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Default Former IP to Atkins. Can someone please describe there induction meals daily.

IM thinking I will drink a bar or shake for breakfast

B- bar or shake
Lunch- Bar or shake with2 cups of allowed veggies
Snack- Atkins product?
Dinner- 8 oz meat and 2 cups of vegetables?

Please help
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Sue finding inner song
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Hello Smiley! Welcome to you

Atkins usually suggests you eat whole foods... Protein, Fat and alittle of the carbs. The Atkins bars do stall alot of people on the weight loss train as the sugar alcohols sometimes fool your body. Also the bars are not included in induction (the first 2 weeks). If you get a chance, find an old book of Dr Atkins from before 2003... to read up on what you can eat. That is the best thing about this diet.. you get to eat food! The Protein and fat fill you up after the 1st couple of days (tho you should already be body trained from your IP dieting)...

Try Ham,Sausage, bacon etc with eggs (cooked in butter) for breakfast...
Lunch.. meat of any kind (try and stay away from the pre packaged deli meat tho as it has ALOT of nitrates (bacon too) and additives... If not eating Meat/chicken/turkey or pork.. have sliced from the case deli meat!
Veggies galor... just watch out for the starchy ones
Full Fat Dressings and butters and Mayo on yum... you can use Coconut oil/cream too

But read the book... as it will give you plenty of suggestions and I bet that there is an info thread too in this forum!

You will do good! Enjoy and Lose!
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Like Sue, I only eat whole foods, no bars or shakes. I've seen a lot of reports that the bars and shakes stall a lot of people, and they are full of highly processed ingredients that are not considered 'induction' on Atkins no matter what the marketing people at the company might say.

I usually have 2 fried or scrambled eggs for breakfast, or sometimes leftover meat/veg from dinner. Sometimes I add ham or bacon or sausage to my eggs, and often a bit of leftover veggies of some kind. I used to add cheese too, but I've been trying dairy-free for the past few weeks to see if it helps my weight loss.

For other meals, I often eat a salad (or something wrapped in lettuce leaves) for lunch, and dinner I cook for my family (and I just don't eat the starchy side dish if I make one) and I always cook extra for dinner that I have as leftovers for breakfast or lunch or even another dinner.

One of the things that helped me really enjoy low-carb eating was going through my recipe books and finding those recipes that qualified as low-carb (or that were easy to adapt) and putting those into heavy rotation - rich stews, roasts, sauces, etc. I've found other good ideas online too. Emphasizing the real foods that I love and am allowed to have on this way of eating makes the giving up of carbs much easier for me. (I've recently re-done this process looking at the "paleo" or dairy-free options, although I'm not sure how long I'll stay with the dairy-free approach).

I do prepare for on-the-go snacks in the way some people would eat bars by having baggies of pre-measured nuts with me (not induction on Atkins, they come a few weeks later, but in my personal opinion it's better to have a whole food like nuts a week or two early than the processed bars if you need an emergency option). And when I'm out and about and hungry rather than trying fast food and removing the bun, my usual solution is to pop into a grocery store and buy a pack of meat (ham, turkey, etc) or cheese (in my dairy days) and just snack on that. It's usually filling enough to handle the hunger and not something that makes you want to overeat.

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Excellent advice already given, i can not add much to it.

I can offer my own personal experience, both bars and shakes in one day have caused issues for myself. I had to learn to eat real food during induction, snack on veggies with fat or protien, eggs for breakfast, or leftover protien from dinner. Cheese, pickles, deviled eggs or hard boiled eggs, items such as that as snacks. When I am stuck working late i do have a bar in my bag, but they are not a daily item.
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