Atkins shakes? ?

  • Are these good for you if you have just started induction?
  • Hi,
    I just looked at them online on the atkins website. Hmmmm…I don't know…… I don't personally use them. They come in different flavors and the carb count differs from one to another. What I personally would be afraid of is not stopping at the 11oz portion and drinking too much of it.
    Also, the sweet taste……I want to teach my body to not only accept but crave the sweet taste from real foods like berries and such. I read somewhere that sucralose is bad for you and that actually diet type of drinks (like diet sodas) make people fat because they increase the desire to eat sweet foods/sweets in the long run.
    Just my two cents……hope it was OK to "think out loud" here.
    You know yourself best and can decide if these are a good choice for you!
    Best of luck
  • Of course it's ok to think out loud thank you for your input! I think I will hold off on these.
  • I drink a shake every morning it's the mocha latte w/real coffee, absolutely love it and started drinking them from the beginning and I've lost 30 lbs.
  • Really? ? Thank you all for your input!
  • Quote: Really? ? Thank you all for your input!
    Yep, I'm a big starbucks lover and this mocha latte w/real coffee substitutes my everyday craving for starbucks, but don't get me wrong I still have my starbucks at least once a week! I just eat more fiber to offset the carbs.!
  • Sherry what do you eat daily?
  • I've been on Atkins for nearly 12 years now. Lost 100 lbs in a little over a year and have maintained ever since. You may want to educate yourself on those "Atkins Products"

  • Quote: Sherry what do you eat daily?
    Breakfast: Atkins Mocha latte shake and I have my morning coffee before I leave work and drink my shake on the way Mon-Fri
    Breakfast on weekends usually consist of bacon/eggs/sausage

    Lunch: Mon-Fri: Low carb burgers (no bun) unsweet tea w/splenda, or grilled chicken ( I do a lot of grilled nuggets from Chick Fil A), Subway chopped chicken salad w/bacon and real ranch dressing w/shredded cheese,

    Dinner: Meat and veggies, once in awhile i'll have a 1/2 cup cottage cheese

    Snacks: Every evening I have a cup of coffee with splenda, 1 tub caramel macchiato creamer and 3 atkins Endulge milk chocolate caramel squares

    Other snacks: dill pickles, skinny pop popcorn 100 cal bags only 7 carbs
    Pork rinds w/queso cheese