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Default Does anyone stall on the Atkins shakes?

I know that many don't eat the bars or drink the shakes but I was wondering if the shakes cause stalls like the bars do? I like the vanilla shake but I won't have it this early on in my weight loss but I thought for maybe a few months down the line.
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for me they do and so does fake sugar! You'll find what works and doesn't work for you, it's a long process sometimes.
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Splenda has been ok for me, but aspartame isn't. I only have 1-2 packets a day.
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I everything varies for person to person, each body is different. I drink the shakes, maybe one or two times a week.

I keep the shakes for the times of day when I am running to late for a meal, or have a late meeting. They work for me, but the bars DO NOT. The bars make me stall and make me want carbs. I don't rely on them for my calories or protien as a meal.

The rest of the time I eat acceptable veggies, protien, and drink lots of water. It works for me, but everyone is different.

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I don't know the carb count of the Atkins shakes, but there are other brands I use that do not stall my weight loss. EAS AdvantEDGE shakes have super low carbs (I think 1 net). I also use the GNC Lean shakes with 3 net carbs, and the bottles are huge! I don't use Atkins bars either, they are full of sugar alcohol which makes me feel kinda weird, and the carb count is not that low on them either. I love Quest protein bars - all natural, tons of fiber and I think they taste great. If I have one daily my weigh loss slows, but I keep some on hand for a snack on the go, and try to limit myself to 3 per week.
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I can drink the shakes and I count the TOTAL carbs which is 4 for the shakes. The bars have about 20 TOTAL carbs before sugar alcohols are subtracted to get net carbs, so I find that they stall me because they have so much more TOTAL carbs.
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Good morning everyone.

I used to follow Atkins and was active here, but have been away for a while.

Just started following lowcarb again this week.

I do drink Atkins advantage shake everyday. I pour it in my tea or coffee. I don't like to drink it straight, too sweet for my taste. It never stall me before, and so far this week has been good. Bars on the other hand, do stall me. So I have decided to stay away from them.
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My husband and I both stalled from shakes, bars and their frozen meals.
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Yeah the shakes made me stall when I would drink them so I stopped and probably won't go back...
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Yes. I stalled from all of the frankenfoods. And worse, I began having cravings that were out of control. Eat clean, eat clean, eat clean. Yes, it takes a bit more effort but it is well worth it.
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I cant say which one made me stall the worst for sure but I did the bars shakes and meals the second time I was doing this and stalled very badly and then just never lost weight and I gave up, because I didn't realize that was why. I have had none of the Atkins stuff this time nor the first time I did this and I am losing weight much faster and continuously then I ever did using those things. You just really need to see what works for you. I never had a problem with fake sugar but I only used that very little these things have so much.
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Sorry this is an old thread, and I've not posted in a while, but recently I made this observation.
I was stalled on atkins shakes for 7+ weeks. Dropping it and going IF got me the 2/3rd lb a day I am still losing @. I too concluded the sucralose or the acesulfame was causing it and avoided it.
But the last few weeks have been sucralose laden. I did a 3 day experiment with sucralose in 8 drinks a day.
Still losing weight made me look @ why atkins wasn't doing it.

I think in my case, its the whey protein. Whey is about the most insulogenic food you can imagine. And its long slow decay, unlike sugar that is a spike and a fast drop. So you have high insulin for longer, and insulin protects fat.

Anyway just posting my observation.

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