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Default Whats your dirty little secret?

Hi all- I am back (under another name-can't remember my last one but I was here for 3 years)) after 7 years of "fill in the blank_________________".I've done "fill in the blank______" with limited success, and others with success that has slowly crept back up on me due to a little phase in my life I like to call "My own personal summer" (Ladies?)
I understand that the whole point of this is to find a healthy woe that we can live with. And I remember from the last time here that with every question there were always those who talked about what was healthy and "right". I appreciate all those opinions.But we all reach a time during this journey when it's either eat or be eaten.

Starting this program again is a huge change in my life. I haven't always dealt with change well, and I will eventually work this out until I have it healthy and do-able.

But for this thread, I would like to hear about your "dirty little secrets". The things that get you through when you have the craving from ****--When even the wall board starts to look good. No matter how heinous or "Bad", trust will help me and in the future someone who's ready to give up.

I want this to be pure- without the inevitable "thats not a healthy woe".post.


Peanut butter powder, almond extract, splenda and cream, whipped to death until it was a beautiful creamy, peanutty dream.

Thanks in advance- I have great hope for this journey
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Nobody? No one has any help for someone struggling?
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Hi mmarie!
Not sure if I can help as I struggle myself.
Here is what I found to be helpful when I have cravings or want to eat bad stuff: high fat foods, additional water, finding something I enjoy (hobby and really be immersed in it: painting, reading, knitting, etc)
Higher fat foods take the cravings and sense of hunger away.
Water is good and we all seem to need a little more.
Hobbies keep the mind occupied
Exercise is also helpful (I do it because I have to and feel good after but I am not a fan, unfortunately for me).
Hang in there and best of luck!
Merry Christmas!

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