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Yesterday was on plan. . .until the Cadbury Crème Egg after dinner. This is my favorite Easter candy and I have been enjoying an egg here and there on plan. They were not on the plan last night and DH got them out while we were watching a movie. I didn’t even try to resist and then, just to make sure I had fully blown it, I had a second. So lessons learned: 1) Buy only what I have on my plan. The multi packs are not a value if they mean I eat off plan. 2) Keep DH apprised of my plan. He’s good about being supportive when he knows what is on and off plan on any given day.

Exercise was a tromping around the nearby hills with the dogs. I was planning some yoga in lieu of doing weights—shoulders and back have been sore and tight from the daily winter feeding. But the dogs thought my yoga mat was a good place to play and were wrestling underneath me while I was in downward facing dog. I thought this was a good sign that they needed some exercise as well. So shoulders and back are still sore and tight, but we all had a lot of fun.

Onebyone, yay for a positive weigh-in to renew your motivation! There are so many reasons that weight goes up, but it’s so hard to remember that when standing on the scale. Kudos for being 80%-85% and for giving yourself credit for that. It’s so easy to get stuck on the few mistakes rather than focusing on the big picture, which is positive.

CeeJay, congrats on a good day with lots of credit! Yay that the hotel incident is fading from memory. It’s so easy to let these mistakes overshadow all of our success and hard work, but the general trend is success.

Gardenerjoy, huge congrats for finishing taxes! 100 min of exercise—what a great way to celebrate.

BillBE, yay for leaving work on time! It’s so cool that you see a full gym session as a reward—you and Gardenerjoy are my heroes! And wow for 4.5 years of maintenance. I suppose—another inspiration. To me, that looks like 5 years is just around the corner, but I understand that sometimes, the closer we get to the goals, the further away they seem. Maybe a big celebration is in order (complete with veggies and with low-fat dips and other healthy fare).

Beverlyjoy, I love those first days of nice weather when everyone comes out of the caves where they have been hiding. I have been walking around humming “Here Comes the Sun” for the past week. Your strategy to slow down while eating sounds like a good one, but don’t forget to give yourself credit for that long list—especially turning down “beautiful bread.”

ChinaMaine, yay for a slightly less busy day so that you can get in your walk! Sounds like you have a great relationship with your doctor—so important. Crossing my fingers that your new prescription will do the trick.
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Feeling much better about life, the universe, and everything since my taxes are done! (and knowing that the answer is 42)

WI: -0.4kg, Exercise: +100, 630/1550 minutes for March, Food: op, Read my Advantages and Responses: no

BillBlueEyes: congrats on 4 1/2 years. That gives me motivation to stick around for six more months, just so I can see your signature turn over to 5 years! Glad you finished your work week on a high note and, like me, found exercise satisfying after too much time at a desk.

ChinaMaine: yay for taking some initiative with your doctor's office to get your health where you need it to be.

Shepherdess: ouch about the Easter treat, but yay for drawing lessons from the experience. LOL at the image of dogs playing under your downward facing dog!
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Hi Everyone. Your posts are wonderful. Encouraging. Supportive. Thank you. I hope to reciprocate with supportive posts to you (in the near future). I am sort of "ok" with regards to food. Shepherdess...I read the restrained eater vs natural eater ---- wow, is that every me (restrained eater).

Bye for now.

Again, thank you.

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The Spark by Chris Downie

What I liked best about The Spark was that it utilized something we have often talked about here -- getting one thing "right" (eating or exercise or decluttering) often carries over to improvement in other areas. So, The Spark asks us to work on generating small successes in different areas and to set goals that help make these crisscrosses work for us by effecting all areas of our lives.

To get the most from The Spark, it's fairly obvious that it would take using the SparkPeople site. I've been cautiously exploring it while using the Nutrition Tracker there. It's very overwhelming and I already have this site, plus I'm active on 43 Things which is a site for goal setting. I'm not sure that more social software is what I need in my life. I'll probably continue for awhile to use the tools and read the informaiton over there, but I'm less inclined to be involved on the Message Board or Teams because I'm finding it hard to tap into them while continuing my connections elsewhere on the internet.

