I think low carb has stopped working

  • so for about 10 years I would go on and off low carb every 3 months. that was about 8 years ago. I've tried going low carb and it doesn't seem like my body will go into ketosis. is it possible for it to completely stop working all together or is that something I can do to jump start it
  • Hey I'm Jossy! I like the Keto programs that are out now. Have you looked at any of them?
  • I Jossy: I'm Madeleine;
    I do a combo of low carb and intermittent fasting. I have been doing Keto the past week, and have managed to spill ketones for a few days. By itself, I don't lose much weight with low carb anymore, but with fasting its doing better. I lost 40 pounds doing LCHF and IF a couple of years ago, and kept it off well, until the last few month, this whole COVID19 thing has affected my coping at times, as did my last couple of months of work.
    After some recent health appointments and with my doctors' support, going to get the 8 pounds I gained off and get down to "normal" weight, instead of staying overweight. How are you handling cravings?