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Default Starting Atkins - Limit 20-30g carbs a day- Wanna join me? I feel like a sore loser. This is my 5th time doing atkins (3rd time on this forum). I am actually bigger than ever.

I am 5'2, and current weight is 170. I am a size 14. Now, I need all the help I can get to get to a healthy weight. Last time I was on this thread, I weighed 150.

I started atkins 3 days ago, and my weight went from 175 to 170. Totally ecstatic about it! But, I still have another 50 pounds to lose.

Can you all share simple low carb snacks and recipes?

So far, I am currently eating this as a snack:
-can of tuna
-small can of olives
-hard boiled eggs

-all meats (baked, broiled, fried)

Please share on this post. Thanks again!
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I am not doing atkins 100% but I have cut carbs to about 35g per day and I am steadily losing and in ketosis. I have a lot more weight to lose but happy to join you if you like

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S/C/G: 175/172.8/105

Height: 5'2


Perfect, Dragonfly! Ill send you a message
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I've been doing Atkins extended induction since November 2014. Happy to offer help anyway I can. I'm not a big snacker but if I do its usually just sliced cucumber, or a boiled egg. You will find if you do Atkins the right way that there really isn't a need for snacking. Make sure you get all your water in everyday and only eat food approved on the induction list.

My go-to meals are egg omelettes loading with veggies, baked chicken breast wrapped in bacon w/ red onions and mushrooms, Beef steak w/ grilled onions and side salad.
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Hello chubbygirl..... I will join you,if you are still interested. I started phase 1, on Sunday and will stay on this for the long haul.

I will do my best to post more here...Am a ft caregiver to my mom.

Looking forward to us on seeing melt away.we can do it!!

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Honestly I'm not much of a snacker. I eat my meal and that's about it. But if I'm too lazy to cook my go to things are ham and cheese rollups, pepperoni and/or cheese chips, and cream cheese (yeah, I just eat it plain).
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Hi there! I started Induction July 20th and it's been a roller coaster so far. At first I started off great, I lose a lot and pretty fast... it's tapered off now, but I don't think I'm getting enough to eat. Nothing sounds good! I've decided I have to MAKE myself eat. So far today I've only had a lunch plate with some pepperoni and melted mozzarella cheese on it. I know, I know.. not nearly enough. When I started out, I was eating lots of eggs, we have chickens... at least half an avocado a day if not a whole one... and whatever else.. burgers with mayo. etc. I don't snack a whole lot but I did buy some BBQ pork rinds and string cheese.. oh and the pepperoni.

My weight lost went to 17 lbs I think at one point, but I'm wondering if the scales were wrong that day... but I'm still holding at 11 lbs down and that was with cheating a bit on Sunday for my daughter's birthday.

I started on this website a very long time ago and ended up leaving it because I just didn't feel like I was getting much support. I don't know.. maybe it was just me. But I'm back again to give it another go. Feel free to PM me if you'd like.

@Dragonfly33 - I'd love to get an example of what you eat in a day. It sounds like you are doing it right!! Way to go!!
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