I'm really getting a lot out of the Appendices. There's a mix-and-match meal plan in Appendix A that makes a lot of sense to me and I may move in that direction. There are a couple of strength training workouts in Appendix C that they have also made into 10-minute videos on the web site -- I tried them this week and liked them as good overall strength routines. Appendix E explains Spark Points, which is a reward system used on SparkPeople and gives you points for completing tasks in the book, something that I'm finding more motivating than it would seem like they are worth (kind of like putting stars when I complete something on my to do list).

For The Spark, SparkPeople surveyed their membership. From that, they were able to draw some conclusions between people who had successfully lost weight and those who hadn't. These secrets were peppered throughout the book, but they are also pulled together in Appendix F. Here's one that sounds like Beck: Of those who met their goals, a full 74 percent planned their meals and workouts in advance, and over 78 percent of 100-pound losers did!
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Hi beck folks - I am finished with most of my 'chores' and now can return to catch up.

Gardenjoy - I am glad you got your taxes done. YAY -and glad you are feeling better about life in general!
gardenjoy - I have a spot at sparkpeople. They have all the wonderful support 'bells and whistles' for folks trying to lose weight and get healthy. (daily updates, daily recipes, emails with great articles. ) However, I think the support from PEOPLE is better here a 3fc. (my opinion) I agree...there's only so many places a person has time to put energy into. This book sounds good. Thanks for bringing it up.

Hi Hikergirl - glad you posted and your food has upgrated to 'sorta OK'

shepardess - ah the Easter candy is appearing - those yummy chocolate goodies. I am glad you told DH that it's to hard to have them around when you don't have them in your plan. I was just reading beck today and she said to say....'Would you be willing to help me by.....'. I love that way of putting it. I am glad DH is supportive in general too. Good you got outside to run around with the dogs - that's fun exercise.
shepardess - from friday - yoga is a wonderful exercise to do when you are tired and sore. Kudos for impulse buying healthy things at the store when you forgot your list!! Major credit.

hikergirl - big credit for stepping on the scale and facing it. It's sometimes really a tough thing to do. Dr, Beck's chapter on eating at restaurants and special occaisions is pretty helpful. On my response cards - I outlined those chapter and used each bullet point with a short phrase. It somehow helped me to get through going out to eat so much lately.

chinamarie - I am glad you and the doctors are being vigalent about finding the right dosage of thyroid medicine to take. I have been hypothyriod (take synthroid) for 25 years. The doctor may have to test it several ways...but, once they get it figured out you will feel much better. I totally agree about travelling - it's all about planning planning and then willingness to plan some more. Good idea - going over how how traveling or outings turn out.

ceejay - I am glad you are moving on from the hotel stuff. It is OVER and time to move forward. So nice to walk 35 minutes and with DH!! I hope, when I get my ankle fixed, I'll be taking long walks too. Thanks for the reminder of NO CHOICE for my trip....I'll throw in some OH WELL"S and I hope it will take me through some of the harder times.

onebyone - excellent that you are down a pound and down to where you were when dh came back from costa rica!!! It's a huge credit to get those quick pounds on....gone gone gone. Can you plan for a goodie in your daily plan and purchase it that day? Or would that be a trigger?

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Default 'Lo, Beckies

Have been so busy de-cluttering I I haven't taken time to post. If anyone wants to join me over there on the de-cluttering thread, please do. It is a great feeling, a never-ceasing chore, and I do have that fear I will throw something I need. Not likely, but it does remind me of Beck saying how many of us fear hunger. That whole piece about what if I don't eat now? Will I get hungry? I think there is some overlap there with the clutter thing.

So, I will take my clutter thoughts over to the appropriate thread. ..*laffin'. Am getting soooooo organized.

Am so happy for U.S. grown Asparagus at a great price...spring is here.

Saw a Downy or a Hairy Woodpecker today..the only way to tell from a distance is size, but it was too far away to tell if it was 6" or 9". Am thinking I need to put a ruler up on the Spruce Tree, the way they do in banks for height reference of suspects. I'm sure I have ruler that I didn't get rid of
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Default Ouch! Depression spoiler. Skip this if you want to avoid Debby Downer here!

