The Hunt for a Healthy Easter - weight loss challenge

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  • I made a whole post yesterday only to have it disappear so frustrating...I didn't re-type!! Long work days with little time to do anything but get ready and leave the house!!! Holding at 174 and I am ok with that as long as it doesn't take too long to match my ticker!!

    Looks like everyone is doing great about on plan but having "real" life stuff...septic, pets, sore joints....yikes!!!

    Best wishes for an on plan day!!! Hopefully will be able to do my regular morning posts for a few days!!! I am still logging my food and exercising everyday even though I am in a flare right now....and can I say "I need spring right NOW!!" 66 inches of snow so far this winter in NH.....hello Florida!!!
  • Good morning from NH!!! Freezing rain!!! So happy to be moving in the right direction!! But have to expect a few steps back after last week!! Life always getting in the way of plans!!

    The elliptical has really saved me this winter and I can't wait to be able to walk again outside!!

    My prednisone is being increased because my joints are a mess right now but I am hopeful I will stay on track!! This past week I felt like eating everything in sight...felt like PMS but I haven't had a cycle since November so I am getting psyched that I might actually be able to call it "menopause"!! Weight loss and menopause...could I actually be that lucky!!! I hope so!!

    Best wishes for an on plan day!!!
  • Lulu... I am sorry you got more bad weather! BOO! and shoot. and Double shoot, that the doctor is upping your Prednizone... but if it helps with the swelling and pain (does the cold winter weather make it worse??) then that is for your health and happiness to have less pain and it makes life alittle more tolerable = Happier Lulu. The weight will come off (congrats on getting rid of 1 of those lbs! buh bye lb! LOL) I, too, several years ago had long periods of no TOM and thought that it was menopause too (I guess it was.. I have not gone to a Gyn in a Long time - bad experience 10 years ago). Be careful tho.. going thru monthly draughts.. sometimes you get a surprise month! LOLOLOLOL I never had a bad hot flash so was lucky ... are you doing okay?!

    To all.. I am taking a few days to get my head on straight. After my friend (crush) dying and my cat and my A**hole Vet and his condensending conversation to me about making my cat a girl next time and his teeny tiny penis and the cost! (Cat is still NOT PEEING! and now can't walk on on of his front paws - IV??!!! don't know) I am in a bad place and am trying to be strong and stay away from stuff I know I just cannot eat a bunch of (working on a box of chocolates that I was given and should have thrown away.. but the little voice is stopping me.. even as I type this... I am looking at the box and know what I need to do and it is stronger than me right now... I WILL find the strength) but until I get that mind frame.. I will be here.. but not post. I am ROOTING again for you all.. KNOW THAT! and I know you all root for me too.. I KNOW THAT too... its just me...
  • Sue, go and pour detergent all over those chocolates right now. Stop the mental banter about them. If you want chocolates, it should be you who pays for them, because you WILL pay in more ways than one. Don't even give it away because you will still long for it. Destroy it.

    Taking a few days is the worst thing you can do. we all know what that means. Let me go lick my wounds by rUbbing food all over them. We are all alike so we know. There's no hiding from familiar behavior that we all share. You will find your strength here, not in those hiding places. How many times have you said this in your life? Wouldn't it be great to take the risk of doing it differently right now? The food will lie and make promises to you. Don't believe them.

    Unlike Rebelle, I'm not giving you a minute. Get yourself back in here immediately. Morbid obesity is familiar and it will do its best to lure you every.single.time.

    We care.
  • Lulu, prednisone is well known for making people ravenously hungry. It did me.

    Great job on that pound!!!!
  • Hey all! I have a few free minutes at work so I wanted to drop in and say hey! Life has been crazy this semester, between classes and work many days I am out the door by 8am and not home until 8 or even 10 pm

    Even with the hectic schedule this has been a decent week, I exercised 4 days so far with the 5th planned for Sat morning. I stayed in my target calories everyday since last Friday except for Wednesday when we went out to eat. I did stay OP even though I went over calories. I have been bouncing now between 241.7 and 242.3 all week. I forgot to weigh this morning until after my shower and was 241.9 soaking wet so maybe tomorrow I will see the first new number in over a month!

    Sue I am sorry about your cat and tv but don't give into the carbs, they won't make you feel better! have some yummy steak with garlic butter instead!
  • Lol Lulu, I'm always losing my posts! Will probably have to retype this one! Congrats on the lb!
    Congrats on the 2 lbs Rebelle!
    Sue I'm with Calee...destroy the chocolates and get back in here! I hope your cat gets better soon.
    pnkrck way to go on the excercising! Esp. With such a hectic schedule.

    SW: I can't remember. And if I try to go to that page I'm pretty sure I'll lose my post! (I'm learning)
    CW: 239.6
    Not doing good on excercising, drinking water, or cutting back on diet coke. So here's to a better week!
  • Carol - Congrats on 20 down!!! Every pound is a victory!!!

    Hi Pixikat - Glad to see you checking in!!

    Calee - What a visual "lick my wounds by rubbing food all over them"!!!

    Rebelle - Keep going!!!

    Sue - It takes as long as it takes. Be kind to yourself and remember why you started! You have come so far already and everyone wants you to "stay in the game" even if you aren't posting I encourage you to make on plan choices and walk in that beautiful sunshine state!!

