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  • Pan Fried Mackerel
    A tasty way to take your fish medicine


    Serves 4
    2 Plate-sized Mackerels (I actually used 1 260g steak not a fillet)
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    sea salt
    freshly Ground Black Pepper
    4 Cloves Garlic finely chopped
    1 tablespoon Italian Parsley chopped
    1 teaspoon Smoked Paprika
    red wine vinegar

    1. Fillet the mackerels and remove the pin bones.
    2. Heat a little extra virgin olive oil in a pan until hot and almost smoking.
    3. Season the fillets with salt and pepper and place skin side down in the pan.
    4. Cook about 4 minutes on the first side, turn and cook a further minute on the second side.
    5. Remove to a plate.
    6. Add a splash of fresh oil to the pan.
    7. Add the garlic, parsley, salt, pepper, paprika and red wine vinegar and toss together for 30 seconds.
    8. To serve, pour the sauce straight over the fish and serve.

    This is a Neil Perry recipe - I changed by using a Spanish mackerel steak (seems there are many types) and one serving. I went heavy on the parsley. The red wine vinegar is a splash although next time I will use a bit more
  • Red Curry Vegetable Soup
    Red Curry Vegetable Soup

    Serves 6 | 30 minutes or fewer

    Thai red curry paste provides the spicy
    base for this soup. Feel free to substitute
    whatever vegetables you have on hand
    for the cauliflower and green beans.

    1 Tbs. canola oil
    12 oz. cauliflower, cut into 1-inch
    florets (3 cups)
    4 large green onions, thinly sliced,
    white and green parts separated
    2 Tbs. Thai red curry paste, such as
    Thai Kitchen
    4 cups low-sodium vegetable broth
    1 15-oz. can petite diced tomatoes
    in juice
    ¾ cup light coconut milk
    6 oz. green beans, cut into 1-inch
    pieces (1½ cups)
    1 Tbs. lime juice

    1 | Heat oil in large saucepan over
    medium-high heat. Add cauliflower and
    white parts of green onions; sauté
    5 minutes, or until vegetables begin to
    brown. Add curry paste, and sauté
    1 minute more.

    2 | Add broth and tomatoes with their
    juice. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to
    medium-low, and simmer 10 minutes.

    3 | Add coconut milk and green beans,
    and simmer 5 minutes, or until beans
    are tender.

    4 | Stir in lime juice and remaining
    green onions. Season with salt and
    pepper, if desired.

    PER 1 1/3-CUP SERVING 105 cal; 3 g prot;
    4 g total fat (2 g sat fat); 13 g carb; 0 mg chol;
    618 mg sod; 5 g fiber; 5 g sugars
  • More than you ever wanted to know about Cabbage Salad
    1. Cabbage is good and cheap all year around. This makes it an especially good salad base in the winter when lettuce is expensive and, sometimes, sour.

    2. Cabbage may be the most fun vegetable, ever, to chop. Take a big knife and slice the cabbage in half. Then slice one of the halves into thirds through the core. Use a paring knife to cut the core out of one of those thirds. Then, use the big knife to slice through the layers -- each slice yields many small strands of cabbage.

    3. Cabbage is a bit tough when consumed raw. I learned the solution for tenderizing cabbage from Mark Bittman -- layer sliced cabbage and salt in a colander over a bowl and let it soften for at least a half hour and up to several hours. If your dressing has something salty in it, like soy sauce, rinse the salt off the cabbage. Fresh fennel, a winter vegetable, works well with cabbage and requires the same kind of softening procedure as cabbage (I learned that just a couple of months ago from Jacques Pepin), so slice it up and layer it in with the cabbage and salt in the colander.

    4. Cabbage salad, including dressing, keeps in the refrigerator for several days. This makes it a great choice for busy week days -- make cabbage salad for Sunday lunch or supper and have it for lunch for the rest of the week.

    5. Besides the fresh fennel mentioned in point 3, ingredients that work well in cabbage salad and stand up to sitting in dressing for several days include carrots and red peppers (these also make a nice color contrast). A mix of green and red cabbage is another colorful option.

    6. Nuts and dried fruits can work well in cabbage salad but should be added at the time of serving because they get soggy in dressing.

    7. Cabbage salad makes a great dish to take to a party since it's both healthy and keeps well. Here's my favorite recipe to use for a party version of cabbage salad: Fresh Citrus and Ginger Coleslaw

    8. If I'm not taking my cabbage salad to a party, I generally use a much simpler vinaigrette -- roughly equal parts of apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, plus a little mustard and honey to taste, all whisked together.

    9. When I have local cabbage in the summer, I usually make something more reminiscent of a creamy coleslaw with these dressing ingredients: yogurt cheese (aka strained yogurt), mayo, apple cider vinegar, raw sugar, pepper.

    10. Another dressing choice is to use a peanut sauce. A brown dressing isn't as attractive on cabbage as a vinaigrette or creamy dressing, but this sure is tasty -- whisk together extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, peanut butter (preheat in microwave to soften), ground ginger and ground garlic.
  • I like...
  • This is one of my simple juicing recipe that works really well for weight loss as well as beauty:

    Blend the below and drink up in the morning or after work:

    Blue Berry

    Alternatively you can have a plant based protein mix of:

    Chia seeds or pumpkin seeds
    Vanilla whey protein/ or Peanut/almond butter
    blue berries
    Chopped mango
  • Hi!
    I know a good healthy recipe of the chicken on a bone!
    Bone In Chicken Breast Recipe
  • Try this recipes -
    My favourite!!)) Healthy and tasty!!)
  • How effective is it?
  • Grilled Salmon Fillets
    Grilled Salmon Fillets

    Marinate Salmon fillets for about 30 minutes in
    3 parts Olive Oil
    2 parts Tamari (Soy Sauce)
    1 part lemon juice
    Plus green dill leaves, pinch of cloves, salt, and pepper.
    Grill skin side up for 7 minutes then skin side down for 3 more minutes.

    We have this about twice a week.