Bevjoy: thanks again for the 5 D's! I needed that! Hikergirl, your honesty and confession is appreciated! Benny's too, and everyone who is struggling, as I am, with backpain, and lack of motivation, despite advantages of being thin, as I have become, and dealing with the removal of blinds to see and understand and be responsible for much of the negative in my marriage, and to see the parts that hubby won't take responsibility for! Thank goodness for the CBT couples therapy, but it is painful. I am reading THE FANTASY BOND and it is really painful and depressing. Beautiful house, awful marriage. Hello.
I keep getting the thought of eating off plan, contraband, just to spite myself, hurt myself, self-mutilate. Self-injury. I get it: I've never cut or anything, but I can see today how I would eat not only to get the endorphin sleepy druggy effect to numb out, but in anger, eating to get even. Eat to get in touch with the biting anger. The sheer physicality of it. (I will go stretch instead.) It is amazing to see this with clarity. Clarity keeps coming up now that I am looking for it, btw! ... Anyway, thank goodness there is no sugar or chocolate available to me in the house so I cannot eat it. I have been way over calorie count for a few days though. My son is home and the way hubby treats him makes me so mad! He tells me to keep out while he literally brow beats my son into submitting to his will about his parents. It's so unbelievable.
So I am in the raw anger that I keep denying I feel at therapy. But today, a day of endless rain, flooding, I slip into sleepiness and awake to my anger and frustration. Thanks for being there coaches: I hope you don't think I'm too crazy, but with my therapist and my diet coaching me not to eat over things, I am feeling them full force. I hope I will find better ways to deal with the frustration and helpless feelings!!!!!! Merci mes amis. More later, I hope it will be good news!
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Default Ah work

Threw my anger into unpacking a big framed puzzle and hoisting it on the wall. Then held on to some asanas and let go of the anger. I feel better now! I should have gone to yoga today and gotten out of the house and not been a witness to hubby-son. There, I said it. Just not taking care of my needs for physical very well. What's wrong with me! ?? !!!!!! Goodness knows. Get out there girl!
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I deserve to feel good!
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I'm attempting to post from my Blackberry, so bear with me. Thanks to Gardnerjoy and Hikergirl for checking in on me when I didn't post yesterday. It's been a difficult couple of days in terms of Beck, but like Hikergirl reminded me, if I post then I can at least give myself credit for posting . I will write more tomorrow.
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BillBlueEyes-120 lunges. You rock buddy. One day I might lunge.

Beverlyjoy-yay for another day on plan for you.

ChinaMaine-hope the change in your prescription helps. Your list of "good" is always impressive.

Shepherdess- I love those Creme Eggs too. Here comes another chocolate holiday to stress over. LOL.

gardenerjoy-happy end of taxes!! Thanks for the review of the book.

hikergirl-thank you too for your posts.

maryblu-you sound like you are really going to town on the de-cluttering. It's got to feel good.

midlifecrisis57-better to write it out. We are all here to support each other. I also am trying to cope with feeling more now that I am not smoothing everything over with food. It is strange thing. When I was stressed I used to just eat. Hard to figure out what to do without that release.

bennyhannahmama-sending you good wishes. Hope to see you post tomorrow!

For me- a good day. Last night the refrigerator broke down. What a pain when you are in the boonies. Ended up having to drive to the city for a fan. I was mighty p*ss*d off that I had to give up this beautiful Saturday for that. Anyway, it is fixed. And I got in a nice walk late this afternoon. It is so warm here and all the snow is melting.

Credit today for:

Weighing in
Walking 35 minutes in the sun with DH
Eating on plan
Doing weights
Eating slowly and tasting everything- it is getting easier to remember this and to do it.
Reading advantage and response cards.

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday.
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Unhappy Bad week- but getting better

Dear Coaches
I have had a BAD week. It started when I reversed into a car as I was trying to get a parking spot at radiotherapy (they are at a premium). That would normally be anxiety provoking but it was particularly inspiring because the week before I had a loan car while all the dents were taken out of the body work and the car was having a complete detail to remove all the damage done when people hit the car in car parks all over Sydney ($1350). Normally I wouldn't care and would drive around in a wreck but it had to be fixed so I could hand it back at the end of a 2 year lease. The accident happened Monday and I had to hand back car on Wednesday and get replacement. Also that day they were running late with r/therapy because of machine breakdown so I couldn't organise repair. Anyway the car got fixed in the afternoon of Tuesday and got swapped on Wednesday and all I have to do now is pay for it all (including the damage to the other car because I did actually leave my details - no I am not bitter ). Anyway this has nothing to do with dieting and a lot to do with my energy levels

I am really tired and I don't think I can carry on trying to manage food at the moment - I will have to cope with take-away and other forms of prepared food. I have spent the weekend in bed essentially recovering from the week. Over the week I have been foraging and scavenging and in fact lost weight because I was under eating. Unfortunately when I realised I couldn't successfully diet and prepare food I started to eat total rubbish which was not a solution at all.

