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coad786 05-15-2014 02:08 AM

lower calorie plus induction

I'd like to do 1200 calories, induction phase, plus exercise 300 calories off per day. Right now I'm doing this except not the induction part. I'm eating lower carbs but something isn't going right.

Anyway, do you guys think if I do the induction phase on top of the calorie restriction and exercise my scale might start moving?

I can handle this kind of diet but just want to know if it'll work.


sarahinparis 05-15-2014 05:49 AM

Well, I keep a cap on calories and I eat quite strict low carb, but 1200 calories seems really low and extreme and frankly unnecessary and unsustainable, even without exercise, and with moderate exercise as well it's probably in the range of things to make your body think there is a famine & drop your metabolism.

I'd recommend just going strict low carb as a first step - you can log calories so you know where you are, but at least for the first weeks I'd let myself eat what I needed to be satisfied and get into ketosis. After a few weeks if you're not losing the next step would be to share a few days worth of menus on here, see if anyone can identify any problems, and only after that would I move to restricting calories.

And probably your very first step should be to decide what your diet plan will be and get the book for that (and READ it!). There are many versions of Atkins, most of us on this site recommend avoiding using the Atkins products (bars, shakes, candy) and concentrate on just eating real food instead. Most low-carb diet books have very similar starting phases, so don't make yourself crazy trying to figure out which version, just pick one and start & you should be fine.

I'm wondering what you mean by this "I'm eating lower carbs but something isn't going right"?

Lower-carb isn't LOW carb, and I don't know how long you've been at this - plus weight loss in the first several weeks varies a lot from person to person, but you should expect to lose about 10% of the total weight you need to lose in the first 4 weeks - and some of those weeks you'll likely see no weight loss - everyone is different, but many many people lose a chunk, then stall for 2-3 weeks before they start losing again - and the remainder of the weight loss will be slower.

Having reasonable and long-term expectations is a key to success. The biggest difference between people who lose a good chunk of weight and those who don't is HOW LONG THEY STAY WORKING AT IT! Plan to join a few threads to keep your mind in the game for many months, and worry less about how fast it's coming off, and more about how long you'll stay engaged in managing your weight...

There you have it, a nickel's worth of free advice : take what is useful to you, and throw away the rest. Good luck.

coad786 05-15-2014 06:33 AM

Thank you so much for your reply and guidance.

calee 05-15-2014 09:05 AM

We are all very different and pproach this from different angles. Sarah gave you great advice.

Another viewpoint: I'm older and medicated hypothyroid. I've been doing this or. Very long time but this year am again restricting my carbs. They used to be around 50 in maintenance. 1200 calories

This year, I keep calories under 1200, carbs under 25. Walk 30-60 minutes a day, Pilates reformer machine 4x a week. I can barely get the scale to budge with this. I'm doing Atkins '72. Really basic plan.

You'll have to be your own best experiment. Pick a plan and stik to it. Give your body a chance to become a Fat burner. You'll do great.

There is lots of support here.

QuilterInVA 05-20-2014 02:07 PM

There's a reason Dr. Atkins changed his plan. Why not try one of the newer ones?

Ali06 05-23-2014 01:20 PM

I think Sarah gave you great advice. I know one thing for me I have found is that I have to watch the fat content as well - at first I couldn't get enough fat, then I started getting too much.

Through reserach I have found 50-60% should be fat (atkins carb tracker will track this for you) - if i'm over 55%, I loose just a little and over 58% I gain. So for me along with the carbs I monitor my fat% and keep it between 50-55%. I do also keep my calories between 1200-1500. Under 1200 and I don't loose - much over 1500 I don't loose either. You have to see what works best for you because it does vary - my husband looses no matter even if is fat conent is a little higher than mine and his calories don't seem to matter lol That's a man for ya though! Lucky ducks!

Satine 05-23-2014 01:58 PM

I thought part of the appeal of induction was to "not" count calories...that is what I'm enjoying about it. :)


sarahinparis 05-24-2014 04:54 AM


Originally Posted by Satine (Post 5009227)
I thought part of the appeal of induction was to "not" count calories...that is what I'm enjoying about it. :)


Carri, a huge part of my initial success with low carb was not counting too, don't worry!

... but sometimes weight loss doesn't happen, or it slows down to an untolerable level, and that's when the fine-tuning starts.

Dr Atkins never said calories don't count, he just said most people won't need to count them. And that's what I see, at least early on especially if you're quite heavy to begin with, I don't think you need to track more than the limits on the allowed carbs (and personally I'd recommend counting more than the "net" carbs on the bars shakes treats etc).

A large proportion of women over 40 need to keep a cap on both carbs AND calories long-term to succeed from what I've observed over 5 years doing this. Younger women, men, and maybe a few of the older women who are extremely active may not need to... but probably a lot of us on this site WILL need to at some point.

But watching calories is just a tool, one of many - people play with dropping carbs even lower, with no-dairy, with many other things instead of counting calories - it's up to each person.

The reason I often net out to the calorie thing is that the first thing I do when my weight loss fails to satisfy me is start a food journal, including weighing & measuring my food. And I find this easiest to do with software these days (but I'm old enough to remember using paper & a book!) - with the software even if you're only looking at the carb number, the calorie one is there too... so the information is there, easy to see. So if carbs are where they are supposed to be but total calories are very high, that's an obvious potential starting point for tweaking, down the road.

I've never used the Atkins tracker, I wouldn't trust it, as I don't trust their marketing of the Atkins products. I use LoseIt on my phone, I know many people who like MyFitnessPal, and there are many others out there too.

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