Doing atkins and I am HANGRY

  • hello lovely ladies!

    so , i just started doing low carb january 1st 2018 with induction phase.
    My question is, how are you able to curb your hunger?
    I am tired and a bit dizzy. I am eating 5 times a day and drinking a ton of water.
    Please help! I really want to succeed.
  • going to bump this up and hopefully someone will respond
  • I lost all my weight doing low carb, not Atkins so am familiar with this way of eating. Have you tried increasing your fat - it’s very satiating.
  • wont increasing fat worsen the liver? Sorry, not really educated about all this. I do know that my doctor told me to do a liver detox. Thanks!
  • Eating more fat while eating low carb isn't what hurts your body. It's eating more fat and carbs at the same time. Not entirely sure what to eat for a liver detox, though. Why did your doctor recommend one?

    To get through the first few days, eat as much on plan food as you need. Your appetite should decrease once in ketosis. The first few days are rough.
  • I have an appt with a nutritionist in a couple of months (ugh, it's taking forever) BUT, i was just curious to see if anyone heard of any correlation between high fat and low carb .
    Doctor tested blood levels and said my cholesterol numbers were off. I also had a recent miscarriage a couple of weeks ago and doctor mentioned now is the time to gear up and be healthy and lose weight. She made me feel terrible about it.
    I am hoping that the Atkins diet will help me lose 40 pounds.

    Neko- how many pounds, on average, did you lose per week?
  • At first it was two pounds a week, slowed to one pretty quickly Unfortunately, I've been pretty stalled since August. I'm trying to pay more attention to carbs/calories right now so hopefully I can make it to my goal.
  • If you haven't read the book, I would suggest doing that. If you're still hungry try drinking more water, increasing your protein. What are you all eating? I believe the book said not to worry about fat. And I believe your cholesterol will get better as time goes on also
  • I’d read the Atkins book if you’re really wanting to do it. Choose foods with good fats when you can, but if you’re doing Atkins, you can’t also do low fat.
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    [QUOTE=chubbysfchick;5343970]hello lovely ladies!

    so , i just started doing low carb january 1st 2018 with induction phase.
    My question is, how are you able to curb your hunger?
    I am tired and a bit dizzy. I am eating 5 times a day and drinking a ton of water.
    Please help! I really want to succeed.

    Why are you drinking a ton of water? If you are dizzy and drinking a ton of water, it could be that you are diluting your blood, and urinating out the important nutrients and minerals that it takes to run your body. Seriously, this 8 glasses of water stuff has been scientifically disproven over and over. In the first place, the original finding was 8 cups of water -- measuring cups.

    8 cups is 64 fluid ounces, which is 2 quarts of water. Not 2 gallons or anything like that. Drinking water also includes soup and the water which makes up 95% of nearly all food. If anything, this is 3-4 tall standard glasses of water. You should never drink huge amounts when eating either-- it dilutes the contents of your stomach, once again interfering with the process of moving nutrients to your blood system through the intestines (which have a surface made of unique cells for this purpose).

    Dizziness can be brought on by not being able to capture important electrolytes like potassium magnesium and so on because you are drinking too much.

    Why are you eating five times a day?
    Eating small meals is a strategy that people who eat lots of carbs do to avoid a crash brought about by too much insulin being pumped into their blood as a response to high carb foods. People on high carb diets must eat constantly to keep blood insulin levels at an even level throughout the day, rather than the rise and crash cycle brought about by consuming carbs.

    When you are on the low carb diet, there is no elevation of insulin and no crash. You can actually eat one meal per day and feel totally okay all day long. So my advice would be to eat larger meals-- eat lots of fat, moderate (like 3 ounces) of protein, and then some vitamin-rich leafy greens or other low carb vegetables. (Kale, for instance).

    So in a sense, the way I see it, is that you are trying to behave as a high carb dieter, with low carb, and it is a totally different paradigm (the Calorie theory V.S. the Endocrine theory). I think of high carb as eating like a lion: They eat and may lay around for many days without a meal because they don't feel the urgent need to eat. Eating high carb diets is like eating like a horse or cow: They must constantly eat or they will die.

    Calories are also important because they are a measurement. You need a certain amount (based on your size and height, sex, activity, so it is different for all-- but let's say 2000 cals needed. Your "needed" cals are only slightly above what you need to keep your actual body running. Brain function, peristalses (digestion), muscle repair and growth, etc. This may make up 1500 to 1700 of those 2000, leaving your about 300 calories for "activity." If you run marathons, you may need 800 over. Either way, you see, the calories you need are mostly for things like "not being dizzy." So, do you think your dizziness could be caused because you are not getting enough calories?

    I personally know from being on this diet for about 10 months so far, that I need to eat a lot of fat to lose weight. Too little fat, and you will remain at the same weight you are for quite a while. You will plateau.

    Good luck .


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