So I am going back to the first 2 weeks of Beck (before one picks a diet and starts on it) and will follow those basic principles while eating for convenience I think (and making healthy choices hopefully!).

I will try to check in based on the following

  • Reading my advantage / response / anti-craving cards?
  • Checked in to my diet coaches?
  • Sat down to eat?
  • Ate mindfully / slowly and enjoyed every bite?
  • Spontaneous exercise?
  • Weighed myself (if at home)?
  • Did a daily schedule?
  • Recognised hunger / fullness / desire / craving?
  • Used distraction and resistance techniques?
  • Gave myself credit when on track
Not so good:
Working on:
  • (it exhausts me just looking at that icon)
On the up side:
I have only 12 more radiotherapy sessions (apparently the tiredness may get worse - oh well) and they will be finished by Easter. I will have the week off after Easter weekend .
I am getting my eyebrows and eyelashes back which will be great given the humid weather and the realisation that they are useful to divert the flow of sweat from one's brow.
And my hair is regrowing not that it was ever my best feature but will beat wearing a wig in humid weather (mind you it is cooling down now of course)
Will aim to maintain posts this week. to everyone


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Hi coaches/buddies - yesterday went well...I am grateful. I ended up changing my dinner. DH didn't want what I planned. So- I rewrote my plan, figured the different dinner into my caloreis and it went fine.

I spent quite a bit of time reading and redoing some of the response cards. It's my way of preparing for my ten day trip. I changed many of the response cards by outlining the chapter with the bullet points, a short phrase after, writing down some of the important points and adding some sabataging thoughts along with the healthy responses. I think that this should be helpful.

I am feeling very weary of my parts hurting. My back is doing better, thankfully. I now am dealing with my foot that will have surgery later this year. I really want to be able to wait on the ankle/foot surgery because it's a long long recovery. (3 - 9 months) So, I am hoping it will calm down. I need to remind myself that food does not make pain go away. You are probably tired of hearing about my health concerns...but, unfortunately, it's a big piece in the puzzle of my life.

ate slower - did some timing to slow down
no seconds, fork down, ate seated
asked dh nicely to put his candy out of sight
lots of water
stretches and strengthening
said Oh well a few times
made plan - logged food - make conscious planned change in dinner
read arc/rc - redid many of them
read beck book
used some resistence measures

as usual - no spontaneous exercise

seadwaters - I am so sorry to hear about your hard week...- the car accident and all the rest. I totally understand how you are tired of your treatments. I will be happy for you when it's completed. I can see how managing 'the food' can be so, so challenging. Please do the best you can with your take aways and prepared foods. I am glad to hear that your eyebrows are growing back...I know that feels good. You take care now.

ceejay - it stinks that the fridge broke! Sorry you had to spend your day dealing with it. Glad you DID get a walk in...big credit! You have many credits to be proud of on such a stressful day.

bennyhannamana - glad you posted! Keep doing the best you can.

midlifecrisis - I am sorry to hear that you are dealing with so much internal stress along with the family stress. It makes it so difficult. It's good that you helps to write it all out. Kind of keeps those thought from spinning around in your least for a while. Hang in and do the the best you can. Be kind to yourself.

maryblu - decluttering and a woodpecker in the same day...that is joyful! Chances are you will NOT need the things you are getting rid of. So glad you took the time to post.

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Thumbs up Sunday

Diet Coaches/Buddies - We're having stormy, wet weather on the US East Coast. But, I put on the rain gear and went for a walk anyway; CREDIT moi. Motivated by being out of my favorite peanut butter and loathe to be forced to swallow from the jar of "Simply Jif" my DW uses, I trudged forth to Whole Foods where I get to grind my own. Got reminded that I don't really own rain pants in my current size and using wind over-pants designed for joggers provides water protection for only for so many minutes of real rain. However, I made it home to a house full of dry clothes and places to hang the wet stuff. It's fun to walk in the rain.