    Holding and that is ok...fighting a head cold and thinking about the elliptical. Baby girl is on vacation this week so I am taking Thursday and Friday off to take her to Boston with my mom! Should be fun and on plan as my mother reads every label on the planet!

    Best wishes for an on plan day!!
  • Checking in at 172!! Yahoo again in the right direction...almost match my ticker!!

    Reality check: On one of the other threads I saw that someone has lost almost 20 pounds since Christmas.....I need to tighten up my game if I want to get to goal in this century!! I take full responsibility for carb creep!! I know we all lose at different speeds but I know I could have made more progress besides my pants fitting looser....

    I did have my date with the elliptical yesterday and I am still fighting a head cold I'll see how I feel in a few hours.

    Best wishes for an on plan day!!!
  • Hi everyone,
    Congrats on all of the victories I'm seeing here!

    I am happy to be maintaining at 149. I see that in January my setpoint was 153 and now it is 149. I had some pretty horrific things happen at work this week so my stress level is higher than imaginable. I had 4 eating out, 3 at fancy restaurant type places. And I am down 1.6 since Valentines day challenge. I am keeping up my exercise. I have a 90 minute walk planned for this morning with a girlfriend, then activities all afternoon with another friend. Nothing food related.

    I am training myself to be willing to be a little hungry which actually feels pretty good. Allowing myself to go a bit longer without a snack etc. I'm trying to stick to 3 meals with only things like celery if I get hungry after exercise but too early for my lunch salad.

    Now to make my push down another pound this week andi will be very happy. Maybe 1.5!

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    Easter Challenge - April 20th
    SW. 150.6
    CW. *149
    GW. *145
    UGW 139
  • No elliptical yesterday because I felt so bad....seem a little better this morning so I am going to make the attempt. Holding at 172.... Hoping for 171 tomorrow morning. I wanted to end February at 167 but ........

    On a thread someone wrote about drinking a lot of tea and I have to say I have been using that strategy - I like broth too but not all the sodium so I am going to look for some low sodium helps curb my need to "graze"!!! As baby girl says "The struggle is real!!" ....some days more than others!! Best wishes for an on-plan day!!!!
  • Lulu I know the feeling.. my joints have been a mess lately..

    Actually I went to see a chiropractor this past Friday.. and the results from my Xrays were horrible.. My curvage from my scoliosis has gotten worse. My neck is so far out of alignment, so is my pelvis. Very well could be the reason I never got pregnant. Some days I have problems breathing and find out its because of my curve in my back.. Took everything I had not to cry. Doctor said he will do his best. But wont happen over night.. Also does not want me doing any exercise except walking.
    So I ate all the carbs I wanted on Friday and sat and sunday. Today back on the wagon.. and therapy and walking today.. My life starts now..
    My goal is to prove everyone wrong. and do all I can do!.
  • Good MOrning Everyone.
    Well I am up 3 lbs on the scale after my depressing indulgence over the weekend. I didn't sit there and eat a pound of anything. But I ate all the wrong things... As of yesterday I was back on the wagon.. But I need to stop doing that just wrecks any forward motion I was doing.
    Thinking of switching to a shake in the morning and 1 at night to jump start this body... And tonight I have to start walking. Not thrilled with it.. but its something I hve to do...

    Hope you ladies are staying on track.. Keep focused.. and pray for me! lol.
    thanks! Happy Tuesday
  • Holding at 172....but 171 and lower is just around the corner!!!

    Ames - glad you are back on the wagon!! Think about re-framing your goal - instead of proving everyone wrong - prove to yourself you are doing everything in your power right!! The only opinion that really matters is your own! (Guess I am tired of being defined by society...that's why I like saying "fat does not equal bad, fat equals fat") Hope your doctor helps ou out soon!! About getting pregnant...I spent 3 years with the wrong doctor who insisted I lose weight before infertility treatments then I went to an infertility specialist who treated me immediately because fertility diminishes as age goes - fat or not!!

    Best wishes for an on-plan day!'m
  • Ames... I am so sorry about your predicament. I sure do hope your doctor can help you - Might not hurt to get a 2nd opinion too. I am so sorry that the curvature makes it hard to breath sometimes... oh that is hard to deal with.. but you are.....You inspire me.. as you have a situation that is tough tough tough and you are going to work thru it so that you are healthier. Walking can be fun (and mind exercising too.. thinking thru and arguing troubles and angers inside your head).. but walking with others is fun and the time goes alot faster too. I know you can get to your goal. You truly can! You KNOW what you need to do and are doing it. I just remembered and am back on the train too!

    Lulu... 171! YEP you will and I am so sorry that you are hurting and feeling icky too. COLDS. the bain of the late winter! Need some Florida sunshine!

    Calee... and New. THANK YOU for the butt kicking....Rebelle, Pixikat and Lulu, thank you for the hugs... My TomTom is finally (after a week) starting to pee.. but he still cannot put weight on his right front leg GRRRRRR) and those carbs and old foods (Popcorn) got to visiting me end of last week. But now their control over me is GONE... I also think it was hormones for me.... All of a sudden (after 8 years) I am having Flashes again. So Wierd! but that I am saying had a BIG say in my mood and thinking too.

    Gained 4 lbs... but will shed those soon!

    Have a REALLY TERRIFIC and HAPPY DAY (as best you can) ALL!