Lose 5 lbs Challenge #36 (Firegirl441 won last)

  • CONGRATS to Firegirl who dropped 5 lbs in just a week!!*0

    This is a challenge for anyone! Anyone and everyone is welcome! You do not need to follow this plan. You can start anytime and weigh in as often as you want.

    The challenge is to see who can lose 5 lbs the fastest! If you do...then YOU WIN! (in more ways than one!)*

    So it will be clear when YOU are the winner please list your start weight, current weight, and goal weight for this challenge each time you log in your weight. (See mine as an example

    Good luck everyone!
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    SW: 222.2
    CW: 222.2
    GW: 217.2
  • Way to go Firegirl!!!

    SW: 243.0
    CW: 238.0
  • Thanks for the cheers!! That was a real morale booster today. I went to my mom's house as DH needed to do some chores around there for her. I felt that her lunch wouldn't be OP so I took an Atkin's Beef Merlot frozen meals for myself and was able to stay OP all day. We just got home about 30 minutes ago. I needed a snack so I grabbed 15 natural almonds with no salt on them. Going by the label on the can, they will only cost me 1.5 carbs. I will check my weight and ketones in the morning to make sure that they are not gonna' wreck havoc with my plan.

    SW: 193
    CW: 193
    GW: 188
  • Hey ladies. Way to go firegirl!. Great job. Scale is moving in the right direction for me. Felt alittle down today though. Just looking at the big number. Not good I know.

  • Butterfly girl congrats on your loss! Be happy with how far you've come. You are 21 lbs smaller than you were. That is an accomplishment!
    Instead of looking at the big picture try taking each decade at a time and working towards the next decade. I like to "mark" them off as I get throgh them. Also, after you've participated in several of these challenges you will look back and be amazed at how much you've lost. Stay strong...you are doing great!
  • Congrats, Firegirl!

    Hang in there butterfly - I keep my focus on only the next 5 pounds, that's it. 5 pounds is manageable, I usually lose it in about 2 months, sometimes more, sometimes less. String them together and I'm down 45 so far...

    SW : 190.0
    CW : 190.0
    GW : 185.0

    190.0 Apr 8
  • Very happy for you Firegirl! and Butterfly..You have done so very well. It is hard to see the stretched out road ahead.. but every step forward gets you closer to your goal. Closer - not farther... Believe in yourself

    okay.. glad I did not post yesterday (I don't have access at work) so I am back up today.. which makes this challenge a possibility for me LOL (Salty turkey for dinner! boy am I sucking up water and tea!)

    SW 229.8 (whew still in the 220's tho)

    GW 224.8 I need this! I really do!!
  • I am already down 5 more lbs to 188!!! I think my exercise at the pool is starting to show, and I was very, very good this past weekend and kept carbs low. My body was resistant to drop below 190 because it is comfortable around 192. Since I finally got below that, I hope the weight continues to drop at a steady pace.

    Butterfly, you should be really proud of yourself. You are down 21 lbs already! That is a great start. You have your goal weight at 140 then the ticker at the bottom at 114. What is the difference there? Why don't you make yourself a mini-goal like to get to Onderland? That is a more obtainable goal for the short term and will be a big step in your weight loss goals. If I was in your shoes and looking at getting down to 114, I would be very discouraged also.

  • Congratulations again Firegirl!!
    New challenge started.
  • Thanks firegirl. The 114 is the total I have to lose. Not goal. Not sure why it appears as goal.