At Whole Foods, I took a sample of GoodBelly probiotics something-something drink in Blueberry Acai flavor - a full serving contains 20 billion little good guys. I walked out feeling my belly was happy, LOL. I have no idea if this stuff is necessary or even useful. But it had that combination medicinal-happy taste that satisfies the longing to be healthy.

maryblu - Drooling for local asparagus. Yeah for de-cluttering; hope to get myself to join you in that. I saw a Hairy Woodpecker this last Sunday; he was so close we were sure even without a ruler. I was pleased since Hairy's aren't so common where I tend to look.

ChinaMaine - Glad that you were persistent chasing down the tiredness. Hope the change works for you. Yep, I meant lunges; thanks for catching that. I do squats now instead of crunches as suggested by me trainer in my last session some months ago. There's no end to the list of exercises that I think would be good for me.

Kim (bennyhannamama) - Yep, Kudos for giving yourself credit for posting. LOL at posting from a blackberry.

CeeJay - LOL at "I might lunge." If you do, I've set the precedent that you can whine about it on 3FC. Yay for warm; Ouch for having to spend time tending a refrigerator rather than enjoying the warm.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Congrats on another 100 minutes of exercise. Do stick around to see my sixth tick from now hit 5 years; I'll have to plan something appropriate - thanks for reminding me that it can be veggies.

Thanks for the Spark review. So interesting that the folks who succeeded planned their meals. I share your question about the need for "more social software" - so many opportunities to spend time on the keyboard instead of living.

Susan (hikergirl) - Tell us more about "restrained eater vs natural eater" - is that a current book?

Shepherdess - Ouch for Cadbury Crème Egg - such an appealing treat with so many calories. Maybe you can remember that they are now made by the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese company, rather than the noble Quaker family in England that made them for nearly 200 years. Congrats for having dogs smart enough to recognize that your dog posture meant for dogs to play on the mat. Tromping with the dogs in the hills sounds like splendid fun.

Beverlyjoy - Love the description of the sounds of children playing outside - makes me long for spring. Neat that you're focusing on your speed of eating, even though you're already doing "fork down between bites, ate seated only."

midlifecrisis57 - Ouch for the pain in confronting stacks of feelings. Kudos for confronting them, and for the neat CBT like technique of hanging a heavy puzzle to let out anger.

seadwaters - Sending supportive thoughts as you go through a difficult time in your life with speed bumps thrown in when they're not needed in addition. Congrats for confronting your need to find a balance in your food plan that recognizes your energy levels - and your need not to under-eat right now. Those first two weeks of Beck are killer-good stuff; happy reading.

Readers -
day 21
The Numbers on the Scale

If the scale has gone down, be happy, even if you've lost only a small amount of weight. As I tell the dieters I counsel, we celebrate every half-pound loss.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 173.
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Default Saturday

WI-no-weigh-in. Read some cards, did not make a plan. Food – on-plan; Exercise – on-plan (35m).
My exercise Saturday was yard work, and food was on-plan. DH made us fruited game hen for dinner and we watched a good movie (Gone Baby Gone). Just a nice Saturday…
The Good
- Throughout the day, I identified satisfaction vs fullness while eating, and I stopped eating when satisfied – credit!
- Throughout the day, I identified hunger vs non-hunger before I ate – credit!
- Eat mindfully, enjoying every bite – credit!
- Tolerated non-hunger without eating – credit!
- Used resistance techniques – yes!
- Spontaneous exercise – credit!
- I posted here – yes!

The Bad, and the Ugly
- Give credit throughout the day for every positive eating behavior – nope
- Read the pink book – nope

shepherdess Oh well for the Crème Egg, and good idea to keep DH in the loop about your plan. It’s great you have a DH who is so supportive. Tromping around the nearby hills sounds wonderful.

Bill [i] Congrats for hitting 4 1/2 years! Kudos for walking on a blustery, stormy day. Why not get yourself a pair of rain pants that fit when you hit your next one month anniversary?

gardenerjoy 100 minutes of exercise, amazing!

Susan (hikergirl) Kudos for being ‘ok’ with food and for posting.

