Day One of Atkins - need advice

  • Hello everyone. So I am starting my Atkins induction phase today. So far so good. I went shopping yesterday to prepare. I took my phase one list with me and I bought only approved things on the list. I also bought the shakes assuming that they would be okay for phase one but I have seen a few posts saying not to use them on phase 1. Is this correct? Shouls I really avoid the shakes? I have a very busy life with my full time job and family and the shakes are so convienient but I want to do this right! Another thing not on the list was onions. I love onions! Should I really avoid these too? I know spring/green onions are okay but I like red onions, yellow and white. Also is there any kind of sweets that are okay? Perhaps sugar free popsicles or any SF hard candies? Thanks for any advice I can get. 245/245/175
  • Im was able to get into ketosis and had a shake a day. From what Ive heard and believe, some can get into ketosis without being so super strict on carbs, so you might try limited shakes/onions but keep under 30g of carbs a day. Totally just a suggestion and everyones body is different. I also find the more Atkins bars/shakes and Sf treats I eat the more my weightloss slows. For me cleaner eating...veggies and animal protein...has the best results. Of course, its better to do a sugarfree Reeses peanut butter cup or jello if it keeps you from feeling deprived and discouaged and falling totally off the wagon.
  • Some people find they lose well with shakes/bars and some people don't. I don't use them because I don't like either. Reminds me too much of my old slimfast days. Most of the shakes and bars say they are approved for induction. You don't need to avoid onions entirely, but keep in mind they are rather high in carbs as compared to other vegetables. I wouldn't recommend eating a large portion of them while trying to get into ketosis, but a little bit for flavor or garnish in a dish shouldn't be an issue. I eat onions in my food even when trying to get into ketosis. They taste good.

    SF treats stall some people's progress and others find them a good way for staying on plan. It's like the shakes and bars. SF hard candies and SF jello are my go to items. They are rather negligible in carbs and calories.
  • 1st week success; but....
    So my first week was such a success!! I lost 12 pounds and was really able to stick to it. I am currently in my second week and have been very good at staying on course but I have to admit my energy level is very low and I find I have "foggy" brain. What I mean is I am having trouble making simple decisions. It is weird! PLUS I am having the usual symptoms I've read about especially leg cramps and constipation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! And I am having MAJOR sweet cravings! I am chewing sugar free gum but It isn't taking the cravings away.
  • Congratulations on week one

    Check out some of Atkins recipes on their website for those sugar cravings, I use to eat the mudslides (?) I have been doing atkins since last October, my weight loss has stalled at the 25lb mark since February but I still great and have incorporated exercise so my shape is changing just not a number on the scale. I don't get the whole energy level low thing since it has never happened to me. Make sure you are eating a good breakfast. My go to meal in the am is 2 eggs and 4 egg whites. This keeps me full and satisfied until either a mid morning boost of cheese or summer sausage, lunch is usually a very large salad or stir fry veggies, dinner a protein and steam veggies.
  • Cramps, onions etc
    Renae, the cramps. leg knotting, dizziness or brain fog are caused by electrolyte unbalance. The 12pounds is mostly water, and the electrolytes are not balanced because you are losing so much water. Low carb people recommend you to use some salt, or have bullion (the cube in hot water) a few times per day. Salt, like fat is nothing to be afraid of. Doctors have got that wrong too, and salt does not have anything to do with high blood pressure. This is according to Dr. Fung and other low carb doctors. Low sodium intake is the cause of mortality from various sources. Anyway, you can stop all that by using bullion cubes and salting your food. Taking some mineral supplements can help as well. Potassium, magnesium, and other minerals are good for this. It takes some research to find what you need.

    As far as shakes. If they say they are okay with induction, they are probably okay I have used sugar-free Torani syrup in my coffee since I started the diet, and it has not harmed the weight loss.

    I have also eaten onions since starting. I do not use shakes or bars but I do eat onions and put onions in nearly everything I cook. Omelets, soups, just onions on steak and other things. I always use peppers, onions, and mushrooms on almost everything.

    I have lost 35 pounds since 3/17/17.
  • I started a couple days ago for the second time. I decided to join the group to be able to stay accountable. Not a lot to say, just would like to feel as well as I did last time I was on the diet. I had switched to Ideal Protein and could not imagine eating their food for the rest of my life. The best change in myself is I have found is it is easier to do this time. Today I am hungry and have been drinking Cascade Ice watered down with Seltzer water.
  • Hello all I started this journey July 5, 2017. After the first week it became better. I still do have thoughts of cake and pizza. Will I always have these cravings?