New to Atkins - sweetners

  • Hello, I started Atkins on February 13, I weighed 268. Last time I weighed I was 255, last week. I just got my book from 1972 and I am going to officially do the induction phase as he laid out. No cream cheese please, only lettuce, cucumber and radishes for carbohydrates.

    In the book Dr. Atkins talks about using non carbohydrate sweeteners. I looked around the internet and have found that anytime they mix non carb sweetner into powdered form they usually add something like dextrose. So, I was looking and looking for liquid form and the only thing I can find that is not sucralose, which I don't care for the taste of is Sweet N Low. But I have to order 12- 8 ounce bottles for 43 on Amazon. I don't think I can ever use that much.

    Any suggestions on getting ahold of sweetener that Dr Atkins recommended, cyclamates out of Canada?
  • Hello Janie and on your weight loss already Good for you. I remembered that sacharine (sweet N Low) was aok and it can be powdered.. Back in 1972 there weren't many sugar substitutes like there is now and I remember cyclamates.. ooohhhhh TAB brings back memories... AHHH... But any sugar substitute is fine but you have to count 1 carb for each dry packet. The only thing I did was try and only use 1 packet a day 2 at most.. but that's me. You just do the best you can and following the actual food from 1972 is the important thing.. (not as many veggies as they list now... not processed bars/shakes etc like is suggested now). Just the best you can and whatever you are doing now is working pretty good too if you ask me!! Good going!