Maryblu Yesterday morning was the first day I heard a lot of birds singing. Spring is here…

Kim (bennyhannamama) Kudos for posting.

CeeJay Sorry for losing your beautiful Saturday for a broken fridge. Yay that eating slowly and tasting everything is getting easier.

Cheryl (seadwaters) Sending supportive thoughts while you go through the last couple of weeks of r/therapy. Yay that your hair is beginning to grow back. Kudos for working the Beck strategies when you are too fatigued to manage a diet.

Beverlyjoy for your ‘parts hurting. Kudos for asking dh to move his candy out of sight.

midlifecrisis and supportive thoughts for your onslaught of feelings.
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Blech, I’m hating the end of daylight savings. It was so hard getting out of bed when it was so dark outside. Or maybe I’m just in a bad mood because I’m looking out at grey skies and it looks like snow. Good thing I got in my long run yesterday in perfect running weather—mid 40s, not much wind and the sun was shining. I’m getting a little too used to running in shorts and a short-sleeve shirt. It was a great run, the furthest I have gone in 2010 and it felt fantastic.

Unfortunately my eating was not as good as my exercise. I did great until I was still feeling hungry after dinner. I waited the 20 minutes, was still hungry and just didn’t believe that hunger isn’t an emergency. So I wound up eating some unplanned crackers. I’m not sure why I just can’t seem to bet my eating together. I haven’t been done the check sheet (from The Complete Diet for Life) in a while, so I printed one out this AM and will go back to checking everything off. I need to figure out where I’m going off track. If I’m still struggling, I’ll go back to the beginning of the program and start again.

Gardenerjoy, love that upbeat attitude and wow, 100 min of exercise! The Spark sounds interesting and I think you are smart to cautiously explore it. You already have a logging system that works for you, but you can still gain some insights from the program.

Hikegirl, so glad that article was helpful. I had the same reaction when I read it. It felt like they were following me around and watching me eat. My hope is that “natural eating” can be a learned behavior. I’m thinking about attempting a practice like ChinaMaine where I pay attention to satiety and fullness every time I eat.

Maryblu, I’m so impressed by your de-cluttering. I agree that clutter and eating are related. A chaotic environment leads to distracted eating. Also, I tend to hang onto stuff just in case I need it and sometimes that stuff that I’m hanging onto is food. I was cleaning out a cupboard and found several packages of valentine hearts from several years ago. I don’t even like those candies, but somehow I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away—they’re in the trash now.

Midlifecrisis57, so sorry about anger, depression and frustration. It’s great that you put all of that into a yoga practice—such a healthy way to deal with the negativity, but so hard to do. Ouch for bad weather and flooding. Crossing my fingers for weather the weather and your emotional state to improve.

Bennyhannamamma, credit for posting! I understand the reluctance to post on not-so-great Beck days. I’ve had too many of those lately, but it is helpful to come here and confess.

CeeJay, ouch for fridge breaking down and losing a Saturday to deal with it. I think you get extra credit for having a good Beck day in spite of it all. Yay for melting snow and a walk in the sun!

Seadwaters, so sorry for all the added stress and for the exhaustion. It does sound like you have too much going on to do your own food prep and cooking. Can you find the nutrition info on some take-out, fast-food options, and ready-made meals and find some healthy choices. Then you can have some options when you don’t have time to think about food. So glad the end is in sight, but sending supportive thoughts to get you through the rest of it.

Beverlyjoy, great job on another good day and for being flexible, but staying on plan. I loved that you asked your dh nicely to get his tempting food out of sight. So sorry for hurting body parts. Are you putting off foot surgery because it will be easier to take time for the recovery later? Crossing my fingers that you are pain-free soon.

BillBE, call me impressed that you got out for a walk in inclement weather. Now you have me thinking about peanut butter that you grind yourself. I’m also a fan of peanut butter with a simple ingredient list—mine just says “peanuts.” LOL at your story of the GoodBelly sample. Thanks for the reminder that my Cadbury Eggs are now made by Kraft.

RE: “restrained eater” vs “natural eater” this was from an article I suggested for Hikegirl:

ChinaMaine, your Saturday sounds so fantastic. Yay for yardwork for exercise. I love those multi-tasking workouts. You’re fruited game-hen sounds like a good reward for all your hard work.
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