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Michellelanham1971 01-13-2016 07:54 PM

I feel like I'm drinking coffee more than I used to since starting Atkins. I only use 1 packet of Splenda for each cup, but I'm drinking 3 cups a day. Is this too much Splenda? Has anyone had side effects from consuming Splenda?

smith1313 01-13-2016 09:40 PM

I think everyone's body reacts differently, you'll have to do some experiments and find out what works best for you...

Lady Jaina 01-15-2016 12:29 PM

I have been using Splenda in my iced tea (made by the gallon w/ 2/3 c. Splenda) for 5-6 years. I have had no adverse effects, and there are days when I drink half a gallon. You should double check the Splenda allowance for whatever phase of Atkins you are on.

JerseyGyrl 01-15-2016 12:47 PM

Keep in mind Splenda is limited to 3 packets per day. It tends to stall a lot of people but, YMMV.

melissakd 01-15-2016 02:07 PM

Jersey, what is your opinion of Stevia? I used splenda in my coffee (1/2) a packet but I am going to cut that back. However, I love love iced tea and wonder if there is something I could use in place of Splenda?

I don't do overly sweet anyway, so I can probably learn to love it without any sweetener.

eta: Since I've been low carbing the only think I drink besides my morning 2 cups of coffee is water. I am soooooooooo thirsty. Is that normal?

FickleHearts 01-19-2016 10:09 AM

I never knew that the Splenda packets actually have carbs due to the filler in them until late last year when I started back on Atkins/Keto. It's likely negligible in small amounts, but I would think that's why it stalls some people if you are consuming a LOT of packets per day. I mean, prior to that I was drinking a lot of unsweetened ice tea and every glass I'd put two packets in, not to mention my morning cup of java. It adds up. Research led me to liquid sucralose which has no fillers and is supposed to not cause blood sugar spikes. Unfortunately I can only find it on Amazon.

I also have found monk fruit and erythritol to be decent, also can only find on Amazon, but hey I live in a very rural part of Florida LOL.

Edit to add: Stevia's aftertaste wigs me out LOL. I'm weird though, so don't go by my experience.

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