grandmother who used to make a rice and curry for the family and a separate pot for her dogs.

BillBE, yay for an evening meal on the deck. LOL at your DW who speaks bird.

ChinaMaine, great job getting back into your groove. It’s great that these habits are so ingrained that you can jump right back in. That is good news for you DH!

Beverlyjoy, waving back. Yay for a healthy day. Ouch for not being able to fall asleep.
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Thanks Beck people. Feeling better today. Going to make something in the crockpot.
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Hello All,
Thanks for all the welcomes. I am feeling very optomistic after reading this thread. I think it is a great idea to have the same breakfast and lunch each day. Now to find out what I would love to eat each and every day for breakfast and lunch.
I think planning will be important for me. Where to find the time in each day. I am sure this is a struggle for many.
I also think that I have that need to be perfect and I have to realize that no one is perfect and I need to accept that I will have slip ups.
Thank you for all the wonderful advice on this thread.
Have a wonderful day everyone.

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Hallo Beckies, may I join you? I´m here the new one...and itś my first posting to 3FC.
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Green Tomatoes
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Had another massage this morning and see some hope that I can get my muscles back in shape for exercise and gardening.

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +0, 345/1800 minutes for April, Food: 100%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Lexxiss: yay for giving yourself credit and for recognizing that it's more important to make a check-in post than to do the personals. Most of us do that fairly frequently.

jazzmegirl: Don't worry about how many of us there are -- we wax and wane a bit and this is one of our high number times. You'll get to know us all in time and there's no hurry. Great stats you got from your trainer -- all your work is paying off!

Newlifestyle: welcome!

bennyhannahmama: credit for posting! Hope things improve soon!

onebyone: glad that posting is helping your work things out for yourself

maryblu: hope you are feeling healthy and able to work in the garden soon

seadwaters: great job making some freezable food for yourself

BillBlueEyes: LOL at bird call interpretation

ChinaMaine: glad to see you getting back in the swing of things and that there's good news on the work front for your husband

Beverlyjoy: good job checking in on a busy day

Shepherdess: so glad you found helpful information in the part of the book you hadn't read yet

nathy: welcome!
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